Circular 24/2014/tt-Bnnpttn: Regulations On Conditions Of Food Safety Assurance For Market, Auctions Of Agricultural Products

Original Language Title: Thông tư 24/2014/TT-BNNPTTN: Quy định về điều kiện bảo đảm an toàn thực phẩm đối với chợ đầu mối, đấu giá nông sản

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Number: 24 /2014/TT-BNPTTN
Hanoi, August 19, 2014


Regulations on the conditions of food safety guarantee for the market of the lead, agricultural auction


Base of Protocol 199 /2013/NĐ-CP November 26, 2013 of the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;

2010 Food Safety Law Base;

Base of Protocol 38 /2012/NĐ-CP April 25, 2012 of the Government Regulation details some of the provisions of the Food Safety Law;

At the suggestion of the Bureau of Food and Fisheries Administration of Agriculture,

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a regulatory guarantee on the conditions of food safety for the market of the lead, the agricultural auction.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information provides food safety conditions for the market of the lead, the agricultural auction.

What? 2. Subject applies

It applies to a market management or business organization that operates and manages the market (later known as the Market Management Board); the organization, the individual operating the agricultural business in the lead market, the agricultural auction.

What? 3. Explain words

In this Information, some words are understood as follows:

1. The agricultural output market is where there is a fixed location, which takes place on the sale of agricultural food goods (later called a product), after which goods are distributed to retail markets or other circulation channels.

2. Agricultural auction market is where the fixed location, which takes place on the sale of agricultural food goods (later called a product) through the auction method, then goods are distributed to retail markets or other circulation channels.

The market for the fruit market, the agricultural auction market, later called the market.

Chapter II


What? 4. Request for location

1. In accordance with the plan to develop a market network on a nationwide and local scale.

2. There is a convenient travel route for transportation, product impulsation.

3. There is a water source, the power source that meets the required use.

4. No water flooding, water storage.

5. Unaffected by the sources of pollutants.

What? 5. Request for deployment, texture

1. The market side must be legally positioned among the regions to avoid the ability to infect the product, ensuring the activity of the convenient market. There is a need for a layout between different areas of different function:

a) The office area, the executive, the dining service;

b) The business area of fresh, living, primary, frozen;

c) The product business area has been processed, packaging available, dry products;

d) Supporting area: Sanitary Area; garbage collection area, garbage disposal and sewage treatment: parking for vehicles; area for fire equipment, firefighting; water pumping stations, water tanks.

2. The market has a hard surface, subject to load, abrasion; good drainage, non-skinning; no water strenuation and ease of cleaning; the background has a proper tilt, which has water drainage from a clean area to a less clean area to avoid pollution.

3. Chen or the covered roof must be sure, ventilation, insinuation, waterproofing, non-rift, moss, stains of water and sticking to the stains.

4. Walls, bulkheads, columns in the market must be easy to make hygiene.

5. The market must be fully illuminated by natural or artificial light. The light source, the intensity of light makes it easy to recognize, evaluate the business product in the market.

6. The sale site must be arranged for customers to easily reach and evaluate the quality of the product, ensuring the avoidance of the product contamination.

7. The market must have a water-level system that guarantees sufficient supply to the activities at the market. Water storage tanks and water hoses must be arranged in suitable locations that meet the requirements for use.

8. The ventilation system is consistent with the requirements for the preservation of the product, ensuring the ventilation in the areas of the sale of the product.

9. The travel and transport in the market must be wide enough, ensuring durable and unstagnable water.

What? 6. Request for Water, Water

1. Water used for preservation, product processing must meet the requirement for food safety hygiene regulations in the National Technical Regulation of Water Quality under QCVN 02 :2009/BYT of the Ministry of Health.

2. The basin, the water container, must be clean and periodically sanitary.

3. The water used in the preservation, processing the product must ensure food safety hygiene.

What? 7. The request for the equipment page, the direct contact tool with the product

1. Manufacturing from the right ingredients, guarantee not to stop infection of toxic substances, odour of taste in the product; not rusty.

2. The surface of direct contact with the product is easy to protect and disinfect.

3. Clean cleaners will be before and after the end of the purchase and being maintained, periodically maintenance.

4. There are full of equipment, tools needed to accommodate, product preservation.

What? 8. Request for hygiene

1. There is regulation of process and sanitation at the market.

2. There are enough tools, cleaning equipment and disinfection depending on the scale of the market.

3. distinguish it from being able to protect surface contact surfaces directly with other products and tools.

4. There is a private area that keeps the equipment as a toilet.

What? 9. Request for prevention, anti-animal harm, insects

1. The market board must apply the appropriate precautions to prevent the intrusion of harmful animals and insects entering the market.

2. When the discovery of a damaging animal, the insects in the market, must have the appropriate disposal and disposal measure.

What? 10. Request for the toilet

1. The toilets separated from the business district, which is maintained clean sanitary conditions, the layout of the male, separate, female toilets.

2. The number of toilets that guarantee the power to use depends on the scale of the market.

What? 11. Request for Product Transport

1. The medium, the instrument that contains the product must be made of durable, waterproof, unrusted, uncorrovable, uncorrovable texture, which has a pleasant texture.

2. The preservation condition in the transport process is consistent with the properties of each type of product: fresh, living; primary, frozen, dry products.

3. Non-shipping of products along with other goods can cause contamination to food. If used to transport other goods, the vehicle must be hygienically and disinfused before reusing to transport the product.

4. The imposition, transporting the product must be fast, compact to not affect the quality of the product and do not pollate the product.

What? 12. Demand for product origin retrieval

Business products at the market must have a clear origin of origin, ensuring the access is regulated by the specified product, in terms of product origin retrieval.

What? 13. Request for scrap collection, scrap

1. The scrap, scrap, must be collected periodically and moved into a separate area with the product business area.

2. The appropriate method of gathering, which ensures that is not the source of infection in the product.

3. There is a waste collection area, scrap for the end of the day being transported out of the market area.

What? 14. Request for your passport, business base at the market

1. The owner and person who directly business food at the market must have a Certificate of Knowledge of Food Safety according to the regulation at the Digital Federal Information 13 /2014/TTLT-BYT-BNNPTNT-BCT April 9, 2014 guidelines for the division, coordination in state management of food safety.

2. The base and the person who directly business food at the market must be rediscovered and have sufficient health confirmation by the Ministry of Health ' s regulation.

3. The toilet, clean before direct contact with the product and after going to the bathroom; keep the hygiene in common, not spitting, dumping indiscriminate garbage in the business area at the market.

4. Make cleaning, cleaning, disinfection after the end of business in the day at your business location.

5. Use of equipment, equipment containing clean products, ensuring that it is not a source of pollution for the product.

6. Not to sell the processed product, making it directly on the market.

7. Only use of detergents, under the provisions of the Ministry of Health to protect the equipment, equipment.

8. The case has a food additive in the preservation, processing the product must follow the right type guide for food, packaging, labels, clear origin of the origin (regulation at Private Information). 27 /2012/TT-BYT November 30, 2012 of Minister of Health guidelines for the management of food additiation).

9. Accept food safety inspections for products, goods trafficking at the market of agencies, state management and market management.

What? 15. Request for inspection, food safety monitoring at the market

1. The market manager is responsible for testing, supervising and reminding households, business facilities, people buying products at the market in compliance with food safety regulations.

2. The Market Management Board is responsible for coordinating with the authorities in the inspection, monitoring of food safety at the market; timely notice to the event authorities discovered the organization, the individual does not comply with the regulation of food safety guarantees at the site. A market and a combination of treatment when required.

3. The market management of the market is tasked with testing, food safety monitoring must be trained in knowledge and career testing, monitoring of food safety.

4. The test service organization, which checks basic food safety standards for type 1 market by regulation at Point A 2 Article 3 Decree No. 1, 02 /2003/ND-CP January 14, 2003 the Government on Market Development and Management.

What? 16. transition regulation

The bazaork has been operating before 1 January 2015 to implement the provision of food safety conditions at this same time since 1 January 2016.

Chapter III


What? 17.

It has been in effect since 1 January 2015.

What? 18.

Chief of the Department, Chief of the Department of Quality Management and Fisheries, The Chief of the relevant units of the Ministry, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of the provinces, the central city and organizations, the individual is responsible for it. This is the responsibility of this private practice.

In the course of the organization, if there is difficulty, entangrium, organization, individuals are concerned with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Management) in order to promptly resolve the ./.