Decision 35/2015/qd-Ttg Dated: About The Amendments And Supplements Of Decision No. 02/2012/qd-Ttg Dated April 13, 2012 Of The Prime Minister On The List Of Goods And Services Essential To Dd

Original Language Title: Quyết định 35/2015/QĐ-TTg: Về việc sửa đổi, bổ sung Quyết định số 02/2012/QĐ-TTg ngày 13 tháng 01 năm 2012 của Thủ tướng Chính phủ về việc ban hành Danh mục hàng hóa, dịch vụ thiết yếu phải đ

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Numbers: 35 /2015/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, August 20, 2015


About the amendment, the plugin Q Number. 02 /2012/QĐ-TTg

January 13, 2012 of I General. - The government is about to enact the catalog.

merchandise, essential services must register for a sample contract, transaction conditions Chun g


Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

The Consumer Rights Protection Act on November 17, 2010;

Base. Number Protocol 99 /2011/NĐ-CP November 27, 2011 of the Government rules the details and guidelines for the implementation of a number of provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Act;

At the suggestion of the Minister of Commerce,

The Prime Minister issued the revised Decision, compleming the number decision 02 /2012/QĐ-TTg On 13 January 2012, the Prime Minister's Office on the Board of Merchandise Portfolio, the essential service required to register for a contract under the template, joint transaction conditions.

What? 1. Modification of a name of a number of goods, services in the portfolio of goods, essential services must register on a template contract, the general transaction conditions accompanying the Digital Decision. 02 /2012/QĐ-TTg

1. At the order of order 2: Fix "Supply Clean Water Supply" into "Water Supply Water Supply".

2. At number 4: Edit "Fixed-phone subscribers" to "Land Fixed Phone Services".

3. At the order number 5: Edit: "Mobile subscribers return" to "Land Mobile Information Services (form of payment: return)".

4. At number 6: Edit "Internet Connection" to "Internet Access Services".

What? 2. Additional in the Commodity Portfolio, the essential service must register a contract contract, the general transaction conditions issued by Decision No. 1. 02 /2012/QĐ-TTg

1. Additional on the order number 5: Ground mobile information service (payment form: prepaid).

2. Additional number 10: Release of the domestic debit card, open and use the payment account service (applicable to personal clients), personal capital loans (intended for consumption).

3. Additional number 11: Life insurance.

What? 3. Effect of execution

The decision came into effect on 15 October 2015.

What? 4. The transition clause

1. In the 90-day period since the date of the decision comes into effect, organizations, individuals are adopting a contract under the template, joint transaction conditions for the goods, the service stated at Article 2 This Decision must carry out the registration under the rule of law. The rules for the protection of consumer rights.

2. For contracts that have been signed and valid prior to this time the decision is valid for execution:

a) This decision does not apply to the contract contracts, the joint transaction conditions that provide the goods, the service stated at Article 2 The decision has signed or applied to the consumer before the time of the Decision to take effect.

b) In the case of a change of content-a template-based contract, a joint transaction condition states at Point 2 This, the organization, the business individual must conduct the registration procedure and be applied only to the consumer when the registration is completed. According to the rules.

What? 5. The Organization

Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, government ministers of the Government, Chairman of the People's Committee of the Provinces, the Central City and the organizations, the relevant individual is responsible for this decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung