Circular 56/2013/tt-Bca-A81: Regulation Listing The State-Level Secret Suite Of Financial Industry

Original Language Title: Thông tư 56/2013/TT-BCA-A81: Quy định danh mục bí mật nhà nước độ Mật của ngành Tài chính

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Numbers: 56 /2013/TT-BCA-A81
Hanoi, November 13, 2013


Document of the Secret State Secret State Secret Service


The French base for the Protection of State Secret Service on December 28, 2000;

Base of Protocol 33 /2002/NĐ-CP March 28, 2002 of the Government Regulation Law enforcement of the Protection of State Secret Service;

Base of Protocol 77 /2009/NĐ-CP September 15, 2009 of the Government regulates the function, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Public Security;

Following the unification with the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Public Security issued the Ministry of Information on behalf of the state secret catalog and the density of the Finance industry as follows:

What? 1. The Secret State Secret State Secret Service includes the news, documents, figures in the following range:

1. The document, Vietnam ' s aid figures for foreign countries have not yet announced.

2. The State Budget Variation is on the granting of jurisdiction before the Congress decides.

3. The negotiation method, documents related to the preparation for negotiation and preparation of signed agreements between Vietnam and foreign countries on financial cooperation relating to debt treatment, debt restructuring, debt purchase; the negotiation method of export tax, imports, services, and services. financial, customs in negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA); the Agreement to avoid taxation of twice and international treaties with an unpublished tax provision; the exchange information about taxpayers involved in tax evasion, fraud, and tax evasion. Trade fraud among authorities in accordance with the two-time tax avoidance Agreement between Vietnam and the country and territories, or the United States. The international treaties have a tax provision.

4. Network systems and protection plans for state stockpiles; money stocks, precious metals, precious stones of the state treasury system; documentation of technical standards and treasury design; money transport and relocation of the Treasury system of the Treasury system. State; precious metal records, precious stones administered by the State Treasury and preserved; records pay gold gold.

5. The absolute sum of numbers, the value of supplies, the annual water reserves.

6. aggregate of the annual absolute plan of state reserves; the total number of absolute data on supplies, cargo imports, annual warehouse exports.

7. invention, patents, useful solutions, important career tips in the preservation of supplies, state stockrave goods that have not yet announced.

8. The special product price method, the price of items administered by the Government of the Government, the Prime Minister has not yet announced; reports the Prime Minister on the intention to run the price of goods, important services in each time. No, not yet.

9. Documents on equipment, weapons, technical vehicles, military vehicles, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment,

10. Documents on the transmission of information networks, frequency and communication of the forces of the customs of the customs of the customs of customs.

11. The case file was unpublished by the military units of the customs force.

12. News, documents, coordination plans between customs forces, taxes with related sectors of customs, tax, or non-publication.

13. The content, documents related to the implementation of the customs control of customs control, drug control, prevention, anti-terrorism, domestic dog training in the room, anti-smuggling, illegal shipping of goods across the border; figures, documents, and more. It's related to customs control.

14. Information, document of foreigners or international organizations transferred to Vietnam is associated with struggle, defense, anti-smuggling, illegal shipping across borders; rooms, anti-trafficking, drug trafficking; training processes, and other trafficking procedures for the United States. practice, use of a service dog; anti-enforcement officers protect intellectual property rights in customs; in defense, anti-terrorism, money laundering and violations of customs law that at the request of the party do not publish.

15. Tin about the whistled, who provides information; the document, the evidence provided by the provider of information that is relevant to the violations of the law of taxation, customs and securities.

16. Information, documents with signs of breach are being collected, analyzed, aggregated as the basis for the proposed decision-making decision.

17. The inspection document, inspection; conclusion of inspection, unpublished examination.

18. Tin, document on the interrogation, single verification, letter of complaint filed by the financial industry has not yet announced.

19. Tin, the document on the complaint sent to the agency, the unit in the financial sector but not under the jurisdiction of the settlement must move to the correct authority to resolve.

20. Financial disciplinary record; documentation of planning, appointment, reappointment, dismissal, motion, rotation, discipline of unpublished staff.

21. The document on the method of creating an unpublished wage reform policy.

22. The report oversees the operation of the fund management company; the securities investment fund, the payment bank, the supervising bank, the secretary bank and the unpublished representative office; the stock exchange monitoring document has not yet announced.

23. General information on foreign indirect investment activity; indirect capital management has not yet announced.

24. News, documents, figures related to the management policies, the stock market stabilisus, the stock market has not yet announced.

25. The documents relate to the state enterprise restructuring process of several economic corporations, the state company ' s total of importance to the economy, the securities company and the unpublished transaction; the documents related to the situation are still in place of the economy. The Central Business Foundation's expenses have not yet announced.

26. The statements announcing the interest rates issue Government bonds, bonds issued by the government and local government bonds have not yet announced.

27. Information about the financial sector information system includes:

a) Source code, detailed design of application software owned by the Ministry of Finance and units of the Ministry of Finance.

b) The documentation description of the network system details, the security system information systems of the financial industry (including the design design, connection scheme, and specific specifications).

c) The report details the network of network systems security, servers, databases, and applications that are operating on the financial sector of the financial industry.

d) The password and the means of authenticated object access to the information system of the financial industry (with the exception of systems serving introduced, training and testing).

28. Other reports, documents that are used to believe, document belonging to the Secret State Secret Service of the agencies, other organizations.

What? 2. Effect of execution

This message has been in effect since December 29, 2013 and replaces the Digital Digital. 67 /2009/TT-BCA November 30, 2009, of the Ministry of Public Security, the financial state of the Treasury Department.

What? 3. Responsibility

1. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Security has a responsibility to guide, examine this private practice.

2. The ministries, peer agencies, government subordinated bodies; the People's Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee, are responsible for this information.



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