Circular 04/2014/tt-Bgtvt: Prescribed Conditions And Procedures Import License For Maritime Safety Flares

Original Language Title: Thông tư 04/2014/TT-BGTVT: Quy định điều kiện và thủ tục cấp Giấy phép nhập khẩu pháo hiệu cho an toàn hàng hải

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Number: 04 /2014/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, March 26, 2014


Condition and conditions Regulations brew License import license.

for maritime safety


The base of decree number one. 0 7/20 1 2/ND-CP on 20 Ah! 12 years 20 1 2 of the Government that regulates functions, duties, powers and muscles. All the organization of the Ministry of Transport;

Base of Decree Stain. 187 /2013/NĐ-CP 20 June 11 2013 by the Government to govern the implementation of the Commercial Law on Purchasing Activity B Ah! n rows chemo International and international activities. l Buying, selling, macho and qu Ah! It ' s a lot of water.

At the suggestion of the K case. What? Investment,

Secretary of Transportation Department of Transportation. Okay. suit and procedure Move. Naval safety flare. .

What? 1. The scope of the All right -

This information provides for the condition and procedure of issuing the importation of the Artillery to the Maritime Safety (later called the License).

Fuck! i Two. -What? The image applies.

This information applies to organizations, individuals with regard to the importation of flares for maritime safety.

What? 3. Explain words

The guns used for maritime safety include: parachute flares, hand torches, and smoke signage satisfied the regulations outlined in Chapter III of the International Maritime Organization's International Code of Rescued Equipment (LSA Code).

What? 4 License Level Conditions

The organization, the individual with the need to import the flare for maritime safety must meet the following conditions:

1. There is a Business Registration Certificate (or Investment Certificate), which has business-related business, supplies, marine equipment, shipbuilding.

2. There is a certificate of the authority of the country to confirm the use of a marine safety flare tested in accordance with the provisions of the MSC.81 Resolution 81 (70) on December 11, 1998, of the International Maritime Organization.

What? 5. License-grade procedure

1. Organization, individuals with the need to import the flare for maritime safety deposit 1 (a) the case file recommended directly or through the postal system to the Ministry of Transport. The profile consists of:

a) The text of the proposal to import the brand for maritime safety, which specifies the type, quantity, water produced, the product of the product, characteristics, and the use of the code, the sign code, the shelf life of each category; the term of import;

b) A copy of the Certificate of Enterprise Registration (or Investment Certificate);

c) The translation with a Certificate in Certificate of Citizenship Certificate of the body of the production water confirmed the use of the seal for maritime safety tested in accordance with the provisions of the MSC.81 Resolution 81 (70) December 11, 1998 of the Organization. International maritime.

d) The organization ' s report, personally on the situation of the implementation of the Import License of the previous year, and the copy of the Import License (if available).

2. The Department of Transportation checks the profile, if the profile is incomplete by regulation, in the period 05 (year) day of work, since the date of receiving the file, the Department of Transport has an additional request text, complete the profile; if the file is full and valid under the specified rules. If you want to do that, then send a letter to the Ministry of Defense. During the 5-day period of work, since the date of receiving the text of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Defence (or the agency authorized by the Ministry of Defense) is responsible for responding in writing. During the 5-day period of work, since the date of receiving the text of the Ministry of Defence, if the Ministry of Defence agrees, the Ministry of Transport is licensed under the prescribed form at the Appendix issued by this of the organization, personally recommended. The case from the expiration of the text to the expiration of the accepted opinion at this paragraph without receiving the Ministry of Defense's opinion, the Ministry of Transport is based on the actual needs of the organization, the individual, the decision to grant the license. If it does not agree to grant, the Ministry of Transport must respond in writing and specify the reason for not granting a license.

3. The Ministry of Transport does not grant a license to import the flare for maritime safety in the following circumstances:

a) The types of flares for maritime safety have expired use or certificate of the origin of the signal for maritime safety due to the uncompetent authority.

b) The file offers a license to have a false sign.

c) The Defense Ministry does not agree.

d) The Ministry of Transport has clear reasons, rationing rejecting the granting of a license.

4. The validity deadline of the License: at the suggestion of the organization, the imported individual, but does not extend to the next year of the license year.

What? 6. Execs

This message has the enforcement effect since May 15, 2014 and replaces the Number One Decision. 20 /2006/QD-BGTVT May 4, 2006, of the Secretary of Transportation, which regulates the conditions, standards, and procedures granting the importation of the gun to the maritime safety.

What? 7. The organization performs

1. The Plan-Investment is the planning agency that performs the granting of a license to the organization, the prescribed individual at this Smart.

2. Chief of Staff, Chief Inspector of the Department, the Chief of Staff, Director General of the General Roads of Vietnam, Director of the Department of the Department of the Department, Head of the Agency, Organization and Personal Affairs are responsible for this information.



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