Circular 6/2014/tt-Bvhttdl: Regulations On Operating Condition Of Sports Facility Hosted Active Shooting Sports Supplements

Original Language Title: Thông tư 06/2014/TT-BVHTTDL: Quy định về điều kiện hoạt động của cơ sở thể thao tổ chức hoạt động bắn sung thể thao

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Number: 06 /2014/TT-BVHTTDL
Central, 4 June 2014


Q The operational conditions of the sports facility.

Sports shooting operation.


The School of Fitness Law, sports November 29, 2006;

The French base for management, use of weapons, explosive materials and digital support tools. 16 /2011/UBTVQH12 June 30, 2011;

Base of Protocol 112 /2007/NĐ-CP June 26, 2007 of the Government rules the details and guidelines for the implementation of some of the provisions of the Law of Fitness, Sports;

Base of Protocol 25 /2012/NĐ-CP April 5, 2012, the Government rules out certain provisions of the Ordinal Command, the use of weapons, explosive materials, and support tools;

The base of the decree. 69 /2008/NĐ-CP 30 May 2008 of the Government on Policy of Encouraging Socialization to activities in the field of education, vocational education, health, culture, sports, environment;

Base of Protocol 76 /2013/NĐ-CP 16 July 2013 by the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism;

At the suggestion of the Governor General of Sport,

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued a regulatory advisory on the specialized operating conditions of the sport facility that organizes sports shooting.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information provides details on the condition of professional activity on the facilities, equipment, professional staff of the sports facility that organizes sports shooting operations.

What? 2. Subject applies

It applies to organizations, individuals, and sports shooting in Vietnam.

What? 3. Level certificate is eligible for operation

1. The sports facility that operates sports shooting activities is that the business must have a business registration certificate; when the operation must be granted a certificate of sufficient business conditions under the regulatory procedure at paragraph 5 Article 55 of the Law of Fitness, sport.

2. Sports facilities when organizing a training exercise and sports high-achievement sports shooting must secure regulatory conditions at Article 43 of fitness, sports.

Chapter II


What? 4. Joint conditions on facilities and equipment, training equipment, and equipment.

1. There is a suitable shot field under the regulatory standard at Article 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 of this News.

2. Sound, noise does not exceed the limit allowing for noise according to the national technical standard. The sound measurement point, the noise is determined at the outside of the window or the wall surrounding the firing field and the entrance door of the sports facility.

3. The sports gun must be registered and licensed in accordance with the rule of law.


5. There ' s a medical room, which has a drug base and a tool that ensures initial evacuation operation.

6. There is a sports gun store that guarantees the standard by law.

7. There is a training area for training equipment and competition.

8. There is a changing area, sending clothes, toilets and parking areas.

9. With the process of tracking the process of using a gun, a sports bullet;

10. There are a staff of participants who practice their full name, year of birth, gender, residence, time of training, race, brand name, number of sports guns in use.

11. There are intraneous tables, including the following principal content:

a) The subject is trained;

b) The time of training;

c) The regulations guarantee safety when training, playing.

12. There is a guide to the use of a sports gun; the table cites legislation on the responsibility of athletes, coaches, and individuals involved in the use and preservation of a sports gun.

13. Make sure the time of operation, security of order, sanitation, environment, safety of labor, room, fire prevention pursuits to the rule of law.

14. Make sure the participants practice and compete with clothing, shoes, dedicated gloves on the standard of the World Gun Corps or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

What? 5. Joint specialization conditions for outdoor shooting distance 50m and distance 25m

1. Having a wall around the firing field is at least 20cm thick, height no less than the upper edge of the air fence above the front line to ensure safety.

2. There are beer glands and parallel firing lines together, which are on the same height, hard and flat.

3. There ' s a firing platform located behind the firing line; blocking the two-block from the cover, the transparent material.

4. The aerial barrier system is not in front of the firing line, which is secured by the layout of the person lying in the fire bed or kneeling at the firing line not seeing the sky.

5. Private exit from the line of fire on the line must have a safe roof and walls.

6. The area for spectators at the back of the line of fire, how the line fired at least 5m.

7. The shooter and beer must be numbered, starting with the number 1 from the left, the numbers must be large enough to be visible to the naked eye when standing at the firing line, odd numbers and even numbers are in colour, not reflected, unmasked by shade.

What? 6. The outdoor shooting event 50m

1. The length of the shooting range is not less than 60m (of which at least 45m outdoor) is designed to consist of 50m + 2m line of beer + 5m lines of fire + attendance area; the firing width is no less than 15m, guaranteed to contain no less than 10 mountings.

2. There ' s a funnel or bullet shield that is behind the beer, made of steel.

3. Have a beer machine, or a beer winch, or a roll used to change the shot.

4. Bed with a length of 2.2m, width of 0.8m, height of 0.8m or a shooting mat of 200cm, width of 80 cm, thickness is no less than 2mm but no greater than 50mm.

5. The beer is 75cm tall compared to the face of the firing pad.

6. The lightness of the light of the beer guarantees equal to or greater than 1500 lux.

7. The standard shot of the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

8. The pad surface has a length no less than 2.5m, the width is no less than 1.2m.

What? 7. Seven-foot outdoor shooting event

1. The shooting length is no less than 35m (of which at least 12.5m outdoor) is designed to include 25m + 3m line of beer + 5m lines of fire + attendance area; 50m + 2m line of beer + 5m line fire + attendance area; the shooting width is no less than 15m, ensuring It contains no less than 2 beer frames.

2. The beer frame reached the standard of the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

3. The barrel or the bullet funnel set in parallel and the way to frame the stele 1m aft; the surface of the shell-mounted surface is the following table.

4. The gun board has a surface length of 60cm, the surface width of 50cm and a tuning height of 70cm to 100cm.

5. The forward shell grid of the shooter has a length of 1.6m and width is 1.2m.

6. Has the timing device and the standard beer control of the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

7. The head of beer is 1.4m above the face with a gun fire.

8. Have a beer machine, or a beer winch, or a roll used to change the shot.

9. The standard shot of the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

What? 8. School shooting in the 10m house for steam rifles and short guns

1. The firing range of every dimension is not less than 20m; the length is designed to consist of 10m + 5m lines of fire + attendance area; the width guaranteed to contain 10 fire platforms, each one meter wide and one 1m apart.

2. The firing table has a height of 80cm, width of 60cm, which is long throughout the firing line, fixed to the line of the firing line.

3. Light in the house from 300 lux to 500 lux; in front of the beer from 1000 lux to 1500 lux.

4. Have a beer machine, or winch, or roll a beer used to change the shot.

5. The standard shot of the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

6. The heart of the beer at 1.4m above the face with a firing pad.

What? 9. School shooting in the 10m mobile beer

1. The field length of no less than 20m is designed to consist of 10m + 2m line of beer + 5m lines of fire + attendance area. The length of the firing field is not less than 10m, which is divided into two separate chambers, each of which each 3m wide enough to accommodate 1 frame of beer.

2. Beer shot, the standard brewing of the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

3. The exit from the line of fire on the route has a thickness of at least 2cm thick, at least 2m.

4. The firing table has a height of 0.8m, set to shoot 10 cm forward

5. Common light in the field of fire from 300 lux to 500 lux; in front of beer from 1000 lux to 1500 lux.

What? 10. Flying saucer field conditions

1. Build a firing direction in the north or east-north direction.

2. The firing field is less than 150m in size.

3. There ' s a wall around the high school 3m, 30cm thick.

4. Net safety net 3m set at the top of the wall surrounding the shooting field.

5. For Traap field: There is a moat to set the catapap and no less than 15 radio-controlled or manually operated.

6. For the Skeet shooting field: There are 2 shacks to set the catapriter; each of the hut sets 1 electronic or manual-controlled disk.

7. Make sure that the length of the plate from the plate generous to the firing position is not less than 15 m.

8. The distance from the firing position in the direction of firing to the surrounding wall is no less than 70m.

9. The position of the firing position has a 1m area. 2 , behind the 3m firing point there must be a location to move the location for the shooter.

10. There is a barrier to at least 7m at the back of the moving path between the audience and the firing area.

11. Earth-made shot with a diameter of 10cm in diameter.

What? 11. The conditions of building plastic bullets

1. The firing field is the size each dimension is less than 100m.

2. The wall surrounds the high school 3m high, 30cm thick, above the safety net of 3m.

3. Inside the firing field set at least 03 docked in one of the material: soil, wood, plastic.

What? 12. Conditions of cadres, specialist staff

1. The head of a sports gun operation facility must have a sports gymnast or have a professional certification of sports shooting by the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation, which has a clear and clear background of a sports rifle. does not belong to one of the following cases:

a) He is not yet young; he is restrained, or of a loss of the power of the people; he is addicted to the drug.

b) The criminal prosecution for which the authorities are conducting an investigation, prosecution, trial;

c) Who is being banned by the Tribunal for office, forbidding the practice of the industry, the business profession has conditions on security, order, prohibition; who is accepting prison punishment; who is accepting education in the commune, the ward, town or the measure. to the mandatory educational basis; the person who is accepting the decision to punish the administrative violation of the conduct of the organization of domestic or foreign organization; property, health, honor, the dignity of the citizens, of the foreigners; breach of order, security, and security. Society 02 has been up for 6 months but has not yet reached the level of criminal responsibility that has not been imposed on the rules of conduct. In paragraph 2 Article 94 of the law that handles the administrative breach;

d) The person who has the criminal record has not been cleared of the case of national security trespassing, serious crimes; he has a criminal record that has not been cleared of the crimes of the murder, the health of the human condition, and other crimes that are directly related to the crime. The business, the business, is conditional on security, order; the person who has been applied to administrative treatment, sanctipated administrative violations in the field of order, social security, but not enough time to be considered untreated for administrative violations.

2. There is a coach or a professional active instructor who guarantees one of the following standards:

a) As a coach, sports guide, or sport athlete who has an equal class of rank from the I level.

b) There is a degree in sports specialization shooting from the higher rank up;

c) There is specialized certification of sports shooting by the World Shooting Federation or the Vietnam Shooting Federation.

Each coach, the coach guide to training no more than 10 people per day.

3. There are warehouse security guards, where gun storage is guaranteed standard by regulation at Article 13 of the No. 13. 06 /2013/TTLT-BVHTTDL-BCA October 18, 2013 regulations, management, use of sports weapons in training and sport.

Chapter III


What? 13.

1. The overall sports department has a responsibility for guidance, examining the implementation of this Information.

2. Inspector of Culture, Sports and Tourism conducts inspection, handling by the authority of organizations, individuals, when the organization operates sports shooting violations of the regulations in this privacy.

3. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Provinces, the Central City of Central and the Vietnam Fire Federation is responsible for the organization's implementation.

What? 14. Effect of execution

1. This message came into effect on 1 August 2014.

2. The sport facility that organizes the sports shooting operation has been operational but has not yet guaranteed the conditions under the provisions of this Notice to complement, fining professional conditions for the 6-month period from the date of this date valid for execution.

3. In the course of execution, if the birth is entangled, suggest the agencies, organizations, individuals in time to reflect on the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to study, timely resolution.



Your Majesty.