Decision 57/2013/qd-Ttg Dated: On Subsidies Once For Who Was Appointed Experts To Help Laos And Cambodian-Chi-A

Original Language Title: Quyết định 57/2013/QĐ-TTg: Về trợ cấp một lần đối với người được cử làm chuyên gia sang giúp Lào và Căm-pu-chi-a

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Numbers: 57 /2013/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, October 14, 2013


On a once-to-a-person allowance.

to help Laos and Cu-pu-a


Government Law Base December 25, 200 One.

At the suggestion of Minister of Labor-Trade i And Society.

The Prime Minister of the Government of the Government What? I'm about to go back to the l And for those who are sent as experts to help Laos and C What? -pu-ch i -ah,

What? 1. The adjustment range

This decision stipulated a one-time grant to the person who was sent as an expert on Laos from 1 May 1975 to 31 December 1988 in Laos and to help Cú-pu-a from 1 January 1979 to 31 August 1989 in Cu-pu-a.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. The subject enjoyed by regulation at the decision is that those who work in the party agency, the State, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the political organization-the wage society from the state budget are sent as experts to help Laos and others. Hating-pu-a-you follow your request and those who go for expert service, including:

a) The person who retired or quit his job due to labour loss but has not yet enjoyed a prescribed degree of grant in paragraph 7 Article 2 Decision No. 87-CT on March 1, 1985 of the Chair of the Council of Ministers on the regime, policy on the staff to the Lao And Cappu,

b) The person who is working or quitting the retirement of retirement, quit.

2. The regulatory allowance regime at this Decision does not apply to the following subjects:

a) The prescribed object at Clause 1 This is dead and no longer a wife or husband, child, adoption, birth father, birth mother or legal rearing;

b) Officer, Vietnam volunteer soldier for international duty in Laos and Cu-pu-a.

What? 3. Assistant mode once

1. The specified object at Clause 1 Article 2 This decision has the actual working time in Laos and Cu-pu-a from 12 months or more (including the whole community) being subsidiated once, one year (enough 12 months) is subsidied as 3,000,000, but maximum is not. $36,000,000.

2. When the time of the subsidy is granted, if the month of an odd month is up to six months, less than 6 months is calculated in half (1/ 2) years.

What? 4. Records, self-resolution resolution

1. The provision of the pension regime is prescribed as follows:

a) 01 The object of the object. The case of the specified object at 1 Article 2 This Decision died before the date of the decision taking effect, the immediate body of the subject of the declaration.

b) The decision to send an object to be an expert in Laos, Cu-pu-chi-; the decision on water (the primary or copy of the authority has jurisdiction);

c) The decision to retire or quit due to the loss of labor (the main self or copy of the competent authority) of the person who has retired or quit due to labor loss;

d) The decision to take off the retirement of retirement or decision-making, and the case of a calendar period before the retirement of retirement or the confirmation of a person's governing body (the main or copy of the authority) of the motel. You know, it ' s a job that ' s going to be on

The Body's confirmation of the actual time authority of the subject was sent to serve as an expert in Laos, Cu-pu-a for the subject of a lack of regulatory papers at Point b and Point 1 This Article;

e) The authorization of the direct relatives of the object to a person named as the leader of the allowance for the event of the deceased, but also the immediate relatives.

2. The self-resolution process is implemented as follows:

a) The specified object at paragraph 1 Article 2 of this decision or the subject of the subject is responsible for filing 1 of the prescribed records at Clause 1 This Article to the People's Committee, the ward, the town (later abbreviated as the Social People's Committee) where the application is registered. permanent;

b) The People ' s Committee on the township receives the case, aggregate the Chairman of the District People's Committee, the district, the town, the provincial city (later abbreviated as the District People's Committee) through the Chamber of Labor and Social Affairs;

c) The Labor-Trade and Social Chamber, aggregable, reports the Chairman of the District People 's Committee to review, reports the Chairman of the Provincial People' s Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee (later abbreviated as Chairman of the Provincial People ' s Commission) through the Department of State. Labor-Trade and Social Affairs;

d) Department of Labor-Trade and Social Services, aggregate, report of the Chairman of the Provincial Committee to consider, decide;

The chairman of the Provincial People ' s Committee reviewed, decided to enjoy the level of subsidies on the eligible subject.

What? 5. Cost Source

The funding for the cost of regulation at the decision is guaranteed by the central budget.

What? 6. Organization to execute

1. Minister of Labour-Trade and Social Affairs, the Minister of Finance is responsible for the direction of the decision.

2. The Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs is responsible for the implementation of the regulation at the decision; presiding, in coordination with the relevant agencies addressing the entanged, arise in the organizational process.

3. The Ministry of Finance has the responsibility of the budget layout to implement the regime for the subjects and the cost of expenses in accordance with the laws of the state budget.

4. The chairman of the Provincial People ' s Committee is responsible for the direction, the review organization, and the provision of the regulatory allowance at this Decision.

What? 7. Effect of execution

1. This decision has been in effect since 1 January 2014.

2. Clause 7 Articles 2 Decision 87-CT on March 1, 1985 of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers on the regime, policy on the staff to help Laos and Cu-pu-a run out of effect since the date of the decision is valid.

What? 8. Terms of execution

The Ministers, the Prime Minister, the Head of the Government of the Government, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, is responsible for the decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung