The Decree 90/2013/nd-Cp: Regulation Accountability Of State Agencies In The Performance Of Duties And Powers Assigned

Original Language Title: Nghị định 90/2013/NĐ-CP: Quy định trách nhiệm giải trình của cơ quan Nhà nước trong việc thực hiện nhiệm vụ, quyền hạn được giao

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Numbers: 90 /2013/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, August 8, 2013


Q Define Ah! The work of the state agency in the implementation of the mission, the powers are delivered.


The Law base. Nest Ch. I'm On December 25, 200. 1 ()

The Chamber of Laws, against corruption. Stain. 55 /2005/QH11 modified, added some to the Law No. 01/20. 0 7/QH12 and Law 27/20 1 2/QH 1 Three.

At T's suggestion. socket Inspector Ch. I'm The government ()

Ch I'm The government issued a decree. Ah! The work of the state agency in the implementation of the mission, the powers are delivered. Oh,

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This decree rules on conditions that require g. i The right, the right, the obligation of the one who requested the award. What? And the winner. What? The procedure itself, the procedure of the interpretation and accountability of the agency, the organization, the individual is involved in the implementation of accountability regulations.

What? 2. Subject applies

This decree applies to the following subjects:

1. State administrative agencies, public career units and other companies. l It's the state administration and the authority. to It ' s done. to the ace of solutions to Oh,

2. The state agency, political organization, political organization. to Social organization, social organization, social political organization-profession, social organization-profession, economic organization; foreign organizations established and legal activities in Vietnam; Vietnamese citizens, foreign people living or working in the country. Vietnam has a request for the program.

What? 3. Explain words

In this decree, the Yeah. the following is understood as follows:

1. The solution is that the state agency provides, explains, clarify information on the task of duty, the authority to be delivered and its responsibility in the execution of the mission, that authority.

2. The user of the program. l The agency, the organization, the individual has a request for the state agency, who has the authority to address the relevant content. What? n the exercise of your rights and obligations.

3. The winner is the head of the state agency or the head of the state agency. commission the right to perform the process.

What? 4. Principles of implementation and application of law on accountability.

1. Execution of accountability to You must follow the following principles:

a) Public guarantee, transparency, full, timely and timely. A The authority.

b) Protect the right, the legitimate interests of the State, the organization, the individual.

2. In school. p. Other laws of law have regulations on to The end of the equation, according to the rules. Shit. That's the text of the law.

What? 5. The content is not part of the accountability range

1. The program person does not have accountability for the following content:

a) Information content related to state secrets;

b) Cabinet d The cancer involves the direction, the organization that performs tasks, the work within the state agency's internal affairs; in the executive direction of the executive authority on the subordinate administrative body;

c) The content of the secret is confidential.

d) Information from the business secret business;

The content has been solved to Or have the authority to take care of the resolve.

2. The process requirements after 90 days, since the day of the agency, the organization, the individual receiving or knowing the decision, the behavior of the State agency directly affects its rights, its legitimate interests.

What? 6. The condition of receiving a solution request

1. The individual requires the program to have full civil action capacity or through the legal representative; the agency, t, is required. socket function requires the right to pass through the agent h France.

2. The content requires the program to directly relate to the legal rights and interests of the agency, t socket Yes, yes, yes. And The process.

3. The content requires the solution of the agency ' s management responsibility to be required. And Okay.

Chapter II


What? 7. The Rights of the Request

1. Self-authorship or authorship for others to have full civil conduct implementation of the process requirements.

2. Partially retracted or the entire process request.

3. Received the accountability of the accountability agency.

What? 8. v The guy who asked for the show.

1. Implementing the sequences, procedures on the process requirements under the regulation of this Decree and the v. What? n the other laws of law have a connection. U Come on

2. Clear presentation. to It ' s cancer, it ' s about the content of the content. to Oh,

3. Providing information, documents related to the content request content.

What? 9. The Rights of the Solution

1. Requiring a request for a program to provide information, documents related to the content request content.

2. Ask the user to perform the correct execution. What? Freedom, procedure. Shit. At this decree and other laws of law are related.

3. Add or Attend Information to Bees v What? n to In order to clarify, to be more accurate and complete than the content of the solution.

4. In addition to the regulation cases at Article 6 of this Decree, when the program directly, the program has the right to refuse the to In the following cases:

a) The person requesting the program is in a state of uncontrolled behavior due to alcohol, beer or other stimulants;

b) The authorized person, the representative did not have legal papers in accordance with the rule of law;

c) The person who asked for the solution had a disturbing behavior, insulting the honor, the prize ' s dignity. to Oh,

What? 10. The user ' s obligation

1. Accept the solution to Under the jurisdiction of the law.

2. The guide requires the process to perform the correct sequence, procedure procedure. Shit. The decree of this decree and the laws of law are relevant.

3. The resolution requires the solution in the right form, sequence, procedure, and statute of limitations at this decree and the relevant legislation.

Chapter III


What? 11. Request for a program

1. The request for the program is done in writing or directly at the State Agency with accountability.

2. A written solution request must meet the following conditions:

a) Use Vietnamese language. School. Foreigners have a request for the program, th What? text requires the solution to be translated into Vietnamese;

b) Specify the content request content;

c) Specify the name, address, telephone number (or message address when contact is needed) of the person requesting the program.

3. Direct program request:

a) The person requesting a clear presentation of the content requested to the cadre, the public receives a request for the program.

In case many people ask for a presentation of a content, you must send a representative to submit a b. Oh. y. The gesture of representation is expressed in writing;

b) Use Vietnamese language. The case of foreigners requires an award. What? Then he must use the ph. i Your Vietnamese translation. to The process of execution of the process requirement;

c) Officer, the public receives a request for the tournament. to You must show. to Content cancer requires a written solution; specify a name, address, telephone number (or message address when required contact) of the person requesting the solution. to Wait.

d) The person who requires the sign or the confirmation point to the text.

What? 12. Continue to request the program

The request for the solution presentation is done as follows:

1. Go on and get in. socket receiving request for the program.

2. Instruct the user to perform the correct form of the solution request to School bees. p does not respond to regulation at Article 11 of this decree.

3. During the 5-day period of work since the date of the request, the winner must notify the person requesting the reception or rejection and specify the reason.

The case requires that the program is not responsible, the instructions for the request to be sent to the right organ. to The end of the equation. The required content case was already delivered but someone else asked for the program to provide a v copy. What? n ' s the one that works for that person.

4. L favour Keep the case files. to It was adopted by the law of the archives.

What? 13.

1. For the direct program requirements that have simple content, the performer can perform the program directly and the person requesting the release of the program. What? Either the signature or the point of validation is in the process of the process.

2. For other process requirements, the user must perform as follows:

a) Content research requires the solution;

b) Collect, verify relevant information;

c) Work directly with the person requesting the process to clarify relevant content when it is needed. The work content is established with the signatures of the parties;

d) Enact the process text with the following contents:

- Name, address. What? But,

- The contents of the program are required;

- The results work directly with the organization, the individual (if any);

- Legal bases l I mean, I mean,

- The specific process content required.

) Send a solution text to the person requesting the program. In case of need, the public publication of the solution to By the rule of law.

What? 14. The duration of the process

Duration of the solution to No more than 15 days. Yeah. The announcement of the announcement was made. The case with complex content can extend the duration of the program. The extension time performs no more than 15 days, k. Okay. t Yeah. the date of the extension and must be notified by the written text What? I love you. And The process.

What? 15. suspend, suspend the process by request

The head of the state agency informed by writing about the temporary move. What? Only or suspend the equation in a specific case Okay. After:

1. -Yeah. What? Only process when the individual has a request for a solution to There is no successor to the throne, the obligation in the case of the request of the program; the agency, the organization, the merger, the merger, the body without the individual, the successor to the right, the obligation in the work requirement.

The user continued to perform the process when the reason of the suspension was not available.

2. Suspend the execution of the process when the request for the program to withdraw the request for the program.

Chapter IV


What? 16. The responsibility of the head of the State Agency in the organization performs accountability.

1. In particular the implementation of the accountability in the Internal Affairs, the Statability of the Agency is consistent with the function, the task, the authority of the body.

2. The organization, the director, the governor, the cadres, the public administration of the management, is taking over the responsibility for the responsibility of the operation. What? And then we deal with the rules of regulations. to The end of the equation.

What? 17. Inspector, check out the execution of accountability

1. The State Agency is available. to Inspector, check it out. to a fact to The ace of the What? The state agency is subordinate.

2. The Government Inspector helps the Government to inspect, examine the implementation of the accountability of ministries, peer agencies, government agencies and the government. Brew Bless you. Yes. n t All right The city. to It's Central.

What? 18. violate the breach in the implementation of the accountability regulations. What? -

Officials, civil officials, the head of the state agency, do not take strict approval of the provisions of accountability in accordance with the provisions of this decree, which are subject to the extent to which the law is handled by the law of cadres, officials.

What? 19.

This decree has been in effect since 30 September 2013.

What? 20. Guide and execute.

1. The Inspector General of Government coordinates with the Minister of Internal Affairs for the implementation of this decree.

2. Ministers, Prime Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Government of the Government; Proxy The population of the provinces, the Central City, and the relevant agencies responsible for this decree.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung