Circular 21/2015/tt-Bca: Enacted Rules Required Institution

Original Language Title: Thông tư 21/2015/TT-BCA: Ban hành nội quy cơ sở giáo dục bắt buộc

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Number: 21 /2015/TT-BCA
Hanoi, May 14, 2015


Compulsory educational basis for education


Base of Protocol 02 /2014/ND-CP October 10, 2014 rules for adoption, enforcement of administrative processing, into the school of education and compulsory education;

Base of Protocol 106 /2014/ND-CP November 17, 2014 rules the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Public Security;

At the suggestion of the Chief Directorate General of the Bureau of Criminal Justice and Judicial Assistance,

The Minister of Public Security issued the compulsory education of compulsory education.

What? 1. compulsory educational base of education

1. This is issued by the Executive Committee of the "Compulsory Educational Basis".

2. Visit, meet; receive, send letters, money, gifts; telephone contacts of the compulsory education facility camp held under the other provisions of the Minister of Public Security.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to the mandatory institution of compulsory education; compulsory education facilities; the camp is accepting decisions at the mandatory educational facility under the decision to apply the administrative treatment of the People ' s Court and the organization, the individual who has the right to do so. concerning the enforcement of the decision to include the compulsory educational institution.

What? 3. Effect and accountability

1. This message was effective on 29 June 2015 and replaced Decision No. 168/QĐ-BCA (V26) on 5 April 1999 of the Minister of Public Security of the Internal Affairs Department of Education.

2. The chief ministers, the Deputy Head of the Ministry, the Director of Public Security, Director of the Fire Police, the Department of Fire, the Central City, and the organization, the relevant individual responsible for this private practice.

In the course of the process, if there is difficulty, entangrium, the Security of Units, localities, organizations, individuals with the relevant report on the Ministry of Public Security (through the Directorate General of Criminal Justice and Judicial Assistance) to have a timely direction.



General Chen Kuang



(The Board is attached to the Digital Information 21 /2015/TT-BCA May 14, 2015, of the Minister of Public Security

To hold the discipline, facilitate the camp's decision to submit to compulsory education, the Minister of Public Security rules the basis of compulsory education.

What? 1. Regulation of command acceptance, time

Compulsory educational facility camp:

1. Accept the order of command, the guidance of the mandatory educational base staff.

2. Accept the correct regulation of the ordinance, time of study, labor, life, rest, culture, culture, fitness, sport, fun, entertainment.

3. Quickly line up to the nest, team when there is a set order; keep order and absolute obey the order, the instruction of the mandatory educational base.

What? 2. The regulation of internal order retention, eating, staying, living

The compulsory education facility is required to accept the following regulations:

1. The designation of the point of honor, the interface.

2. Eat on time; when meals wear pants, long sleeves, wear shoes or slippers, do n' t cause disorderly; receive the right rations, eat the right place.

3. Sleep on time, lying in the right place, do n' t lose order.

4. Keep your personal hygiene, carry out the room, examine, treat the disease as prescribed.

5. Cut short hair but do not cut the head bald, to the beard, moustache for male, neat for the female.

6. Regulations on the prohibition of the festival, eating, burning fire, cooking in the chamber, where to study, where to study, to labor, to infirmary, to be able to live; writing, drawing, hanging, painting, photo, spitting, throwing out of indiscriminate garbage in the compulsory educational facility.

7. Regulations on the prohibition of smoking, smoking in the chamber, the infirmary, the disciplinary chamber, the visiting house, the library, the reading room, the learning place, the living organism, the labor workshop, the apprenticer, where it can cause fires, explosions, places that have a "ban on fire", "ban smoking." "and elsewhere."

8. The regulation of tattoo prohibition, budging, wearing body or other human body with metal or other substance, hair dyes, for nails, long toenails and nail polish paint, toenails, sexual relations, homosexuality among the camps with each other or with others. Different.

9. Regulations on the prohibition of storage, alcohol use, beer, drugs and other stimulants; types of machines, information equipment, contacts, weapons, toxins, explosives, flammable substances, chemicals, radioactive substances and items that can be harmful to yourself and for the rest of the world. The others.

10. Regulations on the prohibition of possession, use of books, newspapers, documentaries, films, tapes, plates, e-memory cards, non-healthy content texts; hook-up, information spreading, unauthorized images outside or online, media reports.

11. Regulations on the prohibition of transmission, rituals, divination, propaganda, enticing, forcing other encampers to engage in superstitionless activities, heresy, carrying out superstitionless acts of superstitionation, stance, or participation in groups, groups, factions.

12. Regulations of prohibition against gambling, anything, in any form between the camp and the other.

13. Regulations on the prohibition of intimidation, bullying, causing trouble, trespassing on your body or of others.

What? 3. Regulation of ritual acceptance, author

Compulsory educational facility camp:

1. Use Vietnamese in communication (except for unknown Vietnamese); known as "cadres" or "guest" calling "me" to the mandatory educational base, the visitor visiting or working at the compulsory educational facility; called "you" or "sister" to "me". for other encampers when learning, labor, conference, assembly, carnival, ceremony or collective life. In addition to these activities, depending on age, the camp confers to each other in accordance with the customs, Vietnamese cultural tradition. When you hear your name, the barracks must answer "yes."

Leave the hat or hat, stand down, from 03 metres to 05 metres away and say hello to the cadet or greet the guests when meeting the mandatory educational facility or the visiting gentleman, working at the compulsory educational facility. The greeting must show a friendly attitude, yes, yes, or say thank you, sorry for the moment. Where the nest is, the camp team meets the cadets, guests visit or work, the Captain or Team Leader, the camp team must take all the camp standing seriously, put on a hat or hat, hold on the right hand and face the nest, the barracks salute or greet. Guests.

2. Remove the hat or hat, holding in the right hand, the report clearly names, nests, team when coming out, into the mandatory educational base gate. If you follow the nest, the team goes to a double, or a hat or hat, holding the right hand to the right of the row, holding the left hand to the left row, the leader or the leader of the nest, the camp team must report the name of the nest, the team, the number of people in the nest, his team.

3. Detoffing, timely reporting, honesty, true truth with the enforcement of the compulsory educational basis on violations of the law, the Internal Affairs Department of Education compulsory from the other camp.

What? 4. Regulation of pants, shirts, personal living items

Compulsory educational facility camp:

1. Wear pants, wear "CAMP" in front of the trousers, behind the back of the garment; in front of the chest on the left side of the garment stamped "the camp name and the last 7 of the camp's record number" (except trousers, undergarments).

2. Wear pants, long sleeves, presenters, neat, clean, install with chrysanthemum when engaging in learning, labor, conference, competition, carnival, mass-living, meeting relatives, coming into the gates of compulsory education or contact with outsiders.

3. To the depositor at the institution of compulsory education, such as gold, silver, jewelry, foreign currency, foreign money, stocks, bonds, bonds, electronic payment cards, watches, machinery, equipment, People's ID, public ID, public ID. People, notebooks, passports, vocational certificates, texts, certificates, other kinds of paperwork and clothing, clothing, private clothing.

4. Double, neat arrangements, clean sheets, clean sanitation, exposure, to the right place to rule your pants, shirts, blankets, nets, panels, personal life items. Do not bring in the room at the instrument, the standard-free agent is issued by regulation and 02 sets of pants, regular garments, 1 jersey, 1 pillow of personal fabric, plastic cups, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, washing, resin, plastic hair, paper. White, pen, plastic, medical, medical, and drug use, prescribed by the medical officer's medical staff, the treatment for women's hygiene, the prescribed medicine bag.

5. No loan, other repair of pants, shirts are issued; write, draw, bleach, remove marks on your pants, shirt.

What? 5. Planning on learning, labor, apprentitiing, culture, culture, fitness, sports, fun, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment

Compulsory educational facility camp:

1. Positive, self-sense, serious participation in learning, labor, vocational education, cultural activities, culture, fitness, sports, fun, entertainment.

2. Respect, ritual, behaving properly with compulsory educational base staff in learning, labor, vocational education, cultural activities, culture, fitness, sport, fun, entertainment; good preservation, no loss of material, books, books, books, and books.

3. Accept of discipline, regulation, instruction of compulsory educational base cadres in academic, labor, vocational, cultural activities, culture, fitness, sport, fun, entertainment; not being opposed, lazy, evasion, or obstruction of learning. sets, labor, apprentiing, cultural activities, culture, fitness, sport, fun, recreation of other camp; hire or arrest other encampers serving, doing their job or other camp in any form; not self-conscious, deliberately moving, sex, or other. damage, destruction of machinery, tools, supplies, raw materials, products or other items or carry machines, labor equipment, vocational learning, and other equipment. besides the mandatory educational facility, put into the area of the camp when there is no consent of the mandatory educational base staff.

What? 6. Regulation of protection, retention of property

Compulsory educational facility camp:

1. Protect, keep up its assets, of others, property, green trees, gardens, trees, lawn mats in compulsory educational basis; in time to denounce, report to the enforcement of compulsory educational basis on violations of that property; no purchase, sale, exchange, and more. In exchange, borrowing, borrowing anything between the camp together and with others; no matches, sentences, electric hooks of compulsory educational basis or elsewhere.

2. The compensation damages the rule of law if the property is caused by the property of the compulsory education facility or other person.



General Chen Kuang