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Circular 23/2014/tt-Bnnptnt: Guide The Implementation Of Decree No. 36/2014/nd-Cp On 29/4/2014 Of The Government On Raising, Processing And Export Of Fish Products Inspection

Original Language Title: Thông tư 23/2014/TT-BNNPTNT: Hướng dẫn thực hiện Nghị định số 36/2014/NĐ-CP ngày 29/4/2014 của Chính phủ về nuôi, chế biến và xuất khẩu sản phẩm cá Tra

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Number: 23 /2014/TT-BNPTNT
Hanoi, July 29, 2014


Oh. We ' re going to do a digital decree 36 /2014/ND-CP April 29, 2014

of the Government on the raising, processing and exporting of the fish products


Base of Protocol 199 /2013/NĐ-CP 26 November 2013 of the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;

Base of Protocol 36 /2014/ND-CP April 29, 2014 of the Government on Livestock Farming, processing and exporting of the product.

At the suggestion of the Chief Directorate General of Fisheries and the Bureau of Quality Management of the Food and Fisheries of Agriculture and Fisheries;

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the Navigation Protocol Implementation of the Fourth Protocol. 36 /2014/ND-CP April 29, 2014 of the Government on Breeding, Processing, and exporting of the product.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information instructs the implementation of the adoption of the feeding conditions, the licensing of the number of registered facilities and the confirmation of the registration of the commercial test; quality checks, food safety in processing, product export, and validation of the product export contract. The carp.

What? 2. Subject applies

It applies to the organization, the Vietnamese personally and the organization, the foreign individual that is involved in livestock, processing, and export-related activities on Vietnamese territory.

Chapter II



What? 3. Level the number of adoption facilities and confirm the registration of the commercial carp.

1. Principles:

a) The adoption facility in the planning approved by the People ' s Commission is granted the number of identification codes;

b) A facility with multiple ponds is granted multiple adoption numbers, each of which is granted a unique identifier;

c) The number of adoption and adoption databases is granted only when the first registration or registration is again;

d) The implementation of the first identification number registration and registration code is performed independently or at the same time as the confirmation of the registration of the aquarium.

Registered commercial carpets include registration of area and livestock production.

2. The identification of the identifier number:

It consists of 11 numbers and has a structure. AA-BB-CCCC-DDD In it:

a) AA : Provincial codes, central-central cities apply in aquacoreal farming management (according to Annex 1 issued by this Information);

b) BB : The adopted object code (for an investigator is 01);

c) CCCC : The order number is issued from 0001 to 9999;

d) DDD : The number of self-raising of the facility ' s fish, issued in order from 001 to 999.

For example, the number of identification numbers in the aquarium fish in the province of the Tower is shown as follows: 87-01-0008-009

Of these: 87 is the Bronze Tower number code; 01 is an individual number of numbers; 0008 is the order number, 009 is the base number of the base.

3. Department of aquacal aquacocierture management agency identification number identification number, confirmed registration of a commercial carp.

4. Record-level registration number identification number and registration of the commercial carp:

a) Independent registration cases, records include: Registration license number identification number (by Appendix 2) And you ' re looking at a pet-built pond built by the owner of the facility, or the 02-copy of the commercial carp. (according to Annex 3 issued by this message) ()

b) The case of registration at the same time, the filing is: The registration license number identification number identifier (by Appendix 2) And you ' re in the face of a pet-built pond built by the owner of the facility. (according to Annex 3 issued by this message) .

5. Presentation sequence:

a) Slowly at the time before the 20-day release date, the owner of the pet owner is responsible for registering a number of adoptholders (the first or reregistered) and the registration of a commercial carp with the Provincial Aquacoproduction Authority;

b) The owner of the custody of 1 sets of records in accordance with Article 4 directly or via the Post Office on the Provincial Irrigation Management Authority;

c) Since the date received the profile, during the period of no more than 01 working days for the file filed directly and no more than 2 days of work on the file filed through the post office, the Provincial Marine Cultivation Management Agency instructs the facility to replenel the contents. Lack or lack of regulation;

d) During the period of no more than 05 days of work since the date of receiving valid records, the Department of Marine Cultivation Management Authorities issued a certificate code identification number ID. (by Appendix 4) and confirm the Commercial Personal Registered Registration Paper, save 1 copies and pay the owner of the registry 1 directly or via the post office. In the absence of an unrecognized number of ownership identification codes or does not confirm the registration of a commercial carp, the Provincial Aquacal Management Authority must respond to the basis of the basis by writing, stating the reason and not returning the case.

6. Register the identifier number again:

a) The cases must be made to reregister: When changing the owner of the pet or changing the area of the pond or the item in the position of a pond;

b) The procedure, the procedure for registration again as the first register: By paragraph 4, paragraph 5 This.

What? 4. Check out the commercial fish pet facility

1. Check out the commercial fish farming facility: Done in accordance with Article 4 Digital Protocol 36 /2014/ND-CP April 29, 2014 of the Government on Breeding, Processing and exporting of the Catfish Product (later called the Digital Protocol) 36 /2014/ND-CP ) and Digital News 14 /2011/TT-BNPTNT March 29, 2011 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regulates the inspection, evaluation of the manufacturing facility, agricultural supplies business, and fisheries agricultural products (the following this is called Digital Digital). 14 /2011/TT-BNPTNT).

2. Check out the registration of the identification number identification and registration of the commercial carp.

a) Check out the registration code registration information and registration of the commercial carp in conjunction with the audit activity according to Digital Information. 14 /2011/TT-BNPTNT;

b) The case of detection of an incorrect or misleading basis for information about the pond site, an area of adoption or use of a captive identification number, an untrue commercial registration paper with registered adopts, the adoption agency. Water-level aquatic plants in time have the measure to be corrected, recuperated; reports the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the General Directorate of Fisheries overtaking the jurisdiction to handle the regulation; simultaneously informed the Vietnam Fish Association and publicly on the site. The media.

Chapter III



What? 5. Check out the processing facility conditions and food safety certification for the carmaker ' s product.

1. The inspection, certification of the fully qualified basis for food safety on the basis of the processing of the domestic consumption of the domestic consumption carried out by regulation at Article 5, Article 6 of the Digital Protocol. 36 /2014/ND-CP and Digital News 14 /2011/TT-BNPTNT.

2. The inspection, safety food safety certification is carried out by regulation at Article 5, Article 6 of the Census of Numbers. 36 /2014/ND-CP and Digital News 48 /2013/TT-BNPTNT December 12, 2013 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regulates the inspection, certification of food fisheries food (after this is called Digital Information). 48 /2013/TT-BNPTNT).

What? 6. Quality test, chemical use, additiation, processing support and labeling for the product of personal carp.

1. The test agency:

a) the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Quality Management and units issued by the Bureau of Mission or authorize inspection of the export of the export fish processing;

b) The Department of Agricultural Quality Management and the Department of Provincial Fisheries carried out inspections for the basis of the fish consumption of domestic consumption.

2. Check contents:


b) Check out the use of chemicals, additization, processing support, labeling in accordance with the regulations of Vietnam and the importing water;

c) Check out the quality of the secured fish products in accordance with the standard, technical regulation has been applied by the public;

d) Take the sample, test the ice-plated rate indicators, water content.

3. Form of audits: Implematization of regulation at Article 48 of the Quality of Product, commodity; the Head of the Agency inspects the decision to form a test corps.

4. Check method:

a) Check out the case, document, and actual conditions related to the process of producing the product according to the specified content at paragraph 2;

b) The method of determining the density of the density, the ice-plating ratio: by the Standards of 165-1989 (Modified 1-1995) of the Codex Commission-Codex Standards for the fast-shape-fast frozen fish, ground fish meat and mixed fish mixture and ground meat (Codex Stand). 165-1989 (Rev. 1-1995)-Codex Standard for quick frozen blocks of fish fillets, minced fish flesh and mixtures of fillets and minced fish flesh);

c) Methods of determining water content: Built on methods: Official method number 983.18-Meat, meat product, sample preparation method (Official Method N) o 983.18-Meat and meat products, Preparation of test sample process); Official method number 950.46-Water content in meat-Method A (Official Method N) o 950.46-Moisture in meat-Method A) of the Association of Orthodox Analytical Chemists (AOAC). The test room and the analytical method must be recognized with the standard TCVN ISO/IEC 17025:2007 standard or equivalent and is evaluated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

5. Test frequency:

a) Check-a: Apply under the frequency of periodic examination of the food safety guarantee specified in the Digital Information 48 /2013/TT-BNPTNT and Digital News 14 /2011/TT-BNPTNT;

b) Breakthrough Examination: Apply to the facility with a sign of violation of regulation at Article 6 Digital Protocol 36 /2014/ND-CP or the facility that has lots of shipments of state authorities imported by the state authorities in paragraph 4 Article 9 of the digital decree 36 /2014/ND-CP.

6. Location of inspection: At the processing area, storage area, where the product is preserved by the facility.

7. Presentation procedure:

a) The decision to examine;

b) conduct examination of the specified content at paragraph 2;

c) Set up the audit;

d) inform the host and report the inspection of the test results;

We have a violation of the breach in accordance with Article 7 of this.

What? 7. Deal with violations of the quality of the product

1. The audit corps compacts the administrative breach and reports the Agency for inspection; depending on the nature, the level of violation, the Agency for inspection:

a) Statistics, sealing out plots of infraction products, requires the basis of the processing of the individual to implement the remedied, repair measures to ensure the quality of the product accordingly before the market. The infraction product after remediation, repairs must be checked by the Agency for sampling, testing to be examined before making the market;

b) The suspension of the batch of personal product investigators violates the water content, ice plating and product labeling;

c) A mechanism for the destruction or purpose of use for an individual product that violates the regulations of chemical use, additization, processing support.

2. After the inspection of the Examination Agency that the facility for the Inspection Mechanism has no reports or reports of remediation, unsuitable repairs, the Agency inspects a breakthrough test for the facility. The case of a continuing violation of the test has been on the basis of the 7-day period of work, since the date of the conclusion of the next breach of the facility, the Agency for Public Information Investigation on the popular media name, address the basis of the test. the product name and the non-requirement of quality, food safety.

3. After being publicly informed on the mass information that the facility ' s processing facility continues to violate, the Temporary Inspection Agency produces only unsuitable products and the petition for the authority to process by the rule of law on the treatment of the public. Administrative violations in the fields of food and quality, commodity products.

4. The case of the importing water authority for the import of a temporary import of a product of an individual, a food safety, an inspection, and the basis of an inspection. correction and notify the Vietnam Aquarium Society for a prescribed treatment.

What? 8. Cost of inspection, sampling and testing

1. The cost of testing, sampling of the ice-plated rate indicators, water content, and labeling in the production of the production of the test by the Inspection Examination. Sampling and testing costs are set up in the regular operating budget of the Test Authority.

2. The case of a Regulatory Agency concluded the Regulation Facility at Article 6 Digital Protocol 36 /2014/ND-CP then the owner of the facility must pay the cost of testing, sampling and testing the product (including the operation of the test, sampling the test, test during the examination of the test reporting results of the remedied, repair of the facility) to the Agency for inspection. It ' s the same regulation at Article 41 The Product Quality Law, the commodity.

Chapter IV


What? 9. Confirification of registration of an individual product export

1. Organization for the Society of Vietnam.

2. Form of validation: Direct on the registration of the contract for the export of the carp product.

3. The effect of confirming the export contract: 12 months from the date of the confirmation.


a) The registration certificate for the export of a fish product (02 copies) (by Appendix 5) and the specified file component at point b, c, d, paragraph 3 Article 8 Decree No. 8 36 /2014/ND-CP;

b) The legal copy stipulated at the b, c, d, clause 3 Article 8 digital decree 36 /2014/ND-CP is a copy of the stamped copy of the trader who posted the export contract.

5. Presentation and returns results:

a) The way the filing is filed: The owner of the filing is filed by regulation at paragraph 4 directly, the Fax version, online registration, or via the postal route of the Vietnam Aquarium Association;

b) self-execution: Do in accordance with Article 8 Digital Protocol 36 /2014/ND-CP;

c) The form of the resulting returns: Pay directly or through the mail line.

6. The effective case confirmed the contract export contract expires or has a change of information at section II, section III Annex 5 issued by this Smart, the merchant has responsibility for resigning of the export of an individual product export; profile, presentation and product. Self-registration, self-registration.

What? 10. Handout the results of test conditions on the registration of the export product export contract

When receiving the notification of the governing body on the violation of the facility owner or the trader stipulated at Article 4, Article 5, Article 6, Article 7 This information is the Vietnam Personal Association:

1. Notice to the facility owner, trader on violations and pause confirmation of the contract export of the next personal carp product until the violations have been overcome and confirmed by the regulatory authority;

2. Report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to handle the regulation.

Chapter V.


What? 11. The responsibility of the state governing bodies

1. Fisheries Directorate:

a) The Chair, in coordination with the relevant units that organizes the guidance, inspection, oversight of this Information;

b) Construction, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development approved of the adoption planning, the processing of the carp;

c) Directed by, local guidelines examine the conditions of production, business, and the quality of the input item in the aquarium and the implementation of the source of the source of the raw material;

d) Overall, database storage of the number of stock identification codes, area and production of commercial carpets;

e) Building a plan, the annual budget bill of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development approving the activities of instruction, inspection, and oversight of this information.

2. Department of Food and Fisheries Quality Management:

a) The organization performs quality testing, food safety in the processing, exporting of the prescribed fish products at this Information;

b) Construction of the plan, which envisage the annual budget bill of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development approved for quality examination, safety of the food product food;

c) presided over, in collaboration with the Organization of Fisheries Organization to perform the statistical product statistics of the unfulfilled frozen vet in point b, c paragraph 3 Article 6 Decree 36 /2014/ND-CP The inventory of the processing facilities, the export.

3. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development:

a) Organization, implementation of this message on the table of management;

b) Control, the Provincial People ' s Committee, the city approves the planning of local fish-raising details;

c) Directoring the local aquacal cultivation management agency in the organization of the test involved in the operation of a commercial carp operation and carrying out the granting of the number of animal identification, confirmed the registration of a commercial carp; aggregation of conditional test results The basis of commercial carpets, the basis of business production, the quality of the input in the aquarium.

d) Every year building plans, funding costs from the budget source for the adoption of the number of adoption codes, confirmed the registration of commercial fish, inspection, monitoring, monitoring, processing and management of the quality of the product, the VietGAP application. The authorities have the authority to approve;

) Update the area database, production of fish and the number of identification of the ponds; the monthly, quarter, year of the Fisheries Directorate's report, and the announcement to the Vietnam Examination Society.

What? 12. The responsibility of the Vietnam Detective Association

1. The organization makes confirmation of the registration of the export-based individual product export contract.

2. Public access to the profile, the registration process confirms the registration of the export-product export contract.

3. The standard regulation and the publication of the list of persons eligible to sign the registration of the registration of the individual product export contract.

4. Statistics, monthly, precious, five reports of the General Department of Fisheries, the Food and Fisheries Administration of Agricultural Agriculture and Fisheries on the situation to register the export of carp products.

What? 13. The responsibility of the owner of livestock, processing, export

1. The owner of the commercial carp:

a) Register the number of registered facility identification number and registration of the commercial carp in accordance with this Information;

b) Provides the registration of the commercial fish for the organization, the individual procurement, the prescribed fish processing.

2. The facility of processing and traders export the carp product:

a) The implementation of the confirmation of the contract for the export of the carp product according to the regulation at this message;

b) Do quality control, food safety food products by regulation at the Digital Protocol (s). 36 /2014/ND-CP;

c) Coordination, facilitation, meet the inspection requirements of the Test Corps, the Examination Authority;

d) Pay the cost of sampling and product testing for the regulatory inspection body at paragraph 2 Article 8 This article;

In the event of the destruction of the goods, the violation of the facility must be subject to all costs for the destruction of goods and is responsible for the consequences of the destruction of goods under the rule of law.

What? 14. The transition clause

1. Since this Private Day is in effect, the livestock feed facility must carry out the registration of the area and the production of the commercial carp. The granting of the adoption of the adoption figure was made when the provinces, the city completed the sweep, approved the local fish-raising details.

2. Record for export contract:

a) From this date of this private day effective until May 31, 2015, the record registration contract export contract is carried out in accordance with the regulation at point a, d, clause 3 Article 8 The Digital Protocol. 36 /2014/ND-CP;

b) Since 1 June 2015, traders when registering a contract export contract must submit their records in accordance with Article 4 of this Article 9.

3. Cold-frozen cartrium products store with ice plating rates and higher water content specified at point b, paragraph 3 Article 6 of the Decree. 36 /2014/ND-CP is continuing to export until 31 December 2014 if the requirement for quality, food safety of the imported water but the export trader and the fisheries processing facility must carry out statistics, reported in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Agricultural Quality Management. Forest and Fisheries.

What? 15.

1. This message came into effect from September 12, 2014.

2. The text that is shown to apply at this message when modified, supplemable or substitution is shown to apply according to the revised, complementary or substitution text.

3. In the course of this announcement, if there is difficulty, the entanging of the agencies, the organization, the individual reflects in time to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for research, review ./.



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