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Circular 86/2014/tt-Bgtvt: Regulation On The Conditions For The Vehicle Has Four Wheels And The Engine, The Driver Involved In The Traffic Of Limited Scope

Original Language Title: Thông tư 86/2014/TT-BGTVT: Quy định về điều kiện đối với xe chở người bốn bánh có gắn động cơ và người điều khiển tham gia giao thông trong phạm vi hạn chế

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Number: 86 /2014/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, December 31, 2014


Regulations on the conditions for the four-wheel drive car have a motor vehicle.

and the driver involved traffic in the limited range.


The Road Traffic Law Base November 13, 2008;

The Product Quality Law Base, which was manufactured on November 21, 2007;

The Consumer Rights Protection Act on November 17, 2010;

Base of Protocol 132 /2008/NĐ-CP December 31, 2008, of the Government Regulation of the Blueprint of certain provisions of the Law Quality Law, goods;

Base of Protocol 171 /2013/NĐ-CP November 13, 2013 of the Government rules sanctions on the administrative breach in the field of road and rail transport;

Base of Protocol 107 /2012/NĐ-CP December 20, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Transport;

At the suggestion of the Chief of Science-Technology and the Director of the Bureau of Vietnam,

The Ministry of Transport issued a regulatory advisory on the condition of a four-wheled passenger vehicle with an engine and a driver involved in the traffic within a limited range.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

1. This information specifies for the four-wheel drive-carrying vehicle (later called the Vehicle) on:

a) Check out the quality of technical safety and environmental protection in manufacturing, assembly and import;

b) Technical safety checks and environmental protection when engaging in traffic within a limited range;

c) Conditions that engage traffic within a limited range for the Vehicle and the Vehicle Controller.

2. This message is not specified for the vehicle used for defense purposes, the security of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to agencies, organizations, individuals with regard to management, manufacturing, assembly, import, testing, quality testing, quality certification, and vehicle use.

What? 3. Explain words

In this Information, the words below are understood as follows:

1. The four-wheel drive has an engine. is the motor road motor vehicle powered by motor vehicle, structured to carry people, two axes, at least four wheels, the largest design velocity is no greater than 30 km/h, the maximum seating capacity is no more than 15 (including the driver's seat).

2. Car of the same type is the cars of the same industrial owners, the same brand, design and specifications, which are produced on the same technology line.

3. Type of Vehicle Type certificate is the process of testing, testing, review, evaluation, and certification of the suitcases of a type of vehicle type with regulatory requirements at this Smart, in terms of technical safety and environmental protection.

4. Test template is the type specimen created by the Free Manufacturing Facility or the Vietnam Registry for random-use testing.

5. Testing facility is the organization that operates in the field of flexible testing or motor vehicles to perform standard testing of components or motor vehicles by standard, national technical standards, and related text-related texts.

6. Manufacturing facility is the manufacturing business, assembly of the car, which has qualified technical facilities by regulation.

7. Import base It ' s an organization, it ' s an individual that ' s importing the car.

8. A car with a technical error. is a faulty vehicle in the design process, manufacturing, assembly, potentially endangering the safety and property of the user as well as adversely affecting the safety and environment of the community.

9. Car Recall is the basis of the production facility to recover batch vehicles, the type of faulty vehicle type that the manufacturing facility has provided to the market for repairs, spare parts, or other products to prevent possible dangers due to errors in the process. Design, manufacture, assemble the car.

10. Traffic cars in a limited range. is the car that operates only on the route and time by the provisions of the People ' s Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of Central.

11. Cars don't engage in traffic. is the car that operates only on the internal media of the agencies, the unit.

12. Technical safety checks and environmental protection for traffic vehicles in a limited range (the following call for a circulation check). is the conduct of inspections, assessing the technical safety and environmental protection of the Vehicle to certification vehicles that are eligible to participate in traffic within the limited range.

Chapter II



What? 4. Testing, sample testing

1. Check category, test

a) For traffic vehicles in a limited range: Check, test the specified categories at Annex I issued with this Information;

b) For vehicles that do not engage in traffic: Check out the specified specifications at Annex II issued by this message.

2. The testing facility that performs testing, testing of the Model Car on the right process corresponding to the regulatory requirements at this message; the report results report, the prescribed sample test. In the case of necessity, the Vietnamese Bureau directly oversees the inspection, testing.

3. Number of testing samples: 01 complete motorcycles (an additional 1 battery loaded with electricity for the electric motor vehicle).

4. After testing, testing and reporting results of test results, testing, the Prototype Vehicle and Testing test Facility, testing for the Production Facility, the Import Facility.

What? 5. The registration of the Type of Car Type certificate

The registration records for the type of vehicle type quality (later known as the certificate register record) include:

1. The registration of the specifications by the prescribed form at Appendix II is attached to this message.

2. The main report results in test results, car testing.

3. The description of the manufacturing technology process, assembly and vehicle quality inspection.

4. The Guide uses the Vehicle in which the main specifications, the way to use the vehicle's equipment, guidance on room safety, anti-fire and environmental protection; warranty of warranty (specified warranty condition and address of warranty facilities).

5. The copy of the Business Registration Certificate or Investment for the Production Facility for the first time, assembly of the Car.

6. The basis of the Manufacturing Facility's commitment to the type of Vehicle-type certification does not infraction on the property ownership is being protected and the Manufacturing Facility is responsible for the provisions of the law if there is a dispute over industrial ownership.

What? 6. Evaluation of Quality assurance conditions at the Production Facility

1. To ensure the maintenance of the quality of mass production vehicles, the production facility must meet the following requirements:

a) There is a process and a task guide to quality testing for each type of product from input quality control, quality testing on each of the stages to the control of warranty, maintenance;

b) There are test devices required for each production segment. The category of minimum equipment required to test the quality of the vehicle in the transport of traffic within the limited range is specified at Appendix III issued by this Smart; annually, this workshop quality test equipment must be approved by the Bureau. Post Vietnam check and confirm the status of activity;

c) There is sufficient human resources that perform the production and quality testing in accordance with the production process, assembly. There is a technician responsible for the quality of the training of the car which is trained and held in charge of quality examination.

2. Vietnam Bureau of Registration conducts quality assurance conditions at the Manufacturing Base (later called the COP assessment) on the basis of ISO/TS 16949 standard. "Quality management system-Specific requirements in the application of ISO9001:2008 for manufacturing enterprises, motor vehicle assembly and motor vehicle components," the company said. following the following content:

a) Process and career guidelines for manufacturing, assembly and quality testing: input-of-input, test-on-stage testing, workshop checkup;

b) Quality inspection equipment;

c) The human resource is carrying out the quality examination.

3. COP review forms:

a) The first COP assessment was made when the certificate level certificates type quality;

b) The annual COP assessment is made periodically annually;

c) The initial COP assessment is made when the Manufacturing Facility has a sign of violating the regulations regarding the quality examination, using a workshop quality check, or when there are complaints about the quality of the vehicle.

4. For similar types of vehicles, there is no basic change in the process of manufacturing technology, assembly and vehicle quality testing, and can use the previous COP evaluation results.

What? 7. Level certificate quality

The granting of a car-type quality certificate (later called the Certificate Certificate) is performed in the sequence and manner as follows:

1. The manufacturing facility sets up a certificate of certification by regulation at Article 5 of this Notice and directly directly or through the postal system to the Vietnam Registry.

2. The Vietnam Bureau of Registration continues, examining the certification registration records and processing as follows:

a) If the filing component is incomplete by regulation then the Production Facility guidelines complete in the 1-day range of work on the filing of the certificate registration directly or within the 3-day range of work for the certificate registration filing filed through the system. the postal service.

b) If the complete file component is specified then unified with the production base of the time and location that performs the COP.

3. Within a 10-day period of work, since the date of receiving enough filing, the Vietnam Department of Registration performs the COP rating as specified in Article 6 of this Information.

a) If you have not yet reached the request, inform the Base of the production to be reimbursable as soon as the test ends, evaluate.

b) If you reach a request, the Certificate Level is issued by the prescribed pattern at Annex IVa issued by this Notice within 3 working days, since the date of the end of examination, evaluation.

What? 8. Check in the production, assembly.

1. The production facility is only conducted in production, assembly and export of the following vehicles after the type of Vehicle type has been issued certification and must ensure that the vehicles are in accordance with the certification registration records, the type specimen has been tested. The production facility is responsible for the origin, origin, quality of the workshop.

2. Each car produced, assembly must be produced by the production facility (later called the export test).

3. Base to the Certificate of Issued Certification and the results of the export test, the Vehicle Production Facility in the limited range will be received the embryo checking the quality of the workshop in accordance with the prescribed pattern at Annex V issued by this message to the The production car, the assembly.

4. The production base that checks the quality of the workshop quality for each car has been required to export. A check in the quality of the workshop follows regulation at paragraph 3 This must be due to the competent person (the rank of deputy, the deputy or subordinate directly authorized by the Office of the Head of Production) sign and stamp.

5. The manufacturing facility is responsible for setting up and granting each of the Case Dockyard cars with the following minimum categories: The Quality of the Quality of the Workshop; Manual of Use; Car warranty.

6. The Vietnamese Bureau of Registration may conduct a groundbreaking test. The case of the test results indicates that the production facility of the breach specified at 3 Article 9 of this information will be revoked. The case has not yet reached the recall of the certificate, which oversees the inspection of the workshop under the provisions of Article 2 of this.

What? 9. Annual review, review of the Certificate of Receiving Certificates

1. Every year, the Vietnam Bureau of Registration conducts evaluation of the type of vehicle that has been issued a certificate on the basis of the COP rating according to the regulation at the b point 3 Article 6 of this Information.

2. The production facility must conduct additional certification procedures when regulations relating to the type of vehicle type have been certified for change or when the Car has changes that affect the suitcase of that type of car compared to the regulatory requirements at this Smart. The production facility must apply to the Vietnam Registry of the following documents:

a) The documents related to the change of the Car;

b) The test results report, vehicle testing under new regulations or test results report, additional testing of the changing categories of the Vehicle in accordance with existing regulations.

3. The vehicle type certificate will no longer be valid, revoked in the following cases:

a) The car no longer satissigns the existing regulations or the Car has a change that does not match the certificate registration record, the Certificate of Certification Issued by the Manufacturing Facility does not perform additional certification under the provisions of Article 2;

b) The basis of the violation of the regulations: does not carry out the examination of the quality of the workshop by regulation, using the Department of Fluid Quality Examination for unlicensed vehicles, type of vehicle violation of industrial ownership;

c) The production facility does not make a recall of a vehicle with a prescribed technical error at the 3 Article 25 of this Information.

The certificate is no longer valid for a written and published basis on the website's electronic information page.

Chapter III



What? 10. Check Profile Profile

1. The registration of the Bus examination includes the following documents:

a) The map itself registers the technical safety quality and protection of the imported vehicle environment (later called the Test Registration) according to the specified pattern at Annex VI attached to this message;

b) The copy of the accepted import of the Import Facility includes: Commercial invoice or equivalent paper; the publication of the imported goods;

c) The confirmed copy of the Document Import Facility introduces the feature and specifications of the Vehicle, which represents the following basic content: basic size parameters; the parameters of mass (mass of self, total mass); the number of parameters of the vehicle. who allows the carrying; the biggest speed; the size of the tire; the continuous journey of the vehicle in an electric charge (for electric motor vehicles); introduction to the main systems, including: the transmission system, the braking system, the suspension system, the steering system, the steering system. The beacon lights the signal and the basic engineering parameters of the engine (for the internal combustion engine: the maximum capacity consistent with the rotation rate, volume, and volume). work, the kind of fuel used; for electric motors: the largest capacity, the nominal voltage, the capacity of the battery battery);

The case does not provide a document referring the feature and specifications of the car or this document is not sufficiently content specified at this point of point, the Import Facility uses the specified digital specifications in accordance with the specified Appendix II Appendix II. It ' s accompanied by this announcement.

2. The import of imported goods by regulation at point b and the specified profile components at the point c 1 This may be filed more slowly than the test register but must submit prior to the inspection of the Car.

3. The vehicles of the same type as the type of car have been examined by the Vietnam Bureau of Investigation and issued a Certificate of Prescribed Documentation of the specified document class at the point of one Article.

What? 11. Car check

1. Check method:

a) Check out the type of type of the vehicles in the same batch of vehicles.

b) Control the number of frames, the motor number of each car in the vehicle batch.

c) Random 1 Driver in a Car batch of the same type for testing, testing. As for the used car, the inspection, testing is done for each of the vehicles.

2. Test content, testing:

Testing, testing of the Model Car at the point of paragraph 1 This is carried out by regulation at Article 4 of this message.

3. As long as checked out, test the Model Car in the following cases:

a) The types of vehicles that have been tested under the Agreement or mutually recognized agreement on the standard, standard, and suitcase that Vietnam entered into the signing;

b) The same type of vehicle used in the same type as the type of vehicle has been received by the Vietnamese Bureau of Registration and of the same importation facility.

Where the batch of vehicles belonging to the test-free objects, the test-based motorcycle test has a non-guarantee sign that will have to carry out the inspection, testing of the Model Car in accordance with Article 2 of this.

What? 12. Level certificate of imported quality

1. The import facility sets up 1 registration records in accordance with Article 10 of this Information and directly submit to the Vietnam Register.

2. After receiving the audit registration record, the Vietnam Department of Registration is reviewed, which treats the registration records with the regulation at 1 Article 10 of this Information and processing as follows:

a) If the registration file is not fully checked by the regulation then immediately on the working day, the instructions for the Additional Import Facility, refund;

b) If the registration file is fully checked by the specified procedure, within the 1 day of work, confirm the audit register, agree to be unified with the Import Facility in time and place of inspection.

3. The Vietnam Department of Registration conducts testing and review of the results of the vehicle testing as prescribed at Article 11 of this Smart, conducted notice of results within 3 working days (since the end of the test, receiving the test results) as follows:

a) If the requirement is not reached, the notification to the Facility of Import is remedied; the 10-day period of work, since the announcement date, if the Import Facility has yet to be remedied, the notification level does not reach the quality of the prescribed sample at Annex IVc. With this message.

b) If the request is reached, the Certificate is issued by the prescribed form at the IVb Exhibit attached to this message.

During the examination, if the Vietnamese Bureau of Registration received the information of the manufacturer or the agency of the foreign media regulator, the object of the object was recalled (recall) for repairs, rectify the technical errors, the Vietnam Bureau of Registration. the Certificate of Certificate after the importation Facility has an orange-issued text attached to the manufacturer's text or of the authorized manufacturer's authorized facilities that confirmed the imported car has made it done to correct the repair and ensure it is safe.

Chapter IV




What? 13. Check records

1. The papers must submit:

a) The text of the examination of the organization, the individual pursuits to the Appendix VII issued by this message to the case not to deliver the Car to the Registration Unit;

b) A copy of the quality of the workshop quality (for the case of a production vehicle, assembled in the first-first-registered test vehicles).

2. The papers must be published:

a) The car registration itself or copy of the bank's confirmed car registration is holding the paper itself.

b) The Certificate of Civil responsibility Insurance is in effect;

c) The approval text of the local authority has jurisdiction over the area that allows the vehicle of the individual organization to operate in effect.

What? 14. The registration unit performs a circulation check

1. The vehicle is operated locally, operated by Units in the same location.

2. The circulation test data is stored at the Register and on the Agency Database of the Vietnam Registry.

What? 15. Presentation, how to perform when checking your circulation

1. The owner or authorized person (later known as the owner of the car) file a prescribed file at Article 13 of this message directly to the Registration Unit for registration.

2. Check out the reception, check the profile. If not fully qualified, the owner of the car is to be completed immediately on the day of work. If full, valid date check on the location of the registration vehicle owner (where the inspection is required to meet the specified condition at Appendix VIII attached to this message).

3. The inspection of the vehicle is conducted in accordance with the categories, the method of inspection is regulated at Annex VIII issued by this message.

4. For the first test case, the Unit checks the test and set up the first audit editor of the prescribed vehicle at Annex IX issued by this message. The case of the imported imported vehicle after this date is valid, the Unit posts the base on the number of airframes that save the imported car data on the Vietnamese website's electronic information page and test the actual car to file a case.

5. The test vehicle reached the request, the Certificate of Circulation Certification and Tem circulated after 2 working days, since the date of the test ended. The certificate of circulation and Tem circulate according to the prescribed pattern at Appendix X attached to this message.

6. The test vehicle has no results, the Registration Unit announces the failed inspection category of the car for the owner of the car to repair, rectify, and re-examine.

What? 16. Certificate of circulation, Tem circulated

1. The validity period of the Certificate of Circulation Certificate

a) The first test case: 18 months for the New Car, which has not been used until 2 years, since the year of production; 12 months for the remaining cases (including Car indefinite by five production);

b) The next examination: 12 months;

c) The validity period of the retention certificate does not exceed the duration of the Car Registry (if any).

2. Certificate in circulation, Tem circulate must have the same series and has the content consistent with the Car ' s specifications; Circulation Certificates are delivered to the owner of the car to carry while circulating on the road, Tem circulated taped at the top right corner of the glass. the wind in front of the car In case of a certificate of circulation, Tem is missing, damaged, broken, and the owner of the car is taking the car to check it out.

3. When the discovery of a file issued by the owner of the vehicle, the repair, the purge, or the Certificate of Circulation, the issued Tem is not suitable for the inspection vehicle, the Registration Unit must inform the authorities to take the prescribed treatment of the vehicle. the law and the responsibility for revoking the Certificate of Circulation, Tem is issued (if still valid).

4. Certificate of circulation, Tem saves all the effect when:

a) The car has been issued with the new traffic and circulation certification;

b) there was the loss of the owner of the car;

c) There is a recall message of the Registration Units;

d) The vehicle was in an accident to the point of not ensuring technical safety and environmental protection.

What? 17. Report and file storage

1. Subscription units submit a report on the Vietnam Registration Service along with the motor vehicle circulation inspection report.

2. The report breaks out when there is a request by the authorities.

3. Save

a) The car profile, the filing inspection record and the related papers stored in the Post-Control Units;

b) The filing inspection record, the vote noted the results of the retention tests must be stored for a period of 3 years, since the date of the circulation examination;

c) The Vietnam Post Office instructs the Registration Units for the storage of the car records and the circulation check records.

Chapter V.



What? 18. Conditions for Vehicle Controller

The driver of the vehicle must have a license to drive from the B2 class or to comply with the regulations at Article 58 of the Road Traffic Law in 2008.

What? 19. Conditions for traffic cars

1. Registration and license plates issued by the state authority.

2. The certificate is in effect.

3. Civil liability insurance.

What? 20. Accept of regulation when engaging in traffic

1. The approval of the road traffic rule, the penalty level and the remediation measures of administrative violations in the field of road traffic according to the Government ' s regulations and applies in accordance with vehicle-like vehicle similar vehicles carrying people from 15 onwards. Down.

2. Range, operational route and time of operation for four-wheecar passenger vehicles powered by the People ' s Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of Regulation.

Chapter VI


What? 21. South

1. Vietnam ' s Department of Registration is the State Administration of Technical Safety and Environmental Protection to the Vehicle Controlled Vehicles of this Information; it is responsible for organizing guidance, directing professional expertise. in manufacturing, assembly, import, inspection and inspection of this Information.

2. Unity to release, manage and guide the use of certificates; embryo checking the quality of the workshop, the Certificate of Circulation, and Tem circulated according to the provisions of this Information.

3. Notice a list of testing facilities that perform a service test for the certification of technical safety and environmental protection on the Vietnam Post Office Electronic Information Site.

4. Organization for periodic or groundbreaking testing for the implementation of the quality assurance of the Manufacturing Facility, which checks the circulation of the Registration Units.

5. Report the implementation of the quality test, test for technical safety circulation and environmental protection against the prescribed vehicles.

What? 22. The responsibility of the Test Facility

1. The full page is fully equipped to carry out the examination, testing under the regulations at this Smart and relevant legislation.

2. Make the test, test and report test results in accordance with the correct regulation and responsibility for test results, testing.

What? 23. The responsibility of the Transport Department

1. Report, construction and the Provincial Committee of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee to enact the scope, route, and time of operation on the Vehicle as specified in Article 20 of this article and in accordance with the actual situation of the locality.

2. Check out the laws of individuals, local motor vehicle registration unit in operation of vehicle traffic.

What? 24. The responsibility of the motor vehicle registration unit

1. Do the examination of the circulation and grant the Certificate of Circulation, Tem circulate to the prescribed vehicle. The head of the Registration Unit and the direct checklist performs the circulation check that is responsible for the test results.

2. Public sequencing, procedure, content, process, standard, regulation, fee, fee, and work time.

3. Do the storage mode, the prescribed report. Transmit daily inspection, password preservation, and update the report data from the Vietnam Post Office data network.

4. Send a pre-dated monthly report on the inspection of the vehicle circulation of the Vietnam Department of Registration and the Department of Transport.

5. Accept and facilitate the inspection, inspection, monitoring operation of the functional body's circulation.

What? 25. Production Facility, Import Facility

1. Take responsibility for the accuracy, honesty of the document profile provided to the Vietnam Department of Registration.

2. Full cooperation with the Vietnam Department of Registration during the inspection, examination of the quality of the product.

3. Make the recall of the prescribed product at Article 22 of the Consumer Rights Protection Act when the product is found to be technically faulty.

4. Accountable to the law if the violation of the ownership of the industrial property is being protected.

5. The responsibility for transferring the prototype prototype to the test site.

6. The manufacturing facility must build a quality management system to ensure the maintenance of the quality of mass production products.

7. The import facility must export the status of the vehicle to the Vietnam Registry to perform the inspection, testing at the site that has been unified with the Vietnam Department of Registration.

What? 26. The driver's responsibility

In addition to the implementation of the regulatory content of the circulation examination, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the following regulations:

1. Not faking, self-exploitation, pasting, deleting, revising the contents of the Circulation Certificate, Tem circulated.

2. Provide accurate documentation of relevant information regarding the content of circulation, administrative management content, vehicle specifications, including the provision of files, documents related to the Registration Units.

3. Practice of maintenance, repair to maintain the vehicle ' s technical condition between two tour tests.

4. Nfiled the Circulation Certificates and Tem circulated when the recall message was issued.

What? 27. Charge and fees

The Vietnam Bureau of Registration, the Testing Facility and the Registration Unit are charged with fees and charges according to the Ministry of Finance regulation.

What? 28.

1. This message has been in effect since March 15, 2015.

2. For traffic vehicles to traffic in a limited range prior to the date of this date, the enforced effect must be performed before September 15, 2015.

3. For the Vehicle that has been checked, the certificate does not engage in traffic if there is a need for conversion to engage traffic in a limited range, testing, testing, and certification as for traffic vehicles in a limited range.

4. In the case of text, the documentation in this message changes, the addition, the conversion, the new text applies.

What? 29. The organization performs

Chief of Staff, Chief Inspector of the Department, the Chief Minister, General Secretary General of Vietnam Road, Director of the Department of Vietnam, Director of the Transport Department of Vietnam, Director of the Central Transportation Department, Central Committee of the Central Committee, Director of the Agency, Organization and Personal Affairs It is concerned that this is responsible for this information.



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