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Circular 187/2014/ttlt-Btc: Guidelines For Coordinating The Work Of Ensuring Security And Safety Of Money, Property Of The State Treasury System

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 187/2014/TTLT-BTC-BCA: Hướng dẫn phối hợp thực hiện công tác bảo đảm an ninh và an toàn tiền, tài sản trong hệ thống Kho bạc Nhà nước

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Number: 187 /2014/TTLT-BTC-BCA
Hanoi, December 9, 2014


Coordination guidelines for security and security work.

safety of money, property in the State Treasury system


Base of Protocol 215 /2013/ND-CP December 23, 2013 of the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Base of Protocol 77 /2009/NĐ-CP September 15, 2009 of the Government stipulated the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Public Security; the National Decree Base. 21 /2014/ND-CP March 25, 2014 of the Government amended, the addition of Article 3 Digital Protocol 77 /2009/NĐ-CP September 15, 2009 of the Government stipulated the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Public Security;

Base of Protocol 37 /2009/NĐ-CP April 23, 2009 The Government provides important political, economic, diplomatic, scientific, cultural, social, social, social, and social, armed police officers responsible for armed guards.

Base Decision Base 108 /2009/QĐ-TTg on August 26, 2009 by the Prime Minister of the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the State Treasury directly under the Ministry of Finance;

The Minister of Finance and Minister of Public Security issued a coordinated guide to the implementation of the security and security assurance of money, property in the State Treasury system.

What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. This information regulates the principle, content, scope, form and responsibility between the agencies, the relevant unit of the Ministry of Public Security and the State Treasury (KBNN) of the Ministry of Finance in the Coordination of Security and Security Security Coordination. all-money, asset management assets in the KBNN system.

2. This information is applied to the agencies in the KBNN system and the relevant Public Security Agency from the Central to the Local.

What? 2. The coordination principle between KBNN and the Public Security Agency

1. The coordination between KBNN and its units of the Ministry of Public Security is unified from the central to the local and secure the principle of peer coordination.

2. Compact on the path, advocated, policy of the Party, the law of the State, within the scope of functions, duties and powers of the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Finance and facilitalization of the good completion of the assignment.

3. Make sure that quick, active, timely, effective, effective, there is a unified exchange before the decision, not to interfere with the implementation of each unit when handling, addressing issues related to security and money safety, property, and security of the government. KBNN manages.

4. Resolve in time of all entanging in the coordination process. The special case, which exceeds the jurisdiction or is not able to resolve, the agency report on direct management to coordinate the settlement.

5. Make sure to enhance security and safety efficiency, property in the KBNN system.

What? 3. Coordinate Content ensuring security, money safety, property in KBNN system

1. Secure the internal security of the KBNN system, secure the State Secret of Information, metrics, documents of the State Secret Service of the Financial Sector by regulations.

2. Secure the money, KBNN property, including money (the Vietnamese currency, foreign currency, and the types of papers are worth the equivalent of money), silver gold, precious metals, precious stones, special editions, other precious properties at KBNN headquarters, in storage and on the shipping lane.

3. Secure security, security security of the KBNN system of information technology, including network safety protection and information infrastructure, computer safety, data and information technology applications.

4. Organization for anti-entry prevention, anti-counterfeit prevention, fire prevention, firefighting, storm prevention, floods, natural disasters at KBNN units.

5. Exchange, provide information; prevention, detection, struggle with conspiracy to act as a loss of security and money safety, state property delivery of KBNN.

6. Crime Prevention and political security issues are associated with cadres, KBNN officials.

What? 4. Coordination Form

1. Exchange, which provides information on the KBNN operating situation which is associated with internal security and money safety, KBNN property (written exchange, direct exchange, regular exchange, periodic exchange, and exchange of mutations when there is a delivery case).

2. Training, fostering raising of business, knowledge, vehicle equipment required for the KBNN ' s specialized protection force through the forms: KBNN organizes training class, fostering due to a career-based cadre of the Department of Public Security, training and training. Training, training class, KBNN attending, learning.

3. The police layout protects the target and armed with the protection of cash transfers, valuable papers, precious assets. Head of staff to inspect, test (periodically, break-out) secure security and money security, property at KBNN.

4. The Organization for Implementation Of The Statute, the Coordination of Security and Security Protection, KBNN property.

5. The contract, the final, the combined work on the coordination of security and security guarantees, the KBNN property.

What? 5. The responsibility of the State Treasury

1. Often maintain internal security, education of political consciousness, spirit of responsibility, advanced professional career, the spirit of vigilant protection for each KBNN public officer; the propaganda, dissembling, fostering knowledge of public knowledge of the organization. State Information Safety Policy and KBNN's information safety regulations for the party, staff, public office. Play and multiply the model, the advanced example of the mass movement that protects the Fatherland in the KBNN units.

2. The State Secret Protection Regulation Base issued by the Ministry of Finance, construction of regulation, specific interregulation of State Secret Protection in accordance with the nature, the management feature of KBNN; transaction processing, customer contact; transaction processing, marketing, and business practices. shoving, working with foreigners; issuing regulations, interiors, fire prevention and firework; protection, anti-break prevention; cash management practices, price papers, precious assets, and other institutions related to security assurance work. and secure money, property. Common, public staff guidelines make a strict implementation of regulations, regulations, regulations, and regulatory methods at this paragraph.

3. Exchange information with the Public Security Agency on the same level as the internal security situation (information on the KBNN civil public officer has a violation of the law; information on the cases of births is at risk of loss of security, money safety, property managed by KBNN); information about the manual text of the implementation of the legal code of law in the field of finance related to KBNN, the type of categories that are only available for use in the KBNN system. The question of policy mismanagement, financial management through income control, state budget expenditures; information on the operation of counterfeit currency or counterfeit money-based arrests that KBNN discovered. Provide the evidence, the relevant document administered by KBNN, stored at the request of the Public Security Agency upon investigation, verify the specific incident. The exchange, which provides other information that is related to security assurance, money safety, property in the KBNN system.

4. Security assurance, security security to the field of information technology throughout the system: protection of network safety and information infrastructure, computer safety, data and application of information technology; upon the construction of texts, modes, business processes, and security, and security. design, build, deploy the information applications in a business operation to ensure the security and safety factor for the operation of the system.

5. The layout of those with sufficient expertise, career, ethical and mental qualities into vital parts is directly related to the management of money, the state property managed by KBNN.

The organization and the layout of the force of protection in charge are sufficient in terms of quantity, quality assurance (according to state regulatory standards):

a) KBNN headquarters, KBNN headquarters, the central city-central city of 503 protection in charge. KBNN county, district, city, provincial town, central to the central city (abbreviated KBNN district level), minimum layout 502;

b) The protection work at each KBNN must be performed 24/24 hours during the day. Depending on the situation and request that the Prime Minister KBNN may have other cadres assigned in the unit to provide support for the protection work;

c) The establishment and consolidation of the semi-intensive protection team (agency self-defense) to assist in protective work on holidays, New Year ' s Eve, rain showers, flood-time floods that deal with uncertainties occur.

6. Build, consolidate the money vault to secure the standard specifications standard. Equipped with specialized transportation facilities, information systems, communications, alarm systems, fire alarms, firewalls, walls, protection lighting, surveillance cameras, technical facilities to serve security and security security.

7. Serious implementation of the laws of fire prevention and firefighting. The establishment, maintaining the operation of the agency's fire and fire department, ensured funding for fire and fire operations; equipment and maintenance of the fire, firefighting. Close coordination with the local authorities are timely and effective when the fire occurs.

8. The layout of the accommodation and the means of work required for the police force guard at KBNN. Apply a fostering mode for the police force to protect when carrying out the applicable work, transporting money, valuable paper, precious property as for the intensive protection (or civil service, driving) of KBNN under the standard of standards, the valuation of your case. KBNN.

9. Regular examination, inspection of state-state policy, of the industry, regulations concerning security and security guarantees, KBNN assets. Detection, interception and timely disposal of flaws, manifold expressions of internal security, loss of money and property.

10. Head of KBNN leaders, in collaboration with the Chief of Public Security with the same level:

a) Building a specific coordination statute on security and security assurance work, KBNN property of the management range according to the content of this Federal Information and local specific conditions; the 6-month term of the transaction organization, assessment of the real situation. It ' s a coordinated statute;

b) The granting of the granting of the authority to text the definition of the prohibited area, the penalty site for the KBNN headquarters, to organize protection in accordance with the rule of law;

c) The annual preliminary organization, the sum of each phase, commendation, and the offer on collective commendation and the individual have outstanding achievements in the implementation of this Citizenship;

d) Report of the superior governing body and the People's Committee of the provinces, the central city of the central city on security and security assurance, property of KBNN.

What? 6. The responsibility of the security of the units, the local participation in security assurance, money safety, property in the KBNN system.

1. Coordinated with KBNN on the same level: the construction of the KBNN organ protection; protection, safety of money transfers, property; participation in the construction of regulations, regulations, regulations, and methods stated at the 2 Article 5 of this article.

2. Coordinated with KBNN and the organization to take the necessary measures to prevent, detect, prevent, struggle with activities to invade internal security, economic security, security security in the information technology sector of KBNN. The investigation, verification of the handling of subjects with destructive acts of information technology systems, data that serves KBNN ' s business activities; circulated counterfeit currency, counterfeit paper; embezzled, theft of state property led by KBNN and acts of violation of the law. It's relevant. In coordination with the KBNN agency, the property is compromised by the rule of law.

3. Regular exchange of information, documentation of the political situation, the age, the conspiracy to make peace of hostile powers; the situation, the way, the new operational capital of economic crime, high-tech use of technology; criminal forecasts. in the financial sector, the bank to actively coordinate the prevention.

4. Coordinate with KBNN on the same level of examination, making the implementation of the implementation of the regulations that are related to security assurance, money safety, KBNN property of the same level or KBNN subordinated.

5. The police layout protects enough about the number of regulations, relatively stable, with a professional career, and the day of the night guard guarding the absolute safety of objectives: KBNN, KBNN provinces, central cities. At the KBNN the district level is complex, with a large amount of revenue, large cash costs that require support of the support public, the KBNN Director, the central city and the head of the public office and the silver table, which is consistent with the decision.

6. Armed with the protection of cash transfers, valuable papers and precious assets of KBNN on the same level.

7. The active district office in conjunction with KBNN grants the district where there is no direct police protection, construction of a guard patrol and ready to assist quickly, in time of the war when KBNN has the incident.

8. Coordinate with KBNN on the open-class training class training specialist for KBNN specialist guard. The KBNN specialized protection guide uses equipment, vehicles, support tools granted under the regulation of the existing law; licenses to use under authority or manual guidelines for registering vehicles, regulatory support tools, and other applications. The State Department, the training organization, issued a fire and fire training certificate for the fire department team and the base fire.

9. Coordinated with KBNN to develop and multiply the model, the advanced example of the mass movement that protects the Fatherland in the KBNN units.

10. The head of the local Public Security Agency has a responsibility:

a) The specific plan for organizing the implementation of the tasks of the regulatory agency stipulated at the 1, 7 and 8 Articles;

b) Coordinate with the head of agency KBNN on the basis of the provision of regulation at paragraph 10 Article 5 This joint venture.

What? 7. The organization performs

1. Head of the agency, the relevant unit of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Security; the head of the local KBNN agency; the head of the local Public Safety Authority is responsible for the enforcement of this joint.

2. The KBNN Department of Finance is the lead unit, responsible for the implementation; the Ministry of Public Security of Security II (Bureau of Financial Security, Monetary, Investment) as a lead and responsible for execution. The above units have responsibilities, helping to lead the two ministries in organizing, guiding the implementation of the contents of this federation.

What? 8. Effect of execution

1. This federated information has been in effect since 1 February 2015 and replaced the Federal Communications Section 40 /TT-LB on July 25, 1996 of the Ministry of Finance-the Ministry of Internal Affairs (now Ministry of Public Security) guiding security protection and asset safety in the Home Treasury system. Water.

2. In the course of execution, if there is a proposal to reflect on the Ministry of Finance (through KBNN) and the Ministry of Public Security (through the Directorate of Security II) to guide the amendment, the timely addition to ./.


KT. Minister of the Ministry of Public Security



Chen Xuân

General Su Lin