3473/qd-Decision Chk: Issuance Of Internal Spending Rules In Vietnam Aviation Agency

Original Language Title: Quyết định 3479/QĐ-CHK: Về việc ban hành Quy chế chi tiêu nội bộ tại cơ quan Cục Hàng không Việt Nam

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Number: 3479 /QĐ-CHK
Nationwide, July 31, 2013


About the issue of Internal spending Regulation at the Vietnam Aviation Administration agency.



Base of Protocol 130 /2005/ND-CP October 17, 2005, the government regulates self-responsibility for the use of payroll and administrative management funding for the state agency;

Base of Communication 03 /2006/TTLT-BTC-BNV January 17, 2006 of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Interior directed the implementation of the Protocol 130 /2005/ND-CP October 17, 2005, the government regulates autonomy, self-responsibility for the use of payroll and administrative management funding for state agencies;

Base of Communication 71 /2007/TTLT-BTC-BNV 26/06/2007 of the Federal Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Internal Affairs revised the number of federated information 03 /2006/TTLT-BTC-BNV 17/01/2006;

The Digital Base. 63 /2002/TT-BTC July 14, 2002 of the Ministry of Finance guided the implementation of the French regulations on fees and fees and digital information. 45 /2006/TT-BTC 25/05/2006 Guide to the revised Supplements 63 /2002/TT-BTC July 24, 2002;

Base Decision Base 94 /2009/QĐ-TTg 16 July 2009 by Prime Minister of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Republic of Vietnam.

Base Decision Base 12 /2012/QĐ-TTg February 15, 2012, the Prime Minister decides to pilot some of the financial institutions of the Vietnam Aviation Administration.

The Digital Base. 68 /2012/TT-BTC April 26, 2012 of the Ministry of Finance Regulation on bidding, property procurement maintains regular activity of the state agency, political organization, political-social organization, professional social political organization, social organization, social organization-vocational organization, social organization, and social organization. In the field, the armed unit of the people.

The Digital Base. 02 /2011/TT-BNV 24/01/2011, Guide to Protocol Number Protocol 42 /2010/NĐ-CP On April 15, 2010, the government rules out certain laws of competition law, commendation, and amendment law, supplematuation of a number of award-making law.

The Digital Base. 169 /2010/TT-BTC 1 November 2010 provides for the degree of revenue, revenue, filing, management, and usage of fees, fees in the aviation sector;

The Digital Base. 01 /2010/TT-BTC 06/01/2010 on the regulation of foreign client spending in Vietnam, spending on conferences, international conferences in Vietnam and domestic passenger spending;

At the suggestion of Chief of the HKVN Bureau of Staff, Chairman of the Department of Organs, Head of Finance and Head of the Bureau of Staff,


What? 1. The decision was issued under the decision "Rules of Internal spending at the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam".

What? 2. The decision comes into effect since the date of the signing and replacement: Decision No. 1201 /QĐ-CHK, 22 April 2008 by the Director of the Aviation Administration of Vietnam over the issue of Internal Expenditure Statute to the Vietnamese Aviation Administration; Decision No. 2138 /QĐ-CHK, date 30/05/2011; Decision No. 1861 /QĐ-CHK, 26 June 2008; Decision No. 1190 /QĐ-CHK, April 20, 2010 by the Director of the Aviation Administration of Vietnam for the amendment of the Internal Expenditure Expenditure Issued by Decision 1201 /QĐ-CHK, 22/04/2008 by Bureau Chief Vietnamese aviation.

What? 3. Chief of the Bureau, Chief Financial Officer, Head of the Department of Public Affairs, Chairman of the Department of Organs Unions, Chief of the Department, Office of Aviation Inspecs and cadres, Department of Aviation Authority of Vietnam Aviation Authority responsible for the decision to enforce the decision. Hey.



Come to Chun.


(Issued by Decision No. 3479 /QĐ-CHK on July 31, 2013 by the Director of the Vietnam Aviation Administration)


Chapter I.


What? 1. The tuning range, subject

1. This statute defines the mode of autonomy, which determines the expenditure to ensure regular operation, in accordance with the Vietnam Aviation Administration (later abbreviated as the HKVN Bureau) on the basis of revenue and the ability to save consumer spending annually; increase. Financial management, efficient and efficient use of funding; the cost of costs, the remainder in the aviation sector at the agency of HKVN.

2. The provisions stipulated in this Regulation are the maximum, applicable to the Chamber, Office, Aviation Inspecer of the HKVN Bureau (later known as the Chamber), according to the pay list at the bureau. Depending on the savings funding, the Office of Coordination with the Finance Chamber, Chamber of Public Affairs, and the HKVN Federal Bureau of Public Service review the decision to determine the specific costs.

What? 2. Principles of Management Finance.

1. The rules that govern in this Regulation are built on a specific basis for the regime's modes, standards, norms, existing financial spending of the state; it is the legal basis for the organization of the HKVN Bureau. Unregulated spending content in this Regulation, the administration of the HKVN Bureau is in accordance with the current regulation in the relevant laws of law.

2. In the case of the assignment of birth, the need to exceed the stock is delivered, the Office of the Text-to-Office offers to sum up the Director's report, which is adjusted on the basis of the balance of revenues and expenses. To carry out the general task of the Bureau.

3. The implementation of the specified spending content in this Regulation binds to the responsibility of the Prime Minister stipulated at paragraph 1, Article 1 of this Regulation before the Secretary for its decisions; at the same time, the inspection, supervision of the GTVT, the agencies. State officials have the authority to take responsibility for evidence from valid spending.

Chapter II.


What? 3: Water charges in the country

1. Necessary certificates and payment levels:

Domestic worker staff from three (03) days onward must be determined to send out the Bureau's work.

The office only paid the charge for the cadres, the public when sufficient testimonies were needed. Specific:

1.1. Road paper: (Appendix 4)

a) Be signed, stamp the confirmation by the following hierarchy:

-The Chief of the Bureau is responsible for confirming the location, time to work in the road paper of the staff, the public office of the administration;

-Office of the office confirms the travel paper of the head of the bureau, the ministers and the officers, the offices of the Room at the Chief of the Chamber.

b) The unit where the cadres go to the censor business and seal the confirmation date, day go.

1.2. The money ship, the car from Hanoi to the site and vice versa, when travelling outside the interior of Hanoi, is paid when there is one of the following testimonies:

a) Cdrinking tickets or electronic ticket copies, Votes (if any) and boarding pass (boarding pass) in the event of a flying boat;

-Preferable Airline tickets, the reduced price of the Vietnam Aviation Corporation and other airlines.

b) Train tickets in case of train;

c) Car tickets in case of passenger cars;

d) Tickets via ferries, transferries to themselves, road use fees, and toll-toll-toll-toll-load of materials that serve on a business trip (if any) that the worker has directly paid;

e) Money taxis travel only in the case of an unarranged office in the office of a car shuttle, the public qualified for the use of the agency car under Decision 1811 /QĐ-CHK on 6/5/2011 of the HKVN Bureau of Administration issued the Management Regulation, using an umbrella vehicle. bowl of the HKVN Bureau agency and additional text, replace (if any).

1.3. Motel money:

a) To work in the districts of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong City, Poetry City, Da Nang City, City is the type I:

-The cadres have a secondary level of 1.25-1.3 being paid for a maximum of $1,200,000 per day/room per room per room.

-The cadres with a position of office from 1.0 to below 1.25 are paid for a maximum of $900,000 per day/room per room.

-The rest of the officers are paid for a maximum of ¥ 700,000 per day/room per room per room.

b) Go work in the rest of the region: the handles are paid for 600,000 dollars per day/room per room.

-The case of work alone or the individual or odd person crew (for the subjects, the remaining public cadres), is legally rented in accordance with the actual rent price but not to exceed the rent of the rooms. I mean, you go with your crew.

-The case of public cadres sent to work with the company with the title leadership has a higher hotel rent standard than the standard of the public office, which is paid in accordance with the actual rent price of the standard room type (Chamber). Standard) at the hotel where the leadership functions and follows the standard of 2 people/rooms.

c) A break-in-room bill is a legal invoice and a pay-room payment at actual birth rates but the maximum payment level is not too specified above.

1.4. Dependency money:

-In the event of a 30-year-long-day job, the date of the day began to travel outside Hanoi until the arrival of the unit (including the time on the road, the time of residence in the business destination). For non-self-control funding, career funding is applied to the highest level according to the Ministry of Finance's current regulation.

2. Stock business: Individuals regularly travel to work on 10 days/months as clerkworkers go to work, accounting, treasurer, driving, driving officers on the day, and cadres appointed by the Prime Minister, the $300,000 stock. It's a lot of people.

The payment of the work fee is not paid at this one Article and the work fee for the same month.

What? 4. Equipment standards and communications expenses

1. Fixed phone equipment standard (in addition to the internal system of the Vietnam Flight Management Corporation):

a) Officer leadership from the Chamber of Defence: 01 Máy/person;

b) The working room of the specialist: 01 máy/room.

2. Fixed phone communications expense payment:

a) Leader of the Bureau: in practice of use;

b) Leader of the Chamber and the equivalent:

-Chief: $300,000.

-Deputy Chief: 250,000 hands/head.

c) The general cell phone: 300,000 copper/early má/month.

3. Mobile phones: Do the payment on the same day the monthly pay spend on the officer of the official public office, according to the following list of regulations:

a) Chief: 35,000đ/ month.

b) Deputy Director, Chief of Staff, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee: 300,000d/month.

c) Chief, Chief Whip, Chief Inspector, Chief of the Youth Corps Office: 250,000đ/ month.

d) Deputy Chief, Deputy Chief of the Office, Deputy Chief Inspector: 200,000đ/ month.

Chief, Captain: 150,000d/ month.

e) Deputy Chief, Vice Captain: 100,000d/month.

These are the highest-serving titles.

What? 5. Annual Press Standards

1. Bureau leader:

+ Secretary: 5 heads per day.

+ Deputy Director: 3 heads per day.

2. The Bureau of Acquisitions is not available on the average Internet per 1-Room (Room of Registration with Office of the News).

What? 6. Chi supplies, stationing, tools, commodity tools , books, materials used for professional work

1. The review office does the level on the basis:

-Office: $1,000,000 a year.

-Tools, goods tools, document books for professional work: 1,000,000 men per year.

Every year, the real number base of the previous year and expects the task needs of the expected year, the Office regulates the specific level.

2. The decision to race, quantity, volume of supplies, stationing, tools, goods, books, materials used for professional work is done as follows:

a) The self-selective rooms of stationing, tools, goods, supplies, books, documents that are suitable for the specialized work of the Chamber, submitted a proposal to the Office of the Bureau before the last 20 months of the previous Quarter.

b) The office is responsible for aggreging the needs of the rooms and the procurement organization under the current regulation.

What? 7. Public service costs, regular repairs.

1. The cost of electricity, water, fuel, sanitation of the environment, according to the actual invoice of the service provider.

2. The cost of regular repairs, maintenance under the approved accounting, purchased the premium, replacing the payment of the payment in accordance with the fact of the birth.

What? 8. Add time

1. Cadres, the civil union, must now register with the Office on the basis of the offices of the Chambers. The payment of implementation by state regulation (in Appendix 1).

2. The money payment office adds up to less than 200 hours per person per year.

What? 9. Customer and conference details

Client and conference details at the HKVN Bureau are followed by state regulations on the spending of foreign visitors working in Vietnam, spending on conferences, international conferences in Vietnam and domestic passenger spending.

What? 10. Industry costumes

Done by Digital 40 /2012/TT-BGTVT September 26, 2012 of the Ministry of Transport; regulations on the clothing of the cadres, the public office of HKVN.

The amount of labour that has not been the public is entitled to the pre-appropriation of the savings from the budget and the cost, the cost, the fee used.

What? 11. Commendation of annual racing titles

The annual level of reward for the individual, the collective recognition of the award for the authority of the competent authorities in accordance with the state's regulation of the award-reward competition.

Chapter III.


What? 12. Responsible for the Chamber

1. Office of the Office:

a) The implementation of the registration with the local tax authority, which accepts budgetary procedures; the cost of collecting fees, the annual fee; the accounting, the report of the amount of charges, the fee of the year in accordance with the state regulations on the accounting regime. accounting, State Budget Law and the provisions for fees, the fees of the State Budget are relevant;

b) Host the number of metrics with the specialized rooms in terms of the number of revenues, the cost of each room.

2. The responsibility of the specialized rooms:

a) Check, the invoice for the bill of charge, the fee before the granting of certificates, licenses, cards, and other papers by regulation or settlement of state administrative management work for cadres, civil officials;

b) Planning the fall, cost, charge of the Department of the Chamber in charge of license, certificates, cards, and other papers as prescribed.

c) In coordination with the Office of the governor of the charge, the fee. The term by the quarter or year, which performs the projection and confirms the toll, the fee to the Office.

What? 13. Cost and content

1. The provisions are in accordance with the provisions of Chapter II of this Regulation. Include:

a) The direct genus is the direct payments to the rooms, the inspection team, the inspection board, the review of the types of certificates and direct parts, including: fee work; contact information; stationers, overtime details of cadres, civil service, and more. The Direct Room is involved in the operational service of the inspection corps, the inspection board, the management department for the duration of the examination, the certificate, the certificate, the license;

b) General management is the expenses for the agencies, the department does not directly perform the administrative management work of the State, but is involved in the process of collecting fees, fees (the Office of Office of Office, Room and related management departments) and other investments. other genera, including:

-Shopping, equipment repair, property serving the cost of fees;

-Hire in certificate of certificate, license, card; Relevant Administrative Expenses in indirect parts (stationing, communications, certificate-book-book-book ...);


2. The cost of hiring for business.

a) The cost of renting a vehicle-a machine-to the service of the test work; hire external services (printing, shipping, location ...) performing on a contract that used to work specifically;

b) The cost of hiring professionals according to the following level:

-Rent a cadre.

-Rent a flight.

-Question (including English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English): 20,000 đ/ sentence, Question from a bank offering: 10,000 đây;

-Check it out: 50,000.

What? 14. Khen rewarded for units, individuals who have had good achievements in the recording work, cost management, fees in the aviation sector.

1. On the basis of achievement in the toll industry, the fee of the cadres, the public directly involved in the collection, the management and leadership management, the direction of the collection, the cost, the cost of the unit, the Chamber of Directors of the List of Rewards of the award. an achievement in the toll industry, the fee in the quarter, the year sent to the Office and the Financial Chamber. The Office and the Financial Chamber are responsible for the total consideration of the Director of the Bureau, deciding on the list of officers, officials, and the level of reward.

2. Bonus level:

+ Bonus: 1,000,000d/person

+ Bonus six months: 1,500,000d/person

+ Bonus at the end of the year: 2,000,000d/person

What? 15. Create a collection bill

1. Every year, the Office of the Presiding Officer, the Chamber of Experts, sets up the collection, the fee of the HKVN Department for the year; the Financial Chamber of Appraisal, the Director of the Bureau of Approcenation.

2. The timing of the collection, costs, and fees over the time of the unit's budget planning time. For the undetermined fee categories of the number of plans for the year, this portion of the bill is set up in the quarter on the basis of the actual situation of birth. These quarterly bills are also aggregated, added to the collection, cost, and cost of the year.

3. On the basis of the collection, the cost of the fee, the fee has been approved, the department, the relevant agency that organizes for the year as follows:

a) For direct expenses, the rooms, the inspection board, the inspection team, the direct department performing the administrative administration of the State of the State and offer to the expense of the expenses directly to each time or the examination, the certificate of certification, the license, The card and other papers are based on the actual situation in the situation, the total number of ants expected and the financial institutions involved.

b) For general management expenditures, departments, units, departments that are related to the toll-free business, the fee in the aviation sector is in charge of establishing and offering a general management of the cost of management, the cost of birth at the unit.

4. The office is responsible for testing, reviewing on the basis of the first-year accounting approved and implemented in accordance with the regulations of the State and the Vietnam Aviation Administration.

Chapter IV.


What? 16. Property of shopping from the source of free and waste funding, the fee left at the HKVN agency implemented by regulation at 68 /2012/TT-BTC April 26, 2012:

1. Equipment, agencies, officials, officials, officials.

2. Supplies, tools, tools, routine maintenance.

3. Machinery, equipment served for professional work, service safety, fire department, fire extinguiers.

4. Information technology products include machinery, equipment, accessories, software, and other products, including installation, trial, warranty (if available).

5. Print products, materials, charts, publications, stationing, books, documentaries, movies and other products to propagate, promote and serve in professional work.

6. Maintenance services, maintenance, repair of equipment equipment and work vehicles, network outsourcing services, consulting services, insurance services, and other services.

7. For shopping expenses, payment contents include:

-Less than 5 million, from the original, the GTGT bill and the other word that required it.

-From 5 to 10 million, from the original, three papers, bills, and other evidence.

-From 10 million to under 20 million, certificate from the original, 3 statements, bills, contracts and other evidence when required.

-From 20 million to 100 million, from the original, the bill, the choice, the report and the other evidence.

-From 100 million or more, made by Decision, Private Finance.

8. Other types of assets are carried out by the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance.

Chapter V.


What? 17. Principles of Saving Business

The cost of savings was from budget and revenue, cost, fees used to pay additional income and reward payments, welfare for cadres, and civil aviation officials from Vietnam.

What? 18. Added income expense

1. The funding savings plan is determined on the basis of the maximum wage fund. For the fifth quarter, the Office of the presiding officer in coordination with the Financial Bureau, Chamber of Public Affairs, and the Company's Department of Public Affairs calculated the annual maximum wage funds made during the year of the Vietnam Aviation Administration report the Bureau of Decision. The maximum wage fund for the year is calculated according to the following formula:

Maximum wage in the year


Basic payroll funds (including payroll accessories)


The salary fund, the agency ' s wages are allowed to pay further in the year

In it:

The salary fund, the agency ' s wages are allowed to pay further in the year


The common minimum wage (copper/month) is now regulated by the State

x 1 x (

The body's average pension system.


The agency ' s average salary depends.

) x

Number of payroll (including a payroll contract)

x 12 months

2. The additional monthly income spending method is done as follows:

a) Monthly, the capacity for savings plan to save, the Office of the presiding office with the Chairman of the Company reported that the interim chief minister decided the amount of funding to pay the additional income of the unit. The maximum monthly spending rate is not more than 60% of the agency ' s monthly wage fund. The increase in return income adds a maximum monthly payment calculated according to the following formula:

Income increases monthly maximum pay


The salary fund, the agency ' s wages are allowed to pay further in the year

x 60%


b) In the end of December, after determining the exact amount of savings, will consider adjusting for increased income for the cadres, officials. The identification of the wage coefficient increased base to the results of the financial activity of the year and the number of prepaid deformers.

3. Income increases additional payments to the cadre, monthly civil service based on the actual working time of the cadre, civil service (the model table sample is prescribed). Appendix 2 of this Regulation) and is calculated in the following principle:

a) The cost of income increases one by one: according to the actual working day the maximum amount: 25,000d/date/person;

b) The remaining amount of savings used to pay income increases the second wave in the formula:

Distribution income for individuals


The savings budget is in the month


Personal Rule

Total Scale Factor

In it:

Personal Rule

= (

Number of titles


Aviation seniority.

) x

The number of days of actual work


Workload Digital

c) The date of the actual work: Define under the Periodic Table (template) Appendix 2 ).

d) Name-based identification: Appendix 3 of this Statum

The number of seniority relationships: each year is calculated at 0.01 but maximum is no more than 0.2. The timing of the chronology of the seniority: There is a five-year period of work in the industry (60 months) or more.

e) The workload of the individual's work quality by the head of the body's assessment of monthly, public, democratic and transparent bodies; based on job results (in terms of productivity, quality, execution progress) and disciplinary action.

4. Workload factor:

4.1. Quality coefficient A, B, C and D

a) The assessment criteria, which ranked as follows:


Assessment criteria

System Level


Officer, the company ranked A during the month as the person who finished the task of being delivered and had to achieve the following standards:

1. Have a serious work style, prototype.

2. Concourse of the internal good, the regulation of the agency, the living participation, the full meeting.

3. Reach 100% standard public day in the month.



The cadre, the company that ranked B as one of the months had one of the following violations:

1. There ' s a break for no reason; or three to four times violations of working hours (go to work late, early compared to the marked regulations "). -" in the scoreboard).

2. The work, the work attitude is not correct.

3. Work slows down due to subjective error or other errors that have not caused serious consequences.

4. There is an internal violation of the unit, the regulation of the agency, but not to the extent of being disciplined; or one does not accept the division of the unit's head; or, once, not participating, the meeting at the unit has no reason.

5. There are between 80 %-90% of standard public days in the month or more.

Note: If you've got three or more mistakes in the month, you're up to C.



The cadre, the public rated C as the one in the month of one of the following violations:

1. Vacation does not have a reason for two sessions; or multiple times violation of work (go to delay, early ... compared to the specified time)

2. The work, the unfinished work attitude, does not affect the agency.

3. Many jobs that are being delivered slow progress due to other subjective or other errors have not caused serious consequences but affect the overall achievement of the agency.

4. More than twice the internal breach of the unit, the regulation of the agency at the reprimand level; or twice not to accept the allocation of the unit chief; or twice that do not participate, the meeting at the unit has no reason.

5. There are below 80% of standard public days in the month.

Note: If you've got three mistakes in the month, you're up to D.



Whether or not to complete the task of being delivered or having errors during job execution, severe consequences or an indiscipline or violation of the internal law, the provisions of the unit, were dealt with discipline of government, the Party discipline.


Note: Standard public day of the month (public day of employment; day of leave; domestic work-out of water; learning in water-out of water)

b) The Type A workload category A no more than 80% of the worker's presence.

c) Officer, maternity leave organization under the social insurance regime is paid in income by 70%.

d) Officer, the beneficiary of the health insurance regime that was paid in income increased by 70%, a maximum of no more than 3 months.

4.2. Assessment Execution Principle

-The officer, the evaluation officer, through the individual remarks during the course of the work, the unit chief decided to comment publicly at the unit.

-The rooms, the office, the Air Inspecer held a meeting, which contributed comments through the form of voting, secret ballot ... The Council of Trade unions and the Council of Trade unions have met with the secretary of the unit to review, balance the results of evaluation and public notice at the unit's monthly meetings.

-The head of the bureau, organization of the Bureau of the Bureau of the Bureau determines the final outcome if the comments are not united each other or have a complaint of the outcome of the assessment.

-Duration: From 01-05 of the following month, the Chamber, Office, Ombudman did not submit the assessment of his unit's assessment of the Bureau of cadres to sum up, after reporting results with the Bureau leadership to carry out additional salaries. If the units do not submit the correct assessment time No more income for that month.

5. The income expense is not applicable to the following specific cases:

-Officer, public school travel and business abroad over 30 days.

-Officer, unpaid leave.

-Officer, job stops, moving forward at the time of additional income.

What? 19. The salary and salary

19.1: Pre-state wage rules (1 salary) and salary donations: is true according to the current regime of the State.

Job subsubs: It ' s in the digital decree. 34 /2012/NĐ-CP April 15, 2013 of the Government. Under which the officer, the public and the contract subject to the decree 68 /2000/ND-CP November 17, 2000 was applied to a public service by 25% of the level of community-level community benefits and the annuation of the (if applicable) rank. The subject is contracted to work 85% of the order 1 does not have a job level.

19.2: Labor-based wages (salary increase by 0.8 according to QE) 12 /2012/QĐ-TTg February 15, 2012.


Personal pay for the individual.


The total number of pay and the adjusted secondary coefficiers of the individual


Adjust to 0.8


Minimum wage

The sub-system adjusted under Decision 12 is "types of subcategories, except for working payers at night, do overtime" , including: secondary to a job, a career-intensive, professional-crossing, sub-level secondary, responsibilities, job-level, job-level.

b. Principles of distribution:

Based on the payroll and operating costs of operating costs, the toll, the fee in the aviation sector; the cost of the concession to the port of aviation, the airport of the Port Authority is left behind under the provisions of the Minister of Finance, the Bureau of Finance. HKVN is applied to an amount of 0.8 times the salaries of the cadres, the government regulated by the State (the tranche, the rank and the type of subcategories, except for the pay of the wage at night, to do overtime). The distribution of wages, the salary of the base on the workload of each cadaver, the public according to the principle of fair, fair principles, the payment of wages with job results (the quality of the work quality applied according to assessment results, classification). Paragraph 4.1, Article 18).

The number of unpaid labour, which is entitled to the benefit of the payout from the savings capital from the budget and the cost, the cost, the fee is used.

What? 20. Aviation Safety

The object and the Safety Award are not applicable under the Aviation Safety Prize of the Vietnam Aviation Administration.

What? 21. Praise, brackish. i

1. Depending on the savings funding, the Office, the Financial Bureau, in conjunction with the Bureau of Public Affairs, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam's Aviation Administration, decides to level the reward, the periodic benefits, and the break-in for the collective or, The organ of the organ.

2. Bonus level:

a) For the individual:

-Quarterly commendation, year: 1,250,000d/person

-Mutant commendation: 1,250,000d/person

b) For the collective:

-The commendation, the year: 2,500,000d/comms.

-Commendation of $1,000,000d/commendation

3. Use of welfare funds:

The welfare fund is used to act as a welfare state for the entire labor force in the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. The presiding officer's Department of Public Affairs coordinated with the Office, the chief of staff, officials, and the Department of Public Affairs, and the Department of Public Service, and the Bureau of the Bureau, and the Bureau of the Bureau, and the Bureau of Defense, and the Bureau of Defense, and the Bureau of Defense, and the Bureau of Defense, and the Bureau of Defense, and the Bureau of Defense, and the Bureau of Defense, Retirement, loss of power; more for workers in the payroll when performing a reduction in payroll ...) and the following:

3.1. Benefits:

a) Educational Care Activity, cadaver learning, civil society at the suggestion of the Communist Youth League of Ho Chi Minh or the Company ' s body mass union.

+ On June 1, New Year ' s Eve, the Chinese New Year ' s New Year ' s Eve: 200,000d/grandson.

+ Complimers to the students in high school according to the school year:

-Good student, excellent.

-That's $100,000d/grandson.

-Winning students in the best student exams: 250,000d/grandchildren.

+ Students achieve a good student title, excellent for years. "

-For five continuous years: 250,000d/grandchildren.

-For nine consecutive years: 35,000d/grandchildren.

-For 12 consecutive years: 600,000d/grandchildren.

b) The emergency supply of breakthroughs, loss of power, for public officials, workers in the payroll for the implementation of a reduced margin: 2,000,000d/times.

3.2. Visitor, curiosity, ambition, comfort.

a) Regulation for the cadres, civil service of the HKVN Bureau

-Security, security: $1,50,000/person-per-year.

-Visiting cadres, hospital officials (sick, accidents: 300,000 dollars; severe illness, surgical: 500,000d/Ingras/) no more than 2 times per person with an illness of six months or more.

-Necklace, wreadie and 500,000m.

-Wife, husband, child: The wreathy and 1,000,000m.

-The officer's on the run: The wreaing and 3,000,000m.

-Retirement officer: The wreadie and 500,000m.

b) Regulation for external officers of the HKVN Department has a partnership with the HKVN Bureau and has the direction of the Director's direction;

-Officer, civil rights officer and equivalent: Visit at a cost of $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000m

-Officer, job rank and the equivalent of coming down: Visit when you ' re sick and you ' re sick of 500,000 people; when you ' re from the ceiling: You ' re going to visit the wreaand and 500,000e.

c) The organization of the organization to visit, tastes.

-Office of the Organization of Officer, Finance, Office of the Bureau, Office of the Party of the Party, the HKVN Corps, coordinated in the reception of the subjects at paragraph a, paragraph b when the illness, from the ceiling, report the Director of the Bureau and the organization to implement The Director of the Bureau.

-The Department of Staff, the HKVN Department of Public Affairs, is to be held in question, as is the right to the subject of unit chief and the Leader of the Bureau.

-The rooms, the office, the Aviation Ombudman visit the taste of the tastes, for the cadres of the unit he is in charge.

d) Level pension allowance:

-The level of grant is as follows: 2,000.000d/ times.

Chapter VI.


What? 22. Khen rewarded and dispose of the breach i the Board in the Use of the Stock Exchange

1. Bonus: The case of the Chambers, the Office, the Aviation Ombudman that uses the business savings that is traded in the quarter, the year, the Office and the Bureau of the District Court view the Director of the Groundbreaking Award for the collective. The reward level is 50% of the savings, but not too: $1,50,000d/time.

2. Violation: The case of the rooms, the Office, the Air Inspecer does not use the standard of securities without the reason the principal objective is granted by the Leader of the Bureau, the individual in the unit will have to pay up the amount of money that exceeds the rating.

Chapter VII.


What? 23. Every year, in the First Quarter, the Financial Chamber presided in coordination with the Office, the HKVN Department of Public Affairs and Public Service, which took over the public office of the Department of Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, reported the bureau's review, the decision.

What? 24. The office is in coordination with the Bureau of Water-Saving Fabrication Laboratories and the oil-level pricing report issued by the Chief of the Administration.

What? 25. The new regulation of the state, in which the standards, is different to the standard, to be defined in this Stateset, is adapted to apply in accordance with the existing Code of State.