Resolutions 50/2013/qh13: On The Results Of Monitoring "the Implementation Of The Law Practice Of Saving, Against Waste In The Use Of Resources In Government Bonds For Investment In Basic Construction Period 2006-2012" ...

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 50/2013/QH13: Về kết quả giám sát "Việc thi hành Luật thực hành tiết kiệm, chống lãng phí trong sử dụng nguồn vốn trái phiếu chính phủ cho đầu tư xây dựng cơ bản giai đoạn 2006 - 2012"...

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Number: 50 /2013/QH13
Hanoi, June 21, 2013


of the results of the monitoring " execution of the law practice,

It ' s a waste of money in the use of government bonds.

for the basic construction investment of 2006-2012 "



The 1992 Vietnamese Constitution base of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was amended, adding some to the number of resolutions. 51 /2001/QH10;

The National Assembly's supervising law base. 05 /2003/QH11;

Base of Resolution. 34 /2012/QH13 November 15, 2012 of the National Assembly on the National Assembly ' s Supervisor Action Program in 2013;

After reviewing the Report results Report 425/BC-UBTVQH13 on 17 May 2013 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly; opinions of the Congressional Delegation and Report No. 453/BC-UBTVQH13 on 18 June 2013 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on the reception, the resolution. The implementation of the resolution, the implementation of the implementation of the Law enforcement Act, and the use of government bonds to the investment in the first quarter of 2006-2012.


What? 1

The National Assembly approved a report on the oversight of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly to evaluate the implementation of the Savings Practices Law, which was against waste in the use of government bond funds for the basic construction investment of 2006-2012.

1. The opening of the investment government bonds that built the works, the project in 2006-2012 was the right thing. The organization's implementation has been positive, contributing to an important part of the economic-economic infrastructure of the country, a major impact on the social and economic development of the country and the country. Many of the works, important projects, the urgency of transportation, irrigation, health, education and education were built up in time to address the necessary requirements of social life, promote economic development, secure social security, strengthen defense, security and security. Yes,

2. The implementation of the Law of Saving, Anti-Waste in the Use of Government bonds to the investment of the basic construction period 2006-2012 is present, has not yet been serious, the investment effect is not yet high, to be wasted, to be lost. The expansion of the investment range, which adds many of the goals has increased the number of projects and total investment; approx many projects that do not take into account the ability to balance capital in many ministries, sectors, localities; survey work, design, accounting, appraisal and organization. Well, the work, the recovery, the many existing payments that led to many of the work, the slow, the unfinished, the wasted.

3. The existing, limited implementation in the implementation of the Save, Anti-Waste Practices Law in using government bond funds for basic building investment 2006-2012 has the responsibility of Congress, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly in Decision One. The number of advocates of investment from government bonds, but not fully evaluated, the ability to balance capital. The Government ' s responsibility in directing the construction, the project portfolio proposal, the process has not yet secured the capacity to balance the capital; there is a slow period of enacting the mechanism of controlling the increase in quantity and size of the project; the distribution mechanism of left capital management. Government votes have not yet been reasonable, lack of effective control tools; undetected and processed, timely violations in management, using government bonds. deliver in the staff of the staff, the decision to invest, manage, organize the implementation and the inspection, examine the works, project using fruit capital. Government votes lead to failure, waste.

What? 2

To perform a good law of saving, anti-waste and effective use of government bonds, Congress requires:

1. The agencies of the National Assembly, the Government continue to study the construction of the revised, complementary, Efficient Practices Law, Anti-Waste, Litigation, Construction Law, Land Law, State Budget Law, Public Investment Law attached to the practice. saving, anti-waste; sweeping, repel, revising the ununified, inappropriate, inefficient regulations of hierarchy, basic building investment management;

2. The government sweeping, evaluating the report of the National Assembly of projects, the work being invested from the government bond capital of 2012-2015 but the lack of capital. Prior to the use of a 2011-2015 government government bond capital reserves for a number of projects that are implementing a shortage of capital, priorititiate some important, pressing projects. The government built a method of allocation of government bonds in 2011-2015 government bonds that the National Assembly considered, decided. The release of additional government bonds to a number of important, pressing, government-reviewed governments, ensuring macroeconomic stability, public debt safety and national financial security of the National Assembly decided;

3. Transport the Government to direct ministries, industries, local:

a) Runder of planning, ensuring the system, which is consistent with the ability to implement; modify, add, complete the hierarchy; repair of a public, appraisal, approval, and decision to invest, bid, decide for savings of savings, efficiency;

b) Continue to sweep the investment project from government bond capital, unintended resolve for the adjusted portion of investment that does not align with the resolution of the National Assembly, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the Government. Continuing to implement the midterm government bond capital plan of 2013-2015, using centralized budgetary resources, other resources, converting investment forms, pushing the socialization to complete projects in the category that were already under Parliament and the United States. The Committee often passes the National Assembly.

c) The task and handling responsibility for the mismanagement of the management, using the government bond capital 2006-2012, reported the results to the National Assembly at the sixth session, the XIII National Assembly. The Government inspector performs the inspection of the works, the project using government bonds has the expression of failure, waste;

4. The State Auditor adds a audit plan in 2013 and the following years to conduct a comprehensive audit of the government bond program and report results to the National Assembly.

What? 3

The Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the National Council, the Committee of the National Assembly, the National Assembly, the National Assembly, the National Assembly, the Council of the People's Composition, the mandate, oversaw the implementation of this resolution.

The resolution was held by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam XIII, the fifth session through June 21, 2013.

President of Congress.


Nguyen Gung Xiong