Circular No. 98/2015/tt-Btc: The Spending Regime Regulation Organization To Emulate The Patriots Ninth National

Original Language Title: Thông tư 98/2015/TT-BTC: Quy định chế độ chi tiêu tổ chức đại hội thi đua yêu nước toàn quốc lần thứ IX

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Number: 98 /2015/TT-BTC
Nationwide, June 23, 2015


The rule of organizational spending of the Ninth National Water Race Contest.


Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003, of the Government of Regulation and Guide to the Law of the State Budget;

Base of Protocol 215 /2013/ND-CP December 23, 2013 of the Government regulates the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Execution of Decision No. 180/QĐ-TTg on 3 February 2015 by the Prime Minister on the establishment of the 9th National Water Patriotic Contest Organization Board;

Decision number 181/QĐ-TTg on March 3 February 2015 by the Prime Minister approx.

At the suggestion of the Chief Financial Officer of the Career.

The Minister of Finance issued the Ministry of Finance that regulates the expenditure regime for the preparation and organization of the 9th National Water Patriotic Competition.

What? 1. General Regulation

1. The adjustment range: This information regulates the planning, management, use, and accounting of the preparation and organization of the 9th National Water Patriotic Competition (later called the Games).

2. Subject applies: The agencies, units, organizations are tasked with preparing and hosting the Games.

3. The funding of hosting the Games is guaranteed by the State budget and other legal mobiles (if any).

4. Agency, organizational unit, serves the Games responsible for management, use of the right to be delivered on purpose, the right regime of the existing law enforcement and specific regulations at this Smart.

What? 2. Cost Content

1. The cost of decorum, renting out the location, the location serves to hold events for the preparation and organization of the Games.

2. The cost of using technical equipment in print, translation, security, office, hearing, disability assistance, and other assets, equipment, and other equipment.

3. The vehicles travel:

a) Agency, organization, locality where the delegate attends the Games, the cost of travel to the delegate from the residence or where the business is to receive a place in Hanoi. The delegates from the remote must be taken by the aircraft, the Organisitship Board will be responsible for bringing the delegates from the airport to the residence of the delegate's residence in Hanoi and vice versa. In the days of the summons, the Organisitalian Board is responsible for bringing, welcoming delegates from the hotel to the venue of events, the venue of the Games, and vice versa.

b) The organization of the General Assembly ticket payment congress, the capital ship, the foreign delegate, the patriotic Vietnamese, the typical report at the General Assembly convened to browse the report before the time of the Games.

c) The type of vehicle, the number of vehicles serving the delegate and other service activities for the Games is implemented under the approved scheme.

4. Cost of materials; document collection; writing and printing press reports, documents, era Games, books on advanced, heroic, heroic mirrors, nationwide competition singers from 2011-2015; previous exhibitions and in the General Assembly;

5. Design, printing invitation print, reporter cards, press technician cards, service personnel cards, car badgmen serving the Games, logos, slogans and other printing service to prepare for the preparation and organization of the Games.

6. Detail design, order as the Congress badge for the delegate, Board, guests; gifts, items for the Games; market design in, out of the hall.

7. Propaganda: The previous press conference, during and after the Games; the setting and operation of the Press Center for the Games; the exam on the new factor, the advanced mirrors; the construction of a documentary for the Games; the organization of the symmetric cutlypes. at the congress; film, photo, print pano, posters, logos, badgrights, flags, banners, slogans, print propaganda and propaganda organizations on mass media (radio, television, press, etc.).

8. New York City reception, dedication (reception, departure, reception, and related activities); cultural cultural activities taking place during the Games and the gala night to celebrate the success of the Games.

9. Detail of the food, holiday for the delegate (including foreign representatives, Vietnamese people who love water for the Games) during the Games, before the opening day one day and after the one-day standoff.

Representatives of the country have been concerned by the Congress of Congress, who do not pay for their money to sleep, pay for the job.

10. The service serves the Games; serving on the reception of foreign delegates, Vietnam is patriotic to the Games.

11. Exposition of the General Assembly of the General Assembly.

12. Chi organizes conferences, seminars, meetings and other activities of the Organisitalian Board, the Subcommittee and Organizations to help in the preparation and take of the Games.

13. Chi for security assurance, order, sanitation, health and service; the lease of uniform clothing for volunteers and liaison officers to participate in the service of the Games; training exercises, rehearsals, general browsing for operations serving work in the United States. Prepare and organize the Games.

14. Other related content related to the organization, serving in preparation work, hosting the Games, such as: Office of the stationing, photography and print of commemorative photos for delegates, telephone, information, contacts, drinking water, and other relevant content.

What? 3. Some specific expenses

1. diet, diet:

a) For delegates and guests:

-Deputies, guests (including foreign delegates, Vietnamese nationals) and the Organisitalian Board of Meeting: The level of 400,000-per-person per day for the duration of the Games and before, after the 1-day congress.

For the day of the party's party, the party's reception, the state: The money is 200,000 per person per day.

-For non-registered delegates gathered at the Games: It costs 400,000 people per day for the actual time of attendance.

For the day of having the Party Leadership reception, the State: The money costs $200,000 per person/day.

-Party leader's party, State House: $500,000.

The above amount has included the drink, which has not included the taxes required by the service provider in accordance with the current regulations.

b) For the service force (security, protection, health, driving, recepti...) in the days of the Games, the case of the General Assembly of the General Assembly, the maximum amount of $200,000 per person/day/day; the case of not eating concentrated is not allowed. It's the money.

c) Money drinking, fruit between now (during the time of the Games): 70,000 copper/person/day work.

The country ' s own money drinks Board meetings, meeting the Subcommittee Subcommittee on the Regulations at No. 97 /2010/TT-BTC On June 6, 2010, the Ministry of Finance regulated the cost of the fee, the regime that held conferences on state agencies and public career units.

2. Money at:

-On the far away, sign up for a stay at the hotel arranged by the OrganisiteCommittee of the OrganisiteCommittee of the Order (the time of the General Assembly and the First, after the first congress);

-The organization of the General Assembly of Money payment is for delegates at the expense level at the Digital Information 97 /2010/TT-BTC 06/07/2010 by the Ministry of Finance to rule out the fee, the regime organizes conferences on the state agencies and the public career unit;

-For foreign guests, the Vietnamese attended the congress: the organizers of the General Assembly paid the money in the actual bills, but not so much as 1,700,000 per person per day.

-For the service force (security, protection, health, driving, recepti...): A licensed case approved by the Court of Appropriation. Digital 97 /2010/TT-BTC 06/07/2010 of the Ministry of Finance. No money, no food, no concentration.

3. The vehicles travel:

a) The organization of the General Assembly supports the airfare, the capital ship, the foreign delegate, the country's patriotic expatriate (economy), the special case must be approved by the head of the General Assembly.

b) The organization of the General Assembly for Travel Payments to the General Report at the General Assembly convened to browse the report before the time of the General Assembly under the Regulations of the General Assembly. 97 /2010/TT-BTC 06/07/2010 of the Ministry of Finance.

c) The cost of hiring the means of serving the General Assembly under contract, invoice, certificate from legal pursuits.

4. The service of the foreign delegate service, Vietnam on the project of the General Assembly in accordance with Regulation 01 /2010/TT-BTC 06/01/2010, the Ministry of Finance rules the spending of foreign visitors working in Vietnam, spending conferences, international conferences in Vietnam and domestic passenger spending.

5. The organization organizes training classes, training, rehearsals, censors and other training activities for cadres, drivers, catering staff, liaison officers who serve to serve the activities of the Games: The execution of the project and the approved bill on the basis of the operation. the regulations at the Digital Information 139 /2010/TT-BTC On September 21, 2010, the Ministry of Finance regulated the planning, management and use of funding from the state budget for training, accretion, civil service.

6. Procurement or outsourcing of property, technical equipment, printing, as a symbol, donations, and other goods, services: executed by the law of the current law of bidding.

7. Make an extra time in the time preparing to host the Games (in addition to the days that have enjoyed fostering the Games): Regulation at the Digital Federal Information 08 /2005/TTLT-BNV-BTC The Ministry of Internal Affairs on 05/01/2005, the Ministry of Finance directed the implementation of the work-paid regimen at night, making overtime for cadres, officials, officials.

8. Other expenses associated with the organization's organization:

a) The fostering members attended the meeting of the Organisitalian Directorate for the preparation of the Games:

-Chairman of the meeting: 400,000 people per day.

-Other members of the Congress Organisations: $300,000.

-Members of the Subcommittee: 200,000 per person/day.

-The members invite attendance: $100,000 per person/day.

-Service subjects: $50,000.

b) Fostering the meetings of the Subcommittee, the Helping; the workshop, discussion of the report content; browse the typical report; the previous press conference, during and after the Games:

-Chairman of the meeting, seminar: 200,000 per person/day.

-Members of attendance: $100,000.

-Service subjects: $50,000.

c) Chi for subjects whose articles contributed to the draft report, the Congress document: 200,000 copper/cards.

d) The mobile phone support genus during the time of the Congress imposed the stock as follows:

-Head, deputy committee of the General Assembly; Head of Subcommittee (Content, Propaganda, Logistics and Security): 300,000 men;

-Members of the Subcommittee (Content, Propaganda, Logistics and Security): 200,000 men;

-The case requires the Minister of Logistics and Security to decide on a list of mobile phone payments, a maximum of 200,000 per person per person.

So the individuals have a typical report:

-The report was selected by the Organisator Board in the book of advanced, heroic, heroic, and national racing mirrors from 2011-2015 and the reports were presented at the congress: 300,000 men/reports;

-The General Assembly of the General Assembly, a review of the typical press conference at the General Assembly convened to browse the report before the time of the Games, at the expense of the money supply, on holiday for the non-profit representative from the state budget. No. 97 /2010/TT-BTC 06/07/2010 of the Ministry of Finance.

e) Compensation for the participants who serve the Games:

-Members of the General Assembly, Head of Subcommittee: $200,000 per person/day.

-Members of the Subcommittee: 150,000 people per day.

-Members of the group, the working group of the mobiles that serve the Games: 100,000 people per day.

-The service staff consists of: Protection, driving (not including the driver of the rental car), reception, medical, volunteers, liaison officers, officers of the units being displayed directly to the Games: 100,000 per person/day.

-The officer of the unit is on the indirect display serving the General Assembly (police, police ...): $100,000 per person/day.

The list of staff members served in the days of the General Assembly by the Chief of the Subcommittee.

The timing of the fostering time is the actual time on display for the dates of the Games, but no more than 05 days and those who have enjoyed a fostering do not enjoy the cost of the payment in these days. In the case of a person doing various tasks, only one of the highest levels of fostering. When a fostering is not entitled to overtime (if any).

g) Tennis expenses, uniform garments for volunteers, liaison officers serving the Games in the coming of the Games: $100,000 per person/day.

) Other content contents perform at the expense of the same or payment-based industries and must be approved by the Head of the Subcommittee prior to the implementation.

What? 4. Accounting, broadcasting, and budget payment


The work content base associated with the organization of the Games has been approved by the Ministers; the base of the current financial spending and the level of expenditures at Article 3 of this Information, the Subcommittee Building the funds to carry out the part of the work of responsibility. Its implementation (in which the details follow each of the ministries, the body that is assigned to the section in the subcommittee) send to the General Logistics and Security Subcommittee of the General Assembly (usually directly the Central Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) in aggregate.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs envisage the funds to hold the General Assembly in accordance with the Ministry of Finance to be appointed by the Ministry of Finance to be approved, the Prime Minister approved.

2. Distribution of the bill:

After the Prime Minister approved the total funding of the Games, the Ministry of Finance assigned the funds to make the Games for each ministry, the body was given the presiding over the mission. On the basis of the expected number of interrogated organs, the ministries, the body assigned to the task of carrying out the allocation of accounting under the provisions of the State Budget Law and the Law-directed texts.

3. Manage, use and decide the funding:

The Ministry, the agency assigned the funding for the task of serving the Games, is responsible for management, use and accounting for the approved accounting and according to this Information. All of the approved bills that were approved must be approved by the General Board of the General Assembly prior to the implementation.

At the end of the year the ministries, the body assigned to the funding, carried out the task of aggreging the funds to hold the congress in the paper-making, 2015 budget of the ministry, the body according to the provisions of the State Budget Law, the Accounting Law, and the offices. The instructions for the execution. The cost of hosting the Games did not have to pay the state budget.

What? 5. Terms of execution

It came into effect on August 10, 2015, and applied to the organization of the 9th National Water Race Contest.

In the course of the organization, if anything is entangled, the agencies, units need to report on the Board of the Games-the Central Competition Board-the Central Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance to timely resolve the ./.



Cheung Chi