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Resolutions 52/2013/qh13: About The Questions And The Answers To Questions In The Session Thursday, The National Expo

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 52/2013/QH13: Về chất vấn và trả lời chất vấn tại kỳ họp thứ 5, Quốc hội khóa XIII

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Number: 52 /2013/QH13
Hanoi, June 21, 2013


V. Question and answer questions at the 5th session, Q XIII.



The 1992 Vietnamese Constitution base of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was amended, adding a new constitution. Stain. Follow the resolution. Stain. 51 /2001/QH10;

The National Assembly's supervising law base. 05 /2003/QH11; Resolution Stain. 07 /2002/QH11 issue of the Cabinet to convene the National Assembly;

On the basis of quality and response results All n at the 5th session, Congress Hard. a XIII,


I. .. Congress formally espers the Government ' s report and ministries, the industry on the first step in the organization to implement congressional resolutions on the question of question and answer questions at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th meetings; demanding the Government, the Ministers, the Head of the Industry to continue. The organization effectively implemented the Congressional resolution of the question of the question and the question of the question, the National Assembly report at the 6th Session.

Congress noticed that the question of democratic, public, accountability, debate, dialogue with the spirit of building. The Congress delegates questioned the question, focused on the issues of the emotional state of the nation concerned. The Deputy Prime Ministers and the Ministers, the Head of the Industry, and his responsibilities are fundamentally able to meet the issues that the National Assembly has raised and given some specific solutions to resolve.

II. Congress noted the solutions that the Deputy Prime Ministers on behalf of the Government and the ministers, the Head of Industry committed to Congress. Congress requires:

1. For the agricultural sector and rural development:

-The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development coordinated with ministries, the tangible sector that conducts solutions to continue to promote the production of comprehensive, sustainable development agriculture.

Focus works on industry planning, regional planning, agricultural planning with industrial planning and other economic planning, ensuring that all the potential, the strengths of each local and the country to develop agriculture.

The process of restructuring the industry, the product, attached to the agricultural production model, built the model needed to enhance the quality, efficiency of agricultural production in cultivation, livestock, fisheries, seafood, forests etc.; technology-based technology into agricultural production. In order to increase productivity, quality, product value, increase the competiability of goods, agricultural products; the implementation of links between industries in agricultural production and with other industries.

Continuing to complete the organization and process of manufacturing-business in agriculture, from the breed to manufacturing, processing, circulation, distribution on the market, consumption of agricultural products, fisheries, stabiling prices for rice; tightly controlled production, business and business. Fertilizer sales, pesticides, livestock feed, veterinary medicine and other agricultural supplies. Remediation of counterfeit goods, fake goods, poor quality, non-safe food; inspectors, examination, strict treatment of acts of violation of law.

Concentrated on the branding of Vietnam's agricultural brand, striving to have more agricultural products recognized as a clean, high quality, export value, and popular consumer.

Continuing to perfect the mechanism, agricultural support policy, farmers, rural, including public investment, credit, insurance, taxes and other sectors, facilitrisome sustainable agriculture, effective; particularly interested in policy for the development of agriculture, agriculture, and agriculture. Marine fishermen stick to sea strategy.

-Scanning the planning, land use plan; the intersecation of forests, agricultural land, forestry attached to agricultural arrangements, forestry and forest protection and forest protection; taxing the types of forests of production, forest of defense, forest of use; engrave serving deforestation, anti-wildfires; the practice of intensive policy for people in the area of resettlement of renewable electricity; soon completed and organized implementation of the Forest Area offset project to build hydroelectric works; it is urgent to build and execute. The planning, the response to the climate change and the local climate change.

-Plans to implement a new rural construction program; synchronized solutions to develop agricultural production, education, health, culture, security, order, social security, social security, and social life. People in the countryside.

2. Opponent Oh. i the field of culture, sports and tourism:

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in coordination with ministries, the related sector, the Fatherland Front Committee and the local government ministries in the following:

-Building the advanced Vietnamese culture, the bold national identity, the dynamics of the development of the country; solving the existence, inadequate in the management of the cultural sphere, first of all the cultural and cultural-radical expressions of the moral, moral, moral, moral, and moral degradation of the people. School, ethics, and other social relationships; propaganda, healthy lifestyle education in youth, adoleschronology, students, students; inspectors, examination, strict treatment of violations of law in this field.

-There is a positive solution to preserve, to develop cultural traditions, the history of the nation. Active performance, performing arts; ensuring the preservation of the customs of culture, traditional art, and the strengthening of cultural institutions at the base. It is an emergency to build maintenance, maintenance and conservation planning, to respect historical, cultural, and cultural heritage sites. Increased state management of the festival organization, superstitiation, superstitiation, outdated customs.

-Enhancing the quality of service, diversification of types of tourist products. Promotion of Vietnamese tourism products. Apply the standards in development and training of human resources for the tourism industry. Promote the propaganda, raise the people's awareness of the development of tourism. Associated with the conservation of historical, cultural heritage. Promoting the socialization, the broad core of connectable models, have the mechanism, the policy of particular to attract investors into the tourism sector. Increased inspection, inspection, handling of negative phenomena; coordinating the security forces of security, order, social safety in tourist areas, tourist attractions.

Tourism to 2020 tourism in Vietnam became a sharp-nose economy, contributing positively to the development of the economy; after 2020, there is a worthy position in the region.

-With mechanisms, the policy of promoting development throughout the popular sports movement, the sport of high achievement, especially in youth, adoleschronology to promote Vietnamese human physical fitness and the achievement of competition in domestic and international competitions. The use of existing sports works is effective. Soon the recovery is effective, negative in the sports industry.

3. For the field of labor, commerce and society:

-Scanning, arranging, replanning of vocational training facilities, vocational training and regular education; improving the quality of vocational training, ensuring vocational quality; orientation of industry development, profession in line with the need to use the labor of business. The labor market, the labor market, meets the economic-social development requirement of the time. Expanding the form of vocational training under contract with the business. Promote the socialization, international cooperation and the forms of association in vocational training.

Training aids for conversion to minority ethnic groups, poor households in particularly difficult regions; priorititiate vocational training, job-solving support for people with land revoked.

-Business management takes workers to work overseas, ensuring close coordination between the domestic management unit, the use of foreign workers and workers. Providing full, accurate information on policy, regime, rights, obligations and the legitimate interests of the worker. Increased training, skilled education, foreign language, legal and cultural knowledge of the country, the sense of labor discipline for workers. Research, promotion of labor market expansion, especially stable, low-cost markets, workers ' rights were secured; the priority of poor households, ethnic minorities, in the depths, far away.

-An urgent implementation of the policy, the law on the person whose work has been issued. Accelerate the progress of the existing profile, the profile direction for the cases of the original loss, ensuring the correct resolution, the policy for the person with the revolution. Increased inspection, inspection, detection, and timely processing of violations.

-Do a good policy, social security legislation and poverty eradication, poverty reduction; supplements, policy modification, unsuitable target programs. Performing poverty alleviation, contributing to a short, poor gap.

-Continue to perform minimum wage adjustments in accordance with the law of labor law.

4. For the operation of the People's Research Institute:

-execute the solutions identified at the Digital Resolution. 37 /2012/QH13 November 23, 2012, of the National Assembly on Defense, Prevention and Crime, the People's Court of Human Protection, the People's Court of the People's Court, and the 2013 execution of law enforcement, it contributes to the law enforcement of law enforcement, the construction of the law. The Vietnamese judiciary is increasingly clean, strong, democratic, very serious, serving people, reports Congress at the 6th session.

-Enhancing the quality of judicial activity, ensuring 100% of the criminal cases from the beginning of the prosecution; close examination of the investigation, in time to ask for investigation, not to remove the crime, not to exonerate the innocent; in time of restoration. The negative, the negative, the negative.

-Enhancing the quality of the prosecution, guarantee the correct prosecution, the right of law, the right of law, the right time, not to prolong the extension; enhance the active, active role and enhance the quality of the examination of the examination of the auditor at the trial. Ensure the quality of the appeal of the Institute of People's Protection.

-Implementing projects under the judicial reform program of the audits; striving until 2015, the industry cadres are sufficient in quantity, quality assurance, capacity, degree, and solid qualities.

-An amendment to the implementation of the implementation of the amendment, the addition of the Criminal Procedal Code, the Law of organising the People's Control Institute after Congress passed the 1992 Constitution amendment.

III. The National Assembly of the Government, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Control Institute, the agencies, the institutions, the branches, the superiors in the process of implementing the Congress Resolve Resolve Resolve resolution, answer 1724, The voters of the country sent to Congress at this session and the opinions of the voters, the recommendations of the voters to the previous meetings, were unresolved, answered.

The National Assembly of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly considers the issues of the issue, concerned by members of the National Assembly and the voters to organize the question and answer questions at the session of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly; the organization at the Council meeting. The people, the committees of Congress.

IV. The government, the Prime Minister, the Minister, the Prime Minister, the Supreme People 's Court, the Supreme People' s Court, the Supreme People 's Examination Institute, the agency, the People' s Council, the Provincial People ' s Committee, the central city-based city within the mission range, Your powers are in charge of this resolution.

The Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the National Council, the Committee of the National Assembly, the Congressional delegated committees, the Congress delegates within the scope of the mission, and its powers to oversee the implementation of the resolution.

The resolution was difficult by the Congress of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. a XIII, the fifth session passed on 21 June 2013.

President of Congress.


Nguyen Gung Xiong