Circular No. 196/2013/tt-Btc: Modifying, Supplementing Circular No. 107/2008/tt-Btc On 18/11/2008 Of The Ministry Of Finance Manual Supplement Some Points On The Management Of The Operating Budget,

Original Language Title: Thông tư 196/2013/TT-BTC: Sửa đổi, bổ sung Thông tư số 107/2008/TT-BTC ngày 18/11/2008 của Bộ Tài chính hướng dẫn bổ sung một số điểm về quản lý, điều hành ngân sách nhà nước

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Number: 196 /2013/TT-BTC
Hanoi, December 18, 2013


Modified, Digital Supplements 107 /2008/TT-BTC November 18, 2008

of the Ministry of Finance instructed to add a number of management points,

State budgets.


State Budget Rules 01 /2002/QH11 December 16, 2002;

Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003, of the Government of the Government Regulation and guidelines of the State Budget Act;

Base of Protocol 01 /2011/NĐ-CP 05/01/2011 On government bonds, bonds were held by the government and local government bonds;

Base of Protocol 118 /2008/NĐ-CP November 27, 2008 rules the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

On the recommendation of the State Budget Chief;

Minister of Finance to issue a revised Notice of Information, Supplements Digital 107 /2008/TT-BTC November 18, 2008 guided the addition of a number of management points, the state budget executive (later known as Digital Information). 107 /2008/TT-BTC), as follows:

What? 1. The amendment, which complements the regulation of the payment of the release fees, the bond payment for the State Treasury is entitled to stipulate at a point a 6 Section II Digital. 107 /2008/TT-BTC as follows:

"-For the release fees, the State Treasury Government bond swaps are entitled to the regulatory regime, which performs as follows:

Every year, the plan to mobilize the capital through government bonds, the government bond exchange mission, has delivered the State Treasury to the State Treasury, and the Treasury Department expects the state budget for the State Treasury to do the job. The government's issue and the change of government bonds.

The state budget of the state budget is delivered by the Ministry of Finance, the Secretary of State for the Treasury of the State of the State for a temporary bank account of the central bank account of the state of the State Treasury inherited and the accounting of the central budget under regulation; in general, report the Ministry of Finance on the Ministry of Discrimination to pay for the payments issued, payment, government bond swaps (including a portion of the charge for the State Treasury and citing other subjects). The maximum level of parole does not exceed the cost of the State Treasury to be entitled to the regulatory regime on the results of the implementation of the release, the Government bond of the government succeed in the quarter and the total amount of funding hernation must be within the cost of the budget. Delivered. In case the number of state Treasury fees enjoyed by the state budget overdraft regime has delivered all year, the State Treasury reports the Ministry of Finance to consider, deciding to deliver additional funds to the State Treasury.

At the end of the year, the State Treasury reported the results of the results of the issue issued, swapping government bonds; the amount of state Treasury funding enjoyed the release of the release, payment, government bond swaps; the number of State Treasury funds has changed. Criticism and management, using this amount of funding with the Ministry of Finance for regulatory review. In case the number of fees has been larger than the official approved budget, the number has already been repaid to pay the central budget by regulation. In case the number of fees has been smaller than the official approved budget, the number of deviated differences is processed into the budget bill next year. The balance of the annual budget, after the State Treasury, has carried out an appropriation of the costs of the regime, abolished by statute ".

What? 2. Execution clause:

1. This message was effective from 2 February 2014 and adopted from the 2014 budget year.

2. During the execution, if there is an entangrium, the offer reflects in time for the Ministry of Finance to study, guide ./.



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