Decision 1639/qd-Bnn-Tcln To: Enact The Program Act Perform Decision No 1565/qd-Bnn-Tcln 7/08/2013 Of The Minister Of Agriculture And Rural Development Approved The Business Restructuring Scheme C

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1757/QĐ-BNN-TCLN: Ban hành Chương trình hành động thực hiện quyết định số 1565/QĐ-BNN-TCLN ngày 08/7/2013 của Bộ trưởng Bộ Nông nghiệp và Phát triển nông thôn phê duyệt Đề án Tái cơ c

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Number: 1757 /QE-BNN-TCLN
Nationwide, August 1, 2013


The Board of Action Programme implementation of Decision No. 1565 /QE-BNN-TCLN on 08/7/2013 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development approved the Forestry Department Restructuring Project.



Base of Protocol 01 /2008/NĐ-CP 03 January 2008 of the Government regulates the function, mission, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the United Nations Protocol. 75 /2009/NĐ-CP 10 September 2009 by the Government on Amendment Article 3 of the Digital Protocol 01 /2008/NĐ-CP regulation of functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;

Base Decision Base 18 /2007/QĐ-TTg 05/02/2007 by Prime Minister approx the Vietnam Forestry Development Strategy from 2006-2020;

Decision base 1565 /QE-BNN-TCLN on 08/7/2013 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development approved the Forestry Department Restructuring Project;

At the request of the Director General of Forestry,


What? 1. It was accompanied by the decision Programme for the implementation of the 1565 /QE-BNN-TCLN Decision on 08/7/2013 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development approved the Forestry Department Restructuring Project.

What? 2. The decision comes into effect since the date of the signing.

What? 3. Chief of the Bureau, the Chief Directorate General of Forestry, Chief of the relevant units of the Ministry, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of the provinces, the Central City of China is responsible for this decision.



Hà jun Tuan


(Board with Decision No. 1757 /QE-BNN-TCLN on 1 August 2013 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)



Implementing the effective implementation of the Forestry Department Restructuring Project (later called the Project), which contributes to the implementation of the economic restructuring of the economy tied to the growth model shift in the direction of advanced quality, efficiency, and competitive capacity. 2013-2020 section of the country and the project to restructure the agricultural sector in the direction of enhancing increased value and sustainable development.


1. Proclamation, dissemation of Project Content

-The propaganda organization, disseminship of the project and the Action Programme carried out the Project to the agencies, units, localities and cadres, civil officials, officials throughout the industry.

-The relevant units of the Planning Department implementing the Project in each specific field in accordance with the function, the mission is delivered.

2. Enher strategic quality of Strategy, planning; strengthening state management efficiency on the planning and management of

-Scanning, which regulates the Forestry Development Strategy 2006-2020, has the addition of industry restructuring and vision to 2030.

-Scanning the forest planning, maintaining a reasonable area of forest-wide area of forest, intensive forests, and development of the forest of materials that are concentrated and efficiently exploited.

-Enhancing inspection, monitoring implementation of the forestry planning, which combines the industry planning with the regional planning and the planning of each local, the overall planning of economic-social development; increased public intensity, transparency on the types of processes. Yeah.

3. Recommend, attract investment

-Continue to effectively deploy mechanisms, existing policy-related policies, attract private investment; create a favorable environment, equal to businesses, and business components outside of the country.

-Research, mechanisms supplement, investment incentive policy to attract foreign investment capital (including ODA, FDI) from economic components, development of investment forms involving state and private participation (PPP, PPC, etc.) in the forestry sector.

4. Improve management efficiency and use of public investment

-The agencies, the state management unit on investment, the investment topics enhance transparency and accountability in management work, using public investment from state budgets and development cooperation sources; assessing the level of contributions of projects in the country ' s financial and economic development projects. Investment in restructuring.

-Scrutinically, adjust investment plan, investment structure for efficient development, attracting a maximum of social investment in the forestry sector.

-Promote the devolve, self-control, self-responsibility for the management of public spending for the units.

Since 2014, the direction of implementing the sector ' s public investment allocation in the direction: Priority of the development of the research system and the supply of high-quality forestry plants; enhancing capacity for the ranger force, planning capacity, forecasting and construction. the industry and the forest fire department; invest in the development of the community forestry management model and the development of the forest environment service.

-In terms of science, technology, training, market development and promotion: increased investment and innovation management technology management management; continuing to prioritiate investment for research that applies new technologies in forestry production, picking up forest varieties that can be used in the future. high productivity, good quality; market information systems and forecast; marketing support, promotion, market development and technology transfer; propaganda activities, vocational training, technical progress transfer, promotion of production levels for the company, and more. Farmers; invest in the investment projects that develop capital products that serve restructuring.

5. institutional reform

-Continue to stake, streamline state enterprises in the industry parallel to restructuring the business restructuring project; new centralization, business arrangements, state forestry companies to boost efficiency. the forest and the forestry;

-Enhancing economic capacity: creating opportunities for the private sector, social organizations and voluntary economic groups that participate in providing public services.

-Developing forms of investment between the state and the private sector in the field of forestry (PPP, PC), the forms of association between farmers with other economic components.

-Promote administrative reform, complete the organization of the organization of the state management apparatus from the Central to the local to ensure transparency, proactive and effective; radical simplification of administrative procedures, facilitalization of facilities, local resolution, and security. Rapid response requires business and other sectors.

6. Continue to modify, complete the policy system

Based on the ministry ' s text building program and the need to arise during the deployment of the Project, the units are interseclated, in coordination with the ministries, related and local sectors conducting the sweep, the revised proposal, the additional mechanism of preparation, the government. book support and motivation for the process of engineering restructuring is implemented in the right direction, effective.


1. Founded the Board of Restructuring Forestry of the Ministry chaired by the Deputy Minister of Forestry as Head of the Board, The Head of Units is Member to direct the deployment, oversight, evaluation of the Project.

The Directorate General of Forestry is the Permanent Authority of the Command Board, which is responsible for presiding, coordinating with tracking units, the implementation of the implementation of the Program, periodically the implementation of the situation, reporting the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Development. Hamlet

2. This Action Program Base and the function, mission, authority to be assigned, the Head of the Agency, Unit of the Ministry; the Department of Agriculture and PTNT provinces, the Central City of Central and the agencies involved building action plan, deployment and deployment. The details of the unit's action plan, make sure it's timely, effective, consistent with the actual situation. Details on the Appendix.

3. Annual periodically, the units proceed to evaluate, report the results in which it states: the completion, the incomplete, the cause, and the solution proposal continue to be submitted to the Permanent Authority of the Directboard.

4. During the execution, if you see the need to modify, add the Action Program, the Head of the Agency, the active unit reporting the General Secretary to review, the ./.



Hà jun Tuan