Circular 13/tt-2013/bvhttdl: Regulating Certain Content Management Activities, Sportbike

Original Language Title: Thông tư 13/2013/TT-BVHTTDL: Quy định một số nội dung quản lý tổ chức hoạt động thi đấu mô tô thể thao

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Number: 13 /2013/TT-BVHTTDL
Hanoi, December 18, 2013


Q specify some of the governing content that organizes the sport motorcycle competition.


The School of Fitness Law, Sports on October 29, 2006;

Base of Protocol 112 /2007/NĐ-CP June 26, 2007 of the Government rules the details and guidelines for the implementation of some of the provisions of the Law of Fitness, Sports;

Base of Protocol 76 /2013/NĐ-CP 16 July 2013 by the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism;

At the suggestion of the Governor General of Sport Sports;

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued a number of governing content that organizes the activities of the sports motorcycle.

What? 1. The adjustment range

1. This information provides some of the governing content that organizes the sport of sports Models.

2. The sport model consists of: The motor in the racetrack (for the Model with a 125 cm3 cylinder capacity, the cylinder has 135 cm3 cylinder capacity) and the terrain model.

What? 2. Subject applies

It applies to organizations, individuals who organize the sport of sports models in Vietnam.

What? 3. Technical Guide

1. The organization, the individual who stands out to host the sport motorcycle competition, has to build a carefully defined specification of the scheme and the technical details of the playing field.

2. The organization, the individual who stands out as a sports motorcycle competition is responsible for sending Technical Instructor to organizations, individual participants, competitions. The time of sending the Technical Guide for at least 30 days before the opening day.

What? 4. Common conditions on the venue

1. There is a race field that matches the nature and scale of the tournament by regulation at Articles 5 and 6 of this message.

2. The venue for the competition has to have the launch area, the sanitary area, the dressing room, to the car.

3. Secure the security, order, sanitation, fire prevention in the areas of the competition and the venue for formal ceremonies under the rule of law.

What? 5. Motor Arena in the field

1. The track is from 400m to 500m (measured from the inner edge of the track); the ground is made of asphalt or ground, flat and has a minimum width of 5m; the case has more than 4 athletes competing in one turn, the track width. A minimum of 6m.

2. The safe zone on either side of the track has a minimum width of 4m, the surface is made of soft or gravel material to reduce friction force and avoid collisions between the athlete.

3. Outside the secure area there is a fence that separates the course from the audience. The height of the minimum barrier is 3m, which is made of soft, solid material and is in contrast to the track.

4. The fence is attached to the insurance equipment made of rubber, sucking or dry grass, which has a minimum height of 1m, a minimum width of 0.5m, a minimum thickness of 0.5m. The maximum distance between the insurance devices is $0.5m.

What? 6. terrain motorcycle competition

1. The track has a minimum length of 800m, a minimum width of 6m, which consists of straight lines and curves. The track face is made of soil, gravel or sand according to the technical requirements and speed of competition.

2. The area of the publishing area has a minimum width of 10m, which is divided into separate lanes for each athlete.

3. There is a preparation area for athletes near the starting area.

4. The portion of the straight line after the appearance has a minimum length of 50m.

5. There are many types of obstacles set on the track with various technical requirements.

6. The track must be marked, easy to distinguish.

7. The Safe Zone separates the audience with a minimum track race of 8m. The fence is located on the outer edge of the safe zone, which has a minimum height of 2m, made of soft and solid material.

What? 7. Terms of Equipment

1. Have communications equipment for the members of the organization and run the tournament.

2. A minimum of 4 cameras recorded the entire competition.

3. There are signboards as defined by the Sports Motorcycle Competition Law, the Rules of Interpretation, the Sport Motor Competition Regulation.

4. There are equipment serving as part of the arbitration for the race: the flag, the whistle, the ring board, the starting tape, the landing tape, the safety test equipment and the vehicle's capacity.

5. The case with the use of the starting door has a minimum height of 50cm with a slope of no greater than 90 degrees (90o), designed to keep the athlete's wheels.

What? 8. Health conditions

1. The participating athletes must have a certificate of qualified health of the provincial multi-department hospital onwards under the rules of the Charter.

2. The athletes must have an accident insurance during the course of the tournament.

3. There are a minimum of 02 medical institutions. Each medical team had to have 1 ambulances, 2 doctors and 06 nurses with enough of the initial medical supplies and equipment.

4. Coordinate with the nearest hospitals to handle the emergency when needed.

What? 9. Professional personnel conditions

1. The tournament competitions must ensure a minimum of 10 national referees and 12 local referees are recognized by the Vietnam Sports Federation.

2. The venue for the competition must be represented by the technical representation of 3 days prior to the date of the match and during the course of the tournament. The technical representative has the right to stop the competition if it does not guarantee the safety of the participating members.

The technical representation of the Federation of Bicycling-The Vietnam Sports Federation decided.

What? 10. The organization ' s responsibility, personal

1. The organization stands out to host the sports motorcycle tournament which is responsible for reporting or applying for the organization to be held in writing with the state governing body of culture, sports and tourism in accordance with the rule of law.

2. Organisitfully held:

a) Building organizational plans, programs, schedules and events; ensure safety and professional requirements;

b) Coordinated with the Public Security, Transport, Health, Information and Communications Authority and the relevant agencies and organizations that implement the plan to ensure safety, order, medical work, evacuation, emergency during the course of the competition, the company said. propagation, advertising by law.

What? 11. Report results

The organization, the individual who organizes the sport motorcycle competition reports the results of the organization for the state governing body of culture, sports and tourism according to the rule of law after the end of the competition.

What? 12. The organization performs

1. The overall sports department has a responsibility for guidance, examining the implementation of this Information.

2. Inspector of Culture, Sports and Tourism conducts inspection, handling by jurisdiction over organizations, individuals when the organization of the sport motorcycle violates the regulations at this level.

3. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Provinces, the Central City of Central City, is responsible for the organization's organization.

What? 13.

1. This message was in effect from March 1, 2014.

2. In the course of execution, if the birth is entangled, suggest the organization, the individual in time to reflect on the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to study, timely resolution.



Your Majesty.