Circular 40/2015/tt-Bgtvt: Standard Regulations, Duties And Powers Of The Register Staff Of Railway Transport

Original Language Title: Thông tư 40/2015/TT-BGTVT: Quy định tiêu chuẩn, nhiệm vụ và quyền hạn của Đăng kiểm viên phương tiện giao thông đường sắt

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Number: 40 /2015/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, July 31, 2015


Standard rules, duties, and permissions

of Fuck! Line-up traffic. t


Railway Law Base June 14, 2005;

Base of Protocol 107 /2012/NĐ-CP December 20, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Transport;

On the recommendation of the Chief of the Security Service and the Director of the Bureau of Vietnam,

The Minister of Transport issued a standard regulatory, mission, and jurisdiction of the Rail Traffic Traffic Service.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information provides for the standard, mission, and jurisdiction over the Register of Rail Transit vehicles.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to the organization, the individual involved in the operation of the vehicle traffic.

What? 3. Login

1. Register the rail transport vehicle (later called the Register) as the person with the prescribed standard, which is recognized as the Register for the service of the rail transport.

2. Register a checklist of 2 classes, namely:

a) Register;

b) Senior checklist.

Chapter II


What? 4. Register standard

1. For the Register:

a) graduate of the machine head majors, wagons or machine heads-wagons;

b) Foreign languages: English, degree A or equivalent return;

c) News: the degree A or the equivalent is up;

d) There is a Certificate of completion of the Register of Register staff;

There is a 12-month minimum period of professional practice in terms of rail transport;

e) There is a checkup certificate.

2. For the Senior Register:

a) There is a minimum time of 05 years working in the position of Register;

b) Foreign languages: English, B-level or equivalent return;

c) There is a certificate of completion of the high rank checklist training class;

d) There is a High-level checkup certificate;

There is a 12-month minimum career internship for the new design appraisal; analysis, cause of accident causes.

What? 5. Check out the checklist

1. For the Register:

a) The appraisal or participation of the design appraisal of the types of rail transport vehicles;

b) Technical safety quality and environmental protection for rail transport;

c) Create a checkup profile for the test subjects;

d) Participation in the construction, addition, standard revision, technical regulation, career guidance;

Taking part in scientific research, the application of scientific and technological advances;

e) The practice guide for the student who completed the training training class for the transport of rail transport;

g) Participate in the update training, the addition of a professional professional;

h) Perform other tasks according to the assignment of the unit leadership.

2. For the Senior Register:

A senior checklist performs the tasks of the Regime in accordance with the provisions of this 1 Article, in addition to the following tasks:

a) presided over or engaged in the study of scientific topics, construction, addition, standard revision, technical regulation, law-breaking text;

b) Join the new design appraisal of the types of rail transport vehicles;

c) Eng the results of the examination of the Register, staff for the unit leadership on matters of expertise, business when required;

d) Instructs, a career check, and evaluation of the Register to participate in the training exercise;

We are engaged in a highly advanced training exercise.

What? 6. Post Office permissions

1. Has the right to protect, report the superior when its opinion on the conclusion of the assessment of the vehicle technical status, the device is different from the opinion of the unit leader.

2. Have the right to stop the inspection of the vehicle and the above-level report states the vehicle, the inspection device does not guarantee safety during the inspection process.

What? 7. Register

1. Subscription is responsible to the unit leadership and before the law on the results of the work being assigned.

2. Register the auditor to perform objectively, legally and in accordance with the required duty of duty.

Chapter III


What? 8.

1. The training training program for the Register includes:

a) A career training program for the Register;

b) The training exercise program for the Senior Regime.

2. The Content Manager Program Content with the checklist is specified at the Annex 1 issued by this message.

3. The base of the training program stipulated at paragraph 2 of this, the Director of the Bureau of the Service of Vietnam has the responsibility to build, enact a career training document for the Register.

4. annually, the Vietnam Post Office is responsible for the planning of training organization and granting the certificate to the students completing the prescribed class training class at Annex 2 issued by this message.

What? 9. Authority Level Certificate of Registration Certificate

1. Chief of the Bureau of Vietnam issued a Certificate of Registration under the prescribed pattern at Annex 3 issued by this message.

2. Registration Certificate has a period of 3 years.

What? 10. Profiling of the Register Certificate Certificate

1. Profiling of the Register Certificate certification includes:

a) A proposal by the prescribed pattern at Annex 4 issued by this message;

b) The text of the unit by the prescribed form at Annex 5 issued by this message;

c) The professional background in the prescribed form at Annex 6 issued by this message;

d) Copy that there is a real certificate or a copy with the main copy in order to treat a university diploma;

This copy of the certificate completion certificate class;

e) A copy of a certificate or a copy accompanying the main copy to face an English certificate, a certificate of News;

g) 02 snapshot (taken in 6 months);

) Report the results of the registered posting (with the confirmation of the unit chief).

2. Proposition of the Subscription Certificate certification file:

The registration certificate is issued when the expiration, failure, loss. The recommended record for the Registration Certificate certificate includes:

a) A proposal by the prescribed pattern at Annex 4 issued by this message;

b) The proposed text of the unit by the prescribed form at Annex 5 issued by this message.

What? 11. The procedure granted and reissued the Register Certificate Certificate

1. The organization, the individual finer the filing by regulation at Article 10 of this Notice and file 1 file to the Vietnam Register.

2. The Vietnam Post Office takes on, checking the profile component: if the filing is incomplete by regulation then the organization guide, the individual reimbursable immediately on the day of work (for the case of direct filing) or organizational guidance, the individual is finer. file after 2 working days, since the date of the filing (for the case of receiving the case through the postal route or in other form of the appropriate form).

3. The case of full profile by regulation, the Vietnam Department of Registration grants the results of the results and conduct of the case evaluation. If the record reaches the level or level of the Certificate of Registered Registration after 3 working days, since the date of the filing; the case is not reached, after 1 day of work, since the date of the case assessment results, the Vietnam Post Office has the written answer and specifies the reason. Oh,

4. The reception of the record and the return of the results is performed directly or through the postal system or by other proper form.

What? 12. recall the Register Certificate

The subscription was revoked by the Certificate of Registration Certificate, when a disciplinary action was taken up to the following violation:

1. Violation of standard regulations, regulations, processes on the inspection of rail transport.

2. There is negative behavior, perturbation books, intentionally causing difficulties for the customer during the task execution process.

Chapter IV


What? 13.

1. This message has been in effect since 1 October 2015. Number Decision Repeal 063 /2004/QĐK April 19, 2004 by the Director of the Bureau of Vietnam's Office for the Registration Of Railway Inspection Criteria.

2. The registration certificate has been issued under the Digital Decision 063 /2004/QĐK April 19, 2004, by the Director of the Bureau of the Bureau of Vietnam, the deadline is still valid for the duration of the validity of the certification.

What? 14. Organization

1. The Vietnamese Bureau of Registration is responsible for organizing this information.

2. Chief of Staff, Chief Inspector of the Department, the Chief of Staff, Director of the Agency for Vietnam, Director of the Agency, Organization, and Personal Affairs are responsible for this information.



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