Decision 626/qd-Bnv: Functions, Tasks, Powers And Organization Of The Work Of The Youth

Original Language Title: Quyết định 625/QĐ-BNV: Quy định chức năng, nhiệm vụ, quyền hạn và tổ chức của Vụ Công tác thanh niên

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Number: 625 /QĐ-BNV
Nationwide, May 28, 2013


Functions, duties, powers, and organizations of the Youth Works



Base of Protocol 36 /2012/NĐ-CP April 18, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry, the peer-to-peer body;

Base of Protocol 61 /2012/NĐ-CP August 10, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of the Interior;

On the recommendation of the Deputy Director of the Youth and Public Affairs Service,


What? 1. Location and function

The Youth Job is the organization of the Ministry of the Interior, which has a staff function, which helps the Minister to implement state management of the youth.

What? 2. Mission and jurisdiction

1. Help the Minister to build, enact authority or grant authority to enact legislation of law, program, project, project on youth:

a) Law, Resolution, Decree, Decision, Direcing of Youth and Youth Work;

b) Information, guidelines, guidelines, implementation of the legal code of youth and youth works;

c) Vietnam youth development strategy according to the development stages of the country;

d) Build policy, law for youth;

) The project, project related to youth;

e) Program, documentation and training organization on expertise, a career for the staff of staff, civil service on youth management duties;

g) You conclude, the sum of the implementation of the provisions of law, strategy, national target program of youth and youth work.

2. Make the lead for the Minister to perform the following work:

a) Deployment, implementation of programs, plans, projects, projects related to youth and youth work under the division of the competent authority;

b) presided over or coordinated with ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, Provincial People's Committees, Central Committee of the Centre to implement, implement legislation on youth and youth work; mechanisms, mechanisms, and policies. for youth and youth work when building and organizing implementing strategies, programs, economic development plans-the society within the management range of the ministry, industry and the local sector;

c) The Chair, in coordination with the agency, the relevant organization in addressing interdisciplinary problems of youth and youth work;

d) Host, in collaboration with the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of Ho Chi Minh, the National Committee of Vietnam Youth and political-social organizations in carrying out the duty of state management of youth;

Guide, inspection, and managing the state administration of youth in the state administrative system;

3. Host or co-ordinate with the agencies, the organization of the Ministry for the implementation of state foreign affairs activities of youth; organization of conferences, international seminars involving youth and youth work in accordance with the Minister's Division.

4. The chair prepares the written response of the youth, the functional youth worker, the assignment and the assignment of the minister; in coordination with the agencies, the organization of the ministry in the appraisal of the youth organization's organizations.

5. Coordinate with the Inspector of the Department to execute the inspector, test, resolve the complaint, denounce and dispose of the breach in the implementation of the policy, the youth law of the ministry, the industry and the local.

6. Host or participate in scientific research, scientific subjects, scientific speciation of youth and youth work according to the function, tasks assigned and under the assignment of the Minister.

7. aggregate, report of periodic statistics of the ministry, industry, local affairs and management of youth, youth workers; and presiding over the implementation of the policy, the law of youth in the country.

8. Appraisal and authorship with the authority to review, collective commendation, individuals have outstanding achievements in state management work on the youth of ministries, industry and local.

9. Do other tasks taken by the Minister.

What? 3. Organization and employment regime

1. The case with the Chief, the Deputy Chief and the civil officials.

2. The Chief responsible to the Minister for the Organization for the implementation of the tasks specified in Article 2 and there are tasks, the following specific powers:

a) The organization, the director, performs the task of the Case and is responsible to the Minister for all affairs of the case;

b) assignment of duty, tracking, and general, examining the task of carrying out the duties of the vice-ministers and civil officials in the case;

c) The order of the Minister to answer, answer, guide to the task and request to provide information of the agencies, organizations, related units or individuals according to the function, the task of the case;

d) Coordinated with the agencies, organizations of the Ministry, the relevant authorities in solving the problems of the function, the mission and the powers of the Case;

) Implementing the information regime for civil service in the Code of the Ministry;

e) Decide in reporting, preliminary, summup, petitions with the Minister advocated, resolution in organizing the implementation of the tasks of the Case;

g) The organization performs the Ministry of employment Regulation; public management and asset management by the Ministry.

3. The vice president performs a professional task and helps the Chief charge on one or several areas of work under the assignment of the Chief Minister; responsible for the Chief of the Mission to be assigned.

The Chief of the Deputy Director of a Deputy Chief of charge runs the case in the absence of the Chief Minister.

4. Company in the execution of specialized tasks and is responsible for the Chief of the Service for the execution of assigned tasks.

5. The working-class case in conjunction with the prime minister; in the case of the Leader of the Department working directly with the Deputy Chief or the Deputy, the Deputy Chief, the expert is responsible for carrying out the leadership opinion and then the report promptly. You know, with the Secretary

What? 4. Effect and accountability

1. This decision has been in effect since the date of the issue.

Abolition of Decision No. 1386 /QĐ-BNV on December 1, 2010, of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the mandate, the powers and the organization of the Youth Works Department.

2. Chief of the Department of Staff, Chief of Staff of the Organisation of Staff, Minister of Youth Affairs, the Prime Minister and the staff, the agency of the agencies, the relevant organization responsible for the execution of this decision.



Nguyen Tien