1924/qd-Ttcp Decision: About Issuing Regulations Operate At The Headquarters Work Of Government Inspection Agencies

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1924/QĐ-TTCP: Về việc ban hành Quy chế quản lý hoạt động tại trụ sở làm việc của cơ quan Thanh tra Chính phủ

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Number: 1924 /QĐ-TTCP
Nationwide, August 22, 2013


About the board of the Regulation of Operations at the headquarters of the Government Inspectra agency.



Base of Protocol 83 /2012/NĐ-CP 09/10/2012 The Government provides for the function, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Government Inspects;

Government Inspector of Government.

The base requires management, using the headquarters of the Government Inspecship Service;

At the suggestion of the Chief of Staff,


What? 1. It is accompanied by the decision to administer operational management at the headquarters of the Government Inspecship Service.

What? 2. This decision is in effect from the date of the signing.

What? 3. Chief of the Bureau, the Chief Secretary, the Chief Minister of Units and Public Affairs, the officer, the contract labour of the Government Inspector Government is responsible for this decision.



Phong Feng


(Issued by Decision No. 1924 /QĐ-TTCP on 22 August 2013 of the General Inspectorship of the Government)


Chapter I .


What? 1. The adjustment range

This statute rules on the management of operations at the offices of the government Inspectra in Trần Tông Tông, Bridge, Hanoi with the following:

-Regulation of working hours at the office headquarters;

-Work in, out and leave the car in the agency;

-The reception and reception to work at the agency;

-Use the meeting room and the living rooms;

-Public civilization, sanitation, sanitation, headquarters.

-The organization serves the working rooms of the Chief Inspector of Government, the leader of the units, the work room of the public and the meeting room;

-Management and use of the property provided to the unit, civil service, the officer, contract labour and the general property of the agency;

-The use of air conditioning, electricity, elevators, phones, faxes and office equipment;

-Fire works, fire extinguiers, fire prevention.

-Order, security in the agency.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. Public Affairs, officials, contract workers of the Government Inspecship Service working at the headquarters of the Government Inspecship Office.

2. The units, individuals with regard to visit, work at the headquarters of the Government Ombudstation.

What? 3. Target, request

1. Regulation of the management of operations at the agency ' s office headquarters is intended to improve the efficiency of the use of facilities in order to better serve the political duties of the Government Inspector.

2. Enher management of the management of environmental sanitation, fire prevention and order security in the workplace.

Chapter II .


What? 4. Regulation of working hours at agency headquarters

Civil service, officials, contract labour performed on time: The morning from 8 am to 12 hours; the afternoon from 13:00 to 17 hours and only to extend the work time at the agency headquarters up to 18 hours.

Civil service, officials, labor contracts work after 18 hours of daily or during Saturdays, Sundays, New Year ' s Day must have an opinion of the unit leader browsing into the registration paper sent to the Office (through the Administration room) that records the specific time to manage. You come in, you go and you serve.

In the urgent case of employment after 18 hours, the public, the officer, the contract labour must telegraph the Office (through the Administration chamber) to organize electricity, water, air conditioning.

What? 5. Rule in, out and leave the car in the agency

1. In, go to the Government Inspector by 2 gates: Gate 1 and Gate 02:

Port 01 is open only when necessary.

Gate 02 is open every day.

2. Media management out of headquarters:

a) The car takes over the leadership of the Inspector of Government at the lobby of the headquarters building and parking on the ground floor at the ground floor in accordance with the specified location.

b) The public, the official, the contract worker, the car, the motorcycle, the bicycle into the right-to-the right vehicle to be in the right area of the road, and leave the road to the road, the escape route.

In case of civil service, officials, auto-parking contracts, motorcycles are not properly regulated as follows: First violation, the security guard named a reminder; the second violation, the security guard, and informed the chief of the unit. public, officials, contract labour; violations from the third term or more for a year, the Office transfers the processor to the Organisation of Officer (through the award-making competition) and the Prime Minister to submit the Inspector General of the Government to forma and/or message in the entire agency.

c) Guests to work at the agency: the security guard is responsible for guiding the car in the right place.

What? 6. Pick up visitors to the agency

1. When you have a visitor to the agency gate, the security guard checks the client ' s identity papers to enter the visitor register to the prescribed term, guide the visitor into the lobby door and the parking location in the agency.

2. When the guests enter the lobby, the receptologist leads and the telegraph to the unit, the public, the officer, the contract labour that the client has to contact with.

3. Deliver a client-hosted company:

a) For the domestic guests:

Guests are party leaders, the State of the House of Leadership as General Secretary, President of the Country, Vice President of the Country, Speaker of the National Assembly, Vice President of the National Assembly, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, fellow Politburo members, The Central Party Secretariat led the Inspector of Government and led the Office of the Office to meet the guests at the lobby and put guests in the gallery (or work room). When the guests come out, the guests will take the guests out to the lobby.

Guests are the co-ministers, Deputy Secretary, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Chairman, Vice President of the provinces, Central City, and equivalent positions the Office of the Home Office welcomes guests in the lobby area, bringing guests to the living room (or work room). -Yeah. When the guests come out, the guests will take the guests out to the lobby.

Guests are not subject to the above subjects who work with the Chief Inspector of Government, before the guests arrive, the Secretary of the Government Inspector Government has the duty to inform the new book department, the time of the visitor. When guests arrive, the reception department has a guided mission, bringing guests to the meeting room, the reception room of the Chief Inspector of Government. When the guests come out, the clerk comes out to the lobby.

Visitors to the meetings and workshops led by the Government of the Government Inspeckey Government, the unit was tasked with preparing the meeting, and the conference was in charge of the public, the officer in coordination with the reception of the reception in the lobby area and the passengers entering the room. meeting. When the guests come out, the officials, the officials, have picked up visitors to the front of the hall.

Visitors to the meeting, the workshop, work with the unit or work with the public, the officer: The unit is in charge of the public office, the officer in coordination with the reception of guests in the lobby area and taking guests to the meeting room (or work room). When the guests come out, the officials, the officials, have picked up visitors to the front of the hall.

b) For foreign guests:

Foreign guests (ambassadors, foreign tourists), led the International Cooperation in the lobby and passengers in the living room. When the guests come out, the officials, the officials, have picked up visitors to the front of the hall.

Foreign guests come to work or the meeting due to the leadership of the Government Inspector General, presiding over or due to the units of the Government Inspector Government: the reception of the International Cooperation or Public Works, the officer of the unit is assigned to pick up guests at the lobby. and take the guests to the conference room or the reception room. When the guests come out, the officials, the officials, have picked up visitors to the front of the hall.

c) Customer partnership coordination with:

When there are plans to pick up guests as party leaders, the State belongs to leadership titles such as General Secretary, President, Country Vice President, Speaker of the National Assembly, Vice President of the National Assembly, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, comrades as committee. The Politburo, the Central Committee of the Party, the Office of the Inspector of Government, the Government of the Government, must provide protection and priority elevators and serve.

When there is a foreign diplomatic visitor calendar, the International Cooperation with a Responsor for the Office of the Reception Plan has been approved by the Chief Inspector of Government. The office in coordination with the International Cooperation prepares to serve, ensuring the requirement to meet the required diplomatic and international ceremonies.

When there is a reception calendar or a meeting, the unit is authorized to take over or presiding over the meeting responsible for the Office for the deployment of the next room, preparing to serve at the request of each other, the meeting; the security guard is responsible for guiding the vehicle. And the reception for the guests.

When the party leaders were Party leaders, the State visited or worked out without a pre-written program, the security guard and the reception had to promptly telegraph the head of the Inspector of Government, head of the office and the relevant unit. Guests.

What? 7. Regulation of a meeting room or reception room

1. The units with the need to use the meeting room or reception must register the conference room, reception with the Office for the organization to hold the service. The unit is tasked with preparing a meeting or receptable content of a meeting room, which is registered to the registration form at appendix 01 issued by this statute.

For regular meetings or reception (meetings in administrative hours): Subscription must be sent to the Office prior to the work hours that the unit expects to hold a minimum meeting of 4 hours (under work hours).

For meetings and reception outside of administrative hours or conference rooms must prescribe the seat, decorate the maket, the microphone and other conditions, registration must be sent to the Office before the hour the unit expects to hold the meeting, a minimum of 8 hours (calculated). Time to work.

2. The office layout office and the announcement of a specific conference layout calendar for the 1-hour delay registration unit since receiving the registration or registration information, if the hours of work are announced to the unit at the beginning of the day's work. The units sent the invitation only after the confirmation of the work room layout, meeting room, reception room; at the same time sending the new schedule of work, numbers, components, visitors to attendees.

3. The case of the conference rooms was deployed, the Office of the Press informed the registration unit to be able to correct the time of the meeting.

4. The event of a meeting, the registered reception, has been postponed or canceled, the registration unit must notify the Office of the knowledge before the scheduled 2-hour meeting.

What? 8. Regulation of public office and environmental hygiene, the headquarters of the headquarters building.

1. Public Affairs, officials, contract workers working at the Government Inspecship Agency perform:

-Dressed in accordance with the rules.

-Going back in the agency in the right area of regulation, not to say big, debate and other acts that cause disorderly conduct in the working rooms, meeting rooms and public areas;

-Take it seriously when the meeting, the right meeting in the right component, going to a meeting on time, in the meeting not to use cell phones, in case it is necessary to use the phone to run the job, to be in a vibrating mode and when the contact must be Out of the conference room, there is a responsibility to protect the equipment in the conference room;

-Make a neat interior arrangement, do not automatically translate and install additional equipment in the office while not having an opinion of the Office;

-It is responsible for keeping the sanitation at work and public sector, making the sanitation of the equipment allocated and the total sanitation and the arrangement of the room lid on the sixth dimension of the week;

-Don't cook, eat the incense, burn incense in the work room; don't pour water, coffee on the floor, corridors, and walls;

-Seriously, not smoking a prescribed tobacco at paragraph 2, Article 11, Law Enforcement, anti-harm of tobacco;

-No spitting, smelking up the walls, not dumping the garbage, bruking the drugs, dispose of the filter on the ground floor and public areas;

-No toxic chemicals.

-Not picking flowers, twig branches, spitting trees on the campus.

2. The responsibility of the units of the Government Inspecship:

Keeping the sanitation in the working area of its unit, including: the working rooms, the reception hall of the unit and the corridors, the hall adjacent to the unit ' s work area; and the area.

The unit chief has a regular responsibility to check, the governor reminds the public, the officer, the contract labour of the unit performing well on the regulations on the public civilization, the agency ' s environmental hygiene; participation in the monitoring of the sanitation work of the company. Employees serve in the unit's work area.

3. Office of the Office:

The sanitation organization daily works by the leader of the Inspector of Government, leaders of units, all general departments of the agency and the implementation of the floor cleaning, collecting garbage daily the working rooms of the cadet, civil service;

Audits monitoring management units of service units cleaning up the entire campus; gardens, roads, ground floors, halls, corridors, balcony, elevator bridges, stairs, toilets; transportation of waste daily;

Check it out, do the agency's work on the agency's public office.

4. Handled violations of the implementation of the public civilization and sanitation, the building sanitation and hygiene.

Public, officials and labor contracts violations of the provisions at paragraph 1 Article 8 shall be processed as follows: First violation, the Office shall name and remind; if the second resin, the Office will set the border and inform the Prime Minister; if the breach is not. For the third time, the Office of the Editorial Office handles the violation of the Unit of Staff and the Prime Minister for the leadership of the Inspector of Government to review, process.

The unit's regional hygiene is not guaranteed to be clean, if it is reported to be repeated several times, and there are many people who violate the above, the unit will be lowered annually.

The unit, the civil union, the officer, the contract labour, damages the organ's property to be compensated by the law.

What? 9. The regulation of the organization serving the work rooms of the Government Inspector Government

The service staff must regularly protect the work rooms and equipment in the room, prepare the facilities required to serve as the Leader of the Government of the Government, at the request of the Office leadership and must be moved immediately after the reception.

The weekly period on holiday must be held as a total defence of the office of the head of the Inspector of Government. Employees perform a good job of security, not by using equipment, documents in the office of the Chief Inspector of Government.

When the equipment in the room is damaged, the service staff must report directly to the office leader (through the Administration Chamber) to promptly rectify.

What? 10. Regulation of the organization serving the work rooms of the Director of the Bureau, Case, unit and of the public

1. For the unit leader ' s work room, employees serve daily duty room sanitation and equipment in the work room.

2. For the public office of the civil service, the officer, the contract worker: the daily service worker during the execution of the toilet, wiping out the floor, packing garbage in the workroom. Civil officials, officials, labor contracts work in the room, daily self-defense, cabinets and equipment facilities; weekly as a working room.

What? 11. The organization of the organization serves the conference rooms.

1. Every day, the service staff must proceed as a toilet, wiping chairs in conference rooms.

2. When a meeting is required to use a meeting room, the Administrator's staff must prescribe the bench, check out the equipment, the department to serve the meeting room, decorate the meeting room, and prepare other material conditions as required by the meeting. All of the above work must be checked, complete before the 1 hour minimum meeting for the meeting.

3. The registration unit using the conference room is responsible for checking the meeting room before the 30-minute minimum meeting with the meetings.

4. In the hour of the meeting, the service staff and the technical staff must be directly ready to serve the meeting.

5. End of the meeting, the service staff must clean up, check out the equipment, turn off the power, shut the door.

What? 12. Regulation of management using electricity, water, regulation

1. Office of the Office:

Management and organization operate the entire electricity, water, regulation, machinery system in the building and the lighting system lighting the working rooms, meeting rooms, public areas (ground floor, garden, road, and walls of protection ...).

The daily office cuts the power of the agency during the working days, the rooms that cut the electricity from the time of 18 hours to 07:00 the next day.

2. The responsibility of the public, the officer, the contract labour:

-daily and prescribed holidays before coming out to check and shut down all electrical devices, conditioning the existing temperature in the working area (such as computers, printers, photo ...). In the room if many people work, the person who comes after the hours of work every day must turn off the power and conditioning switch before coming out of the room.

-Do not take care of the existing electrical systems in the room. Units and individuals who are not shopping for additional electrical devices are not eligible for replacement, use.

-Do not leave documents, papers, fire-bearing items ... close to and override the socket system, electrical wiring to avoid causing electrical fires.

-Do not open the work-room windows and the hallways of the corridor while using the air conditioning. If you want to open the door, turn off the air conditioning.

-When the water is done, the water is locked.

What? 13. Process Management Regulation

-The public, the official, the contract worker performs the right instructions on the elevator.

-When the ladder is stuck in a non-closed state-open door automatically, the person in the ladder must calm down the rescue bell button, then wait for the technician to come to the door, not automatically use any hard items to stick to the door and smash the elevator door.

-Do not use the physical transport elevator, cargo during the early hours, at the end of the working hours (from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, from 11 hours to 14 hours, from 16:30 to 18 hours).

What? 14. Regulation of management, using sound equipment system, office equipment, and more.

1. Use of office equipment (copy machine, computer, printer, scanner, fax machine, phone machine, vacuum cleaner, document machine, projector etc.) on purpose, not used in private.

2. Do the information and safety security of the network system, avoiding the virus from attacking the loss of the document, requiring not to use the floppy disk from elsewhere into the agency to print, copy the document. When the computer, the damaged printer must inform the technical staff of the Center for Information to check and process.

3. Do the information security in using a fax machine, which is absolute not to faxed classified documents.

What? 15. Rules for management, use of fire prevention, firefighting.

1. The office is tasked with managing, operating fire-fire department equipment; in coordination with the authorities for the construction of the agency ' s fire prevention method; the organization guidelines for cadres, civil authorities using fire extinguiers; the organization takes place. method of fire prevention, fire extinguiking; periodic testing, maintenance, maintenance of fire, firefighting.

2. civil servants, civil servants, contract labour must take serious internal fire-fire inaction in the agency, engaging in full instruction, rehearzing for the fire prevention. When the detection of an explosion must be sent to the Office (through the Administration's Office-Technical Division) or the Protection Room to mobilize forces to the inspection, handling in time.

3. When there is an emergency burst of fire, the Office will announce on the public speaker system, all civil officials, officials, contract workers who are working in the building will use the stairway to escape; civil, official, contract labor in the name of the government. The agency's fire department, the fire department's firefighting, was assigned to the task.

What? 16. Regulation maintenance, repair site repair

The office is responsible for the planning of maintenance, maintenance, periodic maintenance, property repair and implementation of the state's existing regulations ensuring safety, savings, efficiency.

Chapter III .


What? 17.

1. The chief of the units of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the United States has a common responsibility, the plenum of all the public, the official, the contract labour and the implementation of the implementation of the provisions of the provisions of this Regulation.

2. Public Affairs, officials, contract workers, unit violations of the provisions of the Statate of the States, which damages the property of the State, are compensated, depending on the nature and extent of the breach that will be subject to administrative care or trial. The rules of the law.

3. In the course of execution if there is an entangrium, the units reflect on the Office for the synthesis, the Government Inspector General review, the revised decision, the ./.

Inspector General


Phong Feng