Circular 57/2013/tt-Bca: Regulations On The Form Identity

Original Language Title: Thông tư 57/2013/TT-BCA: Quy định về mẫu chứng minh nhân dân

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Number: 57 /2013/TT-BCA
Hanoi, November 13, 2013


Population Transparency Pattern


Base of Protocol 05 /1999/NĐ-CP 03/02/1999 The People ' s Provisions have been amended, supplemated by Protocol No. 170 /2007/NĐ-CP November 19, 2007 and Decree No. 106 /2013/NĐ-CP September 17, 2013;

Base of Protocol 77 /2009/NĐ-CP September 15, 2009 rules the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Public Security;

At the suggestion of the Chief Directorate General of the Police Administration of the Order of the Order, Social Safety;

Minister of the Department of Public Security regulations on the form of the People's Proposition,

What? 1. The adjustment range

This information specifies the specifics of shape, size, size, content, shelf life of the People's Proposition and the responsibility of the Public Security of Units, localities in the production, model management of the People's Proper.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to:

1. Vietnamese citizens from the age of 14 or older have registered permanent residency;

2. Security of units, local;

3. The organizations, individuals are involved in the production, level, and management of the People ' s Certificate.

What? 3. People Prove

1. Shape, size: Proposition of a rectangular population, length of 85.6mm, width of 53.98mm.

2. Content:

a) Front 1: On the left, from the top down: The emblem of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the diameter of 14 mm; the image of the person who is granted a population of 20 x 30 mm; there is a value to (day, month, year). On the right, from the top down: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Independence-Freedom-Happiness; the letter "Proposition of the People"; number; surname and birth name; surname and other name; day, month, year of birth; gender; ethnicity; country; residence; residence.

Figure 1-Front.

b) The following: On the same is a 2-dimensional barcode. On the left, there are two squares: The above, the left-pointing finger; the bottom, the right index finger. On the right, from the top down: character characteristics; dates, months, year levels of the People's Proposition; the rank of a senior, signed and stamped.

Figure 2-The back.

3. Process:

a) The people ' s proof is produced with plastic material, in addition to the two sides that have thin layers of thin plastic membranes throughout.

b) The two sides of the People ' s Proposition in the pale white blue texas. The background in front of the People's Witnesses included: The image of the bronze drum, the map of Vietnam, the lotus flowers and the flowers. The following background proves the people of the population.

c) The coat of arms and photographs of citizens are printed directly on the People ' s Proposition.

d) The inscription "REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM, Independence-Freedom-Happiness"; personal information; left-pointing finger prints, right index finger; day, month, year-grade; signature, surname and name of the competent person who provides a black population.

The "PROOF OF THE PEOPLE", the People's Citizenship Proofs and the Red seal.

e) The titles in the Certificate of the People include: Number; surname and birth name; they and other names; dates, year, year of birth; gender; ethnicity; home; residence; value; character characteristics; left index finger; right index finger; day, month, year; office The name of the rank (Secretary of the Police Department for registration, management of residence and national data on the population or Director of the Provincial Public Security, the Central City of the Central) is blue.

g) The two-dimensional code archives some of the basic information of citizens granted to black people.

h) The security Phoi is attached to the back of the People ' s Proposition.

What? 4. Number and duration of use of the People ' s Proposition

1. Every citizen of Vietnam is granted a People's Certificate and has a number of its own People's Witnesses. The number of people's proof consists of 12 natural numbers, led by the Ministry of Public Safety and Management across the country. In exchange, the number of people's ID is changed, and the number of people's ID is changed, and the rank remains true according to the number of records on the People's Proposition.

2. The shelf life of the People ' s Certificate is 15 years, since the date of the degree, in exchange, resupply.

What? 5. The seal on the People ' s Proof

The seal on the People's Proposition is a miniature seal of the Police Department's registration, residence management, and national data on the population or the shrinking seal of the Provincial Public Security, the Central City of the Central Committee, as defined by the Ministry of Public Security.

What? 6. The responsibility of the Security of Units, Local

1. The General Logistics Agency-Engineering is responsible for producing a sample of artificial intelligence, quality, according to the prescribed pattern at Article 3 This message, not changed in shape, content, and must be managed in accordance with the rules of conservation. The Ministry of Public Affairs, the Ministry of Public Affairs, is a timely delivery of the People's Office to the Directorate General of the Administrative Management of Order, Social Security.

2. The Chief Administrative Officer of the Order of the Order, Social Security is responsible:

a) Every year, setting up a demand for the use of the National People's Certificate in the country for the next year sent the General Logistics-Engineering to produce a sample of the people's proof.

b) Management is timely and hand-handed in time to provide a sample of the people to the local public.

3. Provincial Security, Central City.

a) Every year, planning a need to use a sample of local people for the next year sent to the Directorate General of the Administrative Police Administration of Order, Social Safety (through the Bureau of Police Registry, residence management and national data on the population).

b) Get and manage the sample of the People's Proposition.

What? 7. Effect of execution and transition regulation

1. This message has the enforcement effect since December 29, 2013 and replaces the Digital Information Act. 27 /2012/TT-BCA November 16, 2012 of the Minister of Public Security on the Certificate of People's Proposition. The People's Certificate in Article 3 was adopted on 2 November 2013.

2. The People ' s Proposition has been granted by Decision No. 998 /2001/QĐ-BCA (C11) ) October 10, 2001, of the Minister of Public Security about the enacuation of the forms used in administrative management work on social order or by the Digital Information Administration. 27 /2012/TT-BCA November 16, 2012 rules for a sample of the population are still valid, and the case is required; the case is required to follow this message.

3. The unconditional places of deploying the People ' s Certificate in this Notice continue to follow the number decision. 998 /2001/QĐ-BCA (C11) ) October 10, 2001 of the Minister of Public Security to grant, change, grant the People's Proposition.

What? 8.

1. Secretary General of the General Directorate of the Administrative Administration of the Order, Social Security is responsible for guidance, examining the implementation of this Information.

2. The chief ministers, the deputy head of the department, the Director of Public Security, the Central City of the Central City, Director of the Department of Fire and Fire Department and the organizations, the individual is responsible for this private practice.

In the course of execution, if there is difficulty, entangrium, the Security of Units, the local report of the Ministry (through the Directorate General of Police Administration of Order, Social Safety) to timely guidance.



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