Decree 70/2013/nd-Cp: Revisions And Supplements To Some Articles Of The Regulations Evidence Warehouse Attached To Decree No. 11/2002/nd-Cp Dated 18 February 2002 By The Government

Original Language Title: Nghị định 70/2013/NĐ-CP: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số điều của Quy chế quản lý kho vật chứng ban hành kèm theo Nghị định số 18/2002/NĐ-CP ngày 18 tháng 02 năm 2002 của Chính phủ

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Numbers: 70 /2013/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, 2 July 2013


S Change, add a number of things. Q The authority to manage the object store attached to it.

N Number one. 18 /2002/NĐ-CP 18th February 2002 of - The government.


The Law base. Nest Ch. I'm The government of 2001;

The Code of Code. I It was in 2003. ()

Ministry base l Oh, I The Civil War of 2004. S Change, b socket Add a Stain. The Ministry. l Oh, I The Civil War of 2011.

The Law base. I The civil court in 2008;

The Law base. Prime Minister Act. I'm 20 10 ()

At the request of the Minister of Public Security ()

Ch I'm The government's government is planning to fix it. socket i, add a s Stain. The rules of the Rules. l 8/2002/NĐ-CP February 18, 2002 of Ch I'm The government Oh,

What? 1. Modify, add some of the provisions of the Management Object Management Regulation accompanying the Digital Protocol. 18 /2002/NĐ-CP February 18, 2002 of the Government:

1. What? 4 modified, added as follows:

" 1. Each district, county, town, provincial city, every province, every province, the Central City of the Central City, is constructed of an object store; in the Ministry of Public Security built two treasures of evidence (one in the north and one in the South) to serve as an investigative work. Criminal cases.

2. The Minister of Public Security determines the establishment, scale, the standard of building of the object store and the internal regulation of the object store in the People's Public Security. "

2. What? 5 modified, added as follows:

" 1 . Each district (and equivalent level) and in the Ministry of National Defense is held a treasuries for the service of investigation, prosecution, trial and execution by jurisdiction. to The People's Army of the People's Army; each provincial military command, the Central City of China, the headquarters of the capital of Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh City Command (later known as the Provincial Military Command) was held in a warehouse of evidence in the armory, Equipped with the Ministry of Military Command of the Ministry of Military Command to take over, the witness preservation is a military weapon, an explosive material, a fire from the physical receptors on the site.

2. The Minister of Defense decided to establish, scale, the standard of building of the object store and to rule the contents of the object's inventory in the People's Army. "

3. What? 6 modified, added as follows:

" 1. Each of the provincial civil courts, the central city of the Central City and each of the district offices of the district, county, town, and the provincial city were held in a laboratory of evidence for the trial and execution of the court.

2. The Minister of Justice decides to establish, scale, focus. Move. n the building of the object store and the internal regulation of the object store bodies of civil law enforcement. "

4. Article 6a before Article 7 of Chapter III, as follows:

" Article 6a. Object store.

1. Warehouse: v The evidence includes the object store and the evidence vault.

2. Mission, power. n of the object store is prescribed at Section 2 Article 7 of this Regulation; the mandate, the powers of the object store protection provided by the head of the body of the body of the object store. The treasurer, which protects the treasure object store, is defined by the provisions of Article 4 Article 7 of this Regulation. "

5. Point b 1 Article 7 is modified, added as follows:

"b) Implementers the warehouse, entering the warehouse for evidence, objects, other documents that have been collected by the court's executive order and the director of the chief of the body's management body."

6. Point d 1 Article 8 is modified, added as follows:

" d) The material is money, valuable paper, gold, silver, precious metals, precious stones, toys. socket , weapons, explosives, flammable, toxic substances, radioactive substances, animals, plants, and other objects associated with the medical field that require special preservation conditions are preserved as follows:

- Money, valuable paper, gold, silver, precious metals, precious stones, antiques to be sealed and sent at the state treasury system and the place where the case receptors are based, absolutely not allowed to circulate.

- Military weapons, explosives, explosives were sealed and sent at the armory, equipped with the Ministry of Military Command of the Provincial Military Command where the criminal case was based. Weapons are not military weapons preserved in the physical treasures.

- Poison (t mace Specific categories) are sealed and sent at management facilities in the specialty of Health, Defense, Public Security, Industry, Agriculture, and Voters. Okay. n the countryside on the table.

- The radioactive material is sealed and sent at the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

- Animals were sent at zoos, Wildlife Rescue Centre or agricultural breeding facilities on the site.

- Plants were sent at the forestry agencies, the plantation company on the site.

- The evidence is bacteria, superbacteria, toxic parasites, blood samples, tissues, human body parts, vaccines, and other evidence related to the medical field that requires special preservation conditions to be sealed and sent at the management facilities of their respective expertise. It's medical.

The regulations are available. to The yoke receives right away, the preservation of the evidence, the objects, the documents, as defined by the law, and according to the provisions of the statute. The funding serves for the preservation of the body's evidence from the state budget. "

7. Paragraph 2 Article 8 is modified, added as follows:

" 2. In case of the objective conditions that the subject matter, the property stipulated at the points d, this one cannot be transferred immediately, and it has to be transferred to the body's object store that is serving the case to preserve it; after rectify that objective. If you want to, you have to deliver

8. Paragraph 3 Article 9 is modified, added as follows:

" 3. The agency is serving the case responsible for presiding, in coordination with the agency that is preserving the organization of transportation organization, preservation, protection of evidence, objects, other documents collected by the case from this object store to other evidence or in the process. to Direct use Okay. Serve. Okay. Torture, prosecution, trial and execution. "

9. What? 14 modified, added as follows:

" Ch brew The Provincial Committee of the Provincial People, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, is responsible for the ground, facilitalization of the construction and management of the evidence warehouse in its locality; directing local authorities in coordination, ensuring security. i , safe for the evidence vault. "

What? 2. Terms of execution

1. This decree has been in effect since 16 August 2013.

2. The Ministry of Public Security has the responsibility of presiding, coordinating with ministries, the relevant sector, inspection, and the implementation of this Protocol.

3. Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, the Chief of Government of the Government, Chairman of the Provincial People ' s Committee, the Central City of China and the organizations, the individual involved responsible for the implementation of the decree. Hey.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung