The Decision 4590/qd-Bnn-Tcln: Assigned To The Organizational Unit Perform The Investigation, Forest Inventory In 25 The Period 2014-2015, Of The Project "of The Investigation, The National Forest Inventory Phase.

Original Language Title: Quyết định 4590/QĐ-BNN-TCLN: Giao nhiệm vụ các đơn vị tổ chức thực hiện điều tra, kiểm kê rừng tại 25 tỉnh giai đoạn 2014-2015, thuộc dự án “Tổng điều tra, kiểm kê rừng toàn quốc giai đoạn ...

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Number: 4590 /QE-BNN-TCLN
Nationwide, October 23, 2014


The assignment of the organization of organizational units carrying out investigation, forest inventory in 25 stages of phase 2014-2015, of the project "General investigation, nationwide forest examination of 2013-2016"



Base of Protocol 199 /2013/NĐ-CP 26 November 2013 of the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;

Base Decision Base 04 /2010/QĐ-TTg 25/01/2010 The Prime Minister provides for the function, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Directorate of Forestry;

Base Decision No. 594/QĐ-TTg on April 15, 2013 by the Prime Minister on Appropriation Project General of the Census, National Forest Test of 2013-2016;

On the basis of decisions made by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development: No. 2239 /QE-BNN-KH on 20 August 2010 issued regulations on managing the basic investigation of agricultural and rural development, number 1588 /QE-BNN-TCCB on 09/7/2013 on devolve to Directorate General of irrigation, Directorate of Forestry, Directorate of Fisheries some duties under the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; number 2152 /QE-BNN-TCCB on September 23, 2013 on the delivery of the Management and Organization implementation of Project "General investigation, audit." The national forests of 2013-2016 "; number 2939 /QE-BNN-TCCB on December 12, 2013 on the formation of Project Management" General investigation, audit. " the national forests of 2013-2016 ";

At the recommendation of the Director General of Forestry at the 1425 /TCLN-KL issue dated 16 September 2014 for the delivery of the 25-province forest investigation by 2014-2015,


What? 1. The assignment of organizational units to execute forest surveys in 25 stages of the 2014-2015 period, under the Project "General of the Census, Census of the National Forest of 2013-2016" was approved at Decision No. 594/QĐ-TTg on April 15, 2013 by Prime Minister (later) It ' s called Project, specifically the following:

1. The units carrying out the forest investigation include:

a) Institute of Forest Planning Investigated the forest on the 18-province site: Anh An, Cinema, Lai Châu, Shanxi, Laos Cai, Hà Giang, Cao Giang, Taoyuan, Taiyuan, Phú Thọ, Quảng Ninh, Hai Phong, Hai Phong, Henan, Taiping, Taiping, Taiping, It's All Right.

b) School of Forestry University performing forest inquiry on the five-province address: Thanh Nang, Ningbo, Peace, Hanoi, North Jiang;

c) Vietnam ' s Academy of Forestry Science performs a forest investigation on the two provinces: Proclamation, Quiet.

Responsible units: Implemendation of the investigation of the forest in accordance with the correct content, method, and results at Decision No. 594/QĐ-TTg on April 15, 2013 by the Prime Minister on Appropriation Project General of the Census, National Forest Test Stage 2013-2016; Local support level in organizing forest inventory engineering practice; Provincial Guide to Statistical Content, Statistical Method, Forest Management Profile, Aggregate Inventory, Forest and Forestry Database, report the results of forest testing and regulatory related work.

2. Delivery of the Forest Service:

a) Chair, in coordination with the agencies, the relevant unit in the direction, guidance, examination and organization monitoring of the investigation work, the forest inventory according to the right progress, content and quality specified at Decision No. 594/QĐ-TTg on April 15/04/2013 Prime Minister for Appropriation Project General of the Census, National Forest Service (2013-2016), Decision No. 2152 /QĐ-BNN-TCCB on 23 September 2013 of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for the Management of Management and Organizational Implementation Of The Project " Total inquiry, national forest examination phase 2013-2016 " and the regulation of the law;

b) General, evaluate and report the ministry on the results of the annual mandate of the agencies, the unit of the implementation of the forest inquiry specified in Clause 1, Article 1 This Decision.

3. Board of Project Management "General investigation, national forest examination of 2013-2016" is responsible for helping the Forestry Directorate in organizing the implementation of the Project specified at Decision 2939 /QE-BNN-TCCB December 12/12/2013 by Minister of Agriculture and Development. It ' s the rural and the rule of law.

4. The Financial case, the Planning case, the Organisability Organization and the Management Bureau of the Organizational Construction on the function, the assignment is charged with presiding responsibility, in coordination with the Director General of Forestry, examining the organization of management, implementation of the Project by Regulation.

What? 2. This decision comes into effect since the date of the issue.

What? 3. Chief of the department, the Chief Directorate General of Forestry, the Chief of the Planning, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Executive Officer, Director of the Bureau of Construction Building, Chief of the Agency, the Chief of the Agency, the relevant unit responsible for execution. Hey, hey, hey.



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