Circular 40/2013/tt-Byt: Essential Drugs List Issued Oriental Medicine And Drugs From Pharmaceutical Times Vi

Original Language Title: Thông tư 40/2013/TT-BYT: Ban hành danh mục thuốc thiết yếu thuốc đông y và thuốc từ dược liệu lần VI

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Number: 40 /2013/TT-BYT
Hanoi, November 18, 2013


Issued a drug-based drug portfolio and a drug from the drug.


The Code of Pharmacy. 34 /2005/QH11 June 14, 2005;

Base of Protocol 63 /2012/NĐ-CP August 31, 2012 the Government regulates the function, mandate, authority, and organization of the Ministry of Health;

On the recommendation of the Bureau of Health Management, the Antiquities Service.

The Minister of Health issued the Ministry of Health on the category of drug-essential drug and drug-based drug, as follows:

What? 1. Catalogue of drug-based drug and drug-based drugs

It is accompanied by this message "Drug and drug portfolio of medicine from Vietnamese medicine VI", including:

1. Catalogue of pills, drugs from pharmaceuticals.

2. The catalogue of the ancient medicinal medicine.

3. Catalogue of the medicinal plant.

What? 2. Principles for the Construction of the Drug Catalogue of Drugs and Drug Medications

1. inherit the V-based Vietnamese Essential Medication Category, and refer to the list of ancient medicinal medicines primarily used at the medical treatment facilities paid by the health insurance fund and the Ministry of Health's medical treatment procedures.

2. In line with the policy, the law on drugs, the practical use and the ability to secure the supply of Vietnam.

3. The essential drug category is modified, complemable to ensure the safety of the user, some drugs may be removed from the category if serious adverse effects are detected.

What? 3. The criteria for drug selection include the Drug Prescription Drug and Drug Medication.

1. Make sure to be effective, safe for the user.

2. Available in full quantities, there is a form of conformation consistent with the condition of preservation, supply and use.

3. In line with the pathology model, the technical vehicle, the physician ' s expertise and the medical staff in the examination facility, cure the disease.


5. Recommend priority:

a) Catalogue of medicine and medicine from pharmaceuticals:

-The product is produced from Vietnam ' s medicinal herbs or produced in Vietnam;

-Drugs with common names and formula-made in Vietnam Pharmacy;

-The product was produced at the production facility "Good Practice Production" according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization (GMP-WHO);

-State-funded, ministerial, and equivalent product product is obtained and the number of registered regioners;

-The product that is shown in the category ' s notes must meet the criteria: there is a country from the antiquities, which has a suitable, convenient form of organology, conveniary in the process of preservation, distribution of distribution and use for the sick, ensuring the principle of medical combination. I ' m going to go to school with modern medicine.

b) The catalog of the ancient medicinal medicine:

-It's in the Vietnamese medicine.

-The medicines have been studied, proven safe and effective;

-The pharmacy has a clean pharmaceutical processing area by the standard "Good practice farming and harvesting of medicinal plants" in the recommendation of the World Health Organization (GACP-WHO) and local specialty pharmacies.

c) Male drug catalog:

-The medicinal plants are available in Vietnam;

-In accordance with the Turks, the climate of the regions.

-Treatment of common conditions in the community.

What? 4. Manual implementation of the Drug Prescription Drug Portfolio and Drug Medication

1. The category of drug-based drug and drug-based drugs is the basis for:

a) Construction of the State ' s policies on: Investment, price management, capital, taxes, problems related to the prevention of the disease, cure the person in order to facilitate sufficient medicines in the Department of Essential Medicines for the Protection of Protection, Care and Upgrade. The health of the people;

b) The state governing body built advocated, policy in facilitalment of registration of drug circulation, export, import of medicines;

c) Health sector units focus on unit activities in the sutures: Export, import, production, supply, distribution, inventory, use of safe, reasonable, effective use of medicines to meet the needs of protection and health care;

d) The medical school, the institution of training, teaching, guidelines for the use of medicines for the students, students;

The facilities business guarantees essential medicines in the category at a suitable price; guidelines for the use of safe, reasonable, effective, and effective use of medicines.

e) Building the Medical Insurance category;

g) The drug assembly and the treatment of the category of drug use in the hospital meet the requirements for the treatment of the approved hospital director.

2. Guide to the Use of the Essential Medication Category:

a) The catalogue of the ancient medicinal medicine, the product and the medicinal plant used for all the medical treatment, healing, and arrangement by the drug ' s effects group;

b) The name of the drug or the ingredient of the drug in the appendix of the product Category: common name with the antipotion, the generic name, the name of the drug component to the drugs that do not have a common name;

c) The products that have components, use, specify similar to the product in the category, are used instead of the drugs as in this category;

d) The medicinal plants in the Catalogue are grown and used in the sample garden at the township/ward health station, the medical treatment facilities and training facilities. In the course of the implementation of the units they may replace some other medicinal plants that are available in line with the local disease model.

What? 5. Terms of execution

1. This message has been in effect since 1 January 2014.

Number Decision Repeal 17 /2005/QĐ-BYT July 1, 2005, of the Minister of Health on the issue of the V-based Vietnamese drug portfolio (Section of the Medical Essential Medicine) since this date is effective.

2. Department of Health Management, Pharmacy Medicine, Bureau of Disease Research, Planning-Finance, Department of Health Services, Department of Health Units, Department of Health Department of Provinces, Central City, Vietnam Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing enterprises, and business. the pharmaceutical business is responsible for this.

In the course of implementation if there is a problem with the problem, the organization suggests that individuals, individuals, in time to reflect on the Ministry of Health (Bureau of Medicine, Pharmacy Medicine) to review, solve.



Nguyen Thi Kim