Circular 01/2015/tt-Byt Consulting: A Guide To Hiv/aids At The Health Facility

Original Language Title: Thông tư 01/2015/TT-BYT: Hướng dẫn tư vấn phòng, chống HIV/AIDS tại cơ sở y tế

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Number: 01 /2015/TT-BYT
Hanoi, February 27, 2015


Room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS at the medical facility


Article 2 Article 22 of the Law of Defense, Anti-Virus Infection, causes an HIV/AIDS syndrome on June 29, 2006;

Base of Protocol 63 /2012/NĐ-CP the date 31 Month 8 in 2012 of the Government to rule the function, mandate, authority and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health. ()

Review of the Office of the Bureau of Defense, Anti-HIV/AIDs;

The Minister of Health issued a private defense advisory, anti-HIV/AIDS at the medical facility.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

It provides content, organization, prevention, anti-HIV/AIDS, and after HIV testing at the medical facility.

What? 2. Explain the word

In this Information, the words below are understood as follows:

1. Window Stage It ' s about the time that the human body has been carrying HIV, but has not yet given birth enough antibodies to be detected by conventional tests.

2. Undefined HIV test results is that it has not been identified with the presence of HIV-resistant antibodies in the blood, which may not be infected with HIV or have been infected with HIV at the window stage.

3. N Counselor. is that the person who has been trained on HIV/AIDS at medical training facilities or has been trained in room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS at the prescribed training facility at the U.S. Digital News Agency. 22 /2013/TT-BYT August 9, 2013 by the Minister of Health guidelines for continuous training for the medical staff (the following call off as Digital). 22 /2013/TT-BYT).

What? 3. Common Principles

1. Secure the information secrecy of the consultant.

2. Ensure that the consultation is correct in accordance with the provisions of the law.

3. The announcement of the results of the positive test results by regulation at the Digital Information 01 /2010/TT-BYT January 6, 2010 by the Secretary of Health for Health Regulation, the sequence announces the results of HIV positive and digital information. 09 /2012/TT-BYT May 24, 2012, of the Minister of Health for the monitoring of HIV/AIDS epidemiology and monitoring of sexually transmitted infections.

4. Make sure to introduce a transfer of HIV positive people to the care, treatment and prevention of HIV infection.

Chapter II


What? 4. Content advisory content in the room, against HIV/AIDS

General consultation and advisory content on some of the specific subjects of the chamber in the room, anti-HIV/AIDS implementation stipulated at Article 5 and Article 6 of Digital. 06 /2012/TT-BYT April 20, 2012, the Minister of Health provides for the establishment and content of the organization for the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

What? 5. Content counseling before and after HIV testing

1. pretrial counseling:

a) Introduction, discussion of reason counseling, HIV testing;

b) Discs the potential risk of HIV infection;

c) exchange, interpretation of the meaning and benefits of HIV testing and to know the results of HIV testing.

2. Consulting after HIV testing:

a) Consulting for the person with negative HIV test results:

-Explain the results of the test and the meaning of the window phase;

-Guidance, exchange of measures to reduce the risk of HIV infection;

-Consulting needs to participate in mental, psychological, social, medical care, prevention of HIV infection.

b) Consultated with positive HIV positive results:

-Reported positive HIV test results;

-Mental support counseling.

-Guide to the expression of HIV infection with his wife, husband, who has a general sex or use of a needle pump with the counselor and encourages the counselor to introduce these subjects and the child of the counselor (if any) to counseling and counseling. HIV test;

-Consulting on HIV infection for others and liability for the prevention of HIV infection for others;

-Consulting on benefits and the need to participate in the care, treatment and prevention of HIV infection.

c) For the person with an unknown HIV test result:

-Explain the meaning of the test results;

-Evaluation of the latest risk of HIV exposure by the customer and advising the need to reexamine HIV after 14 days.

Chapter I II


What? 6. The conditions of organizing room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS in the medical facility

1. Human resources: there are at least 1 counseling staff.

2. The condition of the facilities, the equipment page:

a) A discreet, clear and light-sufficient guarantee. The case of consulting with a group advisory form must ensure adequate seats with the number of persons advised;

b) There is a minimum set of equipment required for consulting activities, including work tables, seating, and communications documentation for consulting.

What? 7. Penal form

1. Penal form:

a) Group counsel;

b) Counsel the couple, husband or two have sexual relations with each other;

c) Personal advice.

2. The selection of the form of consultation depends on the scale of the disease, the specific needs of each person. Group counseling is not applicable to the post-HIV test for patients with positive HIV test results.

What? 8. Defense consulting, anti-HIV/AIDS

1. The case of the proposed theme:

a) Being consulted in the room in the room, anti-HIV/AIDS: health workers perform counseling for patients according to regulation at this Article 4;

b) Be tested for HIV: health workers perform counseling on the patient by regulation at Article 5 of this Information if the person meets the eligisum conditions at the Article 3 Article 2 of this Information. The case of medical personnel who does not meet the eligisum conditions under Article 3 of Article 2 of this information must be introduced to the counselor.

2. During the course of the examination, healing, medical personnel have a responsibility to advise or introduce to the counselor to advise carrying out the HIV test when meeting the following subjects:

) He has a high risk.

b) Man with tuberculosis;

c) People with sexually transmitted infections;

d) The infected person contracted hepatitis C;

Women pregnant;

e) The child of the HIV infection;

g) People exposed to HIV;

h) The person has been clinically examined and a clinical trial but did not detect the cause of the disease or have clinical symptoms suspected of HIV according to regulations at Decision 3003 /QĐ-BYT on August 19, 2009 by the Minister of Health. It is about the issuing of diagnostic and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

3. After consultation before the HIV test, if the consultant agrees to perform an HIV test, the guidance of the person is advised:

a) The sign agrees to do HIV testing into the hospital if the person being advised is the person who is being treated for residency;

b) Fill and sign the confirmation consent of an HIV test under the prescribed pattern at the Appendix issued by this message if the counselor is not subject to the specified object at this point a paragraph.

4. For people under the age of 16 or incompetence of civil conduct, advise the father, mother or legal guardian of the person (later called the legal representative), where the legal representative agrees to do HIV tests that guide the person in person. It's a prescribed license at the Third Article.

5. During the consultation process, the counselor is responsible for introducing the person to be consulted to the care, treatment, and reserve of HIV infection in accordance with the actual status of the person advised:

a) Health Services: diagnosis, treatment and treatment of an opportunal infection prevention, treatment with HIV-resistant drug; the prevention of HIV transmission from the mother to the child; diagnosis and treatment of TB; sexually transmitted infections; treatment of substance addiction Opiates with alternative medicine; reproductive health care;

b) interventions that reduce harm in the prevention of HIV infection and other social support.

Chapter V.


What? 9. Department of Defense, anti-HIV/AIDS

1. Guide to the deployment of room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS in the medical facility.

2. Build and grant authoritalization of specialized materials serving room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS.

3. Proposal a list of units responsible for the training of room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS for health workers in the medical facilities of the Ministry of Health.

4. The organization of testing, monitoring and evaluation of the results of the implementation of room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS activity across the country periodically or mutants.

What? 10. The responsibility of the provincial health department, the central city

1. Command the health facilities on the provincial site to deploy room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS in the medical facility in accordance with this Information Directive.

2. specify the units of the management authority responsible for the task of consulting the room, against HIV/AIDS warrantigable at this Smart and Private. 22 /2013/TT-BYT Or recommend units of regulation at paragraph 3 Article 9 This is to hold an advisory training exercise, against HIV/AIDS for health workers in the medical facilities on the administration of the administration in case of need.

3. Check, inspect, and preliminary, sump up the situation for consulting room counseling, anti-HIV/AIDS in the province.

What? 11. The responsibility of the medical facilities

1. The following medical facilities are responsible for organizing the consultation on the backup in the room, against HIV/AIDS for organizations, individuals when required:

a) prevarable prevarable health facility, anti-HIV/AIDs;

b) The facility of disease, healing: multi-faculties hospital, the specialized hospital with the treatment of infectious disease treatment, a specialist clinic for prevention, prevention of HIV/AIDS.

2. The medical facility if there is a responsible HIV test technique:

a) The organization of the consultation on the contingus in the room, against HIV/AIDS for organizations, individuals when required;

b) The organization of prior consultation and after HIV testing;

c) A full implementation of the report statistics by regulation for the lead organ in terms of data collection reporting on the chamber, against HIV/AIDS on the site.

Chapter VI


What? 12. Terms of reference

The case where the text that is shown in this text is replaced or modified, the addition will be done according to the revised text or the revised, additional text.

What? 13.

1. This message came into effect from 15 April 2015.

2. Repeal the following regulations since this Private Day is valid for execution:

a) Decision No. 647 /QĐ-BYT on 20 February 2007 by the Minister of Health on Advisory Guide and voluntary HIV testing;

b) Clause 5 Articles 1 and phrase "paragraph 5" at paragraph 2 Article 3 Digital 33 /2011/TT-BYT August 26, 2011, the Minister of Health regulates the mandatory HIV test in some cases needed to diagnose and treat the person.

What? 14. The transition clause

Medical facilities are organizing room counseling, an anti-HIV/AIDS operation that continues to operate, but must be strengthened, complete to meet the conditions of this information prior to 1 January 2017.

What? 15.

Chief of the Department, Director of the Bureau, Anti-HIV/AIDS, the Chief, Director, General Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Head of the Agency, Unit of the Department, Director of the Department of Health of the Provinces, Central City and Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, the industry is responsible for this practice.

In the course of execution, if there is difficulty in the problem, the units, the local report on the Ministry of Health to study, solve.



Nguyen Thanh Long