Circular 23/2013/tt-Bct: Content Regulation Order Establishment, Evaluation And Approval Of The Design Of Construction Of Nuclear Power Plants

Original Language Title: Thông tư 23/2013/TT-BCT: Quy định nội dung, trình tự lập, thẩm định và phê duyệt thiết kế xây dựng công trình nhà máy điện hạt nhân

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Number one.



Number: 23 /2013/TT-BCT

Hanoi, October 18, 2013


Content regulation, self-creation, appraisal and design approval

Build a nuclear power plant.


Base of Protocol 95 /2012/NĐ-CP November 12, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Commerce;

Atomic Energy Law Base June 03, 2008;

Construction of the Law Building on November 26, 2003;

The amended Law Base, which adds some of the provisions of the laws relating to the digital building investment. 38 /2009/QH12 June 19, 2009;

Base of Protocol 70 /2010/NĐ-CP June 22, 2010 of the Government regulates the details and guidelines for the implementation of some of the provisions of the Atomic Energy Law on the nuclear power plant;

Base of Protocol 12 /2009/NĐ-CP October 2, 2009 the Government on Investment Management Building Building and Numerical Decree 83 /2009/NE- CP on October 15, 2009 of the Government on the amendment, added some quantitative provisions. 12 /2009/NĐ-CP;

Base of Protocol 15 /2013/NĐ-CP February 6, 2013 by the Government on the management of the quality of construction works;

Base of Protocol 112 /2009/NĐ-CP December 14, 2009 by the Government on the cost management of the construction of construction;

On the recommendation of the Attorney General of the Energy Directorate;

The Minister of Industry for the Ministry of Commerce issued a regulation of content, order, appraisal, and approval of the design of nuclear power plant construction.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This provision provides the content of the design steps to build nuclear power plant buildings; content, self-appraisal and technical design approval and design drawing design.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to organizations, individuals related to the establishment, appraisal, and approval of the design of nuclear power plant construction.

Chapter II


What? 3. The design steps build the nuclear power plant building.

The design of the construction of nuclear power plants consists of steps:

1. The base design is the design implemented in the construction phase of the construction project, which ensures that the specifications are primarily suited to the standard, standard applied criteria, as the base for deploying the next design steps.

2. Engineering design is the design made on the basis of the basis design in the approved construction project investment project, which guarantees the full performance of the specifications and materials used in accordance with the standard, standard applied, as well as the design of the project. The base for the design of the construction work.

3. Design rendering design is a guarantee design that is fully available to the full specifications, usage materials, and configuration details in accordance with the standards, standards applied, ensuring sufficient conditions for the deployment of construction construction.

4. Other design steps according to the international custom presented by the investor ' s contractor, approve.

What? 4. Basic Design

The Basic Basic Design Content in paragraph 3 Article 18 Decree 70 /2010/NĐ-CP June 22, 2010 The Government regulates the details and guidelines for the implementation of certain provisions of the Atomic Energy Law on the nuclear power plant and the addition of the following content:

1. Base design base.

2. The method of providing fuel and management, storage of the used fuel.

3. The Variation Variation with the National Power System.

4. The method of providing engineering water and cooling water.

5. The volume of construction and installation mainly.

6. Preliminary construction project.

7. Other documents are related.

What? 5. Technical Design

The engineering design must be consistent with the established Investment Design and Project Design, which includes the following main content:

1. Technical Design Base.

2. Catalogue of standards, rules applicable.

3. General Theory

a) General information: The general description of the construction site; natural conditions, geography; infrastructure, connection with communication and communication systems; factory capacity, selected technology; buildings, equipment, main systems; and more.

b) The basic requirement for the plant.

4. Design requirements

a) Technical design requirements for: Main devices (reactors; turbines, generators, and other devices); main systems (the main supply system; safety assurance systems; the system management system and storage system); the system is used; the system is used. treatment and storage of radioactive waste; electrical systems; systems of measurement, control, protection; ventilation systems and air conditioning and other synchrony systems);

b) The requirements for safety;

c) Architecture design requirements, texture.

5. Technical properties of the engineering system and other devices.

The overview of the technical system; the design principle; the primary specification; the test requirement, the test for the systems, the following device:


b) The reactor cooling system;

c) Tuabin, the generator;

d) The main steam system, the suspension and cooling system ceased;

The system is secure.

e) System of measurement, control and protection;

g) Electric power systems and emergency power power systems;

h) The stadium is distributed and connected to the National Power System;

i) The processing, storage and management system, fuel, fuel used;

l) The treatment system and storage of radioactive waste;

l) Radiation control and control system;

m) ventilation system and air conditioning;

n) Technical water systems;

o) The system is self-used;

p) The communication system;

q) The fire prevention system;

r) The training system of the Training Center;

s) The device system of the Center for the Incident Response;

t) Other systems of the plant.

6. Architecture Solutions, texture and construction materials

Includes architectural solutions, construction structures and construction materials for the main work categories and the following auxiliary works:

a) the building of the furnace;

b) The building of the turbine;

c) The building of the incident;

d) The building, the executive building;

The building of the house, the water, and the pools of water;

e) Room of the emergency power plant;

g) the auxiliary building;

h) Center for training;

i) The fuel storage facility and fuel used;

l) The base of storage and disposal of radioactive waste;

l) Port and breakwater;

m) System systems, workshops and other synchrony works.

7. Organization and total construction progress

a) Design-based design (equipment complex, auxiliary zone, shack, materials container, construction site);

b) Main construction and construction measures;

c) The total construction process in which the progress of progress completes the work categories, main building volumes, supplies, materials, manpower needs, construction equipment, testing and operational planning.


a) the common layout and the total face of the factory;

b) The surface, the cutting side of the plant and the work items;

c) Heat balance schemes;

d) Map of the plumbing, water, and pneumological system;

d) The portion of the gas;

The electricity.

e) Part measurement, control and protection;

g) Information systems, monitoring monitoring and data collection;

h) ventilation system, air conditioning;

i) Architecture, texture;

) The organization of construction, building;

l) Other drawings.

9. Total bill

The total accounting of the nuclear power plant project is determined by the addition of cost projects of the projects and relevant costs of the project, including the following main content:

a) The basis of the General Reserve;

b) Proposition of established works in accordance with regulation at Article 8, Article 9 of the Digital Protocol 112 /2009/NĐ-CP December 14, 2009 by the Government on the cost management of the construction of the building, the specific regulations for the nuclear power project;

c) The total project of the nuclear power plant project.

10. Other Documents

a) Case of fire design fire;

b) Quality assurance program;

c) Protected entities;

d) Other reports and calculations.

What? 6. Public drawing design

1. The design of the public drawing competition by the contractor in accordance with the international custom and in accordance with the existing regulations of the Vietnamese law, must ensure the following basic requirements:

a) In accordance with the Technical Design Browser;

b) Make sure to comply with the standards, the rules apply;

c) Make sure the regulations of safety, environment, fire prevention;

d) The construction work was established, approved for the progress of construction construction.

The drawings must ensure full performance of specifications, usage materials, and configuration details in accordance with the standards, standards applied, ensure sufficient conditions for construction construction, in which:

-The overall, facet, cross-section of the work items must show the full position and size of the texture details, the technology device, which lists the building volume and equipment of that work category, the quality of the scale of the process. of each type of material, the typical structure being made available, has a theory of manual guidance, the requirements for the safety of labor in the public.

-The blueprint of the work parts must show the full position, size, dimension, and quantity of each material, conformation, and the necessary notes for the execs;

-The blueprint for the installation of technology equipment must show full of location, size, size, and quantity of each type of equipment, components, components and materials, the necessary notes for the executor and guidance of the equipment factory;

-The enforcement measures must show progress, sequence, manpower and equipment enforcement of the work categories; the measure of ensuring the safety of people, machines, equipment and construction; anti-fire prevention and environmental protection; the return measure by means of a single answer. and moving the machine, the device out of the field after the completion of the work;

-A composite of the build volume, equipment, materials of each building category and the entire work must be fully present, the number of each type of material, conformation, equipment.

2. The drawings and documents

a) The surface of the building;

b) The degree, the cutting of the systems, the device;

c) Map of the technology systems of the plant;

d) Part of the architecture, texture;

) Detailed Drawings;

e) Total progress, progress of stages and enforcement measures;

g) the operation process, maintenance and handling of the incident;

h) Other related documents.

What? 7. Edit, Change Design

1. The design of building a nuclear power plant is changed, adjusted when required to change or in the process of construction needs to change, adjust the design to ensure the safety, quality of the work and the investment efficiency of the project.

2. The case of a design adjustment that changes the location, construction planning, target, scale, or excess of the approved investment level of the work, the owner of the investment must be determined by the decision of the decision.

3. The case of design adjustment that changes the Technical Design then the owner must report the Ministry of Commerce review, the decision.

4. The case of changing the design of the execs without changing the Technical Design was approved, the owner of the investment was modified.

5. The changes compared to the approved Public Design Design are shown in the completed drawing.

Chapter III


What? 8. Deposition, Technical Design approx

1. The investment owner is responsible for the Case Design Case Technical Technical Design Profile, approv. The number of schemes is five (05) sets (including paper and electronic files).

2. appraisal profile, Technical Design approx:

a) The proposal for the approval of the Technical Design by Regulation at Appendix 1 issued by this message;

b) The decision copy to approve the Building Building Investment Project (including the Fundamental Design Approval);

c) The Technical Design Profile has the content consistent with the regulation at Article 5 of this Information;

d) Contract for engineering design;

The capacity profile of the survey contractor, construction design;

e) Other related documents (if any).

3. Time of appraisal, Technical Design approx

a) Within fifteen days (15) of working days since the adoption of the case, the authority has the authority to examine the validity, full of the file, require the owner to add information, prescribed documents.

b) The timing of the appraisal and approval of the Technical Design is no more than nine (09) months from the date of receiving valid records.

4. Technical Design Appraisal

a) The competence of the organization of the survey, design versus the requirements of the Contract and the provisions of the law;

b) The compliance of the standards, technical standards, the norms, monumenum and the relevant existing policies of the state;

c) The suitcase of the Technical Design with the Basic Design and the Regulations of Engineering, Safety and Economics:

-The suitcase of the Technical Design with the Approved Base Design;

-The right match between the technology used with the total surface and the architectural space;

-The correcalization of process structural solutions;

-Evaluation of the safety, sustainability of the building;

-Compliance with environmental regulations, fire extinguiers;

-Technical economic indicators compared to the approved Investment Project.

d) The validity of the volume in the General Accounting with the Technical Design; the validity of the application of the construction price unit, the cost of cost and the accounting of other expenses in the General Accounting;

The conditions and technical solutions ensure stability of the neighboring work, environmental protection, and safety assurance during construction.

5. Review of Technical Design

a) The person with the authority to approve the Technical Design must be based on the results of the evaluation of the Technical Design, the results of the appraisal report, the appraisal report assessment of the environmental impact assessment, the approved documents of the governing bodies. The state has jurisdiction over the fire department fire and the relevant requirements;

b) Content design approval by regulations in Annex 2 issued by this message.

6. The organization for the organization of the appraisal, approval of the Technical Design with the right to lease the organization, the individual qualified for the ability to perform a design profile prior to approval.

What? 9. Deposition, approval of the Public Competition Design

1. The design of the public drawing competition by the owner of the appraisal and approval is consistent with the regulation of the law on the investment of construction work and the progress of construction construction work.

2. The main content appraisal of the design drawing is as follows:

a) The appropriate design of the design with the established Technical Design;

b) The appropriate technical solution, technology;

c) The appropriate design of the design with the standard, the applicable rules;

d) Compliance the regulations on safety, environment, fire, fire, and other regulations concerning;

The feasibility of the design for the construction of construction construction work.

3. The organization of the Organizational Design Appraisal Design has the right to lease the organization, personally qualified for the ability to perform a design profile prior to approval.

What? 10. appraisal charges, design judges

The budget of appraisal, the design of the design is carried out in accordance with existing law regulations and is calculated at the total of the construction investment level.

Chapter IV


What? 11. Effect of execution

It has been in effect since December 1, 2013.

What? 12. The organization performs

1. The Energy Directorate-the Ministry of Commerce has the responsibility of guiding and examining the implementation of this Information.

2. The ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, the People's Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee, the investment owner of the nuclear power plant and related organizations responsible for the implementation of the regulations at this level.

3. In the course of execution, if there is an entangrium, the agencies, organizations, individuals reflect timely text of the Ministry of Commerce to review the amendment, the Supplements of Information.

Quang Yang Quang