Decision 1351/2013/qd-Ctn: On Parole In 2013

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1251/2013/QĐ-CTN: Về đặc xá năm 2013

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Numbers: 1251 /2013/QE-CTN
Nationwide, July 20, 2013


About the 2013 Special Agent.



Article 103 and Article 106 of the Constitution of the Republic Let's The Socialist Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 was amended, supplemated by the digital resolution. 51 /2001/QH10 December 25, 2001 c brew a Congress Fuck. X, 10th session;

The Special Law Base in 2007;

Implementing a policy of leniency, Yes. The Boy Scout. Bitch. ng, State and access. Okay. The people ' s humanitarian unity for the offender is sentenced to prison sentences, buttoners. What? Give them a sec. All Fuck. All Learning, training. What? n tr in to be useful to society;

At the Government of the 263/TTr-CP on July 18, 2013,


What? 1. The practice of parole before the deadline for the sentenced to be sentenced to a prison term has a deadline, a life imprisonment for the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2 /9/2013).

The time of the prison sentence was approved for release on 31 August 2013.

What? 2. The Special Agent includes:

The person sentenced to a prison term has a deadline, a life sentence that has been reduced to prison with a deadline of accepting a prison sentence at the detention facility, the Department of Public Security, the Department of Defense.

What? 3. Special recommended conditions

1. The person sentenced to a prison term with a deadline, life imprisonment has been reduced to prison with a deadline of accepting a prison sentence which is recommended that the agent must have enough of the following conditions:

a) Having accepted a prison sentence of at least a third of the time for the prison sentence of a time, if had previously been reduced to a prison sentence, the deadline to be reduced was not charged at the time of the imprisonment of the prison sentence; the imprisonment of a lesser prison sentence. At the end of the term, if the term has been reduced to a prison term, the term may be reduced to the time of the imprisonment of the prison sentence, and the deadline to be reduced is not calculated at the time of the prison sentence.

b) Accept at the Cabinet of detention, detention, detention; academic, labor; in the course of the acceptance of a prison sentence is classified as a type of improvement; when the agent does not affect security, order, social safety;

c) approved the additional punishment of fines, damages, charges, charges, or other civil service, except those who have not been sentenced to prison sentences of 70-year-old corruption offences or over 60 years of age but frequently regularly. Sick or sick people are suffering from the poor, and the person and the family are no longer able to do it;

2. The person sentenced to a prison sentence has accepted at least a quarter of a time for a prison sentence that has a deadline, at least twelve years for a prison prison sentence which has been reduced to jail time and there are enough other conditions stipulated at point b, paragraph 1 Article. Well, it's a special offer to be in one of the following cases:

a) It has been a major success in the time of the imprisonment of the prison sentence, the confirmation of the detention facility, the detention facility, the criminal execution body of the Public Security Council;

b) As a merchant; the patient; whose achievements in the fight to defend the Fatherland, building socialism is awarded one of the titles: Hero of the People's Armed, Labour Heroes, People's Teacher, People's Physologist, Artist The people, the soldiers in the resistance to the United States, were awarded one of the Order of the Order, the Medal of Resistance; the man whose body was a martyr; the son of the Hero of Vietnam; the son of the family with water;

c) When the crime is a juvenile;

d) who is 70 years old or older;

A person who is suffering from poverty or 60 years of age or older, is often painless, not self-serving, has a medical examiner's conclusion or a written confirmation of a competent medical authority;

e) Having a particularly difficult family situation and self-employment is the only labor in the family, there is the confirmation of the People ' s Commission where the person resides;

g) The female offender who is pregnant or has a child under 36 months of age is staying with her mother in detention, detention facility, temporary home;

What? 4. Inrecommend cases

The person who is eligible for regulation at Article 3 of this Decision is not recommended if belonging to one of the following cases:

1. The court ' s sentence or decision on the person is having an appeal in accordance with the judge or retrial procedure;

2. Being in search of criminal responsibility for other offenses;

3. It was previously indispensable;

4. From two forward convictions;

5. Crime is very serious or particularly severe in violation of national security;

6. The statute of limitations remaining on six years for the person prescribed at the point of a 1 Article 3; over eight years for the person prescribed at paragraph 2 Article 3 of this decision;

7. Crime charges are sentenced to seven years for which the time of the death penalty is left on a year; committing drug crimes charges over seven years to fifteen years that the prison sentence is left for over two years; committing crimes against drug offenses. And of the prison, on fifteen years, in prison, after the death of the prison for three years,

8. There ' s an assertion base that has used illegal drugs;

9. Co-offense two counts: murder and robbery of property; murder and rape; murder and child rape; robbery of property and rape; robbery of property and child rape;

10. Being accepting a prison sentence due to committing multiple crimes (from three counts or more), including the case of a total punishment;

11. Crime of organized murder; rape counts of incest; robbery of property using weapons; robbery of property, robbery of property, theft of organized property or causing severe, very serious, particularly serious property; robbery of property. Once, looting property multiple times, theft of property multiple times (from twice or more);

12. There is a criminal record or has been applied for administrative treatment to education or school grounds that is sentenced to imprisonment on one of the following charges: on drugs; murder; child rape; robbery of property; robbery of property; rape of property; The scam appropriated property; theft of property; kidnapping to usurp the property; against the execs; the purchase of women or the sale of women; purchase, swapping or appropriation of children; disturbing public order; the consumption of property caused by others committing crimes. And there ' s an intentional injury that ' s going to be an insect or ice, a mutual payment group.

What? 5 . Special agent in case.

1. The presiding government, in coordination with the Supreme People 's Court, the Supreme People' s Examination Institute and the agencies, the organization with a federated case of persons recommended in the special case under Article 21, 22 of the Special Agent Law for the Speaker of the State. It's a decision.

2. The Supreme People 's Court directed, guiding the People' s Court, the Military Court of Coordination with the Examination Institute, the Provincial Public Security Criminal execution body, the case of the filing district, the list of special offers in special cases for the person being held. Adjourn, the temporary suspension of the prison sentence and the collection of records, the list for the authorities to rule on one Article and the President of the decision.

What? 6. The government directed the organization of propaganda, disseminable meaning, purpose and content of the special operation; directing the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Defense, other agencies of the Government and the People ' s Committee of the Executive Committee on the provisions of the Special Agent Law, The decision on the 2013 specification of the president of the country and the enacrology texts.

Go. Okay. 7. This decision comes into effect from the date of the signing.

The Prime Minister, Chief Justice of the Supreme People 's Court, the Supreme People' s Institute for Human Examination, President and Member of the Special Advisory Council, Chairman of the Office of the President of the Water Chairman is responsible for the implementation of this Decision ./.

President of the country.


Zhang Jin