The Decision 60/2013/qd-Ttg Dated: Functions, Tasks, Powers And Organizational Structure Of The General Directorate Of Road Transport In Vietnam

Original Language Title: Quyết định 60/2013/QĐ-TTg: Quy định chức năng, nhiệm vụ, quyền hạn và cơ cấu tổ chức của Tổng cục Đường bộ Việt Nam thuộc Bộ Giao thông vận tải

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Numbers: 60 /2013/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, October 21, 2013


Q function of functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the organization

Vietnam Department of Transportation in the Ministry of Transport


- What? Let's go, let's go. I'm The government on December 25, 2001;

UN Base, 36/20. 1 2/ND-CP on 18th Ah! 4 in 2012 of Ch I'm Functional, mission, rule. Okay. Limit and muscle All A socket of the ministry, the peer-to-peer basis;

Base of Decree One. 07/20 1 2/ND-CP May 20 1 2 the year 2012 of Ch I'm The government rules, functions, powers, and muscles. All A socket function of the Ministry of Transport;

On the recommendation of the Minister of Transport. ()

The Prime Minister issued the decision to rule the function, mandate, powers. and structure socket T socket The Ministry of Transport for the Ministry of Transport. .

What? 1. Location and function

The Vietnam Road Directorate is the organization of the Department of Transport, which performs the staff function, which helps the Minister of Transport (later abbreviated as Minister) of state management and enforcement of the law enforcement of road transportation in the area. The country; the organization performs public service operations on road transportation in accordance with the law.

The General Administration of Vietnam has a legal status, with the seal of the coat of arms, which has its own account at the State Treasury and its headquarters in Hanoi.

What? 2. Mission and jurisdiction

1. Build up for the Minister to grant authority or issued under jurisdiction:

a) Project of law, ordinance, draft text of the rule of law on road transport transport;

b) Strategy, planning, long-term planning, five years, every year, program, national project, project development proposal for road transportation in the country.

2. Building national standards, national technical standards and economic norms-technical expertise in road transport, the ministry of ministers issued under jurisdiction or for the minister to recommend a competent authority, announced; the organization builds on the basis of the operation. setting, appraisal and publication of the standard of road transport majors.

3. Directed, test and organize the implementation of legal, mechanism, policy, strategy, national program, planning, planning, project, project on road transportation after being approved by authority or issued by authority.

4. Organization for propaganda, disseminism, education of law on road transport.

5. In terms of management, exploitation and maintenance of road traffic infrastructure:

a) Construction of the Minister to enact regulations on management, exploitation and maintenance of road traffic infrastructure;

b) Construction of the Minister decides to classify, regulate the national highway system; stipulate the succession to the road; regulation of load, road limits, and publication of the payload, the limits of the highway; regulation of road signaling; regulation. speed of vehicle speed and the ordering of speed, organization and operation of the vehicle load test station; regulation of the licensing of the license to circulate for oversized vehicles, overload, wheels, super-school, supergravity, and organizational activities;

c) Construction of the Minister for the authority to enact the authority to enact the mechanism for the construction of capital for construction, management, maintenance of road infrastructure and implementation;

d) Organization of traffic on the National Highway System, ensuring safety traffic, transparency; organization management, exploitation and maintenance of road traffic structures administered by the General Administration of Vietnam Road by standards, technical regulations;

Guide to the management, exploitation and maintenance of the local road; aggregation of the development of local road systems within the country;

e) Building a product price, a utility service in management, maintenance of the highway; the Minister for the Board of Maintenance Cost maintenance framework, which is a member of the Ministry of Management;

g) Build a fee, road fee, approval agency, and the organization of expuning activities, the fees prescribed by the law;

h) In coordination with the relevant agency and local government protection of road infrastructure and road safety corridors;

i) Organization bidding, ordering or planning implementation of production, product supply and utility services in management, maintenance of the national route as defined by law.

6. On investment management construction of road traffic infrastructure:

a) Building the standard, technical-scale, technical-scale, technical-scale, technical-scale construction of the infrastructure of road traffic according to authority and guidance, examination of the implementation;

b) Perform the mandate, the powers of the investment decision authority, the chair of the investment of road construction projects under the provisions of the law and hierarchy, the authority of the Minister;

c) On the task, the powers of the state authority have jurisdiction over investment projects in the form of a BOT contract, BTO, BT and other forms of contract that are devolve or authorized by the Minister.

7. High-speed road management:

a) The host of standard construction, regulation, economic-level routing, mechanics, policy on highway management;

b) The organization of management, maintenance, exploitation of the highway system by the rule of law;

c) The mobiles of investment capital, the organization of the management of investment projects, implement the function of the state agency with jurisdiction over the devolve high-speed road investment projects, the mandate of the Ministry of Transport.

8. In terms of vehicle management and road motor vehicle operator (except the vehicle and the driver of the road motor vehicle serving the purpose of defence, security):

a) Building the Minister for the planning of training, murder, granting, exchanging and revoking the driving license to the operator of the road-road motor vehicle; regulation of the granting of the certificate of food traffic law to the person of the road. Specialized motorcycle vehicles that engage in traffic and organizational guidance;

b) Building the standard planning Minister, the standard of the driving of the driving center for the death of the cab; the granting of the certification of the General Road motor vehicle to be eligible for action by law and guidance, examination of the execution;

c) In, issue, guide and management of the use of driving license, certificates of reaccretion of road traffic law to the driver of the specialized motorcycle in the country;

d) Manage the training, murder, licensing of road motor vehicle driving licenses and certificates of legal knowledge for the driver of the motorcycle involved in road traffic in accordance with the rank of the Minister;

The organization performs a specialized motorcycle registration in road traffic;

e) Coordination of standard construction, technical regulation of vehicles, road transport equipment.

9. On road transport management:

a) Building the planning Minister for the organization and management of road transport operations and road transport support services;

b) Construction of the Minister approx the international cooperation plan program for road transport; construction of the Minister for the competent authorities to approve the signing of the signing or accession of the international treaties to the road; participate in negotiations. international estimates by proxy, devolve and organization of negotiations, signing agreements, international cooperation programs by regulation; organization of international road transport licensing under the terms of treaties, international agreement on road transport by the Secretary of State;

c) Management of road transport operations and road transport support services under the rule of law; management of passenger transport routes by car under the Minister's assignment;

d) Guide, check out the implementation of road transport business conditions; guide organization development organization development in road transport;

In order to build the cost of transport, quid, transportation support services are operated exclusively, and those services subsidizated or deliver business.

10. On the safety of road traffic:

a) Construction of the project Minister, the assurance of order, safety of road traffic; guidelines, examination of the implementation of the measures ensuring the safety of road traffic in accordance with the rule of law;

b) The organization of communicating traffic safety and solutions mitigearation of road traffic accidents;

c) The organization performs room, anti-storm, flood, and coordination search for rescue in road traffic according to the ministry ' s division;

d) Building the planning Minister for the safety appraisal in construction, management and maintenance of roads; implementation and co-ordination of the implementation of road traffic safety projects;

In collaboration with the public office, the National Security Safety Board in the provision of road traffic vehicle registration data, traffic accident data, and license recovery.

11. In terms of environmental protection in road transport traffic:

a) Building the Standard Minister, the technical regulation of the environment in construction, exploitation and maintenance of road traffic infrastructure;

b) The organization, the competent authority officer, approx the strategic environment assessment, assessment of the environmental impact, the commitment to protect the environment for the planning, program, project development project infrastructure of road regulation, and environmental regulation. of the law;

c) The organization performs programs, projects, projects, planning, environmental protection plans in construction, management, maintenance of road traffic infrastructures within the management scope of the General Road Directorate of Vietnam.

12. Do the international cooperation of road transport by the Minister's hierarchy.

13. Research, application of scientific progress and technology transfer in the field of road transport; construction and maintenance of specialized electronic information portal and road data banks to serve road transportation management.

14. Implementiation of road transport specialization in road transport by law; resolution of complaint, denouncing; prevention, anti-corruption, practice of saving, anti-waste by jurisdiction.

15. Manager of the organization of machinery, payroll, cadres, civil officials, officials and workers; carrying out the wage regime and the regimes, the enlightened policy, the commendation, discipline to cadres, civil officials, officials, workers of the scope of the management. The General Department follows the provisions of the law; the construction of the organizational structure, the employment position, the organizational structure of the President of Vietnam Road.

16. Financial management, delivered assets, budgeting implementation organizations are allocated in accordance with the provisions of the law and the hierarchy of the Minister.

17. perform other duties, other powers issued by the Minister and by the provisions of the law.

What? 3. Organization Structure

1. The Plan-Investment;

2. Financial case;

3. The safety of traffic;

4. Management, Road maintenance;

5. The Science of Technology, Environment and International Cooperation;

6. Transport;

7. Media and driver management;



10. Office;

11. Road Building Management;

12. High Street Administration of Road Management;

13. Bureau of Road Management I;

14. Department of Road Management II;

15. III Street Administration;

16. Department of Road Management IV;

17. Northern Transport High School;

18. Southern Transportation High School;


20. Vietnam Road Journal;

21. Center for Road Engineering.

Organizations from Clause 1 to Section 16 This is the organization that helps the Chief Executive, the state management function, organizations from Clause 17 to Section 21 This is a career-based organization of Vietnam Road General Staff.

Department of Road Management I, Department of Road Management II, Department of Road Management III, Bureau of Road Management IV has business departments and road management details. The Ministry of Transport decided to establish the details under the Project Accompanying The 6073/TTr-BGTVT on 26 June 2013 by the Ministry of Transport.

The General Directorate General of the Road Vietnam regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Presidential subordination.

What? 4. General Leader

1. Vietnam Road General has the General Secretary and no more than 03 Vice President.

2. General Secretary and Deputy Secretary General, appointed by the Minister of Transport, dismissal of the law.

3. Vietnam ' s General Directorate General is responsible to the Minister of Transport and before the law on the entire operation of the President of Vietnam Road. The Deputy Director General is responsible to the Secretary General and before the law on the field of being assigned.

What? 5. Effect and accountability

1. This decision has the enforcement effect since December 10, 2013 and replaces the No. 1 Decision. 107 /2009/QĐ-TTg August 26, 2009 the Prime Minister provides for the function, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the General Administration of Vietnam within the Ministry of Transport.

2. Ministers, peer-agency Prime Minister, Head of the Government of the Government, Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial People, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, General Directorate General of Vietnam Road, agencies, organizations, individuals involved in charge of the exam This decision is ./.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung