The Decision 54/2013/qd-Ttg Dated: On The Issue Of Financial Management And Staffing Of The State Treasury

Original Language Title: Quyết định 54/2013/QĐ-TTg: Về việc ban hành cơ chế quản lý tài chính và biên chế của kho bạc nhà nước

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Numbers: 54 /2013/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, September 19, 2013


V. It ' s the basis of the administration of finance and finance.

of the state treasury.


The T-Law Base. socket Government of 25. Ah! 12 in 2001;

State Budget Law on 16 May Ah! 12 in 2002;

The Law Enforcement. Stain. - l Pho I'm 29 11 in 2005;

At the request of the Minister of Finance ()

Prime Minister Ch I'm The government issued a decision on the body of governance. Why? the finance and payroll of the State Treasury .

Fuck! i One. Adjustment range, Stain. the application icon

1. The adjustment range:

This decision stipulated the implementation of the mechanism of financial management and application of application to the State Treasury system (KBNN) of the Ministry of Finance.

2. Subject applies:

KBNN; KBNN province, central city; KBNN county, district, town, provincial city; and career units of KBNN.

What? 2. Target, request

1. Make good work of functions: Management of state budget funds, financial funds and other funds of the State; treasury management and government debt management; State accounting; capital mobiles for state budgets; rare national asset management.

2. Push the reform of administrative procedures, the management of a modern, efficient, effective, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, efficient, transparent, transparent, efficient The state.

3. Innovation the mechanism for financial management and payroll for KBNN operation; promote the arrangement, organization of the apparatus, build up the forces in clean, strong, highly specialized qualifications; empower the autonomy and self-responsibility for the unit chief in the organization. Work, use of labor and use of financial resources.

4. Using the cost of the funding delivered, the practice of saving, anti-waste, the investment focus implementation of the KBNN development strategy; ensuring the construction of the museum, the safe, modern, and secure trading facility; secure the information technology system, equipment. Modern to enhance efficiency, efficiency and modernization of management technology aimed at performing good functions and delivery of the state, qualifying for international integration; strengthening training, fostering, and step-step income for cadres, industry, and business. The office

5. Make a democratic public according to the rule of law, guarantee the legal rights of the cadre, the KBNN public.

What? 3. V. The editor.

1. The payroll and labor of the State Treasury system from 2014 stabilisable to the index of payroll and labor have been granted jurisdiction over 31 May 2013. The State Treasury used to step the boundary on the basis of the location of the employment and civil rights tranche in accordance with the function, the task assigned to the right of law.

2. The government of Prime Minister to hand over new duties or the State has the decision to divide the administrative boundaries, must form a provincial KBNN supplement, district level, the Ministry of Finance unified with the Ministry of Internal Affairs reporting the Prime Minister added to the commission. KBNN.

3. In addition to the amount of payroll and labor assigned, KBNN is employed by the contract and labor contracts under the rule of law.

What? 4. The funding source guaranteed

The annual operating costs of KBNN, including:

1. The state budget provides for a single amount of wages, wages, allowable salaries, and donations by the state regime stipulated on the basis of the regulation of payroll and contract labour under the provisions of the law being delivered by the Minister of Finance.

2. Other funding sources are given by the state budget of law:

a) The national goal program and programs, project under the regulation of the State;

b) The cost of carrying out the mission, payment of the left, the bond, the vote;

c) The cost of making a reducitic expansion of the regime by the State of the Regulation;

d) Debt loans, aid, and other funding were given the authority to deliver;

3. The entire source from KBNN ' s career activities by state regulation, including:

a) Colleconation in payment activity, money transfer; preservation activities, testing, precious gold gold storage, foreign currency, certificates of price;

b) Deviation from interest, deposit fees with charges must be paid at the State Bank and Commercial Banks;

c) Colleconation of the capital case under the provisions of the Ministry of Finance;

d) Deviate from the sale of the sale only to the customer, the charge of the service to collect the money, the money, the phone; ...

Other sources of law by law.

4. Other legal funds.

What? 5. Cost Content

1. Permanent genus:

a) Personal payments: wages, wages, salaries, salaries, payroll donations (social insurance, health insurance, union funding); achievement bonuses for competition titles and other payments for the individual;

b) Administrative management expenditures: Public service payments; office supplies; propaganda, communications; conference; cost costs; hiring; repair, maintenance, maintenance, regular maintenance of fixed assets and other administrative expenses;

c) A business practice: Procurement of supplies, goods used for expertise, business; fund safety equipment, test equipment; all types; clothing, protection of labor; inventory, inventory, transfer, safety protection, money, etc. gold and silver gold, precious stones, foreign currency and certificates; preservation, archives of documents, testimonies; other services;

d) Coordination of the organization that performed the task;

The company is traveling abroad; in detail, foreign visitors working in Vietnam; the organization of the workshop, the international conference in Vietnam;

e) Support for operating, rotated, and public cadres in the KBNN system;

g) The guarantee of the operation of the party organization by the decision of the Central Secretariat of the Party; the regime's governing body for self-defense; the guarantee of the operation of the parties under the rules of the law;

h) The expenses are more frequent.

2. Development investment, KBNN modernization:

a) Chi investment, increased facilities; construction of warehouses, headquarters and trading; procurement of dedicated equipment; repair, procurement of property, professional work, and business;

b) Chi maintains and develops, modernized information technology;

c) Genus scientific research, training, occupational fostering for cadres, civil officials, program officials, plans of the KBNN system;

d) Compensated for the damage of money, property in cases of inhuman resistance such as natural disasters, fire, risk under the rule of law;

) Chi performs programs, plans, projects, information technology applications, equipment procurement, construction investments, increased facilities, training of staff, civil service, officials, and other content on a joint mission of the entire country. the financial sector, which serves the specialized mission of the KBNN system;

e) Other expenditures by law.

What? 6. Standard mode standard

1. The contents of the genus, the standard, the rating has been issued by the competent authority. The Minister of Finance approved, enacted the KBNN business level on the basis of the standard of standards, the degree of operating regulation, the specific situation, and the ability for funding.

2. The level of wage spending, public money for cadres, civil officials, officials and all-system workers all-system KBNN applies to no more than 1.8 times and the additional cost of income from the savings increase cost does not exceed 0.2 times the salary for the deal. cadres, civil officials, state officials regulated; wages increased and the addition of income does not include job-secondary, secondary employment, overtime. The cost of salaries, public money for/cadres, officials, KBNN officials were adjusted to the state's monetary policy reform course and terminated when the new wage regime was implemented.

The distribution of wages, public money according to the quality results of the work of each cadet, the public, the officer and the labourers in accordance with the principle of fair justice, tied the wages with work efficiency, and must be stipulated in the Regulation. Unit's internal spending.

What? 7. KBNN operating resource management

1. The planning of accounting, approval and funding of KBNN by the provisions of the State Budget Law. Every year, the state budget budget for the KBNN system is aggregated in the funding of the Congressional Ministry of Finance review, the decision.

2. The regular genus and investment structure developed, modernized KBNN must ensure maximum regular spending not more than 70% of the assigned work. The cost of capital investment is governed by the rule of law on investment, construction, and other provisions of the relevant legislation.

3. KBNN actively uses the funding source in accordance with the actual needs and in the range of funds delivered.

4. When the State changed its policy, the regime, the KBNN automatically spread additional expenditures according to policy, the new regime. As a result of the objective factors that led to a non-guaranteed source of operational revenue, KBNN proposed the project, reported the Minister of Finance to the Prime Minister for consideration, decision.

5. The unusable year-end budget goes on to the following year, which provides for the provision of a two-Article 4 decision made by the law of the current law.

What? 8. Use of increased cost savings

Every year, the amount of savings savings from the genus is regularly specified at 1 Article 5 This Decision and the resulting arbiter of KBNN's business income stipulated at paragraph 3 Article 4 This decision compared to the assigned authority, KBNN is used. to the following content:

1. A minimum of 25% of the Development Fund for Industry Activity to: Impleming of KBNN development strategy; investment enhenhiting facilities, building of warehouses, trading headquarters; shopping site equipment catering to professional work, business; technology applications information and other relevant tasks of the KBNN system.

2. Quote the Reserve Fund for Income Stability to: Make sure to stabilize income for cadres, civil officials, KBNN system officials due to the objective causes of income reduction; staff support, civil service, KBNN system officer meeting special circumstances, Poor disease; supporting retires and other special cases. The Minister of Finance specifically regulates the income of the Income Stability Fund.

3. Quote the Commendation Fund, Welfare: Maximum of 3 months of salary, public money and actual income made during the year.

4. Lunch costs for cadres, civil officials, maximum monthly officials equal to the minimum wage provided by the State.

5. Commendation, work coordination on organizations, individuals within and beyond the KBNN system whose achievements contribute to the completion of KBNN duties.

6. Assistant to the general policy for those who voluntarily vacate the regime during the arrangement, reorganize labour; the genus supports the activities of the body; the support of the career units of the KBNN system.

7. Additional income for cadres, civil officials, full-system officer KBNN has a maximum of 0.2 times the salary for cadres, civil officials, state-regulated officials (tranche, rank, office and sub-level subcategories, night-making, work-making). an hour.

What? 9. The warranty budget works for career units.

The career units of KBNN are insured for operating costs from KBNN ' s annual operating funding provided at Article 4 of this Decision; to apply the regulatory spending regime at this Decision and implement the autonomy, self-responsibility, and the government. to the task of carrying out the task, organization of the machine, the number of people working and finances to the established career unit according to the law of the present law.

What? 10. The organization performs

1. The financial and financial management mechanism of KBNN specified at the decision was made from 1 January 2014. In case the state changed its policy on payroll, finance greatly influenced KBNN's activities, the Prime Minister's Ministry of Finance reviewed the amendment, adding accordingly.

2. The Minister of Finance for the Head of Finance to execute this decision, the KBNN directed the implementation of the implementation; periodically evaluation of the situation; examine the implementation of the financial management mechanism and the boundaries of KBNN to ensure the correct objectives, requirements.

3. The 2013 operating budget delivered to KBNN (including unusable funds), transferred in 2014 continues to use according to regulatory content at this Decision.

4. This decision took effect from 1 January 2014. Ministers: Finance, Internal Affairs, Planning and Investment, Justice and the Head of the relevant agencies responsible for the implementation of this Decision ./

Prime Minister


Dao Dung