Decision 62/2013/qd-Ttg Dated: On The Policy Of Encouraging The Development Of Cooperation, Links The Production Associated With The Consumption Of Agricultural Products, Construction Of Large Fields

Original Language Title: Quyết định 62/2013/QĐ-TTg: Về chính sách khuyến khích phát triển hợp tác, liên kết sản xuất gắn với tiêu thụ nông sản, xây dựng cánh đồng lớn

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Numbers: 62 /2013/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, October 25, 2013


In terms of policy incentives to develop cooperation, production links

attached to the consumption of farmers, building large fields


Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

At the suggestion of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development;

The Prime Minister issued a decision on policy to encourage development of cooperation, linking production to the consumption of agricultural products, building large fields.

What? 1. The adjustment range

This decision stipulated some of the state's preferable and supportive policies to encourage the production of manufacturing to be associated with the processing and consumption of agricultural products under the planning and granted jurisdiction.

What? 2. Subject applies

Businesses in the country; households, individuals, farms (later collectively known as farmers); coopercooperis, co-cooperative (later known collectively as representative organizations of farmers).

What? 3. Explain words

1. The large field is the way the organization produces on the basis of cooperation, the bond between the farmer with the business, the representative organization of farmers in manufacturing attached to the processing and consumption of agricultural products on the same site, which has a large land scale, with purpose. The production of high-quality, high-quality, agricultural commodities, increased the competiability of agricultural products in the market to improve production efficiency, increase income for farmers and engaged partners.

2. Cooperation forms, the regulation link in this Decision include: The link between farmers, the representative organizations of farmers, the business together made by contracts that provide input services attached to the production, consumption, and processing of farmers and other companies. Farming of large field projects has been granted the authority to approve.

What? 4. Preferable policy, support for business

1. preferable content, support.

a) Is exempt from the use of land or land rent when given by the state or land lease to carry out the construction of the processing plant, storage, housing for workers, the service house for the large field project.

b) participate in the implementation of agricultural export contracts or agricultural reserves of the government.

c) Support a portion of the planning of planning, reclamation of the field, the improvement of the transportation system, the internal irrigation system, the electrical system that serves agricultural production in the large field project.

d) Support for a maximum of 50% of the training organization and technical guidance for farmers produce agricultural products under contract, including the cost of documentation, food, housing, travel, classroom organization.

2. Preserve, support.

a) The business must have a direct or affiliated contract with other businesses to provide supplies, service inputs to manufacturing, and to purchase agricultural products of farmers 'households or to organize farmers' representatives in a large field project.

b) There is a material area that ensures at least 50% of the raw materials demand and has a drying system, storage facility, a secure processing facility that requires the business production of the business under contract.

c) There is a method to perform preferable content, which supports regulation at 1 Article and is granted the authority to approve.

What? 5. Preferable policy, support for the representative organization of farmers.

1. preferable content, support.

a) Is exempt from the use of land or land rent when used by the state or leased state for the construction of a drying facility, processing, storage for a large field project.

b) participate in the implementation of agricultural export contracts or agricultural reserves of the government.

c) Support for a maximum of 30% in the first year and 20% of the second year the actual cost of plant protection, labour, and machine hire to carry out general plant protection services to members.

d) Support a maximum of 50% of the organization's funding for cooperative cadres, joint cooperative cooperative on management, economic contracts, manufacturing techniques; including the cost of food, housing, document purchases, tuition fees, and the provisions of the training facility.

) Support a maximum of 100% of the organization's funding and technical guidance for farmers producing agricultural products under contract; including the cost of documentation, eating, staying, travel, school rent, teacher feituation, and participation.

2. Preserve, support.

a) There is a contract and implementation of the input supply for the production or organization of production or consumption of agricultural products for the households and farmers on the site.

b) There is a method to perform preferable content, support for regulation at 1 Article and be granted a competent authority.

What? 6. Preferable policy, support for farmers

1. preferable content, support.

a) Training and technical guidance on free market production and information related to the type of large field engagement product.

b) It is supported once a maximum of 30% of the cost of buying crop seed quality from the breed confirmed to sow the first case in the large field project.

c) It is supported by 100% of the business of storage at the business, a maximum period of 3 months in the case of the Government's implementation of the hosting of agricultural reserves.

2. Preserve, support.

The farmer pledged to produce and sell agricultural products under the right contract and granted the authority to confirm it.

What? 7. Support and principle of support for support

1. Cost of support.

a) The central budget supports local countries through programs, direct projects, and applications of programs, relevant projects.

b) The Chairman of the People 's Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee of Local Conditions, The Existing Policy Mechanisms, the use of local budgets, sources of support from the programs, the Central Committee' s project and legal capital sources. other, deciding specific levels of support for the regulatory content at this Decision.

2. The principle of applying incentives, support.

In the same time period, some content has many policies that support from programs, different projects, and the beneficiary is chosen to adopt a single-benefit policy.

What? 8. Deal with breach of contract

1. The parties to the link violation of the contract will be processed under the rules of the existing law.

2. Businesses, farmers, representatives of farmers who have received state assistance but breach of contract contracts signed with the partner without a legitimate reason will be revoked and are not considered in support the following year.

What? 9. The organization performs

1. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:

a) the field of great field criteria;

b) Planning guidance and implementation of the deployment of agricultural production regions focused on the large field model;

c) Check, monitor, sump the periodic report of the Prime Minister of the situation implementing this Decision.

2. Ministry of Commerce: Supporting the participating businesses to promote agricultural consumption from large field projects.

3. The Provincial People ' s Committee, the Central City of Central City:

a) The direction of the construction and implementation of the planning of large field projects in the locality and appraisal, approval under jurisdiction;

b) The policy base stipulated at this Decision, the existing policies and local budget capabilities to enact specific level of support;

c) Direcing specialized agencies, political-social organizations, vocational seminars, legal advice for farmers, process cooperations, contract contracting procedures, contract liquations, or resolution of disputes arise in the course of the process. The law is on the rules of law.

4. The associations, associations, political organizations-society: Participate in the implementation of information activities, propaganda and support of collaborative farmers, linking production to businesses and other economic partners, protecting the interests of the membership in the signing process and the development of the company. Make a contract.

What? 10. Terms of execution

1. This decision has been in effect since December 10, 2013.

2. This decision replaces the Number Decision 80 /2002/QĐ-TTg June 24, 2002, the Prime Minister's Prime Minister for Policy encourages the consumption of commodity farmers through contract. Businesses and farmers, the representative organization of farmers who signed the contract by regulation at the No. 1 Decision. 80 /2002/QĐ-TTg Prior to this decision, the decision was made to continue following that decision, or with the right to offer preferable support, as provided by the decision at the decision for the remainder of the contract.

3. Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, government ministers of the Government, Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee is responsible for this decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung