Circular 28/2014/tt-Bgddt: Regulations On The Fostering And Training Certificate In Educational Management

Original Language Title: Thông tư 28/2014/TT-BGDĐT: Quy định về việc bồi dưỡng và cấp chứng chỉ bồi dưỡng nghiệp vụ quản lý giáo dục

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Number: 28 /2014/TT-BGDT
Hanoi, August 26, 2014


Regulation of fostering and certification

Education management business.


The Education Law Base June 14, 2005; The Amendment Law, which complements some of the provisions of the Education Law November 25, 2009;

Base of Protocol 75 /2006/NĐ-CP August 2, 2006 the Government regulates the details and guidelines of some of the provisions of the Education Law and the Digital Protocol. 31 /2011/NĐ-CP May 11, 2011 of the Government amended, complements some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol. 75 /2006/NĐ-CP August 2, 2006 the Government rules the details and execs some of the provisions of the Education Law;

Base of Protocol 32 /2008/NĐ-CP March 19, 2008 the Government regulates the function, mandate, jurisdiction, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Education and Training;

On the recommendation of the Director of the Department of Teachers and the management of the institution of education;

The Minister of Education and Training issued a Regulation of Compensation and Acute Compensation of Education Management.

Chapter I


What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. The adjustment range

This information provides for fostering and granting a certificate of education management management (later called fostering), including: conditions, jurisdiction, records, sequencing, fostering procedures; fostering, testing, rating, licensing, and security. It's just fostering.

2. Subject applies

a) This information applies to educational institutions, including: pedophers, academic institutions of higher education, education management and educational institutions tasked with fostering educational management;

b) This information applies to: management staff in preschool institutions, common, regular, professional middle-level; faculty management, department of higher education facilities; management of education and training, education and training; and training. The project official was planned for the above management positions (later called the management cadres) and the organization, the individual involved.

What? 2. The purpose of fostering

1. fostering knowledge of management of management, methods, initial management skills, mandatory, minimum for the management staff that meets the standard of education management appointments.

2. Update the knowledge of politics, economics-society, expertise, careers; fostering, cementing skills, leadership methods and educational management aimed at improving political qualities, occupational ethics, quality, effective education management effectiveness, education, education, and education. response to educational development requirements.

What? 3. The fostering object of educational institutions

1. The regulatory cadres stipulate at point b, paragraph 2, Article 1 of this Information is the fostering object of the pedophers, universities, universities, the university of the faculty, the education management sector.

2. The base of management of junior high school education, primary school and preschool is subject to the fostering of pedanology colleges.

3. The fostering object of other educational institutions is determined based on the function, the task of writing in the establishment decision of each facility.

What? 4. Explain the word

In this Information, the cluster from the management cadres is understood as follows:

1. Principal, vice chancellor of popular schools and preschool.

2. Director, deputy director of the regular education facility.

3. Principal, vice chancellor, chief of the department, vice president of the department, chief of the department, deputy chief of the department in the professional middle-level education facility.

4. Dean, deputy dean, chief of the department, deputy chief of the department in higher education,

5. Head of the department, deputy department of the department of education and training; chief of the department, deputy head of education and district training, district, town, city of the province.

6. Public Affairs Officer, the project official has been given a plan for management functions listed at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of this.

Chapter II



What? 5. Educational base conditions are charged with fostering

1. There is enough student faculty to undertake a minimum teaching of 70% of the volume of the fostering program, including at least 04 faculty who have a master ' s degree in education management (for the fostering subject of high school education base management). facilities, elementary and preschool) and has at least 1 faculty members with a doctorate degree, 3 faculty with a master's degree in education management (for fostering subjects being prescribed at paragraph 1, Article 3 of this Information) .

2. There are visiting faculty members, teaching participants or assistants who are experienced in fostering work; management staff in educational management institutions, educational institutions.

3. Apply the education management cadre program issued by the Minister of Education and Training and is developed, updating the required response content and in line with the characteristics of the school, local.

4. There is a physical basis, the assurance device that meets the fostering requirement, including:

a) There is enough room, the functional rooms and devices that need to meet the teaching requirement, learning for each fostering course;

b) The library has an information-saving room, software and equipment that serves as a document investigator; there is enough sources of information: books, textbooks, lectures, related materials that serve fostering work;

c) The school ' s electronic information page is regularly updated, publicly announcing the quality of training, fostering, public health care conditions, financial revenue release;

5. There is a unit in charge of the organization, management of the fostering process, which meets the professional expertise of the management of the fostering work.

6. Regular or periodically set the school ' s faculty to the local practice of education in order to supplement the knowledge, practical experience of education.

What? 6. Authority, profile, sequence, fostering procedure

1. The Minister of Education and Training made the decision to hand over fostering for educational institutions.

2. The filing of the restitution mission, including:

a) The office of registered fostering duties of the institution of education;

b) The scheme for registering for fostering (Annex I);

c) The following documents and illustrations, including:

-The scientific background of the faculty, the report (Appendix II);

-The fostering plan: the form of fostering organization; the amount of fostering for both the course; the time of fostering; the school ' s planning plan to practice education in local education periodically to supplement educational practice knowledge;

-Some of the textbooks, the basic fostering document will use in the fostering program;

-The program, the fostering document has been developed, updated the content that meets the requirements and is consistent with the characteristics of the school, local.

The file is made into one set.

3. The procedure, the procedure for the fostering duties as follows:

a) The institution of education is regulated at point a, paragraph 2, Article 1 of this Smart sends a profile to the department of education and training, where the institution of education is based, offering actual examination and validation of the conditions guaranteed for fostering work;

b) The department of education and training conducts examination and validation of the conditions guaranteed for the fostering work stipulated at Article 5 of this Smart;

For a 15-day period of work, since the date of receiving a valid dosages, the director of the department of education and training made the decision to establish a jury. Part of the inspection team consists of: 1 head of the head office, one head of a cadre organization, 1 head of financial planning, 1 head of professional education/regular education, a staff defense officer who works as a clerk.

The inspection team conducted a test for the screening of the manifest contents in the case with the actual conditions such as: payroll, social insurance books, text, certificates of faculty, equipment, libraries, and editorial compaction (Annex III);

The test crew is responsible for the accuracy of the test content. After the period of a seven-day period of practical examination, the department of education and training responded to the educational basis for the appraisal results.

c) The educational facility that registers the duty of fostering directly or sent through the record post office has been in the department of education and validation training to the Ministry of Education and Training;

d) During the 30-day period of work, since receiving sufficient valid records, the Ministry of Education and Training reviewed the case and the conditions of registration for fostering duties at Article 5 of this Notice. In the case of the educational establishment that meets all conditions, the Ministry of Education and Training will make the decision to deliver the fostering task. In the case of an educational institution that has not met the regulatory conditions, the Ministry of Education and Training will announce the results of the review and specify the reason in writing.

4. Educational institutions that function, the task of training the industry, specialized in the management of education from the higher level of education if there is a need for fostering tasks, not building the project, just conducting a sweep under the conditions prescribed in Article 5, report on the Ministry of Education and Training to be considered, decided.

5. In case of need, the Ministry of Education and Training will hold an examination before the decision.

Chapter III


What? 7. Program, fostering time

1. The fostering program is carried out under the education management program of education administered by the Minister of Education and Training.

2. The Duration: 360 save

What? 8. The form of fostering

Based on the actual conditions of the educational facility as a fostering duty (later called a fostering facility) and the needs of the cadet, the fostering facility is entitled to actively choose one of the two forms:

1. Concentrated fostering: learning to focus on a fostering facility for eight weeks (315); the remaining 4 weeks (45) perform the work: go in practice and write essays locally; evaluate essays and sump sums at the fostering facility.

2. Sales fostering focus (both in-work): practitioners ensure sufficient content and duration as a centralized form, but the total amount of time of a fostering is no more than 20 weeks.

What? 9. Check out the results of fostering

1. End each module of the fostering program, the student must perform a written test in a minimum of 60 minutes. The test is graded on a scale of 10.

2. Students who participate in a minimum of 80% of the time of the regulatory fostering program for each module are involved in checking that module. The students who have all the tests that end the module from five or more points are written at the end of the course.

3. The end-end essay must apply the knowledge that has learned to solve the practical problem problem at the workplace (which has the comment of the student directly governing body). The final essay is judged on a scale of 10.

What? 10. Ranking the results of fostering results

1. The accretion result point is the average point plus the point of the modules and endpoint essay points, rounding up to a digit after the decimal part.

For example, students A have 5 modules in turn are: 5.0; 6.0; 6.5; 8.0; 9.0, and the final primary point is 9.5, the result rating is: (5.0 + 6.0 + 6.5 + 8.0 + 9.0 + 9, 5): 6 = 44: 6 = 7.33 as a circle of 7.3.

2. Ranking the results of fostering results.

a) The average category: the rating point from five points to less than seven points;

b) The type is quite: the rating point is from 7 points to less than nine points (without a point under 6);

c) The type of good: the rating point reaches 9 points to 10 points (without point below 7).

3. Students are not recognized to complete the fostering program when the rating is reached under 5 points or not enough points of specified modules and essays.

What? 11. Cowboy certificate

1. The learer is granted a restitution certificate after completing the program and has a rating of the resulting fostering results at 1, Article 10 reaches from 5 points or more.

2. The nursing facilities certificate only for the cadre to reach regulatory conditions at 1 Article.

3. The management and level of certificate of fostering execution in number Decision 33 /2007/QĐ-BGDT June 20, 2007 of the Minister of Education and Training issued the Law Regulation, the certificate of the national education system and the number decision. 34 /2008/QĐ-BGDT October 10, 2008, of the Minister of Education and Training, issued a certificate of national education system.

What? 12.

1. The business of fostering an education management business includes:

a) The state budget for training, regular accretion of the industry, local;

b) The cost of the units sent for fostering;

c) The funding from other legal sources of support.

2. Every year, the fostering facility must report a budget decision under the current regulation.

Chapter IV


What? 13. The responsibility of the units of the Ministry of Education and Training

1. Teacher ' s Department and the management of educational facilities

a) presided over, in coordination with the functional units of the Department for the Case review and the conditions of registration of fostering duties, the Minister for the decision to engage in fostering for the education of the education registry;

b) presided, in coordination with the functional units of the Department of Inspection Organization, overseeing the accretion operation.

2. Other units of the Ministry

a) Inspector of the Department for Inspector of Active Compensation;

b) Other units of the Coordination Department perform the review of the records and the conditions register for fostering, inspection, inspection of the quality, effectiveness of the fostering operation.

What? 14. The responsibility of education and training

1. Check and confirm the guarantee conditions for the fostering work of the fostering facility at paragraph 2 Article 6 of the Digital Information. 08 /2011/TT-BGDT February 11, 2011, by the Minister of Education and Training Regulation Regulation, profile, process of opening training, suspension of enrollment, the recall of the decision to open the undergraduate degree training, level-level (using Appendix III).

2. Every year, construction of the fostering plan of education and training, of the educational institutions directly and aggreging of the fostering plan of the education and training department, of the educational institutions of the District People ' s Committee to monitor, general moderation.

3. Coordinate with the fostering facilities to perform effective accretion performance.

4. endure inspections, inspectors of the Ministry of Education and Training and the competent authorities on management responsibility, directing the fostering activity of the fostering facility of the department ' s management range.

What? 15. The responsibility of the agencies, the unit has a student participation in fostering

Every year, construction of the agency 's management of the agency' s management, the unit is regulated at point b, paragraph 2, Article 1, the direct management agency report (for agencies, units of education and training, educational and training rooms), according to the office. The mission, the mission, in coordination with the fostering organization of the fostering organization.

What? 16. The responsibility of the fostering facility

1. Take full responsibility for fostering activity.

2. Coordinate with the institutions of education and training and the agencies, the unit has the student participants in fostering to build the open-class plan and perform activities aimed at ensuring the quality of the fostering work.

3. Suffer the inspection, inspector of the Ministry of Education and Training and the competent authorities.

What? 17. Waste Processing

1. Based on the level of violation, the Minister of Education and Training makes a decision to suspend or revoking the decision to allow for the implementation of a fostering duty on a regulatory basis at Article 6 of the Decree. 138 /2013/NĐ-CP October 22, 2013, of the Government of the United States, on 22 October 2013, the government rules for sanctions on the field of education.

2. The organization or individual violates the regulations at this level, depending on the degree to which discipline is treated, executed administrative charges, or in search of criminal responsibility, if the violation of the breach is required to compensate under the rule of law.

What? 18. Information Mode, Report

After the end of each fostering, the fostering facility sends statistical results, the report on the organization, operation and results of the fostering work to the Ministry of Education and Training and direct management agencies.

What? 19.

This announcement came into effect on 10 October 2014.



Nguyen Vinh