Resolution 79/nq-Cp: Regular Government Session In October 2014

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 79/NQ-CP: Phiên họp chính phủ thường kỳ tháng 10 năm 2014

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Number: 79 /NQ-CP
Nationwide, November 3, 2014


The regular government session of October 2014



Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

Base of Protocol 08 /2012/NĐ-CP February 16, 2012 of the Government enacted the Government ' s Employment Statute;

On the basis of deliberation by Government members and the conclusion of the Prime Minister at the October 2014 session, held on October 29, 2014, ...


1. On the economic-economic situation of October and 10 May 2014; the situation of the implementation of Resolution No. 01 /NQ-CP on 2 January 2014 of the Government on the mission, the solution primarily directed, operating the implementation of the Economic Development Plan-Social and Accounting. The state budget of 2014

The unity government assessed: Economic-economic situation in October and 10 months had a positive transition. The economy continues to recover across all industries, the principal sector. Inflation is controlled, the consumer price index is up low. The credit structure is positive; the exchange rate, the foreign exchange market is stable. Exports maintain high growth momentum, continuing to ejaculate. Industrial production, especially the manufacturing industry, built a much higher growth in the same period. Agricultural production results fairly. International visitors to Vietnam increased compared to the same period. The ODA Prize is quite good. Attracting FDI continues to be positive. State budget revenues were higher than the previous year, especially domestic income; expenses were secured and the demand for development was secured. The public debt is limited to the limit. Social security is secured. Administrative reforms were promoted. The business environment has an improved step, the trust of the business community increased. Political security, social order is held. Foreign affairs have been positive.

However, the production situation, the business was still difficult; purchasing power was low; the stock market grew unsettled; the real estate market was slow. The growth of the state enterprise, the capital deprivation of foreign investment, has been better in progress but has not yet reached the requirement. Employment, income and the life of a residential division, particularly poor households, are still difficult. Some of the epidemics in the laterers are complicit. Sanitation, food safety, limited food. There were numerous fires, severe explosions in major cities. In the meantime, the world situation and the area are complex, negatively affecting our economy, our society.

In order to implement the 2014 economic-economic development plan, the Government requires ministries, agencies, local efforts to implement generalized goals and tasks, economic indicators-the society that has proposed since the beginning of the year; the decision to implement the solutions, the mission said. published by Resolution No. 01 /NQ-CP, Resolution of Periodic Sessions; implementing specific executive solutions, the practical way to uninstall the difficulty of promoting manufacturing, business, economic restructuring, administrative reform, business environment improvement, elevation, and more. capacity to compete, ensure social security and social welfare, secure political security and social safety order, which focuses on the task of sovereignty and social security. following:

-The State Bank of Vietnam creates a favorable condition for business access to credit, promoting growth and ensuring credit quality under the proposed goal; enhancing the operational control of the banking system, which is determined to implement restructuring of the existing bank and its banks. Bad credit.

-The Treasury Department, which checks out the effective implementation of the budget collection; enhance the inspection, detection and process of timely conduct of fraud, tax evasion, price transfer, tax failure; increased anti-smuggling work; bank management. It ' s tight, it ' s efficient and efficient.

-The Ministry of Planning and Investment Minister drives fast forward progress and investment financing development; continue to sweep, build mechanisms, policies aimed at attracting investment resources to develop manufacturing, business; encouraging private investment, cooperation, and investment in the capital market. work-private (PPP) to build infrastructure work; push forward the promotion of FDI capital, especially projects in the field of high-tech, eco-friendly areas; implement quality assurance measures, progress and efficiency of capital use works. ODA and preferable loans; review, test, concussion-use of poor ODA loan capital.

-The Minister of Public Works promotes industrial production, especially the manufacturing industry, the auxiliary industry; to enhance manufacturing capacity, striving production beyond its advantages; to promote commercial promotion, search, and development. Market expansion, partnership diversification, export promotion; actively negotiating free trade agreements; development of the domestic market, ensuring supply-demand and quality of goods, especially the essential items that serve consumer demand end of the year; strengthening market management, anti-smuggling, preventing counterfeit goods from selling counterfeit goods, the goods of unknown origin of origin, uninsured. Guaranteed food safety.

-The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development deplos plans to produce livestock that serves market demand in the last months of the year; strengthening the dangerous prevention of disease occurs for cattle, poultry; development of aquacal farming attached to the control. Quality control, ensuring export of export techniques; active coordination with ministries, agencies, and local implemenants dealing with complex disasters of natural disasters, the lowest restriction caused by natural disasters.

-The Ministry of Transport increased quality monitoring and the general administration of the enforcement of key traffic works; in coordination with the Ministry of Public Security, the countries directed the decision to ensure the safety of traffic safety order, management of payload, handling and handling. Severe phenomena in the control of transportation.

-The Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social presided over, in coordination with ministries, industry, local only performing social security policies and social welfare; implementing effective relief programs, job creation, labor exports; implementation of the project, and employment. The policies for the public and the human body are successful with the revolution; enhance the quality and efficiency of vocational work attached to the creation of social needs.

-The Ministry of Education and Training continues to direct the implementation of the decision of the Government Action Programme to implement the Central Resolution 8 (Key XI) in terms of basic innovation, comprehensive education and training.

-The Ministry of Health has only raised the quality of medical treatment, health care; health care, prevention, prevention, and food safety.

-The government's execution of the Law on the Public and Decree. 64 /2014/ND-CP of the Government; together ministries, agencies, local agencies to focus on the complaint, denouncing the citizens, particularly those of a long-term public complaint; the organization next to the prescribed population, the owner of the dialogue at the site, addressing the end of the alleged complaint. From the facility; strengthening the anti-corruption prevention work; the implementation of the inspection and the publication of the inspection, and the inspection, and the examination, the situation of the situation, and the Director of the Prime Minister's instructions on the processing of the Prime Minister.

-The Ministry of Public Security directed the decision to fight the struggle, suppress the crime; increase the test of fire prevention, explosion, especially in the major city and residential areas; in coordination with the Armed Forces discovered, struggling to stop time. -No, no, no, no, no.

-The Ministry of Information and Communications, the ministries, the agencies actively coordinating with the media news agencies in time of the advocates, policies, the executive orientation of the Government, of the industry, the field; actively addressing the issues of excess. The society is concerned; the propaganda of businesses and the people agrees, striving to implement the economic development plan-the country's society.

-Government members of the campaign, participate in discussion on the social economic situation and respond to the advice of the Congressional delegate at the 8th Session, the XIII National Assembly; the president of planning, the action program that carried out the resolutions. was passed by the National Assembly; serious implementation of the content committed to Congress and addressing the petitions of the electorate; the urgent direction of construction, enacted detailed regulatory texts to implement the synchrony as soon as the laws, the ordinance came into effect, and the order. Go.

-The ministries, agencies involved in coordination with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in functional base, the active duty implementation of Directive No. 11/CT-TTg on 21 May 2014 by the Prime Minister on the difficult, entanged settlement, the petition promotes. develop the business production of the business; continue to review, addressing the specific recommendations of the business community.

-The ministries, agencies, the People ' s Committee of the Provinces, the Central Committee of the Central Committee continue to enhance the force, effectively conduct, run by specific solutions, act with the highest determination to carry out the remaining tasks of 2014; undetour. a towel for business production, promoting economic development-the social development on the site, creating robust transformation across the field of local advantages; conducting the direction of directing business direction, operating in 2014, assessing the situation that carried out the work program. in 2014; construction of the mission, the solution and the 2015 work program in line with the goal, the mission of the 5-year 2011-2015 plan.

2. On the public debt situation

The unity government assessed: The past time, due to the impact of the financial crisis and global economic recession, the economy of our country slowed down, budgeting was heavily affected but still had to reduce taxes to support the business while the need to spend. strengthened to implement economic stimulus policies, wage reform, social security, and increased power mobiles that carried out a strategic breakthrough for the development of infrastructure systems. Therefore, public debt increased rapidly, from 51.7% of GDP in 2010 to 60.3% of GDP by the end of 2014. On the other hand, our country has become an average income country so the ODA, borrowing foreign goods at a long term, low interest rates in public debt is gradually decreasing, so we move into the country in the spirit of resolution of the Party, Congress. Domestic borrowing increased, mainly through the release of short-term Government bonds led to the Government's direct debt-paying obligation to grow rapidly in the short term.

In that context, we still guarantee a full debt of debt, not to give birth to the overdue debt. The public debt quota is within the limits of Parliament. Public debt is an important source of capital to supplement the development of social economic infrastructure development systems. More than 98% of the loan capital is directly used for infrastructure projects, the rest is included in the state budget for investment spending (1.5%) and a portion of the career spending in ODA loan projects (0.4%). Many important, essential works on transportation, electricity, water, irrigation, health, education etc. have been completed, effective and are continuing to invest in the construction of many new works, which contribute to attracting investment in and out of the country, promoting economic growth. transfer of the structure and enhance the efficiency of business production, economic growth, thereby increasing the budget and securing debt.

The next time, the Government continues to direct the ministries, the local centring tightly managed debt, especially new loans (government loans, borrowing governments and local government loans), guaranteed within the permitted limits; use of the government, the government. To invest in socially essential economic infrastructure. Increased testing, monitoring the use of borrowed capital, ensuring effective and according to regulation. Emergency restructuring of the public debt in the direction of a rapid increase in long-term loan with low interest rates. Strict control of the debt guarantee on loans is guaranteed by the Government and is owed enough debt to loans back to the loan. The source layout from the state budget in the prescribed limit and uses the Fund to accumulate debt to pay the debt on time. Review, completion of institutional, amendment, addition of State Budget Law, Public Debt Management Law, Strategy and Limited Debt Management Management Program. Control of the reduction of public debt by the 2016-2020 period and the guarantee of national financial safety.

The Ministry of Finance chaired, in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the State Bank of Vietnam built, the Prime Minister issued the Directive on the strengthening of management, raising the efficiency of the use of public debt in the coming time.


The unified government assessed: The State Bank of Vietnam, the branches, the ranks, the system of credit organizations and the business community have had many efforts in handling the bad debt. Actively implementing a bad debt handling plan tied to the restructuring of every credit organization. Focusing on oversight, inspection, examination of the acceptance of operational safety regulations, asset quality, financial situation, bad debt and bad debt processing results; and at the same time fining regulations on the restructuring of debt, taxing debt, extract and use of the project. Prevention is strictly, transparent, and more consistent with international law. By October 2014, 54.3% of the total bad debt had been identified. The proportion of bad debt according to the report by credit organizations is about 3.8% and tends to fall.

The next time, the Government of Scouts continues to accelerate the treatment of bad debt tied to the restructuring of the credit organizations in the direction of the complete centralization of the legal framework, especially on the handling of the assurance assets and the powers of creditors; perfentiing the function, strengthening. financial potential, advanced capacity, development of the role of the Asset Management Company of credit organizations (VAMC); development of the debt-buying market; encouraging investors in and out of the country to buy bad debt; publicly, transparency of debt-debt. Bad and results processed; increased inspection, oversight of bad debt, quality of credit; increased coordination between ministries, industry, and local treatment. Bad debt. At the same time as the above solutions, have to secure a stable macro environment, healthy development of stock markets, real estate, boost the implementation of restructuring focus, promote economic growth to facilitate the treatment of bad debt and reforming the economy. It ' s the structure of credit organizations. The chalk to the end of 2015 put the debt ratio down to about 3%.

4. On the draft of the Resolution on mechanics, policy of protection and forest development, tied to the policy of eradication, poverty reduction and support of the ethnic group stage 2015-2020

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development presided over, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment, the National Committee, the State Bank of Vietnam and the relevant agencies to take over the Government membership; scrutinism existing policies on protection and security. Forest development, poverty eradication and policy on ethnic concurrency; cage, adjustment, policy supplement to the ability to balance the budget to effectively effectively protect and develop forests, enhance income attached to the eradication of hunger. Poverty alleviation, the population in villages is particularly difficult, and ethnic and mountainous communities. On that basis, complete the draft of the decree, report the Government to review, decide.

5. On the draft of the Decree Protocol on the autonomy of the public career unit

The Finance Ministry, in conjunction with the Office of Government to continue the Government's membership, complete the draft of the Decree for the self-government of the public career unit, the Prime Minister of the Government.

6. On the Local Government Model Project

The Ministry of the Interior took over the government membership, completing the local government model project, which reported the Government House cadres before the Politburo.

On the basis of the conclusion of the Politburo, the Ministry of the Interior went on to complete the project, which reported the Government Party cadres before the 10th Central Conference (XI).

The 2013 Constitutional Base, the conclusion of the 10th Central Conference (Class XI) on This Project, the opinion of discussion at the 8th Session of Congress on the 13th Congress on the Project of Local Government Foundation, the Ministry of the Interior to complete the Local Government Foundation project, The government before the Congress at the 9th session of Congress XIII.

7. On the Government ' s draft resolution on some of the solutions that promote Vietnam tourism in the new era.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Authority, in collaboration with the Office of Government and ministries, the relevant agency that continues the Government membership opinion, finalize the draft Resolution on some of the solutions that push for the development of Vietnam tourism in the new period, the presentation. The Prime Minister was signed in November 2014.

8. On the exemption, reducing the use of non-agricultural land in 2014 for communes, the town of Shanxi District, Guangdong Province when it merged into the city of Guangdong under Resolution 123 /NQ-CP on December 12, 2013 of the Government.

The government united with the Treasury ' s offer, which allows a 50% reduction in the use of non-agricultural land to submit in 2014 to land at the limit of households, individuals belonging to communes, the town of Shanxi District, Guangdong Province when merged into the city. Guangxi Street according to Resolution 123 /NQ-CP on 12 December 2013 of the Government. Since 2015, these cases pay tax on non-agricultural land by regulation at the International Protocol. 53 /2011/ND-CP July 1, 2011. The Finance Ministry instructs the specific implementation and treatment of similar cases when the ./.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung