Circular 02/2014/tt-Bgtvt: Regulation Of Specialized Inspection Procedures, Sanctions Administrative Violations; The Planning, Reporting And Internal Management Of The Transport Sector Inspector

Original Language Title: Thông tư 02/2014/TT-BGTVT: Quy định quy trình thanh tra chuyên ngành, xử phạt vi phạm hành chính; công tác lập kế hoạch, chế độ báo cáo và quản lý nội bộ của thanh tra ngành Giao thông vận tải

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Number: 02 /2014/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, February 25, 2014


Specialized Inspection Procedure Regulation, violation of violation

Administrative; planning, reporting and management mode

the internal inspector's internal department G. iao transport


The Law Bar. 1 January 5 1 in 2010;

The Rules of Law. Why? It's a 20-day administrative violation. Ah! 6 years 20 1 2.

The Road Traffic Law Base November 13, 2008;

Base of Protocol 1 07/20 1 2/ND-CP May 20 1 2 years 20 1 2 of Ch I'm The government rules the function, the task, the powers and the structure. socket Ministry of the Ministry. o Transport;

Base of Decree Stain. 86/20 11 /NĐ-CP September 22, 20 11 of the Government to provide details and direction There. n execs a What? of the Law of Detectives;

UN Base 07/20. 1 2/ND-CP September 9, 2012 a Government v. Okay. The agency is tasked with specialized inspection and specialized inspection activities;

The base of Protocol 8. 1 /2013/N Fuck! -CP July 19, 2013 of Ch I'm Q. U He ' s going to detail some of the things and the law enforcement. l The administrative breach;

Base of Decree Stain. 166/20 1 3/ND-CP December 12th Ah! - 11 2013 of Ch I'm The government rules the enforcement of the decision to punish the administrative breach.

Base of Protocol 57 /2013/NĐ-CP 3 1 May 20, 1 3 of Ch I'm Qu y about t socket function and operation Inspector of Transport;

Follow. Okay. The Chief Inspector of the Gi. a o transportation,

Minister of Transportation issued Thi cell Checklist rules. Hey. n industry, violation of administrative breach; stance work k What? -Yeah. What? the internal reporting and management of the transport industry inspector.

Chapter I


What? 1. Fan v i adjust

1. This message rules Okay. Sequence, procedure. a independence; sequence, th brew Detection of the administrative breach; planning work, reporting mode, and internal management of the transport industry inspector.

2. The procedure conducted an inspection by the crew following the instructions of the Inspector of Government.

What? 2. Subject applies

Private. y It applies to the women's governing body. Oh. c in transportation in the Central and Local, the agency performs the liquidity function. to a transport industry Oh, inspectors, specialized inspector general and t ... socket function, c Ah! Yes, I do.

What? 3. Explain words

In this message, the phrases below. Okay. understand as follows:

1. The agency performs the inspection of the Transport Industry Bitch. i, including: The State Inspector Agency and the Agency are assigned to the field of specialized inspection.

2. The state inspection agency, including: Inspector of the Department of Transport. () This is called Inspector Department, and Inspector Department of Transportation (later called Inspector Department).

3. The agency is given a specialized inspection function, including: Vietnam Road Directorate, Vietnam Railway Bureau, Vietnam Department of Homeland Security, Vietnam Aviation Administration, Department of Public Affairs and Department of Public Affairs. Navy Vietnam, Department of Administration l The road to the General Staff. Oh! The Ministry of Vietnam, n Air service, Maritime Port, Inland Port, Inland Sea Homeland.

4. Bar to An independent is an inspector-inspector, a professional inspector general. Fuck. They are set up under the authorship of the competent authorities, without the establishment of the inspection team.

5. The inspector follows the plan: as the form of inspectors conducted under the approved scheme, including the annual plan; k. What? -What? What? t for the quarter, month and week.

6. Regular Inspector: is the form of inspectors conducted regularly, not under the plan. d o The Agency is assigned to the field of specialized inspection in the field of function, the agency's mission.

7. Detective Inspector: Is the inspector form conducted at the discovery? the muscle Officials, organizations, individuals have signs of violation of the law, at the request of the settlement of the complaint, denouncing, in the chamber, against corruption or by the head of the state's governing body.

What? 4. Activity Principles

1. The Inspector of Transportation specialized in Transport must obey the law; correct, objective, honest, timely, timely; non-duplicate of the scope, subject, interdun. g What? Yeah. The interagency between the agencies and the law enforcement agencies. g -Inspector.

2. When conducting a specialized inspector, the sigman decides to release it. n Look. Oh, Chief Inspector Oh, Inspector, the specialist inspector general (later called) l I'm sorry, Detective. Ph. The law of the law, the law, professional It's a big deal. Oh. Come on. n Vi, decision. - I do.

3. Active g Detective. specialty With guidance, the only director of the cycle. y M cell n Oh, Business brew a T Oh. I'm sorry, Mr.

4. Detective only b socket I'm going to the inspector, the public. Okay. The new inspector general, the new inspector general, is in charge of an independent inspector.

5. Forbidden to conduct the bar t You know, when there's no decision to be assigned by the competent authorities.

What? 5. Intra-Transportation Content Inspector

The Inspector of Transportation in Transport is an inspection activity on the organization, individual in the acceptance of law, process, violation, standards, k rules, and other activities. Yeah. We're talking about road transportation. commission Domestic, rail, maritime and aviation (including international treaties that Vietnam) has seen. l a member), including:

a) Transport Infrastructure;

b) Vehicles, transportation equipment, and transportation safety measures;

c) Registration activities, vehicle registration, transportation equipment;

d) Conditions, standards and degrees, specialized certificate, driver's license, participation in the operation. Media. , transport equipment;

Training, murder, grade, exchange, recovery, etc. Come on Only expertise, the license to control transport vehicles;

e ) Transport and service activities I have Transportation;

g) Other specialized activities within the management range of the transport industry.

Chapter II


What? 6. Decline Decision

1. Chief Inspector of the Department of Transport (later known as Chief Inspector Chief), Chief Inspector Department Transport load (later called Chief Inspector S) in ), Chief Inspector of the Vietnam Aviation Administration (later called l Chief Inspector of the Department of Wisdom g ), Chief Coal Oh. The Vietnam Maritime Service (later known as Chief Inspector of Maritime Affairs) decides to be assigned to the inspector general; the head of the body is assigned to a specialized inspector general in charge of public inspection.

The resolution decision includes the following contents:

a) They, t Hey. n, title, ID number of the inspector inspector or of the inspector general ' s inspection of independent inspectors;

b) Scope, content, inspection mission;

c) Th Yeah. I'm going to see you, Detective.

2. Who is there? Move. The right to decide the assignment of the prescribed duties at paragraph 1 This is authorized for the subordinate subordination to determine the assignment of the inspector to the inspector, the bar. t It's a management violation.

3. The person with the authority to distribute the inspection mission is assigned to civil service, the officer, who is given a check card to support, helps the inspector, c. cell In the process of conducting an inspection, a prescribed protocol.

Decision to be assigned by M There. The number 1 is on the Appendix I of this Smart.

What? 7. Yeah. Independent industry inspectors

I Okay. i restrict independent discipline to each of the partners. There are no more than 5 working days, since the day of the inspection. School. p, the decision-making person can extend the inspection time but the extension time does not exceed 5 working days.

What? 8. Inspector

1. Inspector or bar. to a l Planning (content, bar object) to a, time, vehicle, physical basis), report the sigman of the decision to be assigned before the inspection. When conducting the inspector, the inspector or inspector general does not necessarily inform the object of the payment. to Ah.

2. The decision to make a job assignment, a detective card, or a public ID card when conducting an inspection.

3. Requiring an inspection of a license to publish a license, a business registration certificate, a certificate of practice, and providing information, documentation, documentation of the problem concerning the inspection.

4. The discovery, the editor, sanctipated the administrative breach in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 of this Information.

5. Edit Job Editor Oh. Bar objects to a time to end the detective.

What? 9 . Edit

1. Work Editor Okay. Between the inspector or c cell An inspector with an inspector object, which must specify the date, month, year; year; the location of the border; they name an inspector or inspector, who is assigned to help (if any); t The unit, the address, the representative under the law, if the individual is clear. Oh. And arrows. Oh, Paper number. Come on the people of the people, the addresses; the content of the inspection, the results the assessment of the inspector or inspector general on each of the inspection content (advantages, exists), the Hold. Violation of the inspection object (if any), the document accompanying, the will K On the subject of the inspector (if any); the parties sign each page page, end of the record. It was They and their names, stamped (if the inspection object is t) socket Yes. You. Private stamp).

Work-based Editor There. The number 2 rules on Appendix I of this WIT.

2. The establishment of the administrative violation is carried out by regulation at Article 17 c. brew This is and the y The laws of the law are different.

What? 10. Detective results report

1. In th Yeah. 3 days l The job, since the end of the inspection, the inspector, the inspector, has to report the assignment to the inspector. by text of t results Oh. The duty of duty.

2. The report must specify content, inspection results, etc. i range, the measure of administrative violations, according to the authority, the measure has petit the petition (if any).

Report by M There. The number 3 is on the Appendix I of this Smart.

What? 11. Processing in, after inspectors

1. The execution of the administrative breach during the inspection of the execution is specified in Chapter III of this Information.

2. After the end of the inspection, if the breach is not available Okay. handle, inspector, or inspector general report the assignment of the task force Okay. consider, processed by the rule of law. During the five-day period of work, since the date of the report Oh, You have a trial. y There must be a measure of law by law.

What? 12. Set and manage l The lake Sister. Detective.

1. Bar Profile to a include:

a) The decision to partake of the inspection mission;

b) Edit l The work.

c) Administrative violation (if available);

d) Resolve or v What? n the petition for processing;

Other documents are related.

2. Inspector, the inspector is responsible. l Inspector's file, including the file catalog. School. p has a primary violation of the administrative breach, the case of administrative breach of the administrative breach favour in the bar file to Ah.

3. Oh. Oh. The inspector was handed over, filed under the law of the law on the inspector and the law of the archives.

Chapter III



What? 13. Detout, take on information about administrative violations

1. The administrative breach was discovered through the sources:

a) Inspector's discovery. Oh, - Okay. Torture; interdisciplinary inspection; inspectors, inspector general of independent inspection;

b) Bar conclusion t Come on, report bar. to a of the inspector, the inspector.

c) Discovered during the course of the service, the duties of those with the authority to compile the administrative violation by regulation;

d) Your report. Uh ... It ' s the administration of transportation, government, local, and local. the organ other, media t Ru y the media and the people;

Oh, Khi- U complaint, denouncing, petition, reflection (by the forms of text, phone, fax, email);

e) Through the use of the vehicle, the prescribed career engineering equipment at the Digital Protocol. 165 /2013/ND-CP November 12, 2013 of the Government regulates the management, use, and category of vehicles, professional engineering equipment used in the United States and the United States. Okay. There ' s an administrative breach of order, traffic safety, and environmental protection.

2. Receiving information about the administrative breach:

a) When receiving information about the administrative breach, the agency receives responsibility for organizing the reception of information and records, documents; and information.

b) Chief. The agency implemented the function of Inspector of Transportation in charge of the receiving assignment; collecting ch. Come on Keep, document; assess the intelligence of the incident; propose the treatment; the case with administrative violations must direct the copyright of the administrative breach, the punishment of violation of the executive order. - By statute;

The coupons take on the M There. Number one. q As is the Appendix II of this message.

c) The reception of the breach information must be written to the management and monitoring of the processing results;

Information reception, violation and processing results according to M There. Number 2 specified at Annex II c brew This is a private.

What? 14. End of violation behavior

1. When the breach was discovered, the one who had th ... Move. The right to compile, the sanctions. p The administrative fleet must be forced to force it. All All right, let's cut the breach. Force termination of administrative violation carried out by law. l Speak, whistle, command, text or other form according to the law.

2. The means to stop the vehicle in time to stop the consequences. Okay. What happened t The area of the village. g freight road transport in accordance with regulations Okay. 15 and Article 16 of this message.

3. In case we need to stop it. Yeah. i conduct administrative violations or to ensure the punishment of the administrative breach, the person of the world. Move. The right to compile, sanctifying the administrative breach of the administrative breach, the administrative violation, the permit, the administrative breach, the license, the certificate, the law, Okay. (MUSIC PLAYING) Please. Transportation, objects, exploring the hidden storage facility, the vehicle for administrative violation. Sequence, execution procedure t Execute l The administrative violation and government decrees stipulate the punishment of administrative violations in the area of transportation.

4. In case need to petition the organ I have jurisdiction. d with the handling of the treatment (if any), the inspector, the inspector of the inspector who reports the decision to perform a review of the inspection, handles it; take responsibility before the fishermen. Yeah. i assigned the mission and before the law of conduct, my decision.

What? 15. case Stop it! Uh ... Convenient. path ministry

Inspector, inspector. Okay. Please. Yeah. Road vehicles in schools Yes. Sa ... U Here:

1. Punctate t Violation by statute at Article 55 of the Administrative Breach Disposal Law.

2. When detected p And there are signs of that. t Pigs rule at a paragraph 2 Article 86 The Road Traffic Law, specifically Yeah. as follows:

a) Overload g Permission from the bridge. Yeah. the whole set;

b) Limit the limits of the bridge, the road;

c) The wheels are directly on the road without performing a prescribed route protection.

d) Land on land, building materials, unauthorized scrap onto the road or into action. l Road safety.

What? 16. path ministry; duties and powers of the road inspector when stopping the vehicle.

1. Order to stop. Uh ... The facilities are made through the vehicle stop signal, including:

a) Traffic command rod or STOP command sign;

b) The whistle, the portable battery speaker, the electric speaker attached to the vehicle.

c) Barie or barricade.

2. Order to stop the vehicle with a traffic command or sign command STOP when Detective. The inspector is on the street, he's a detective. Okay. as follows:

a) Inspector, inspector. Come on N g You're in a safe position and a man. Okay. The vehicle is observable, the face towards the vehicle. Boob The sign of violation, the right hand holding a command stick. a o (or balls) Okay. The STOP command is parallel to the surface. It's , the palm of the hand keeps the traffic command stick (or sign of the sign) l (STOP) in the vertical position;

b) When The driver of the vehicle. Okay. signal and reduce speed, Inspector general, inspector general of the traffic command stick or STOP command sign combination with a c. There. Media Guide I have to the right position and a n It's all about testing.

3. Order to stop the vehicle by traffic command or command sign STOP h i Inspector, the inspector is sitting on the transport, in particular:

Inspector, inspector holding a traffic command or a STOP command sign to the front of the vehicle. Boob A sign of violation for the operator of the vehicle to be able to see. In case of vehicle force vehicles traveling the same afternoon and at the rear of the vehicle Boob Violation of the breach. Oh, Inspector, the inspector, the speaker, the speaker asks the driver of the vehicle. stop Again.

4. When the vehicle stops in Tr I'm in-direction There. n, inspector, the inspector is in love. And Driving a coin. Stain. Cars, cents. All Paper Yeah. to test; when necessary. Oh. Balance, measure, counting , ki. Okay. Try Come on Words to define Bitch. Car axial, total car weight, cargo size, gauge Oh. The limits of the medium; the same Yeah. I love you And Driver's driver. p to check.

I mace According to the breach, the inspector, the inspector general asks for the man. control Downloadable transport, d It ' s too much, it ' s too hard to put on the wheels or move it in Earth -What? l Construction, scrap. l Other than that. socket Unauthorized, copyright infringement, forced recovery. What? Status Yes. Fuck. And Follow. regulation of the law .

5. Bar a The officer, the inspector of the lp. What? Live time, address. Point , s Stain. the amount of media has been Yeah. When the end is A Work plan. .

What? 17. copyright infringement.

1. When it is clear that the violation, the competent authority to conduct the administrative breach, c ... Okay. It ' s like:

a) When receiving information about the alleged violation, the assigned assignment or person is assigned to the assignment of the editorial job;

b) During the inspection of the crew, the head of the officer corps is the inspector general or the editor of the editor. In case of necessity, the Head of the Inspector of Direct Direct Border.

c) Inspector or insect. g Microeditor inspector. p It's the main ship to conduct an independent inspection. The case of the person who helped write the record, the Inspector, the inspector general must sign, specify them and the name to the border, which is responsible for the editorial content:

d) Other cases provide specific regulation at the decrees. of The government provides for administrative violations in the country. l Transportation.

2. The establishment of the implementation follows regulation at Article 58 Law Processing l I mean, the administrative breach. The case is needed in time to prevent breach of violation, people have the authority to petition the authority to have jurisdiction over the local border Oh, apply the treatment measures (if any).

3. M There. Copyright infringement. I'm Follow the message of the B There. Transport regulations on the boundary pattern, the decision to use d I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

What? 18. Presentation or transfer of administrative violation

1. Violation of the breach Oh. The administration is not competent to decide whether the administrative breach is required or transferred the breach to the c level. Boob the authority to decide to punish the administrative breach, namely:

a) The incident. The authority of the Chief Inspector: transferred to the Head of the Agency to be given a specialized inspection function, Chief. Inspector, Chief Inspector S in Direct management review, decision-making. i The main offense.

b) The incident exceeded the jurisdiction of the Port Authority, the Port Authority. Oh. The Port of the Inland Sea, the inland waterway, the Mediterranean Sea. in The Port Authority: prisoner. y By nature, the level of violation, Director of Port, Director of the Bureau, in The Port Authority decides to transfer to the nearest local government, or the Head of the Agency to be assigned a specialized inspector to decide the punishment of administrative violations;

c) Violation of the cross It's too late for the Inspector General's jurisdiction. Line ministry of Vietnam, the Vietnam Railway Bureau and the Vietnam Department of Homeland Security: ch Oh. n Boob Sentence to sentence. specialty The nearest place. Okay. decided to punish the administrative breach.

2. Opponent Oh. The violation of the safety lobby of the safety of the road traffic, railways The inland waterway, Oh. Sea and air (including static), depending on the order. Properties. , the level of violation for decision-making. Penalty. according to the jurisdiction or transfer of violations to the Chairman of the People ' s Commission, the district or provincial level to decide the punishment of administrative violations. .

3. The proposed agency must take responsibility for the organization to take over the case of the breach of the breach, verify (if any) and the decision to punish the administrative violation under the rule of law. In the 7-day period of work, the reception agency has a written responsibility for the Chuy agency. Okay. The case of a violation of the rationing, settlement, or outcome of administrative violation.

4. In th Yeah. Limit 3 days of work, since day l Administrative breach of the administrative breach, the lake. Sister. The breach must be transferred. What? The person has the authority to punish the administrative breach in order to decide the punishment of administrative violations by regulation c. brew A law.

MM There. The number 3 rules on Appendix II of this information.

5. What? - Chuy. Okay. n the incident, including:

a) Direct file transfer;

b) Move b Yes. the security of the post office;

c) Transfer by a scan via an official registered email address named mt.

6. The assignment of the breach must be compiled. Copyright infringement desk editor I'm Follow M There. The number four rules on Appendix II.

The case of transferring the case by the specified form at point b, point c 5 This is only done to The internal wasp. Oh. Transportation.

What? 19. The decision to punish the administrative breach

1. The person with the authority must make a decision to punish the administrative breach in accordance with the laws of law. The case of a violation of the breach. the muscle What's the difference? What? n, the body of the decision to sentence the body to the breach of a violation of a trial Okay. I know, watching the execs.

2. Th Yeah. Limit Oh, The procedure itself determines the execution of the administrative violation by the provisions of the Administrative Violation Law and the decrees of the Government of the Qu. y about x Yeah. It ' s a penalty of transportation in the field of transportation.

3. Execute the administrative breach in the inspection process.

Since the publication of the decision to either inspector or implement the decision to be assigned to the time Okay. Report k What? The ball. to A man. decision The inspection team. Oh, Inspector, the inspector, the agency, the agency, the agency, the agency, the organization, the organization, the right. t I'm gonna do it t An administrative violation or a possible level Move. The power of the law is determined by the rule of law. The outcome of the administrative breach is taken. aggregate Report by law.

What? 20. Follow the execs

1 What kind of decision is the decision to do? t That agency is responsible for the same thing. It was i practice.

2. The agency is responsible for the responsibility of the breach. All right Remix p v Oh. Enforcement of the law enforcement agency. Enforcement of the execution penalty for administrative violation (n) What? Yes, I do.

3. The implementation of the decision to punish the administrative breach implemented under the provisions of the Administrative Breach Disposal Law, Resolution 81/20. 1 3/ND-CP December 19 7 2013 by the Government to detail some of the Okay. u and the measure of execution of the Administrative Violation Law and the Government ' s Decrees Regulating the administrative breach in the country. l Transportation.

What? 21. The decision to forcibly enforce the decision to punish the administrative breach

1. Settle down. The execs of the execution penalty to punish the administrative breach when the object of the breach does not voluntarily accept the decision to punish the administrative breach.

2. Th Move. Scale Okay. n, sequence, player t Okay. c coercive implementation under the Administrative Breach Disposal Law and Digital Protocol 1 66 /2013/ND-CP December 12 11 The Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the United States of the Government of the United States of the United States of the United States

What? 22. Set up, manage records

1. The administrative violation of the border Bitch. n must be mapped and stored.

2. The list of violations, the time of the mapping of the border, the time of decision-making, the payment of the paperwork must be established. socket Watch.

Administrative breach of the administrative breach specified at paragraph 2 Article 27 of the Wise. y .

What? 23. Make a different process

The regulations on administrative breach of administrative offenses: unedited, the process, verify the situation of the administrative breach, determine the value of the burial to make the base determine the penalty frame, the trial authority, the filing of criminal records, the statute of limitations. decision to punish the administrative breach, the enforcement of the decision to punish the administrative breach and other regulations that are related to the Law Treatment Act. l the administrative breach and the execs of the execs.

Chapter IV


What? 24. Set up, adjust the professional inspector plan

1. Create and approve a specialized inspection plan Oh. The current year regulations at Article 17 Number of Numbers 57 /2013/NĐ-CP May 31, 2013 the Government regulates the organization and operates the transport industry.

The decision to approve the Plan of the Year by M There. Number 1 specified in Annex III of Information private Hey.

2. Base K What? Annual inspection is approved and functional, task v. Okay. Qu Bitch. State of state, Chancellor. c In fact, you're looking at the Department of Transportation. Bitch. i deploy the First Quarter Plan; Captain of the Ombudman Department Chief of staff. t Evil. Oh. I've been looking into the planning industry for months, weeks.

a) Quarterly planning deployment, from 20 to 30th of the last month to Wish.

b) Planning next month's plan, from 25 to ivory. y 30 of the last month;

c) Planning for the week, setting up on the sixth of last week.

K What? All right Oh, Month, week by M There. Number 2 rules on Appendix III of this.

3. Investigation of Inspector Plan

a) Inspector Department, Inspector, Department of Aviation Administration of Vietnam, Thanh to a Maritime Bureau V. South, the department. Plot: We're going back to Detective. y The industry at T socket The bureau, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Transportation. cell Transport Fuck. Granted, the grant. Jurisdiction decision to adjust before n g -05. g Five or before. the date 05 months 8 Oh. i Plan an annual inspection and after the implementation of at least two-thirds. Yeah. K-by-k What? This is a plan for the United States. Oh, Months, weeks.

b) When the Planning Editor , c. Uh, C. The proposition of the program must specify a reason in the text of the plan to adjust the Plan.

c) Regulation of the Inspector Plan due to the Prime Minister in The authorities have the authority to approve the K What? Planning. What? I mean.

South Korean Inspector Plan g The year was adjusted before 30. g 5 or before August 30 every year.

The inspection plan according to the quarter, month, week is adjusted when performing at least two-thirds of the time under k What? All right. case There's a request from the agency.

What? 25. Report Mode

1. Report types

a) Report of the month, the quarter.

b) A 6-month report Oh, Nine months; the final report of the year;

c) Report by expert Fuck. Well, the report came at the request of the competent authorities.

2. Report Content

a) Monthly report: Report on the results of a specialized inspection, sanctipated administrative breach.

b) Six-month report, nine months, total year: Six-month mission report, nine months, year; k What? A professional inspector, administrative violation; management, building of force; propaganda of law and other tasks assigned; evaluation and ki. What? The resolution of advanced efficiency, effective inspection, and administrative breach.

c) Subject report, break-up. : the following: y A request from the agency. And Report.

3. Report and th Yeah. Limit to report

a) Report of the month: report from the 16th of the month before The 15th of the month of the month of the report; Stain. Come on. And n m Okay. Report and direct only Fuck. Transportation industry inspector (t) I Name) on the day 16 of the month of the report .

b) The quarterly report, six months, nine months and summyear: the period of reporting by the Government Inspector Government.

The deadline for reporting on Inspector General of the General Road Don't South, Street Bureau. It's Vietnam, Line Vietnam Department of Homeland Security, Vietnam Maritime Service, Vietnam Maritime Service, Inspector General as follows: The quarterly report, sent before the 15th of the last month; b ... Ah! The six-month report sent before June 10, reported nine months before September 10; the report summup the year sent before 10 December of the year of the report.

c) Inspector General. p, Repository Report in And the Inspector of Government is on the rules of the Inspector of Government.

4. Report form:

a) Report by text b Bitch. n;

b) Monthly report, data input in t I Oh, yeah.

5. Chief Inspector of the Content Specific Code, the report template for the match. Oh. i used to specialize, in my mind. request management.

Fuck! i 26. Use the seal in the inspection operation, sanctiate the administrative violation.

1. The seal of the managed inspection organizations, used in accordance with regulation of Law. You know, using the seal.

2. The titles have jurisdiction over the administrative violation. to The bee organization. You must register your signature and save it at the same level.

3. The use of the seal is as follows:

a) The decision to distribute the inspector or inspector to conduct an independent inspector. l The stamp of the direct management of the competent authorities. Case commission The decision is made by the body. commission rules Okay. n, to Oh. Case c The view is brewing. y the right to the seal;

b) The decision to punish the stamped administrative violation of the honorary management organization. The authority to decide The penalty. Case of human being delivered Okay. n, inspector. v On the ground, the inspector made the decision to punish, shut down. All U of Agency, human direct management. Okay. The authorities, the inspectors, the inspector general. The implementation of the implementation by the law of the use of the d All u and th Okay. the main administrative practice;

c) The decision to handle, the Chief Inspector of the Inspector of the Inspector All Your u organization Online Manager Inspector What? Chief Inspector.

d) For the editor, the decision to distribute ( Uh ... You're brewed. y No, no, no. All u), decision processing at ch I have or text request provide documentation, evidence Oh, not necessarily stamped Oh, but the scribe decided, the text must write. It was The name Oh, Name and th Okay. Now Hold. Original (copy) Oh, And must be saved Oh. Sister, In this case, rule. What? Define, text. Bitch. n v There. n has a legal value Fuck. All right.

What? 27. Administration l Internal.

1. Chief Coal Oh. Department, Chief Inspector, Chief Inspector of the Department, Ch. Ah! Please. a Department Oh. What? Chief of the agency. implement the professional inspector function responsible for organizing the implementation of internal management, g ... Oh. m: qu y presentation Next. Take it. l What? t The side of the word, operator () management Stop the vehicle, check out the administrative breach. in the socket tracking; storage h Oh. Sister, security, control. All n ' s just, updating the data. the software report; check, g Active assassination, internal anti-negative.

2. Window g The copy must be full, clear, accurate, accurate information; document. in inspector, check and execute the breach. Oh. It's the right marker. () management and storage of science.

The tracking book performs an independent inspector according to M There. The number 1 is on Appendix IV.

X Trace Window Yeah. The main violation of the M' s. There. The number 2 rules on Appendix IV.

3. Tracking cadres, software information updates I nspect is distributed under the Statate of the Ministry of Transport.

4. Chief Inspector, Chief Inspector of the Department, Chief Inspector of the Department of Aviation, Chief Inspector of the Department of Maritime Affairs, Chief Minister of the Department is tasked with carrying out the position of Inspector General of this Information Base and other regulations issued by the regulations of regulation of regulations. Qu Bitch. Internal reasoning, assignment, specific responsibility hierarchy to carry out the qu tasks. Bitch. n l The internal point of the agency, the unit.

What? 28. Bitch. n, using the form and the index

1. Tron g the inspector process, who has the authority to decide the inspector, the inspector general, the inspector, c. cell I don't know. Yeah. The balls. Okay. The size of the General. to a Government and a y I mean, here's the message.

2. During breach of violation and administrative breach of the administrative breach, the person with the authority to compile a b Bitch. n and you have the authority to punish the breach of the planet. g The protocols of the Department of Transportation Bitch. i.

3. Inspection of the Ministry of Regulation, which is the unity manager in the force of inspectors n g Transportation in terms of quality, quantity, and issue of the publication of the Administrative breach of the Administrative Region and the impression of the decision-making of the sanctions was not compiled in the area of transportation. Other samples if printing press in print All right Yeah. Fuck. It ' s a prescribed pattern. It has to be sure. All Weight, convenience for the use of blindness. g of the execs of the service.

4. The inspection, the alleged violation of foreign elements, the transport department of Transport for Transport was to translate the sample into English.

Chapter V.


What? 29.

1. This information is in effect from ivory. y May 01. What? 2014.

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