Circular 36/2014/tt-Bgtvt: Regulation Of Service Quality Of Passengers At Airports

Original Language Title: Thông tư 36/2014/TT-BGTVT: Quy định chất lượng dịch vụ hành khách tại cảng hàng không

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Number: 36 /2014/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, August 29, 2014


Provision of the quality of passenger service at the port of aviation


Vietnam Civil Aviation Law School on June 29, 2006;

Base of Protocol 107 /2012/NĐ-CP December 20, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Transport;

On the recommendation of the Secretary of Transportation and the Director of the Vietnam Aviation Administration,

The Ministry of Transport issued the Ministry of Transport for the quality of passenger service at the port of aviation.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information provides a minimum quality of service for passengers at the port of aviation.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. Vietnam Aviation Administration, Air Port Authority.

2. airline, airline port business, business offering service to commercial ground commercial engineering services, business delivery of non-aviation service at the port of aviation.

3. organizations, individuals with regard to the quality of passenger service at the port of aviation.

Chapter II



Item 1


What? 3. Area of function at passenger terminal

1. The functional area at the passenger terminal consists of:

a) The area as the procedure required by the process of serving passengers, baggage;

b) The work zone of the state governing bodies is associated with the mining function of the terminal at the port of aviation;

c) The area for passengers is not eligible for entry to the international airline port;

d) The baggage area lost;

The area of the reservation, the instruction manual for the passengers;

e) Medical assistance area, original rescue;

g) The trade zone, the service;

h) The area devoted to the airline representative at the station.

2. The Port Authority is not responsible for ensuring the basic functional areas at the passenger terminal stipulate at 1 Article.

What? 4. Build the passenger service process at the port of aviation

1. Airport, airline port business, business offering business services to the ground-based commercial engineering, implementation and propaganda organization, disseminship of passenger service at the port of aviation.

2. The process of serving passengers at the port does not include the following basic content:

a) The passenger service at the point;

b) The service takes passengers to the flying boat;

c) The passenger service of the flight was slow, interrupted, canceled;

d) The passenger service service uses special services;

The service serves passengers, luggage at the destination, the connecting point.

3. The process of serving passengers at the port of aviation and the modifications, additional (if available) must be sent to the Vietnam Aviation Administration, the Regional Aviation Port Authority to oversee the execution.

What? 5. The passenger service at the point

1. The Port Enterprise has no responsibility:

a) Ensure the surface area for the procedure as a procedure and a minimum traffic space of 1.2 m 2 for 1 passengers at rush hour according to the station ' s mining limits;

b) Provide sufficient number of procedures for the airline on the basis of the airline's requirements and in accordance with the infrastructure at the terminal;

c) Provides full signboard with language in Vietnamese and English (using an electronic board, screen or suspension) to display information about the flight, the expected closing time; the passenger guidance panel for dangerous goods and items. not to be carried with people, baggage on board, instructions on the types of papers required when travelling under the regulations of air security at the procedure as the procedure;

d) Meet the surface area for the waiting area at the flight door and the minimum traffic space 0.6 m. 2 for 1 passengers at rush hour according to the station ' s mining limits;

The number of seating seats at the port of the airline is as follows: guarantees minimum response to 5% of total passenger-hour passengers by the station's operators limit at the site as the procedure; ensuring a minimum response to 70% of the total number of passengers are now high. the terminal limits of the terminal in the area waiting for the flying boat; the layout of the seat separately for the elderly, pregnant women, disabled persons.

2. The airline is responsible:

a) The layout of the number for the flight: guaranteed no more than 25 passengers for 1 counter to the merchant register; guaranteed no more than 40 passengers for the 1 counter to the Prussian register. This regulation does not apply to the port of aviation that does the general procedure for many flights (common check-in).

b) Provide information for the aviation port business in displaying information related to the flight;

c) The framework of measuring, balancing the handset for passengers at the procedacal area and at the departure doors;

d) announced and implemented the opening, closing the counter as follows: the opening time for domestic flights was 2 hours ahead of the expected takeoff, for an international flight of 03 hours ahead of expected takeoff; time of closing (ending acceptance of action). The domestic flight was 40 minutes ahead of the expected takeoff, for an international flight of 50 minutes ahead of the expected takeoff; where the flight was slow, it was possible to step back to the counter-closing time with new take-off hours or reopen the counter. Let ' s take new takeoffs in case of need;

The layout of passengers who has not yet worked as a procedure in the procedure before closing 10 minutes and information for security, entry, customs, customs, and customs assistance.

e) Regulation in the transport charter, which openly operates the transport limited items that are located outside the list of dangerous items that are not transported by air according to the rule of law;

g) Export the baggage card and preserve for each passenger's signed baggage.

What? 6. The service takes passengers to the flying boat

1. The airline is responsible:

a) The content of the content that serves the passengers in need of help, passengers who are disabled, sick, the elderly, the people with children, pregnant women, children who go alone in the process of bringing passengers to the ship;

b) Coordinated with the airline port business, the business offering services to the service of the ground trade technology to inform the information at the launch of the aircraft carrier with the language in Vietnamese and English: flight information, the number of flying boats, now on board. And the ship, and the hour of the ship, was on the ship, and the boards for the passengers for the cargo and of the dangerous items that were not carried by him, and the baggage of the ship;

c) The published and execution hours on board the aircraft were no more than 15 minutes before the expected takeoff;

d) A requirement for the business to offer a service in the service of the ground trade technique must ensure a car supply of a passenger car from the exit of the bay to the location of the flight deck on the basis of a contract to provide services for non-use flights. The passenger distance from the exit to the location of the ship to the location of the flight deck is 50 metres (m); the layout of the elderly, the pregnant woman, the disabled on the passenger car from the train station to the carrier.

Notice, the layout of the passenger guide and the information board changes the doors at the old departure door for flight-changing flights.

2. Land service personnel must be present at the bay door and prepare full equipment, equipment for the passengers boarding before the announcement of the passengers to the carrier.

3. The airline representative at the port of aviation is responsible for supervising the operation of passengers on board.

What? 7. The passenger service of the flight was slow, interrupted, canceled.

1. The airline must provide information on the status of flight status to the port-port business, the business offering business services to the ground trade engineering; the layout of the staff informed and the organization offers the services that passengers enjoy. pursuits, addressing the inquiry and the needs of the passengers on the basis of the actual situation and the regulation of the law.

2. The case of delays, transport interrupts scheduled for 15 minutes or more, the airline has a responsibility:

a) Messages for passengers of information related to the flight, in particular as follows: flight number and flight; the reason of delays, transport disrupts; expected takeoff or flight plans; planning to serve passengers; ministry. Passenger assistance (location, sign of recognition);

b) Excuse the passengers.

3. The passenger case was confirmed on the flight but the transport was slow, interrupted, canceled, the airline was responsible for serving the following regulations as follows:

a) A slow time from 02 hours to serve mild drinking water;

b) The slow time period from 03 hours onwards must serve to eat, drink with the type of meal at the time: from 06:00 to 08:00 served breakfast; from 12:00 to 14:00 served lunch; from 19:00 to 21:00 serving dinner;

c) The slow time from 06 hours onwards (from 07:00 to before 22 hours) must position the resting place in accordance with the actual conditions of the port of aviation;

d) Time 6 hours later (from 22 the previous day to 07:00 the following day) must settle for sleep, rest in line with the actual conditions of the local or alternative solution if the passengers ' consent;

Convert the passenger's journey within the airline's service provider to take passengers to the end of the journey quickly and most convenient.

4. The airline is exempt from the implementation of the obligation at points b, c, d paragraph 3 This in the following cases:

a) Weather conditions affect the safety of the flight;

b) The risk of security affects flight safety;

c) The flight failed to follow the decision of the state agency to be competent without due to the carrier's fault.

5. The provision of regulatory services at this does not restrict the implementation of other airline obligations when transporting passengers by law.

6. Sales of the Port Authority not to organize or require the business to provide a delivery service to passengers at the port of aviation in instances of delays, disruption, cancelation with the actual conditions of the port of aviation on the basis. The deal is for the franchise.

What? 8. The service for passengers using special services is available.

1. The airline is not charged with the following special services:

a) The wheelchair service at the station;

b) The service serving passengers is the weak, visually impaired, Deaf.

2. The airline must provide specific, explicit information about the service process, the rights and obligations of passengers when passengers purchase tickets with the need to use special services.

What? 9. Service for passengers at destination, cruise point

1. The airline is responsible:

a) Rules for the content of serving the passengers as a pause, connecting the trip to the passenger service at the destination, the connecting point;

b) The layout of the staff care, the passenger support is the elderly, the disabled and the passenger who uses a wheelchair;

c) The employee layout, information counter, information table to guide the passenger pause, connect the implementation of the necessary procedures to continue the journey;

d) Ensure the transport of passengers on the course of the journey;

Setting up the department and the area to resolve complaints about luggage in the port of aviation, in coordination with the port-port business to ensure there is a recognizable marine system that is easily recognizable to the area.

2. Port business is not responsible:

a) The layout of the information system, the instruction sea in the terminal to lead passengers to the area of entry, customs procedure, return area;

b) The employee layout, the baggage conveyor guarantee the release of the luggage for flights to the following: for international flight, the first luggage moves to the end of the conveyor within 20 minutes from the start of the conveyor belt, except for the case. It was not the fault of the airline's airline business; for domestic flights, the first luggage was moved to the end of the conveyor belt within 10 minutes from the start of the conveyor belt, unless the case was not due to the failure of the port enterprise.

3. The business supply of land-based commercial engineering services must be staffed by employees, baggage transport to ensure the first luggage event moves to the head of the conveyor within 15 minutes from the time of the flight inserts, unless the case is not due to errors of the business of the supply of ground-trade engineering services; the last act of luggage transfers to the top of the conveyor belt within 35 minutes from the time of the closing of the carrier, unless the case is not due to the failure of the business to supply ground-trade engineering services.

What? 10. Basic Services at the terminal

1. The Port Enterprise has no responsibility:

a) A full response to the equipment, the signage system, the radio system that displays flight information and information for passengers at the station. Depending on the actual conditions of the airline port, the Port Enterprise business does not have one or more information counters with passenger aid workers;

b) The area of the area as a procedure for security control at the terminal, staff, projector to ensure the implementation of a security test procedure includes the time of line for a passenger not more than 15 minutes, except for the special case by the Department of Transport. decision;

c) Notice immediately for the airline upon the discovery of the passenger 's luggage with the items, the goods being limited to shipping under the airline' s transport charter;

d) The cart layout is fully responsive and convenient for the use of the passenger ' s use;

The transportation system, the toilet area serves people with disabilities;

e) Ensuring hygiene, the civilized, clean environment in the terminal house, to; the toilet system meets the standard according to the station ' s design capacity;

g) The regional layout is dedicated to smokers in the quarantine area of the terminal;

h) Free water counters at the quarantine area in the terminal, come.

2. The airline is responsible for providing information to the port airline business to show information regarding the flight using language in Vietnamese and English. Information consists of the following contents: flight number, departure point, destination, procedure counter, landing time, scheduled landing, flying boat doors for flight, baggage conveyor for flight to, flight information, delays, delays, and flight information. Abort.

3. Sales of the ground trade engineering services at airports that do not have to ensure the service equipment that meets the need for a wheelchair use in the terminal area, to the destination; there are passenger cars using wheelchairs on board.

What? 11. Non-air service

1. Enterprise offers non-liability non-aviation services:

a) The price of the price, the public source of origin, the food safety hygiene in the right location, and adhering to the provisions of the law concerned;

b) Make sure to provide essential goods and non-alcoholic beverages in the isolated area at a reasonable price, in accordance with the common price equal to each port of aviation.

2. Sales of the Port Authority is not responsible for the placement of the non-zero-air or non-zero port-based non-aviation service in accordance with the statutory approval of the law.

Item 2



What? 12. Enterprise

1. Airport, airline port business, business offering business service to the ground trade engineering, the business of providing non-air service is responsible for issuing provisions on the discipline of labor, which has content-regulatory content, and a new business. And the level of discipline for employees with behavior violates the behavior of attitudes when directly exposed to passengers.

2. The service providers stipulate at 1 This must be equipped with an employee operating at the port of aviation to distinguish it from airline personnel and passenger flight passengers.

What? 13. Staff active at airports

1. Employees directly exposed to passengers must have a necessary, thoughtful, respectful, and conserved attitude, particularly in addressing the questions, complaints, opinions of passengers ' contribution to the quality of service in the process of providing transportation services. Air transfer; calm, determined to handle passenger objects with overzing, disruptive behavior, affecting the activities of organizations, individuals who are operating at the port of aviation.

2. Staff directly exposed to passengers must have the appropriate clothing with the characteristic, the nature of the service provider; must wear a staff card during the course of the operation and security control card while working in the limited areas of the port of cargo. -No.

Chapter III


What? 14. Vietnam Aviation Administration

1. The organization deployed this message and reported the Department of Transportation to implement the Information.

2. Check, request execution of the passenger service process at the non-regulatory port at Article 4 of this Smart.

3. A 6-month period, which organizes the sweep, announces units that do not meet the quality of the service in accordance with the provisions of this Information; direct the Port of the Cargo Port, which organizes the organizational plan of distribution by business. It is not intended to ensure a common ground area for the specified passenger.

4. Serious processing of businesses does not meet the regulations of this Information.

What? 15. The responsibility of the Port Authority

1. The Organization for implementing this Information.

2. Do supervising the compliance of the service quality of the airline, the units that provide the service under the prescribed passenger service at Article 4 of this Information.

3. Direct monitoring of all instances of delays, disrupts, cancelation of flights in time to require airlines, services that provide relevant services that perform obligations under the rule of law.

4. The employee layout, set up, announced the hotline to handle events, disputes occur between passengers with airlines, service providers at the port of aviation and reporting results on the Vietnam Aviation Administration.

What? 16.

It has been in effect since 1 December 2014.

What? 17.

Chief of staff, Chief Inspector of the Department, the ministers, the Director of the Aviation Administration of Vietnam, the head of the agency, the organization and the individual who are involved in the responsibility of this private practice.



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