Circular 6/2015/tt-Byt: Rules Protecting State Secrets In The Healthcare Industry

Original Language Title: Thông tư 06/2015/TT-BYT: Quy định công tác bảo vệ bí mật nhà nước trong ngành y tế

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Number: 06 /2015/TT-BYT
Hanoi, March 31, 2015


Regulation of state secrets in the medical industry


The French base protects the state secret of December 28, 2000;

Base of Protocol 33 /2002/NĐ-CP March 28, 2002, of the Government of the United States Regulation of Law enforcement of the protection of state secrets;

Base of Protocol 63 /2012/NĐ-CP August 31, 2012 of the Government stipulated the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health;

At the suggestion of the Chief of Staff,

The Minister of Health for the Ministry of Health provides for the protection of state secrets in the health industry.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information provides for the protection of state secrets in the medical industry from drafting, printing, stars, photographs, sending, receiving, revoking, storage, statistics, use, preservation, destruction of documents, state secrets in the Health industry.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to agencies, units, organizations, individuals in the medical sector.

What? 3. Serious offenses

1. Collum, supply, exposition, loss, appropriation, buy semi-unauthorized semi-destructive materials, domestic items of state secrets in the Health Industry.

2. Exchange, provide information, documents, state secrets to the agency, unit, individual when not granted jurisdiction.

3. Use a computer that connects the Internet to draft, tap, save the secret document; plug the state secret storage device into the computer that connects the Internet.

4. Using a wireless Micro, mobile phone, recording device, signal capture during the meeting has a state secret content in all forms, except where the licensed authority allows.

5. Exchange information that has state secret content through wallets, cell phones, long-term phones, fax machines, the Internet under any kind of service that has not yet been granted jurisdiction.

6. Provide information, documents, and information from the state secret catalog in newspapers, publications published publicly, on the gates of electronic information, websites, blogs, social networking sites, forums, and similar forms.

What? 4. Standards of staff as work directly related to state secret

1. The units of the Department are responsible for the task of serving as clerkwork, security, security, professional, and well-qualified, disciplined, conscious of the state of the state; at the same time, committed to protecting the secret. It ' s a state-written state.

2. The units of the Department of the Department of the Department of Regulation on the standard of the worker make the work directly related to the state secret for the division of the unit to work the sum of the office of the unit; Officer making the letter aggregation of the unit must make a guarantee statement. The secret state secrets of the state.

3. Those who are charged with contact with state secrets in all forms must take seriously the rule of law on the protection of state secrets and are trained by the authorities, the training of the tasks under the rule of law.

Chapter II


What? 5. Redaction, print, star, document capture, state secret item

When drafting, printing, stars, document capture, state secrets in the Health Industry must make the following regulations:

1. The organization that carries out the drafting, printing, star, file photo, state secret items must proceed in the agency, the unit, at the safety of the head of the agency, the unit directly managing the classified document, without carrying out the agency, the unit. When required, it must be prepared on the system of equipment through inspection and sufficient safety, security. Units in the medical sector have to send officers as security guards to monitor, manage the news, document confidential documents, management units;

2. When the text drafting has a state secret content, the individual text content base must propose to the direct chancellor on the right level of secrecy in the right category of state secrets in the Health industry; the text editor is responsible for determining the document. density levels, the number of releases, the scope of the receiving location, the name of the player, print, control, star, file photo;

With a confidential document, taken in the form of ice, disk, film or record must seal and seal the density. Absolute zero or oversize. After all, the scan must check and cancel the manuscript if available. For a state secret object that must be sealed, there is a text that records the name of the attached object and stamp the level of honey into this text;

3. When the organization takes the initiative to participate in the draft text, the drafting chair must define the scope specifically, subject to the agencies, organizations, individuals involved, need for an opinion or consultation, to stamp on determining the necessary "honey" level. to the draft before I ask for an opinion. The agency, the unit, the individual who received the draft must carry out the management, using the right density that was written on the draft.

What? 6. Send documents, state secrets

1. Enter the checkbook: the secret document before sending it to the "Secret Document" book. The following information must be recorded: number of order, dates, months, years, places of receiving, critical content, security, security, recipient (name, name, name).

2. The vote sent: the deposit document must be accompanied by the deposit and must be ignored in the same package with the document. The deposit must specify where to send, the number of votes, the receiving place, the number of documents that used to be sent, stamped the document's density, the emergency of the document into the top right corner of the ballot paper. The open envelope and the recipient of the classified document must sign the transfer to the person who checks the transfer and checks out in time of the lost document.

3. The packaging: the deposit document is not shared in an envelope with the usual document. The packaging paper must be a kind of a tough, hard-to-soak paper, not visible through it. Cross-enveloped, sticky, sticky, sticky glue.

4. Signs of only the level of classified, secret, secret files.

Not written or sealed, classified, classified in the foreskin.

a) The document with a "honey" stamped "C" (the letter C in bold flowers, located in the circular border, 1.5 cm in diameter).

b) The document with a "secret" degree marked "B" (the letter B in the flower, bold, located in the circular border, 1.5 cm in diameter).

c) The document has a "Secret" degree sent in 2 envelopes:

-Envelope: Due to the writing of the text editor, paste and record number, the symbol of the document, the recipient's name, stamped "The Secret", if it is a document, the object to the person responsible for solving it, "Only the name of the uncircumcised";

-Envelope: Due to the office department, the database's storage as usual and stamped the "A" sign (the letter A in the flower, bold, located in the circular border, 1.5 cm in diameter).

What? 7. Recon documents, state secrets to the

1. When receiving a secret document, the text must enter the "Secret Document to" book to follow and move to the person with the accountability.

2. If the secret document comes into the package with the "only name of the name of the newly unforeseen name", the text is written in the number of records of the epidermal records and moved immediately to the person with the name on the package. If a man whose name is written in the empty envelope, then he shall be delivered to the man who is responsible for it, the uncircumcision.

3. The case of confidential documents sent to without performing the right security procedure is to move to the person responsible for the settlement, and repress the place to withdraw the experience. If the detection of a classified document with signs of exploitation, an envelope or document being exchanged, lost, damaged, the recipient must inform the officer of the agency, the unit to take a timely treatment.

4. When you receive a secret document, the recipient must complete the deposit for the place that sent the document. The deposit and place of a classified document must hold a test, a regular reference to the detection of errors, loss to timely disposal.

What? 8. Document recovery, state secret items

The document must follow, revoking or return where the document is correct, the state's secret objects stamped the recall, upon receiving, as well as when the payout must be checked, the object, and obliterated to ensure that the document is not lost.

What? 9. Archive of documents, state secrets

The "secret" document, "secret", "honey" must be preserved, stored strictly, holding its own storage area at the site of sufficient conditions, protection, safety guarantees. The place of the storage of classified documents by the chief minister, the prescribed unit.

What? 10. State secret protection in contact information

1. Not to transmit information content document via telephone, broadcast machine, telegraph and fax machine, Internet; in the case of the need to be exchanged by phone, fax or by other technical means when it has been applied to the security measures. Honey.

2. The state secret information transferred by means of telecommunications and computers must be encoded as prescribed by the law of the muscle.

3. Information Technology Bureau, the Ministry of Health is the leading unit of instruction of subordinated units, subordinated to the Ministry, the Department of Health of the Provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee to secure the protection of the state over the Internet, computers, and other online devices.

What? 11. Report mode, statistics on security and security.

The Department of Health and units in the Health sector must implement a statistical reporting mode on security work as follows:

1. Breakthrough Report: The head of the agency, the unit must report in time to the Ministry of Health over the possible breakthrough incidents. In the report it needs to specify the reason, the cause, the measure conducted processing, the results and the proposed opinion;

2. Report of the Annual Work periodically: A comprehensive report on the agency ' s annual secret protection work, the unit; the report needs to be brief, accurate, full reflection of the secret protection situation in the year;

3. The report of the subordinate, subordinated to the Ministry of Health sent to the Ministry of Health (Department Office) for the General Office of the Government Office, the Ministry of Public Security according to the rule of law.

What? 12. Use, preserve the document, the state secret item

1. The Office of the Ministry, the Department of Public Affairs of the Department of Health and the department's subordinates are responsible for filing a document on the "classified" document, "secret", "honey" to the storage department according to the law's provisions.

2. The classified document is only common within the range of known responsible persons. Absolute not for a man who is not responsible for not being allowed by the Prime Minister.

3. The exchange of a secret document or supply of data, confidential news on the mass media must be reviewed by the Minister of Health or the Secretary of Health and responsible.

4. Do not bring the confidential document out of the storage area; the special case if the consent of the competent person can borrow and be responsible for the preservation of the document that has borrowed and signed into the secret document logging.

5. The case of cadres must bring confidential documents in the country, foreign work, meeting or private homes must be agreed upon by the head of the agency, the unit and must ensure absolute safety on the way, which is at; must secure the security document. No damage or loss of material. After completing the task must hand over the confidential document to the management department.

6. The unit is tasked with storing confidential documents responsible for managing, using, preserving and providing information in a timely, honest, and correct manner.

What? 13. The review of the review when providing documents, state secrets to the organization, foreign individuals,

1. When it is necessary to provide the documents, the subject of state secrets to international, foreign, or foreign organizations must comply with the following regulations:

a) Type of "classified" must be approved by the Prime Minister;

b) The "Secret" type must be approved by the Minister of Public Security, the defense sector by the Secretary of Defense;

c) The type of "Secret" must be approved by the Minister of Health, Director of the Department of Health.

The unit and the user are only allowed to properly provide the approved content and requested by the recipient to the correct use of the agreement and not be disclosed to the third party.

2. When bringing the document abroad, it must be a text that explicitly shows the secret content of the country, please the agency's opinion on the vertical system and the relevant places to consider the decision.

3. The Health Sector Staff Officer when exposed to foreigners is not allowed to disclose state secrets in general and state secrets in the health care industry in particular.

4. Do not do a secret job in the presence of a person with no responsibility regarding that work. When a classified document must be reported to the unit's chief, it is reported to be timely.

What? 14. Popular, research, use of documents, state secrets

1. Common, study, use of documents, state secrets that must follow the following principle:

a) The "Secret" is only the individual who has the authority or the person tasked with solving the knowledge;

b) The "secret" is only common to those who are responsible for solving;

c) The "Secret" is common to those, which are related to the settlement, the implementation of the text;

d) The dissemination, study, document use, state secret objects must be done in secret, safe, safe place.

2. For meetings, the ministry ' s conference has a secret content, which is only documented, recorded, taped when permitted by the Minister or the competent person, the Chair of the Conference. The tape recorder, the record must manage, protect as the original document.

What? 15. Secret Document

1. The secret document security is to delete the specified density of the classified document. The classified information was only considered when the contents of the document were found to be no longer harmful to the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

2. Principles, competenties, procedures for the security of the secret document by the government and the Ministry of Public Security.

3. For historical archive documents the state secret content is classified according to the rules of the Archives and Archives Law.

4. For the archives to have a state secret content when applied to the Party Central Archive and the document of the Party Central Archives, the security implementation follows the provisions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

What? 16. Destroy Secret Document

1. The destruction of the secret document after the security is done under the provisions of the Archives Law and the execs of the execs.

2. In the special case there is no specific organization for the destruction of the classified document under the existing law regulation, if the unculled secret document will cause serious consequences for security, defense or other interests of the State, the person said. is managing a password that is entitled to self-destruct but soon thereafter must be reported by text to the competent level (the head of the secret document management agency, the same-level public body). If the self-destruction of the secret document does not have the correct reason, the self-destruct must be held accountable to the law.

Chapter V.


What? 17. Take action.

1. This message has been in effect since May 15, 2015.

2. Number Decision 14 /2005/QĐ-BYT April 12, 2005, of the Secretary of Health, the State Secretary of Health Protection of the United States Secretary of State for the protection of the state in health since this date is effective.

What? 18. The responsibility for execution

1. The implementation of the state secret protection work in the Health industry is the responsibility of the agencies, units and individuals in and out of the industry. Within the range of functions, duties, permissions are delivered, the chief of the agencies, the unit of the Ministry, the Director of the Health Department of the Organization for this Information.

2. The state secret security assurance organization of the health sector, the Office of the Ministry of Health has the responsibility to monitor, guide, examine, synthesize the situation in carrying out state secret protection in the whole of Health, report the Minister by statute.

3. During the organization implementation of the organization, the agency, unit and individual reflect on the Ministry of Health (Ministry Office) for consideration, solution.



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