Circular 73/2014/ttlt-Btc-Bgtvt/: Regulation On The Cost Of Traffic Safety Assessment For The Road Works Are Exploiting

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 71/2014/TTLT/BGTVT-BTC: Quy định về chi phí thẩm tra an toàn giao thông đối với công trình đường bộ đang khai thác

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Number: 71 /2014/TTLT/BGTVT-BTC
Hanoi, December 10, 2014


Regulations on the cost of traffic safety judges

The road work is exploiting.


The Road Traffic Law Base November 13, 2008;

Base of Protocol 11 /2010/NĐ-CP February 24, 2010 of the Government Regulation of Management and Protection of the Road Traffic Infrastructure;

Base of Protocol 107 /2012/NĐ-CP December 20, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of GTVT;

Base of Protocol 215 /2013/ND-CP December 23, 2013 of the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Base of Protocol 112 /2009/NĐ-CP December 14, 2009 by the Government on the cost management of the construction of construction;

The Minister of Transport and the Minister of Finance issued a regulatory advisory on the cost of the safety of traffic to the mining road work.

What? 1. The adjustment range

This information provides for the provision, management of the cost of traffic safety judges to road works that are exploiting for the specified cases at Clause 2 Article 13 The number of protocols. 11 /2010/NĐ-CP February 24, 2010 by the Government Regulation on Management and Protection of the Road Traffic Infrastructure (later called the Digital Protocol). 11 /2010/NĐ-CP).

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to the agency, the organization, the relevant individual, which manages the cost of traffic safety of the traffic to the extraction of roads.

What? 3. The safety of the safety appraisal of road work is exploiting

1. For the National Highway System, the traffic safety appraisal is deployed from the Central Road maintenance Fund.

2. For local road systems (provincial roads, urban roads, district roads), the traffic safety appraisal is deployed from the Local Road maintenance Fund and other legal sources of funding.

3. For the project to implement a project in the form of a contract construction-Business-Transfer (BOT), Building Contract-Transfer-Business (BTO), the traffic safety appraisal is charged in the financial method of the contract. The contracting field prior to this time of passage is valid, the traffic safety appraisal is arranged from the cost of maintenance of the construction line under the BOT contract, the BTO of the Investment Owner.

4. For the dedicated road, the non-state-owned road, the road is built without a capital by capital from the state budget (the following is generally the dedicated way), the transportation safety appraisal of the organization, the individual who manages the opening. Responsible.

What? 4. Content safety appraisal costs

1. The traffic safety appraisal cost for the mining road work (later abbreviated as "ATGT test costs") is the full cost required to complete the work content of the prescribed traffic safety appraisal in the U.S. Digital Information Digital Information Regulation. 39 /2011/TT-BGTVT May 18, 2011 by the Minister of Transport for the Transport of the Guide to some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol 11 /2010/NĐ-CP.

2. Cost of traffic safety judge:

a) Direct expense

-Professional expenses.

Expert costs are identified according to the number of experts, the working time of the expert and the salaries of the expert, namely:

The number of experts, the working time of the expert identified by the request, the specific workload that needs to be safely examined in traffic, requires the conduct of the safety of the traffic safety and the qualifications of each expert. Based on scale, process nature, progress on traffic safety appraisal, other factors related to traffic safety appraisal work, the regulation of law on the organizational capacity of the organization, the individual of transportation safety appraisal and the security of the public. the current regulations to determine the number of experts and the working time of each of the transportation safety judges.

Expert wages include salaries according to the rank, subtranche, and payroll donations according to the state's current regulations.

-Materials cost

The cost of material is determined based on the type, volume by the current regulation and the price of the material used. The price of the material is determined by the local price publication; the case where the material is not in the local price publication is determined on the market price basis due to the organization with the functional supply, the manufacturer 's paper, the supplier' s price information. level or price has been applied to other working standards, the same quality.

-Machine cost, equipment.

The cost of the machine, the device is determined based on the quantity needs, the time used by the current regulation and the price of the machine, the device. The price of the machine, the device applied according to the price of the machine, the device was issued by the state agency, or by the market price market, common equipment.

-Other direct costs, including: The cost of the crime scene, travel, conference costs, seminars, and others serve for the inspection of traffic safety. Other direct expenses are defined as follows:

+ The field survey cost is determined by the time the number of surveys, the means of use and other necessary costs during the course of the survey;

+ Conference Costs, seminars and travel expenses determined at the request of the traffic safety appraisal work. The degree of implementation is specified at the Digital Information 97 /2010/TT-BTC July 6, 2010, by the Minister of Finance to rule out the fee, the regime organizes conferences on state agencies and public career units.

b) Management costs

The cost of management is the cost of maintaining the operation of the transport safety appraisal and other management costs that serve the safety of the traffic safety. The management costs determine by a maximum of 55% of the expert cost;

c) Other expense

Other costs include: the cost of the Proposal and the Cost of the Traffic Safety appraisal and other necessary costs that serve for the safety of the traffic safety;

d) pre-tax income

The pre-tax income determined by 6% of the total expert cost, the cost of management and other costs;

Value Value Added

The increased value tax is determined by the regulation of the valuing tax law and the provisions of the law on taxes.

What? 5. Build the content and project the cost of traffic safety appraisal

1. The responsibility for building the content and the cost of the transportation safety appraisal is as follows:

a) The agency is entrusted with National Highway Management (Bureau of Road Management, Department of Transport and other agencies assigned to the National Highway) for the highway;

b) The Department of Transport or agency is devolve to the provincial, urban road;

c) The district people ' s committee for the district;

d) The investor or project business on the road is exploiting under the BOT contract, BTO;

Organs, organizations, individuals to the highway.

2. The agency, the organization, the individual responsible for building the content and the cost of the cost of the safety of the traffic safety appraisers is not competent to perform, which has to hire a consulting organization that has sufficient capacity to practice. The cost of content building tax and the cost of the auditor costs are included in the other expense content specified at the point of paragraph 2 Article 4 This message and is set up in accordance with the existing regulations.

What? 6. Appraisal, content approval and cost of traffic safety inspection

1. Content and provision of the cost of the safety inspection of the transport or organization (unit) stipulated at Article 1 Article 5 This information provides a competent authority, approvable.

2. The issuer of the prescribed authority is as follows:

a) Ministry of transportation for highways;

b) Vietnam Road General on the highway (except highway);

c) The Provincial Committee of the Provincial Population or the Authority is authorized for urban roads, provincial roads, district roads;

d) Agency, organization, individual has a dedicated line to the highway.

3. The appraisal results form the Content appraisal Report and the cost of the traffic safety appraisal.

What? 7. Regulatory cost of traffic safety appraisal

The cost of the traffic safety appraisal is adjusted in the following field:

1. Change the volume of traffic safety judges due to the following reasons:

a) There is a change in the characteristic of the line, the route is safely examined in traffic;

b) The person with the authority to decide on the investment requires the addition of a traffic safety appraisal work.

2. The case of the expenses prescribed at Article 4 This is changed according to the regime, the state ' s new policy.

What? 8. Set up and allocate, bar, budget decision of traffic safety appraisal

Follow the provisions of the State Budget Law and the execs of the execs.

What? 9. organizational responsibility

1. Ministry of Transport, Vietnam Road General Directorate and State Administration of Local Transport for Local Transport is in charge of coordinating with the Financial agency and a periodic examination, making up the management situation, use, payment, cost-of-cost accounting. Traffic safety appraisers are exploiting at units assigned by the state authorities tasked with safely interrogated the ongoing road work traffic.

2. If the details of the safety of the bank are not correct, the misappropriation of the provisions in this federation must be paid for the return of the state budget; the person who orders the wrong person to reimbursate the funds.

What? 10. The effect of execution

1. This message has been in effect since 1 February 2015.

2. The case of the reference text in the revised Information, which replaces; then apply in accordance with new text issued.

3. In the course of execution, if there is an entangriation of units reflecting on the Department of Transportation, the Ministry of Finance to timely resolve the ./.





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