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Circular 29/2014/tt-Byt: Regulates The Form And Mode Of Medical Statistics Report Applies To Medical Establishments, Private Healing

Original Language Title: Thông tư 29/2014/TT-BYT: Quy định biểu mẫu và chế độ báo cáo thống kê y tế áp dụng đối với cơ sở khám bệnh, chữa bệnh tư nhân

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Number: 29 /2014/TT-BYT
Hanoi, August 14, 2014


Q the form of a sample and the medical statistical report applied to the basis of medical treatment, private treatment, and disease.


The Bureau of Statistics Law dated June 17, 2003;

The School of Law Discovery, healing November 23, 2009;

Base of Protocol 40 /2004/ND-CP February 13, 2004 of the Government rules the details and guidelines for some of the provisions of the Statistical Law;

Government Decree. 03 /2010/NĐ-CP 13 January 2010, the mandate, authority, and organization of the ministry of statistics, peer agency, government offices;

Base of Protocol 63 /2012/NĐ-CP August 31, 2012 of the Government stipulated the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health;

Base Decision Base 43 /2010/QĐ-TTg June 2, 2010 by the Prime Minister on the issue of the National Statistical Index System. .

On the recommendation of the Chief of Planning-Finance;

The Minister of Health for the Department of Health issued a prescribed pattern and a medical statistical report applied to the facilities of discovery, private treatment.

What? 1. The adjustment range

The board of medical statistics on the treatment of the disease of the medical examination facilities, private treatment, including:

1. The original record pattern, consisting of: 6 banners (Appendix 1).

2. Statistics report for private patient treatment, including: 6 (Appendix 2).

3. Statistics report statistics for hospital bed facilities, including: 7 banners.

4. Statistics report statistics aggregation activities of private medical facilities, including 7 (Appendix 4).

What? 2. Statistics Statistics

1. The report, the method of reporting execution by regulation at Decision No. 1 15 /2014/QĐ-TTg February 17, 2014, on the issue of the General Statistical Report, applies to the ministries, the industry.

2. Report Process:

a) The basis of disease discovery, private treatment for non-patient beds makes the recording of the original manifold by Annex 1 issued by this message immediately after providing the service and aggregation of the report under the prescribed pattern at Appendix 2 issued. accompanied by this message to send the District Health Chamber, the district, the town, the provincial city (later called the district) where the headquarters are located;

b) The basis of the disease, treating private patients with a hospital bed performing a synthesis of the report by a prescribed pattern at Annex 3 issued by this message to the Department of Health, the central city of the central city (later called the province);

c) The district health office sums up the prescribed data at Annex 4 issued by this message to report the Department of Health;

d) The medical department aggregable metrics by regulations at Annex 4 issued with the Information No. 27 /TT-BYT on August 14, 2014 regulation of the Health Statistical Statistical System applicable to provincial health facilities, districts and communes to report the Ministry of Health (Planning-Financial Services). );

What? 3. Responsibility

1. The Department of Health is the local head agency responsible for collecting, aggregation of statistical information on the site.

2. Transport for the Planning-Finance Department, the Ministry of Health is responsible for guidance, inspection, monitoring of the implementation of the epiemal record, the collection method, aggregation of the report to implement unification on the nationwide scope.

What? 4. Effect of execution

This announcement came into effect on 1 October 2014.

What? 5. The Organization

Chief of the Department, the Chief of Planning-Finance, the Chief, the Director, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, the Chief of the Agency, the Department of the Department, the Director of the Health Department of the Central City of China and Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, Industry in charge of this private practice.

In the course of execution, if there is difficulty in the situation, the units, the local report on the Ministry of Health (Financial Planning) to study, solve.



Mr. Lê Tuan