Circular 04/2014/tt-Bldtbxh Dated: A Guide To Make The Regime Armed Personal Protection Means

Original Language Title: Thông tư 04/2014/TT-BLĐTBXH: Hướng dẫn thực hiện chế độ trang bị phương tiện bảo vệ cá nhân

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Number: 04 /2014/TT-BLTBXH
Hanoi, 12 February 2014


Manual implementation of the page mode of personal protection


Base of Article 149 Labor Code June 18, 2012;

Base of Protocol 106 /2012/NĐ-CP The Government of the United States on 20 December 2012 specifies the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

On the recommendation of the Bureau of Labor Safety,

The Minister of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs issued the practice of carrying out the regime of a personal protection vehicle.

Chapter 1


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information instructs the implementation of the site of a personal protection vehicle; the individual means of protection of the individual to the labourers, whose work is dangerous, harmful.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. The employer in the business, agency, organization, cooperative; the individual has the use of labor, including:

a) The administrative organs; the career unit; the armed forces (including the force as the essential work force);

b) Political organizations, political-social organizations, social organizations-professions, other social organizations;

c) Businesses are in all economic components;

d) Cooperate;

The agencies, foreign organizations, international organizations based on the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

e) The organizations, other individuals have the use of labor.

2. Labour, officials, workers who work in the environment have a dangerous, toxic factor including regular management staff to inspect, test, monitor the crime scene, research cadres, teaching teachers, internship students, vocational students, and more. Or a person who tries to work in businesses, agencies, coopercooperes, organizations, individuals who use labor states at this one.

What? 3. Personal Protection

1. The personal protection vehicle is the instruments, the necessary means that the worker must be equipped to use while working or carrying out the task to protect the body from the effects of dangerous, toxic factors that arise during the course of the process. labor, when technological solutions, equipment, safety techniques, sanitation at work cannot be eliminated.

2. Personal protection means:


b) The means of protecting the eyes, the face;


d) The means of protecting the respiratory organs;

The means of protection, legs;



h) The anti-electrocuing, electric power from the magnetic field;

i) The vehicle is against drowning;

) Other types of safety guarantee, other labor hygiene.

3. The personal protection vehicle for workers must be consistent with preventing harmful effects of dangerous, harmful factors in the labor environment, ease of use, preservation, and other adverse effects.

4. Personal protection means quality, standard, standard, and other state regulations.

Chapter 2


What? 4. The condition is equipped with personal protection.

Workers while working with only contact with one of the dangerous, malicious elements below are equipped with a personal protection vehicle:

1. Contact with the bad physical element;

2. Contact with dust and toxic chemicals;

3. Contact with the toxic biological factor, the bad labor hygiene environment:

a) Vi, the toxic bacteria that cause disease, insects that are harmful;

b) divide, water, waste, and fodled.

c) Other toxic biological factors;

4. Working with the machine, equipment, labor tools, working in a position where the dangerous labor posture is easy to cause labor accidents; work on high; work in the furnace shelter, where lack of gas; work on the water, in forests or dangerous labor conditions. Oh, no, no, no.

What? 5. The principle of issuing a personal protection vehicle

1. The employer must take measures on technology, equipment, safety techniques, labor hygiene to eliminate or limit the maximum harm of the risk factor, toxic to the extent that can be, improve labor conditions before the practice is done in the first place of the year. It ' s a means of armed protection.

2. The employer performs the use of a personal protection vehicle for the worker by the category at Appendix 1 issued by this message. In the case of occupations, work has not been enacted by the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs, which in question has a dangerous, toxic factor that does not guarantee the health safety of workers, the employer equipped with the appropriate protection of the individual. With that work, at the same time a report on the Department of Labor-Trade and Local Society or the Ministry, the template industry at Appendix 2 issued by this message to recommend the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Society added to the category.

3. The employer is based on the level of requirements of each profession or job specific at its facility, refereing the opinion of the grassroots union organization or the worker collective representative to decide the deadline to use the means of personal protection. It ' s consistent with the quality of work and quality of personal protection.

4. The employer must set a level, track the site of a personal protection vehicle and must have the employee ' s signature to receive a personal protection vehicle according to the Appendix 3 issued by this message.

5. The worker has the right to ask the person to use new additional labor or to change the type of personal protection prescribed at the Appendix 1 issued by this Notice in accordance with the actual conditions. Employers refer to the opinion of the grassroots union organization or the worker collective representative before the decision.

6. People visiting, learning, depending on the specific requirements, the employer provides the means of personal protection necessary for use in the period of visitation, learning.

7. Prohibition of employer-issuing employers instead of issuing means of personal protection to the worker or giving money to the labourers.

What? 6. Principles of Use of Personal Protection

1. The employer must organize a worker ' s guide to use the proficiency of appropriate personal protection vehicles and to closely examine the use.

2. The specialized personal protection vehicles with high technical requirements then the employer (or the authorized authorized person) must check to secure the quality, the scale before the level, and periodically periodically check in the process of use and writeup. tracking; not using the means of not reaching a technical or overdue use.

3. The person who is equipped with a personal protection vehicle must use that vehicle in accordance with the rules while working. If the worker is violated, the extent of the violation must be subject to the discipline of the labour of the law or by the rule of law.

4. The worker does not have to pay for the use of personal protection. Employers are liable to redress workers for personal protection when lost, damaged or expuned. The case is lost, damaged without a legitimate reason, the labourers should pay compensation according to the regulation of the underlying labor. At the end of the term or when switching to other jobs, the employer must return the personal means of protection if the employer requires but must sign a hand.

What? 7. The principle of preserving personal protection

1. The employer is responsible for the layout of the storage facility, the protection of personal protection according to the manufacturer's guidelines, the manufacturer of personal means of protection. The worker is responsible for keeping the means of private protection delivered.

2. Personal protection vehicles for use in places that do not guarantee hygiene, ease of infection, infection, radiation infection, after use, employers must have clean, disinfection, disinfection, disinfection, and protection criteria. It ' s safe for the worker, the surroundings, and it ' s going to be testing.

Chapter 3


What? 8. The employer ' s responsibility

1. The base on the regulation of personal protection is issued at this Notice and the deadline for use of a personal protection vehicle has been decided, annually, the employer refereing the opinion of the grassroots union organization or the general public. of the labourers to plan shopping (including the backup).

2. Cost the procurement of procurement, equities of personal protection at a regular cost to the administrative, career, and business production costs of the manufacturing facility, business.

3. periodically reporting the Department of Labor-Trade and Local Social Affairs on the situation of carrying out a personal protection vehicle along with the situation of the work of labor safety, labor hygiene.

What? 9. The responsibility of the Department of Labour-Trade and Society

1. Help the Provincial People ' s Committee, the Central City of China to dissemine this Information to businesses, the base of business production based on the venue; at the same time guidance, foreman, check, check out the implementation of the equipment mode of personal protection. It's on the manager's desk.

2. The combined term, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Social Affairs report on the situation to do this in conjunction with the situation that performs the occupational safety, the labor hygiene of the businesses, the agency, the organization that is based on the site.

What? 10. The responsibility of the ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, the People ' s Committee of the Provinces and the Central City of China

Ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, the People's Committee of the Provinces and the Central City of the Central Committee are in charge of aggregation, offer the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Society to supplement the category of vehicle protection of the individual to the person. working as a profession, a job with dangerous, malicious, and instrucational factors, directed, and directed, and managing to carry out the implementation of a personal protection regime in enterprises, agencies, organizations within the management range.

What? 11. Effect of execution

1. This message has been in effect since April 15, 2014.

2. Number Decision 1407 /1997/QĐ-BLTBXH November 14, 1997 by the Minister of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs on the issuing of the standard of equipment protection by means of personal protection for the professions, the special work of the National Reserve; Private Information. 10 /1998/TT-LSBXH May 28, 1998 of the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs guide the implementation of the site of a personal protection vehicle; Decision No. 68 /2008/QD-BLTBXH December 29, 2008, of the Minister of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs enacted a website equipped with a means of personal protection for labourers, jobs that are dangerous, malicious and other texts that have left content with regulation at the same time. This message expires since this Private Day is in effect.

3. In the course of the execution if the arise arise, the offer reflects on the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Society for research and settlement.



Master Hung