Circular 27/2014/tt-Bgddt To: Enact Regulations Of Professional Admission

Original Language Title: Thông tư 27/2014/TT-BGDĐT: Ban hành Quy chế tuyển sinh trung cấp chuyên nghiệp

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Number: 27 /2014/TT-BGDT
Hanoi, August 11, 2014


This is a highly specialized level of recruitment. p


The Education Law Base June 14, 2005; The Amendment Law, which complements some of the provisions of the Education Law November 25, 2009;

Base of Protocol 36 /2012/NĐ-CP April 18, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry, the peer-to-peer body;

Base of Protocol 32 /2008/NĐ-CP March 19, 2008 by the Government Regulation, mandate, authority, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Education and Training;

Base of Protocol 75 /2006/NĐ-CP August 2, 2006 the Government regulates the details and guidelines of some of the provisions of the Education Law; the digital decree. 31 /2011/NĐ-CP May 11, 2011 of the Government amended, complements some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol. 75 /2006/NĐ-CP August 2, 2006 the Government regulates the details and guidelines of some of the provisions of the Education Law; the digital decree. 07 /2013/NĐ-CP January 9, 2013 the Government on the Amendment to Point 13 Article 1 of the Decree 31 /2011/NĐ-CP May 11, 2011 of the Government amended, complements some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol. 75 /2006/NĐ-CP August 2, 2006 the Government regulates the details and guidelines for some of the provisions of the Education Law;

On the recommendation of the Minister of Professional Education,

The Minister of Education and Training issued the Professional Professional Enrollment Statute.

Article 1 . It is accompanied by this Smart Professional Enrollment System.

Article 2 . It has been in effect since 25 September 2014. This information replaces the number decision. 06 /2006/QD-BGDT March 17, 2006, of the Minister of Education and Training enacted the Professional High School Enrollment And Numerical Decision. 08 /2007/QĐ-BGDT April 6, 2007 on the revision of some of the provisions of the Professional High-level Admissions Statute with Decision No. 1. 06 /2006/QD-BGDT March 17, 2006, of the Minister of Education and Training.

Third. . Chief of the Office, the Chief of Professional Education, the Head of the relevant units of the Ministry of Education and Training; Director of the Education and Training Department; Rector of Professional Secondary Schools, The Head of other educational institutions that have training and training. The professional level is in charge of this.



Professional Senior.

(The Board is attached to the Digital Information 27 /2014/TT-BGDT On August 11, 2014

of the Minister of Education and Training)

Chapter I


What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. This statute provides for professional intermediate enrollment (TCCN) consisting of: General regulation and specific regulation of admissions work; matrices and summons in matrices; reporting and storage mode; reward and breach of violation.

2. This statute applies to TCCN schools and other educational institutions that have TCCN-level training (later known as schools), organizations, individuals involved in the implementation of the TCCN enrollment.

3. This statute does not apply to the admissions of TCCN to study abroad.

What? 2. Student Business Management

1. The Ministry of Education and Training (GDT) is the only uniformed director of the TCCN enrollment.

2. Ministers, peer agencies, government agencies (then collectively known as ministries), the industry; the Provincial People's Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, is responsible for directing, guiding the schools directly implementing the TCCN enrollment regulations.

What? 3. Inspector, inspection, monitoring of admissions

1. The admissions inspection operation carried out the current regulation of the organization and the inspection operation of the exams issued by the Minister of GDT.

The Minister, the Head of the Council, the Government of the Government, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, directed the inspection and organization of the inspectors in accordance with the state management hierarchy of education.

Chief Inspector GDT, the Chief Inspector of the GDT Department makes the decision to make an inspection, a jury or an independent inspector general in order to conduct a prescribed admissions inspector. In case of necessity, the Minister of GDT, the Director of the GDT, decides to check and establish the inspection team.

2. The schools are responsible for the self-organizing of inspectors, testing, monitoring of enrollment.

3. In the year of enrollment, people with relatives (wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters, siblings) at school were not involved in the inspection, inspection, monitoring of the stitches in the admissions work at that school.

What? 4. Draft Form

1. The TCCN Elector includes the following forms:


b) Combine the results of the exam and the exam.

2. Based on the specific characteristics, properties, and requirements of the training industry, on the basis of the admissions board (HĐTS), the principal of the school may determine the pre-examination of the pre-election process.

What? 5. Time for enrollment and public information

1. The schools may hold one or more admissions starting on 1 February and the end of the slog enrollment before December 20 each year. The enrollment period, the number of admissions in the year due to the rector of the decision schools.

The organization of the enrollment done on the basis of the admissions index has been determined by regulation. Only the year's enrollment was applied only in that year.

2. Before each enrollment at least 30 days, the public schools publicly announced the admissions information on the school's electronic information page and other public news media. The public published content includes at least the following information: Enrollment Subjects, enrollment, admissions only, draft conditions, draft criteria, talent competition content (if available), draft records, enrollment times, region, and more. Enrollment (if any), the training sector, the form of training, training time, training venue, tuition, and other content (if any).

What? 6. Draft conditions

1. The contestant with all the following conditions is expected to enter the TCCN:

a) Having graduated from junior high school (THCS), high school (THPT) (or equivalent) comes up depending on the school ' s training program;

b) Achiking the preliminary requirements (if the draft to the school has a preliminary regulation);

c) The full blisters, correct case duration and the prescribed enrollment fee;

d) Other conditions (if any) due to the rector of the prescribed fields.

2. Draft conditions for cadres, civil officials, officials, workers who are working at the agencies, units, state-owned enterprises, political organizations, social political organizations; military workers, citizens of the army; foreigners:

a) To ensure that the conditions are specified at this one;

b) Officer, civil, and worker (if used by the state budget go to school) are working at the agencies, units, state enterprises, political organizations, social political organizations that are expected to have been competent by the body chief. Yes, yes.

c) The military and public personnel at the military are expected to enter schools by the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Public Security after having been granted the authority to approve consent;

d) For the contestant being foreign, there is aspirations to learn TCCN in Vietnam: The headmaster of school-based school results in the student spectrum (point sheet), the results of examination of knowledge and Vietnamese prescribed by the school to review, decide. The students go to school.

3. People who are not joined in the draft:

a) Do not guarantee the stipulation conditions at paragraph 1, paragraph 2 of this;

b) not the law of the military service;

c) In the time of criminal execution;

d) to be deprived or disciplined for less than 12 months from the date of the signing of the bill to the date of the draft.

What? 7. The policy of preference in admissions

1. Election Policy

The principal of the field of opinion schools of the school HĐTS to decide whether to be straight for the following subjects:

a) Hero of Labour, Hero of the People ' s Armed Forces, the All-National Circuit Warrior who graduated from THCS, THPT (or equivalent);

b) The person who had been in the draft and matriced in the TCCN school but that year had the order to move military service or to youth in focus, now complete the obligation, be served, discharged if there are sufficient health conditions and standards, There ' s a complete selection of valid papers to go to school at the previous school that was elected without a draft or re-examination.

c) The award-winning contestant is encouraged to go up in the Olympic exams, the engineering sciences contest, the chosen students from the provincial level to the organization. If the contestant does not graduate, THPT or THCS will be preserved after graduation.

The students ' discipline was given priority consideration for the award-making contestant;

d) The award-winning contestant is encouraged to return in sport competitions, sports from the provincial level to the organization being recruited straight into the gymnast, sports, or gymnast, sports of each school according to the rules of each school;

Contestants won from the promotion of the arts, dance, music from the provincial level onward to the organization of the arts, arts, or the arts, the arts, or the arts. of each school;

e) The contestant has a certificate of disability under the regulation of the Law of Disabled Persons; the child of an antimized resistance activist, the consequences of the consequences of the toxicology that are enjoying the monthly allowance; the wounded, the patient, who has "the certificate." " The headmaster of schools in the student's high school, the health and the requirements of the training industry for consideration, the decision to cast in school;

g) The contestant has a permanent residence from three years or three years or three years, and graduated from THPT, or in four years, and graduated from THCS in poor districts (the student of the civil-family populate), as of the date of the filing of the election sign. regulation at Resolution 30a/2008/NQ-CP on December 27, 2008 Government of the Government on the Program Assistance Program to reduce poverty and sustainability on 62 poor districts and Decision No. 293/QĐ-TTg on 05 February 2013 by the Prime Minister on supporting possible assistance. target from the central budget for 23 districts with high rates of high poverty imposed on the mechanism, infrastructure investment policy by the regulation of the No. 1 Resolution No. 30a/2008/NQ-CP of the Fast and Sustainable Poverty alleviation Program for 62 poor districts; contestants are very few people by Decision No. 2123/QĐ-TTg on 22 November 2010 of the Prime Minister approv. the very few people of 2010-2015 and the participants of 20 border poverty districts, the islands of the Southwest Region;

h) The graduate student of THCS, THPT (or equivalent) has a fairly well-earned rating and the sump point of the two in math, the senior year term reaches 6.0 points, one of the following subjects:

+ Son of a martyr;

+ The wounded, the soldier, the son of the policy beneficiary, as the wounded wounded from 81% or more;

+ Orphans both parents.

2. Preface policy

a) The first priority group (HT1) consists of objects:

-Subject 01: Vietnamese citizens are ethnic minorities with a permanent residence in particularly difficult hamlet, sector I, II, III of the ethnic and mountainous regions of 2012-2015 stipulated at Decision No. 447 /QĐ-UBDT on 19 September 2016. 2013 of the Minister, Chairman of the National Committee; Decision No. 539/QĐ-TTg on April 1, 2013 by the Prime Minister on the approval of the list of special communes of the Coastal Zone and the 2013-2015 period.

-Subject 02: Direct employment worker who has worked continuously for the next three years, including at least 01 years as a racer, ministry, industry, and commendation.

-Subject 03:

+ Troops, citizens of the people who are sent to study for 12 months of service in the area of the 1st;

+ Troops, citizens of the people who have been sent to study for the duration of 18 months or more.

+ The men, the citizens of the people who have been discharged, are recognized to fulfill the duty of service in accordance with regulations;

+ People who do international duty;

+ The man with the help of the revolution.

-Subject 04:

+ Son of a martyr;

+ The wounded wounded from 81% or more;

+ The patient lost the labor force from 81% or more;

+ The Son of the recipient of the "Certificate of Policy Recipient as a Merchant Who is granted a policy beneficiary as a wounded soldier with a reduced capacity of 81% or more";

The Son of the Hero of the Armed Forces, the son of the Hero of the Labour.

The Sons of the Heroes of the Resistance during the time of the resistance;

+ The child of an antiwar activist with a toxic chemical infection has a decline in labor capacity from 81% or more.

b) The 2 (T2) priority group consists of objects:

-Subject 05:

+ Young people in the middle class are sent to school;

+ The military, the citizens of the people who are sent to study for a period of service under 18 months, are not in area 1;

+ The commander, commander of the military command of the townsfolk, the town; Thon the captain, the leader of the army, self-defense, self-defense militias have completed their duty to join the army in self-defense from 12 months or more, a draft of the military base.

-Subject 06:

+ Vietnamese citizens are ethnic minorities with a permanent residence outside the specified area of the first priority group;

+ The wounded soldier, the patient, the son of the beneficiary of the policy, as the wounded wounded by 81%;

+ The children of the active resistance activist who are infected with toxic chemicals have a labor impairment rate of less than 81%;

The Son of the revolutionary activist, the prisoner of war, the prisoner of war,

+ The Son of the active resistance to the liberation of the nation, protecting the country and doing international duty;

+ The son of the man with the help of the revolution.

-Subject 07:

+ The elite worker of all the economic components that are from the provincial level, the central city (collectively known as the provincial level), the ministry, the industry becomes recognition of the title of good craftsman, artisans, issued by the General Staff of the General Staff. The Vietnam Labor Corps or the China TNCS Central Committee;

+ Teachers have joined the teaching for three years or more (as of the date of the draft) to participate in teacher training;

+ Nurse, nurses, nursing, nursing, medical technician, medicine, medicine, medicine, medicine, medicine, medicine.

+ You have a very difficult situation.

-Other special priority subjects participating in the enrollment in the TCCN: The schools report the Department GDT to consider the decision.

3. The priority policy in the region

a) The continuous and graduate school of THCS, THPT (or equivalent) in which area the priority is in that area. If there is a transfer in the school years, the time to study in the area is longer than that of that area. If you learn a school or a half-school year at this school, half the time at school is a graduate school, preferable to that area.

In the absence of a non-school permanent area, the participants who have to study at a closed school in the area have a lower priority than where the permanent residence is preferred according to the permanent resident area.

This provision applies to all contestants, including the contestant who graduated from before the five TCCN matrices.

b) The following cases enjoy the area in accordance with the permanent residence:

-Students in the national public schools.

-School students, reserve classes;

-Students for the open-source classes are opened according to decision of ministries, peer agencies or provincial UBND;

-The men, the citizens of the people, were sent for the draft, if they were stationed from 18 months or more in the area, the priority of that area or the permanent residence before enlistenate, depending on which area had a higher priority; if under 18 months. Regional priority according to permanent residence before enlistation;

-Students who have a permanent residence in particularly difficult hamlet, Zone I, II, III of the ethnic and mountainous regions of 2012-2015 were prescribed at Decision No. 447 /QĐ-UBDT on 19 September 2013 by the Minister of National Affairs; Decision of the Prime Minister's 539/QĐ-TTg on April 1, 2013, by the Prime Minister's approval of the list of communes of the coastal region and the 2013-2015 period, if either THCS or THPT at the site of the district, the town has the communes.

c) The enrollment areas are divided as follows:

-Area 1 (KV1) includes: Difficult Villages, Region I, II, III of the ethnic and mountainous regions of 2012-2015 and the particularly difficult communes of the coastal and coastal area of 2013-2015 under current regulation;

-Area 2-rural (KV2-NT): Local non-KV1, KV2, KV3;

-Region 2 (KV2) consists of: Cities of the province; communes; the suburban districts of the central city (except for the communes of KV1);

-Region 3 (KV3) consists of: The inner city districts of the Central City. The KV3 is not a priority area of the area.

4. The priority frame according to the audience and the admissions area

The score difference between the next two groups of objects is 1.0 (one) point, between the two successive regions of 0.5 (half) point.

5. The policy of a straight selection and policy of preference by the specified object at paragraph 1, paragraph 2, This is done as follows:

a) The contestant achieved a number of standards that only enjoyed a standard of highest priority;

b) The contestant is a straight-up, but does not use the right to be elected straight if the TCCN is in the form of a matrices or in a given form, according to the school's regulations at the sum of the contestants ' matrices;

c) Every year, the draft contestant is a straight draft audience as a sign for a straight draft sign (a straight draft sign, a policy-based demonstration document), directly submitted to the school for registration. The school records.

What? 8. Procedto and registration records

1. Draft registration (DKDT)

a) Based on the school 's admissions plan, the KDT contestant enters the school' s academic industry in accordance with its aspirations, abilities and conditions;

b) The contestant may register for one or more schools via the admissions register.

The admissions registration form issued by the school releases and posts on the unit ' s electronic information page, the admissions register must have a minimum of information about the contestants as follows: They and their names, date of birth, ethnicity, permanent escort, where they are born. study each year THPT (THCS), where graduates of THPT (THCS), the draft register, priority object, report address.

2. KDT Profile:


b) A valid copy of the types of required paperwork depends on the requirements and criteria for each school's selection or exam criteria.

3. The procedure to file KDT records and enrollment fees

The contestant is willing to expect the TCCN to enter the school and file a fee for the school. The procedure filed for KDT by the President of the School of Regulation and publicly posted on the school's electronic information page and other public information media.

What? 9.

The contestant secured the following conditions, the entrance to the selected field:

1. Achiking a preliminary requirement (for a preliminary field).

2. Achive the conditions of the matrices specified by the specified field for each object, according to each region.

3. filed enough file and DKDT fees.

What? 10. The contestants ' responsibility for the selection

1. The correct declaration, submit enough records and enrollment fees on the school registration school during the school ' s regulatory period, at the same time the timing of the regulation time at the DDT field when required.

2. There ' s a responsibility to detect, denounce the phenomena that violate the Enrollment Statute for HTS processing in time.

3. For the draft contestant in the form of the talent exam, in addition to the implementation of the student ' s responsibility for the student in the selection stipulated at the Regulation, the contestant must also perform the contestant's responsibility in the selection. It's a plan for the student body to be born.

What? 11. Organization, mission and powers of the Student Council

Every year, for schools to have an enrollment, the principal decides to establish HTS to run the work related to the admissions work.

1. Component

a) Chairman: Headmaster or vice chancellor are authorized by the rector;

b) Vice President: Vice Chancellor or Head of Training;

c) Permanent Commissioner: Head or Deputy Head of Training or Examine (if any);

d) Commissioners: The principal decided.

People who have relatives (husbands; children; brothers, sisters, sisters) matrices in school that year are not allowed to participate in HTS.

2. The mission and the powers of the HTS

a) Public announces declaration of admissions;

b) The organization performs the examination or examination of the natural talent under the provisions of this Regulation;

c) Thu and use the prescribed enrollment fee;

d) Resolve questions and complaints related to the admissions period;

Decision or offer of commendation, discipline in admissions;

e) Total admissions, reports on the Ministry of GDT and the governing body.

3. The mission and the powers of the President of the HTS

a) The establishment of HTS 's work boards in accordance with the school' s admissions work, including:

-Board of Secretariat; the Board of Appeals; the Board of Appeals, the Board of Examination, the Board of Exams (for the gifted entrance exam);

-Other boards (if available) provided by the President of HTS on the basis of opinion by HĐTS members;

The structure, quantity, composition, function, mandate, powers to the work departments of the HĐTS are provided by the President of the LTS on the basis of the opinions of HTS members.

People who have relatives (husbands; children; children, sisters, siblings) matrices in school that year are not joined by HTS ' s work boards.

b) Common, guide, organization implementing the enrollment under the regulation of this Statin;

c) Decision and is responsible for all of the work related to the admissions of the school.

4. Vice President HTS helps Chairman HTS perform tasks assigned by Chairman HTS and replace Chairman HTS addressing the job when Chairman of the HTS is authorized.

Chapter II


Item 1


What? 12. General Regulation

1. The schools only exercise the form of a draft (except for the gifted training) to recruit.

2. If a case of multiple types of subjects then must determine the criteria for each type of object.

3. Content for selection, criteria for selection by President HĐTS on the basis of the bases prescribed at Article 13 of this Regulation and the opinions of the members of the HTS, which is consistent with the admissions audience, characteristics, requirements of the training industry.

What? 13.

1. For the graduate student THCS, THPT (or equivalent):

On the basis of the opinions of HTS members, the Chairman of the Base Schools enters the content below to select the selection criteria, which can calculate the number for the content that needs priority:

a) The results of the recognition, the classification of THCS, THPT (or equivalent) of the contestant;

b) learning results, training in THCS, THPT (or equivalent) of the contestant;

c) The college entrance exam, the student's college.

2. For graduates of vocational education, vocational college, TCCN, college, college, graduate school:

On the basis of the opinions of HTS members, the Chairman of the Base Schools enters the content below to select the selection criteria, which can calculate the number for the content that needs priority:

a) The academic results, the training of the student at the vocational high level, vocational college, TCCN, college, college, graduate;

b) The results of the recognition, the classification of THCS, THPT (or equivalent) of the contestant;

c) Training results, training in THCS, THPT (or equivalent) of the contestant;

What? 14.

1. TCCN Draft is done according to the following sequence:

a) Take the draft record and classify the draft records by the criteria criteria;

b) Import the contestants ' data and aggregate data according to the criteria for matrices;

c) The test results of the data results after the synthesis;

d) The data results statistics were synthesized;

We ' re going to build a selection of methods that determine the selection criteria;

e) Define selection criteria;

g) Millions of participants in admissions.

2. Specific content on the aggregation of the contestants ' data, data results testing, selection of selection methods, selection criteria, and the enrollment of matrices led by Chairman HTS on the basis of the opinions of HTS members.

Item 2


What? 15. General Regulation for the recruitment of gifted and productive work for the exam

1. The gifted student schools that perform the organization are as follows:

a) The talent for the President of the school decides to form a draft or exam for the enrollment to be consistent with the admissions, character, and requirements of the training industry;

Where the talent case is held in the form of matrices, the President of HTS is responsible for organizing the implementation of the exam: The exam, the exam, the exam, the exam; and the selection of the participants; the trial and summons were taken; the complaint was related to the examinations. The exam

b) The culture is done in the form of a draft. President of the HĐTS decided to minimum a culture that was consistent with the talent training industry for testing.

The cases combine the talent of talent with cultural scores to organize the matrices of matrices, in which the gifted score can calculate the coefficient. The trial is carried out as specified in Section 1, chapter II of this Regulation.

2. The admissions object, only the enrollment for each type of object, the admissions form to the gifted discipline; the time of the gifted exam time; the time as a gifted exam; the venue of the talent competition (possibly the entrance examination). aptitude at the school or right in the local area); talent competition, exam room, exam space; contestants ' responsibility in exam; other necessary conditions and related information related to the talent competition organization provided by Chairman HTS It ' s on the basis of the opinions of the members of the HTS.

3. The event of a contestant to project a lack of competition points due to the error of the failure of the exam or the results, the President of HTS is responsible for informing the contestant on the decision to hold the additional exam, the additional time of exam. The cost of hosting the additional competition is due to the responsibility of the school. The contestant who did not have an additional exam was not considered for selection.

In each of the admissions, after having completed the exam list and printing papers, the schools were not receiving the DKDT profile.

What? 16. Request for the talent competition

1. The talent enrollment proposal must achieve the requirements for examination of the knowledge and recognition of the organism's basic talent, the ability to use and skill, in accordance with the general level of the project contestant.

2. The proposal must reach a required classification requirement and match the time specified for each of the gifted elements.

3. The nominable content must ensure the correct, clear, unerroneous assurance. Unify the symbols, the term according to the current rules.

What? 17. Presentation.

1. Editor and introduce the proposal.

2. The selection and completion of the title is accompanied by a detailed answer and scale.


4. Attend to the exam.

5. Printer, print, packaging, preserve, distribute, use the proposal.

The principle of compaction, the introduction of formal proposals, preparation proposals; the response, the scale; the proposed response, the title of exam; the criteria and conditions of the participants as a proposal; the area as a proposal; the work involved in the evaluation and the exam, The packaging, maintenance and distribution of the proposal, uses an official proposal and a reserve exam; the proposed security; handles the unusual incidents of the exam provided by the Chairman of the HTS.

What? 18. The preparation for the exam

1. Prior to the official date, the school completed the necessary procedures for the project contestant such as: Pretest card, contestant list at the exam rooms; contestants ' instructions to the exam room, venue, schedule; dissemination of the procedure; addition, adjust to others. Their names, their names, their subjects, their permanent residence, the admissions area, the talent event, the industry name, the contestants ' industry code.

2. On the basis of the opinion of HĐTS member, the President of the HTS regulates the standard, mission, responsibility and specific tasks of the examination staff; the officer of the audits; the medical officer, the order of health, the security officer (military control if any); responsibility. A contestant on the exam.

What? 19.

1. The area of the exam area consists of the spot where the exam is located and where the exam results are located. Where the exam place and where the outcome of the exam needs to be reasonable, there are security forces, there are enough fire vehicles, firefighting, security, and exam preservation.

2. Specific content on the preservation of the exam results; the vehicles, documents of the contestant, the supervisor is carried and used while the competition is as well as in the competition area provided by the President of the HTS.

What? 20. End up and handle the results

Prior to the formal exam, the Head of the Entrance Examination was dislocated with the cadres of the examination of the content of the admissions process, discussion of the response and the scale, the unification of the exam. It can be between 2 and 3 contestants, then discuss, draw the experience and organize the official punctate of the remaining contestants.

The grading officer must score the correct exam on the scale and the official response has been approved by the President. In it, the scale of the talent event can vary but the full-card scale must be attributed to the 10-point scale.

The exams have a creative, unique way than the answer can be rewarded. The level of reward was proposed by the decision-making officer and the Head of the Board of Decisions but did not exceed 10% of the specified scale.

The processing of the difference between the test handles can be done immediately after each section of the contestant or every competition depending on the nature, characteristics of the gifted parts. At the end of each exam, the exams have to be discussed, and at the end of the exam, if you do not agree with each contestant, if you do not agree to the point of the end, the results of the results report the results of the decision.

All documents related to the exam must be sealed and are preserved by the Head of the Secretariat directly.

Section 3


What? 21.

1. Court of Appeal

HTS received an appeal for the results of the results of the pilot's review in the 15-day period since the date of the publication of the results of the draft and the matrices. The school must be given the following 10 days from the date of the application.

2. Amnesty International

a) The organization of the investigation conducted under the direct executive order of President HĐTS. The members who participated in the entry and test process at previous times did not belong to the audit participant; the time, the work position specified by the President of HTS.

b) Before conducting the appeal, the Secretariat (consisting of at least 02 persons) conducted the following:

-A preliminary examination of the contestant's DKDT profile, if there is an abnormal phenomenon in the contestant's DKDT records, then set up the editor and report the President of the field;

-Set up a desk editor for President of the Student Registry of the Registered Contestant.

c) When conducting an appeal, the appellate group (consisting of at least 02 people) conducts the following:

-Check the contestant's profile status.

-Passport results from the school's press release to the contestant registration contestant with the contestant's DKDT profile;

-Report on the President of the School after conducting the results of the test results of the test candidates.


-If the results of the results of the test are identical to the data in the contestant's DKDT file, the results of the Chief of the Welfare Department confirm the official results;

-If the test results after an appeal has a difference with the data in the contestant's DKDT file, withdraw the DKDT file to the Chief of the Department of Appeals for consideration and correct adjustment to the contestant's DKDT profile, set the record and save the birth records;

-In case of a test outcome of a jury, the contestant turns from the unelected entrance into the entrance (and vice versa), the President of HTS conduct the exact cause of the error, if there is a manifold, if there is a manifold, and the evidence of a violation is handled by the rules. This rule.

In the end of the day.

-The results of the investigation have been confirmed by the Chief of the Department of Appeals as the official result;

-The results are adjusted due to the decision by the President of the HTS and informed the test contestant.

What? 22. Check out the test results

1. The ministries, the industry; the Central Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee to form a council (or a cadre) in coordination with the Department of GDT to conduct examination of the test results in subordinated schools if they receive a reflection of the contestant's reflection.

2. The Board of Inspects results in the final decision-making authority on the official results of the test registration contestant.

Chapter III



What? 23. Define the conditions of the matrices

1. The target number base is determined by regulation, after the exception of the number of selected contestants, (if available); the base of statistics results; the base stipulated the priority frame, the HTS Secretariat envisage some selection methods to host. Take a look at it.

The schools may be able to build the overall standard of the school or follow each of the school's training and run by the President.

2. When the number of contestants matrices to the school is not enough, the school can lower the standard of selection or additional recruitment by subsequent recruits until it is eligible. The lowering of the selection standard and enrollment of subsequent waves provided by the President of the HTS was on the basis of the opinions of the members of the HTS members and had to inform publicly on the school's electronic information page or other public information media.

3. If the contestants go to the admission school enough to qualify for the next enrollment, the school is not receiving additional KDT records despite the admissions as previously announced and must be publicly informed on the news site. The electronics of the school and other public news media.

The selection criteria in all of the school's admissions are not necessarily equal and are decided by the President of the HTS on the basis of the opinions of the members of the HTS.

4. For the non-recruiting industries, after having determined the selection standard at the level of permission to follow the school ' s training requirement that still lacks the number, the school is allowed to take the draft contestant to his school but not hit the entrance. Others, at the same time, reached the requirements and the selection criteria for the discipline of the industry and the lack of confidence in the discipline. If the number of people to qualify for the selection by a larger discipline to be transferred, then take the selection standard from high to low until sufficient numbers follow a public process.

5. Base of the methods that define the selection criteria of the proposed HĐTS Secretariat, on the basis of the opinions of HTS members, the President of the HTS decision, is responsible and signed up to the conditions for the number of candidates received by the number of matrices. The specified target is exceeded. The winning standard, the list of finalists must be published publicly on the school's electronic information page or other public information media.

What? 24. Millions of contestants matrices to attend school

1. Chairman HĐTS directly review the selected contestants list issued by the Secretariat and signed a student summons to admission. In a summons it is necessary to specify the results of the contestant's draft results and the necessary conditions for the contestant upon admission. No records were sent to the contestant who did not file a KMT file into the school.

2. Before entering the formal school, students must go through a comprehensive health examination due to the institution. Medical examination must follow the guidance of the United Nations Health and Department of GDT. If the school is not held to establish a health examination, the students are tested for health care at the medical facility which is eligible for health care. A medical certificate issued by the medical facility or medical examination of the school's health clinic is added to the student's management record.

3. The contestant who matrices in the school must submit the following papers:

a) A valid copy of THPT (THPT) or THCS (depending on the draft object);

b) A temporary graduate certificate for those who matrices in the immediate year of graduation or a valid copy of a diploma for those who graduated from previous years. The newcomers submit a temporary graduate certificate, the beginning of the next academic year to publish a diploma in graduate degree for reference, examination;

c) A copy of the birth certificate, permanent residence;

d) A valid copy of the papers that confirm the priority object (if any) such as: Proposition of a soldier, a merchant card, a certificate of policy as a merchant of a self or a father, a student mother. Other papers (if available) provided by the President of the HTS;

He's got a million hits.

The prescribed papers at the point a, b, c, d of this paragraph are used by the school to manage and test, which deal with the primary when necessary.

4. The contestants who came to the school were delayed after 15 days or more from the date of admission in a summons, if there was no good reason to be dropped. If due to illness, accidents, confirmation papers of the county hospital, the district or the confirmation of UBND's confirmed natural disasters, the commune's return, the review schools, the decision to take into the school or to preserve the results of the student enrollment in the following year.

5. The contestants who were hit but the local retained not for the right to complain of up to the province of UBND, the Central City of Central and the Department of GDT. Only the provincial president of the province, the Central City of the new Central City had the right to sign the decision to retain the person who had been elected, but had to explain to the apparent reason and the legal base of that decision.

What? 25. Check out the results of the audition, exam and profile of the contestant

1. Slowly after 30 days from the day of the birth to admission, the schools must conduct test results tests, the matrices of all the contestants who matriced into the school in all stitches, while simultaneously testing, the opposite of the categories themselves. The paper's papers. If there are cases of violation of the statute or case of question, it is necessary to compile the Proposition of the Rector of the Verification, which is to be processed.

2. When the contestant hits the entrance to the admission school, the cadre school receives the prescribed record at paragraph 3, Article 24 of this Stator.

In the process of recording records or during school students attending school, if the false profile is found, the Director of the School Principal is processed according to Regulation.

Chapter IV


What? 26. Report Mode

1. Slowly before December 30 each year, the schools report the results of the admissions and submit plans scheduled for the following year on the basis of the governing body.

2. Slowly before 10 January the next year, the GDTs and ministries, the TCCN enrollment field sent the results report and envisage the admissions plan of the live schools of the GDT.

What? 27. Storage Mode

The documents are related to the entrance examination; the results of the draft results, the contestants ' entrance examination (including: contestant name; test scores, matrices; preliminary results; matrices) the schools must preserve, store, cancel the document out of value. according to the rules of the Archives. The contestant's relevant documents are not selected, the one-year hosting school since the day of the official examination or the official entrance examination.

Chapter V.


What? 28.

1. The person who has many contributions, actively completing outstanding admissions duties is delivered, depending on the specific achievement, which is rewarded by the President of the HTS or recommended that the Ministry of GDT, the ministry of the master branch, the UBND grant the award.

2. Commendation Fund in the Enrollment Fee.

What? 29. Handled handling of the recruitment work violation process

1. The participants of the recruitment work violated the statute (discovered while on duty or after the entrance exam), if there is sufficient evidence, depending on the degree, will be applied by the governing body to apply regulation at the Law Officer, Public Officer Law, Public Service. function and regulatory documents on the handling of the state of office, civil justice and digital decree. 138 /2013/NĐ-CP October 22, 2013 by the Government of the Government to rule out administrative detention in the field of education and related legislation, in the following forms:

a) rebuke: For those who make a minor error during the execution of the mission;

b) Police: For those who violate one of the following errors:

-Corrected to mislead the contestant 's profile (except for the contestant' s point of correction);

-Enter the pilot's point of error (the amount is less than or equal to 05 records);

-A non-accurate test of the expected contestant's point (quantity less than or equal to 05 records);

-For the contestant to film, carry and use documents or other techniques of recording, broadcast, transmission ... at the exam room, to be found by the officer's supervisor or the officer of the admissions inspector and the editor.

-The exam or the exam community has many flaws;

-The proposition is not true for the program or the proposal beyond the scope of the input object.

-Do not perform the correct reporting regime at Article 26 of this Regulation;

-To expose the selection criteria before HĐTS officially announced the selection criteria.

c) Depending on the extent of the breach may be downgraded to a salary, the tranche, the way or transfer of other works (if the public officer, the officer in the State Enterprise Agency), force the school (if students, students go to see the exam or do business) to the people who violate one of the following errors:

-Enter the pilot's point of error (the number from 06 forward);

-The test's not exactly the pilot's point.

-The proposition is wrong;

-Direct and instruct the contestant on the exam.

-Get the contestant's exam for the other contestant.

-Fraud when the exam, for the correct point of regulation, cross the frame or lower point of the contestant.

d) To cease or be treated legally to the person with one of the following violations:

-Fixing the entrance exam, the entrance exam, the score on the exam, on the spot editor or in the window;

-There's negative conclusions in the admissions.

-The lack of responsibility in the preservation process leads to failure, failure to fail;

-Take the exam outside the exam area or get the word out to the exam room during the exam;

-Make a proposal, buy, sell the exam.

-Exposing the number of execs;

-Correction, extra, less on the contestants ' work.

-The test of the contestant's exam, the number of beats or the test scores of the contestants.

-A fraud in the casting and millions of contestants in the recruitment process (including behavioral editing behaviors, fraud in the calculation of a reward, THPT or THCS), to give the contestant straight or the entrance to the entrance.

The worker who works as a student who loses the pilot's exam when collecting exams, shipping, preserving, punctated, or having other violations in the admissions work, depending on the nature, the extent of the breach will be dealt with discipline according to one of the disciplinary forms. This is, in this case, the case of serious violations, a major repercentiation, and the question of having the authority to pursue criminal responsibility under the rule of law.

Cadres, students, students, students, including high school students, not participating in the admissions, but if there are negative actions: the competition, the organization, the competition, and giving the prize to the contestant, causing the disorder to lose order in the area. The exam will be forced to leave (if the cadres, civil officials, officials in the State Enterprise agencies), suspend the school with a deadline or be forced to learn (if student, student).

The form of disciplinary action is determined by the Chancellor if the offender is governed by the school's management, or by the compiler to suggest that the GDDT should be handled if the violation is not under the jurisdiction of the school. During the time of the draft or the examination, if the PGDT Department of admissions or inspectors found the case of the statute of violations, then set the position at the site and recommended that the Chairman of the School be handled immediately after the rules of the Regulation. Hey.

e) If you define the unreasonable selection criteria that leads to beyond the specified number of instructions, depending on the extent of the error the President of HTS will be dealt with from the form of repriceny to the manner; the number of overdraft participants will be deducted into the index. Enrollment next year and the school will be executed in accordance with the Digital Decree. 138 /2013/NĐ-CP October 22, 2013, of the Government of the United States, on 22 October 2013.

g) The warning or having a higher form of discipline for the Rector or the Chair of the Enrollment Council and others involved breach of one of the following errors:

-Recruiting industries not yet to be approved by the authority to open the industry;

-Identify the wrong object, only the enrollment compared to the specified rules and enrollment.

2. The form of a regulatory violation at Clause 1 This is determined by the agency's governing body in accordance with the agency's incrimination announcement, which may be accompanied by the prohibition of taking over the work involved with the admissions from 01 to 05. Five.

3. The handling of the cadres, teachers, the body staff of non-public schools is not the public, the officer violates the Admissions Statute, led by the Principal to decide on the provisions of the Labor Law and Numerical Decree. 138 /2013/NĐ-CP October 22, 2013, of the Government of the United States, on 22 October 2013.

What? 30. Procsent for a draft violation.

For those of the draft violations that have to be compiled, and depending on the severity of the discipline of discipline, under the rules of this rule, at the same time the extent of the breach, it may be handled by other forms of law. the law.

Depending on the extent of the violation, the contestant may be disciplined in accordance with the following forms:

1. Control: Apply to the infraction contestant once one of the following errors:

a) Look at your article;

b) exchange with you.

This form is due to the decision-making cadres at the established border. The contestant was reprimed while the competition would be minus 25% of the competition's scores.

2. Police: Apply to the contestant in violation of one of the following errors:

a) has been reprimed once but still continuing to redo the regulations in that enrollment;

b) exchange articles or drafts for you;

c) Other people's cards. The same exams are the same for each other. If the person who is processed has enough evidence to prove that he is being shot, the President of the school may consider a reduction from the level of warning down to the level of reprimand.

The person who is disciplined as a result of the competition will be minus 50% of the events of that content.

The form of a warning discipline provided by the cadre is to compile the border, collect the evidence and specify the form of the proposed discipline in the document.

3. The suspension for the contestant violated one of the following errors:

a) has been warned once but in the time that content has continued to violate the Statoil;

b) When entering the competition room with documentation; the vehicle's recording, transmitting, transmitting, recording, recording, recording, equipment containing information can be used to do the exam; weapons, explosives, fire, other harmful items;

c) Take the exam outside the exam area or receive an external solution into the exam room;

d) Write drawings that are not related to the exam;

There is an action that threatens the person who is responsible for the birth or threats of other contestants.

The suspension of the suspension was provided by the officer for the execution of the editor, collecting the burial of the object and by the Commissioner in charge of the decision points.

The contestant is disciplined by the suspension of the exam, while the content competition will be zero (0) that content; must exit the exam room immediately after the decision of the Commissioner to take charge of the exam; must submit the exam and submit the exam to the execs and be released from the exam area. After two-thirds of that content, no subsequent events were played; they did not go to the next round in the following year.

4. deprive the right to attend school in the same year and take the right to participate in the entrance to the school for the next 1 years or to suggest that there is an authority to pursue criminal responsibility for those who violate one of the following errors:

a) There is a case forgery of records for a policy of preference by area or subject in enrollment;

b) Use a non-legal diploma;

c) To the rest of the body, to do the song in all forms;

d) There is an act of circumvenation, the act of aggression, the person responsible for the entrance examination or the other contestant;

Using the certificate of college results, the college is not legal;

e) There is a negative conclusion in the admissions.

This form of discipline is decided by the President of HTS on the basis of the opinions of HTS members.

5. For other violation cases, depending on the properties and levels of violation, Headmistress, President HĐTS of disciplinary treatment in accordance with the prescribed forms at this Article or under the existing regulations of the law.

The trial of the student discipline must be published to the contestant. If the contestant is not signed by the editor, the editor is written to the editor to report to the President of the decision field.