Circular 22/2013/tt-Bct: Regulating The Reporting, Management And Use Of The Database Industry And Trade Environment

Original Language Title: Thông tư 22/2013/TT-BCT: Quy định việc khai báo, quản lý và sử dụng cơ sở dữ liệu môi trường ngành Công thương

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Number: 22 /2013/TT-BCT
Hanoi, October 14, 2013


Specifies the declaration of declaration, management, and use of the industry environment database


Environmental Protection Act November 29, 2005;

Base of Protocol 95 /2012/NĐ-CP November 12, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Commerce;

Base of Protocol 102 /2008/NĐ-CP September 15, 2008 of the Government Regulation on the collection, management, exploitation and use of data on resources and the environment;

At the suggestion of the Bureau of Safety and Industrial Environment,

The Minister of Public Works of the Ministry of Public Works regulates the declaration, management, and use of the environmental database of the industry.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information regulates the declaration, management, and use of industry environmental databases in the fields of industrial production on the electronic information network.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to the following objects:

1. The LLC a member is the parent company of the economic corporation; the parent company of the state-owned Corporation; the holding company in the Ministry of Commerce (later called the Grade I business).

2. The Corporation is part of the economic conglomerate administered by the Ministry of Commerce (later known as the Grade II-level business).

3. Limited liability company One member, LLC from 2 or more members, the holding company which has a state capital due to the business of the I, the Class II business as the capital owner (later called enterprise III).

4. Environmental Database Management Agency.

5. The agencies, organizations, other individuals are involved.

What? 3. Explain words

In this Information, the words below are understood as follows:

1. Industry Environment Database (the following call for an environmental database) is a complete set of environmental data within the Ministry of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce and other environmental data related to the electronic information network (site). electronic information about the environmental database.

2. Environmental Database Declaration is the process of processing, evaluating and digitization of environmental data into the environmental database.

3. Environmental Database Management are activities aimed at ensuring the safety and stability of the environmental database on electronic information networks and other activities that help organizations, individuals to implement the regulation of this privacy.

4. Use environment database is the extraction of environmental data in the environmental database of organizations, individuals, for the service of management, reporting on environmental protection.

Chapter II


What? 4. Register an environmental database access account.

Registering an environmental database access account is performed as follows:

1. Offer an access account level:

a) The II-level businesses aggregate list of level III businesses within the management range and offer the I-level business to aggregate to the general list of the Grade I-level business;

b) Business grade I aggregate the list of level II enterprises and the level III business of the scope of the management and offer the environmental database management agency to provide access to these objects.

The template offers an access account at the Appendix issued by this message.

2. Access Account Level

The granting of the access account is carried out in the following steps:

a) The environmental database management agency conducts the creation of an environmental database access account for the subjects according to the recommended text of the I-level enterprises; Notice to the Grade I-level business a list of established access accounts;

b) Business Level I announces to the Class II business and the level III business of the management range on the list of environmental database access accounts;

c) Business grade I, II, III first access to the environment database and changes the access password to protect the given access account.

3. The business has the need to change or reregister the existing environmental database access account as specified in paragraph 1, 2 This.

4. organizations, individuals at paragraph 5 Article 2 This message has the need to use an environmental database that must submit a proposal to the environmental database management body to review the access account level.

What? 5. Environment Database Declaring

1. Environmental data reported by business-grade III:

a) Data on the general information of the business;

b) Data on the environmental permits of the business (including: The decision to approve the report assessment of the environmental impact assessment, the commitment to protect the environment, environmental protection project; certification of completion of the environmental protection works and the licenses). other);

c) Data on the use of raw materials, fuel and energy;

d) Data on emissions, emissions and management situation, waste disposal (emissions, sewage, solid waste, hazardous waste, noise, noise, vibration);

Data on the results of periodic environmental observations made by the business.

2. Environment data released by the environmental database management agency (I2)

a) Data on the basis of a serious environmental contamination of environmental pollution by the Ministry of Commerce;

b) Data on the results of testing and monitoring of the environment annually;

c) Other data to maintain and upgrade the environmental database by law.

3. Opening the annual environmental database of the objects at paragraph 1, 2 This is completed before March 31 of the next year.

4. At the home page of the electronic information network on the basis of environmental databases there is "User-directed documentation" used to support objects that implement environmental data in accordance with this Information.

What? 6. Environmental Database Management

1. The environmental database management content includes:

a) Maintenance of the steady operation of the environmental database on the network of electronic information;

b) Level the access and devolve account used for organizations, individuals; and

c) Upgrade to the system, save and ensure the safety of the data in the environmental database;

d) Check, evaluate the environmental data released by the business;

Other management activities are relevant.

2. Every year, the agency manages the planning environment database and organizes the implementation of the environmental database management content.

What? 7. Use environment database

1. The use of the environmental database is done according to the devolve of the environmental database management agency:

a) The environmental database management agency is devolve to use all of the data, information in the environmental database; and more.

b) Level I business is devolve to using environmental data due to the level III business of the declaration management range;

c) Level II business is devolve into use of environmental data due to the level III business of the declaration management range;

d) Level III business is devolve to using environmental data due to its declaration;

Organizations, individuals, and individuals, in paragraph 5 Article 2 This information is used in environmental data within the scope of the agency's database management agency.

2. The objects at the item a, b, c, d 1 This is used in the environment data within the range that is devolve to the implementation of the periodic environmental report and other purposes according to the law. The periodic environmental report is set up in the "Report" directory-the electronic information page of the environmental database.

Chapter III


What? 8. Corporate Responsibility

1. Business Level I is responsible for the management of the environmental database of businesses within the management range; in coordination with the environmental database management agency instructs businesses to implement the provisions of the Smart Information Hey.

2. Senior Business II is responsible for the management of the environmental database of the business-level III businesses; in coordination with the Grade I-grade business and the environmental database management agency that guides the real businesses. Now, the rules of this.

3. Business III is responsible for implementing a database in accordance with Article 5 of this message and is accountable to the law of accuracy, honesty for the data issued by its declaration.

4. Level enterprises I, II, III is responsible for the protection of the issued access account, not to allow non-competent subjects to use their access accounts to access the environmental database.

5. The completion of the responsibility of the Grade I business, II, III stipulated at this Smart Base is the base for the authority to review the award for reward and accountability under the current regulations.

What? 9. The responsibility of the environmental database management agency

1. Make an environmental data declaration under paragraph 2 Article 5 of this Notice and is responsible for the accuracy of the accuracy, the integrity of the data released by the data.

2. Create access and devolve accounts for objects; guide, check, monitor the declaration of businesses; the organization performs the environmental database management content.

3. Provide environmental data for the national environmental database on the recommendation of the competent authority.

What? 10. The responsibility of other organizations, individuals

1. Electronic Commerce and Information Technology Authority, in collaboration with the environmental database management agency that maintains a stable operating system of environmental databases on electronic information networks.

2. Other organizations, individuals responsible for the use of environmental data within the scope of the basis of the devolve environment database, protect the account of the provided environment database.

Chapter IV


What? 11. Terms of execution

1. The Department of Public Safety and Industrial Environment is the environmental database management agency.

2. Chief of the Bureau: Safety Engineering and Industrial Environment, Electronic Commerce and Information Technology; General Manager of Group, Corporation of the Department of Commerce Management; General Manager of Corporate Corporation; General Manager, Director General, Director General of Corporate Affairs, Corporate Affairs. The subsidiaries, the Company Member, the Corporation, the Corporation, the Corporation, and the Prime Minister of the organizations that are involved in the organization.

What? 12.

It has been in effect since December 25, 2013.

During the course of the execution, the individual organization suggests a timely response to the Ministry of Commerce for the amendment, the addition of the Information to the appropriate ./.



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