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Decree 74/2015/nd-Cp: On People's Air Defense

Original Language Title: Nghị định 74/2015/NĐ-CP: Về phòng không nhân dân

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Number: 74 /2015/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, September 9, 2015


It's about the inhuman room. n

Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

Defense Law Base June 14, 2005;

The Civil Rights Act was defended on 23 November 2009.

On the recommendation of the Secretary of Defense,

The government issued a decree on the Civil War.

Chapter I


What? 1. The tuning range, subject

1. This decree regulates the principle, organization, and content of non-human defense; the regime, policy and responsibility of state management of the civil defense.

2. This decree applies to the agencies, organizations and citizens of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which is concerned with the civil room.

What? 2. Position, function of the civil room

The Civil Defense is an important content of defense, military; built, active in the defense zone, which is a part of the national defense world on the front of the air front to carry out the room, avoid, to fight and rectify. The actions of the invasion, the enemy's air attack; protect the property of the State, the lives and property of the People, contribute to the construction of the strong defensive zone, the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country.

What? 3. Explain words

In this decree the words below are understood as follows:

1. Civil War: As overall the elements, the advantages of terrain, force, and deployment of anti-aircraft equipment to conduct anti-aircraft combat operations, in accordance with the combat plan of the defence sector.

2. People's room space: identified as districts, districts, cities, provincial towns, or key positions within the provincial and regional defense systems.

3. People's Defense Specialist Force: A total of the forces, organized closely under the direction of the Air Defence Command Board to carry out civilian air defenses.

What? 4. Civil Defense Operations and Operations Principles

1. The organization, the People ' s Defense Activity, is under the leadership of the Party, which is held to operate a unified centralization from the Central to the Local in accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Defense.

2. Organization, civil defense activity due to the political system, the entire population and the armed forces, in which the local ministry and the militia defend themselves to the core.

3. People ' s air defense is prepared from the time of dawn and deployed execution when there is an expression, the act of intrusion, the enemy air attack.

What? 5. State Management of Civil Defense

1. The Ministry of Defense, ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, the People's Committee, within the scope of the mission, its powers to carry out the functions of state management of the civil defense.

2. State management content of non-human room:

a) enacted and organized the implementation of the law of the inhumane chamber;

b) Coordinated with the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the unions in the process of implementing tasks related to the organization and operation of non-human rights;

c) Proclamation, the disseminalization of the law of the State, the plan, the statute of operation of the inhuman chamber;

d) Directed, run the construction and organization of the people 's air defense from the Central Committee for the Central People' s Defense Command to the local;

Planning, building up the civil defence in the defense sector;

e) Organization for the construction and operation of non-human rights;

g) The end, the sum of the results of the civil defense operation.

What? 6. Civil Defense Content

1. The content of the organization, the average civil defense operation:

a) Propaganda, education in the space of the people,

b) Build a civil defense plan;

c) Construction of force, training organization, performance enhancing the ability to fight, handle the situation of the forces involved in the civil defense;

d) The organization for the construction of the prevention work, the air defense in the defense sector and the deployment of the reconnaissance system, the announcement, the civil defense alarm;

Building the project, the project ensures safety standards of the civil defense and civil defense;

e) Perform other content according to the rule of law.

2. Civil War, Civil War Civil War.

Full implementation of the civil defense content specified at this 1 Article and focus on the following content:

a) The organization of the reconnaissance, observation, detection, notification, air defense alarm; observation of the enemy air attack events;

b) Organization of camouflage, suspect, evacuation, dispersation, chamber, avoidance of enemy air attack;

c) The organization of the invasion, the road to the air and the guarantee of the Civil War;

d) The organization rectify the consequences and the damage done by the enemy.

Chapter II


What? 7. People ' s Defense Command Board

1. The Civil Defense Command Board is organized in four levels:

-Central level.

-The military level.

-Provincial, Central City, Central City.

-The county, county, town, and city are located within the county seat.

2. Central People ' s Defence Command Board includes:

a) The Head of the Command issued by a comrade Deputy Prime Minister;


-Senior vice president is a comrade Secretary of Defense;

-The vice president is a comrade Deputy Chief of Staff of the Vietnam People's Army and a comrade General of the Army Air Corps, Air Force, Air Force.

c) The board of directors is a secondary or equivalent comrade belonging to a number of ministries, boards, central departments and co-head of the Army Air Defense Department of the Air Force-Air Force.

3. The Prime Minister provides the function, the mandate, the powers of the National Defense Command Board to the local level from the Central to the Local.

4. Rules for the employment of the National Defense Command Board, the Head of the Department of Civil Defense Command and the prescribed department. The working order of the National Air Defence Command Board, provincial level, county level on the basis of the employment of the Central Committee for the Prevention of the Central People's Defense.

What? 8. The agency helps the People ' s Defense Command Board

1. The Air Defence Command Board has the Permanent Authority to help the establishment of the military authority on the same level; the mandate, the powers of the Permanent Authority, headed by the Head of the Air Defence Command and the prescribed degree.

2. Air Defense Department/Air Defense Department-Air Force is the Dedicated Agency, the Standing Committee of the Central Civil Defense Command.

3. Regional Air Defense Agency, provincial level, district-level Military Command is the Dedicated Agency to the Board of the General Staff of the same level, which is responsible for the staff of the Air Defense Command, the organization, to implement. The civil chamber content is defined in this decree.

4. The Minister of Defense instructs the organization of the Permanent Authority and the Agency for the Service to help the Directorate of the Air Defence Command, provincial, district level.

What? 9. Civil Defense Specialist Group

1. Civil Defense Specialist Force:

a) The reconnaissance force, the observation, the announcement, the anti-aircraft alarm;

b) camouflage force, evacuation, prevention;

c) The invasion force, the road attack;

d) Force service, secure air defense;

Force remediation, fire, rescue, rescue.

2. People ' s anti-personnel defense forces are organized into nests (teams) from the forces of the agencies, organizations, local armed forces and all of the people involved, in which the militias self-defense and the local ministry are the core of the task. No, no, no.

3. The chairman of the People's Committee, the head of the agency, the organization and the relevant units responsible for the establishment of the bodies of the non-citizens in the direction of the Ministry of Defence.

What? 10. The founding authority, the working regime, the operational principle of the People ' s Defense Command Board.

1. Authority established:

a) The Prime Minister decided to establish the Central Committee for the Central People's Defense;

b) The military commander decided to establish the Civil Defense Command Board.

c) Chairman of the Provincial People ' s Committee, the district level decided to establish the Civil Defense Command Board on the same level.

2. The working mode: Member of the National Defense Command Board members work on a dual-degree regimen.

3. Civil Defense Command Board operates under the statutes of the Board of Command, and in accordance with the principle of democratic centralism, collective intelligence, the responsibility of the Chief, Deputy Head. The Commissioner for the Prevention of People's Department of Civil Defense, which works as a function, is assigned.

Chapter III



Item 1


What? 11. Division of the province, the Central City of the Civil Defense

1. Province, the central city centre of the non-human chamber is identified as provinces, cities that have an important strategic position on politics, economics, culture-society, defence, security or places that have national focus goals. and of the military.

2. Province, the central city of the Central District outside of the non-resident district office is the provinces, the city is not in the provisions of Article 1 of this.

What? 12. People ' s Department of Defense Taxation

1. The location of a non-human chamber is defined as districts, districts, and cities that are subordinate to the provincial level of political, economic, cultural-social, defense, security, where the provincial goals are located.

2. The non-resident district office is the districts, the county, the prefecture-level city, which is not in the provisions of Article 1.

What? 13. The authority to determine the province, city and location of the civil space room

1. The Minister of Defense decides the provinces, the city of the focal point of non-human defense within the country, on the basis of a proposal by the Military District Command, the headquarters of the capital of Hanoi.

2. The commander of the Military District Command of the Provincial Military Command, the city identified, configures the Chairman of the People ' s Committee on the same level of decision-making address on the non-human room of his own.

3. The commander of the Department of the capital Hanoi has the responsibility of identifying, the staff of the Chairman of the People's Committee of Hanoi, which decides to address the city's inhuman defense points.

What? 14. Prefated provincial office, city and civil defense destination

The People's Defense Command Board, the city, and the city's air defense destination address the full implementation of the civil defense content at Article 6 of this Decree and focus on the following content:

1. Build a text system, the people ' s air defense plan, evacuation plan, prevention of prevention and often sweeping, adjuvable adjustment to the local situation.

2. Organization for the Construction of Force, People's Defence Training Training and the People's Defense exercises, the defence sector, and the civil room content.

3. Guide, check out the people ' s air defense mission at home level and in coordination, the tight association with units stationed on the site during deployment, the organization carrying out the civil defense mission.

4. Directed, instruct the agencies, build, train, and organize the activities of the non-human defense professionals.

What? 15. The provincial office, the city, the field outside of the civil room.

1. Local Military Agency in coordination with the departments, the sector is involved in the staff of the Air Defence Command and the organization to carry out the civil defense contents of the civil defense.

a) Staff for the commission, local authorities on the organization, civil prevention operations and the inhuman room content in the defence area;

b) Build a civil defense plan;

c) Often studying the operational situation of the aerial enemy, which proposes timely, effective countermeasures;

d) Coordinate with the boards, the industry that helps the People ' s Commission on the same level of construction, management, executive, command of the forces carrying out the civil defense mission;

Directing, instructs the agencies, organizing, and training of non-human rights groups.

2. In case of need, be ready to deploy non-human room civil defense content such as the provinces, cities, and places of non-human room points.

3. Coordinate with the provinces, cities and venues of the public room for non-human rights to deploy non-human defense preparinable content under the direction of the People's Department of Defense Command.

Item 2


What? 16. Civil Defense.

1. The content to prepare for the average civilian room:

a) The establishment of the Civil Defense Command Board;

b) Building the civil defense plan under the direction of the Ministry of Defense, timely adjustment, replenigation when the situation changes;

c) The organization propagated, fostering civil defense knowledge attached to defence education, security; specialized training for the people ' s anti-aircraft defense, exercise organization, civil defense training; and training.

d) The organization built room construction, avoidance of points, works, projects, project response projects, non-civil defense tasks;

Organization, deployment of reconnaissance systems, notifications, air defense alarms in key areas;

E) The organization is willing to fight the invasion and conduct of the air and the anti-personnel aircraft to proactive the room, avoid, evacuate, rectify.

2. Civil War II:

a) The organization implementing the civil defense plan has been granted the authority to approve, in time of the addition, adjustment in accordance with the situation;

b) The mobiles, operating the operation of the People ' s Defense Forces, the defense security force not on the mission requirements;

c) The organization conducts camouflage, diversion, evacuation and room dispersation, avoiding enemy air attack;

d) Deploy the nests (team) remediation of consequences, saving, fire, rescue, and nests (team) fighting.

What? 17. Civil War Building.

The Civil War:

1. Build a system of observatories, notifications, air defense alarms.

2. Build an air defense system, fight the enemy air attack; the defense matches avoid the loss of the people's room.

3. Identilocate evacuation zones, dispersate, force prevention, vehicle at each level.

4. Build aerial target air strikes, the spot-off ambush of the provinces, cities, room-to-room locations.

5. Build a position to secure the civil room service in the rear base, the combat base of the defense sector.

What? 18. Civil Defense Plan Construction

1. The Civil Defense Plan was built at the regional, provincial, district, and township levels.

2. The Civil Defense Plan provided by the local military authority, the General Military Command, and co-ordinated with the boards, the local industry drafted the Chairperson of the People's Committee on the same level.

3. The local People 's Committee of the Local Scouts, the organization to build the local non-human defense plan under the direction, the Defense Ministry' s guidance.

4. Minister of Defense guidance on building up the civil defense plan at the levels.

What? 19. Civil Defense Statement

1. The anti-civil defense board of directors is coordinating with the authorities of its own organization that organizes propaganda, education, raising awareness, understanding of the non-human room for the people ' s class.

2. The agencies, organizations from the Central to the Local use the media and other forms to propagate the civil defense.

3. Based on the function, mission, the Civil Defense Command Board is closely coordinated with the Vietnam National Front and the groups in the extensive propaganda of the knowledge of the non-human room.

What? 20. Career training, civil rights practice organization

1. People ' s Defense Professional Training Training:

a) Training knowledge of the public room for non-human rights;


c) Training the civilian air force against the invasion of the road.

2. Civil Defense Forum:

a) Civil War II:

-Command rehearsal.

-The surveillance, the press, the air defense.

-Camouflage, evacuation, evacuation, prevention;

-The enemy attack is on the road.

-Organizational remediation.

b) Organization form: People's room exercise or air defense exercise combined with the local defence exercises.

3. Ministry of Defense instructs training content, civil defense exercises of the levels.

What? 21. The organization to build civilian air defense works, deploy reconnaissance systems, inform, civilian air defense alarms, and public service.

1. Civil Defense:

a) System of observatories, announcements, air defense alarms;

b) Prevention site, focus shelter (private shelter);

c) evacuation position, dispersation;

d) camouflage work, suspect;

The defence system failed to attack air fire, with the official Battle of the Reserve and the Battle of the Reserve.

2. The Ministry of Defence chaired, in coordination with the Ministry of Construction Guide to the Ministry of Public Affairs, the industry and the local construction of civil defense works; to determine the construction of the prevention works, the focal point, the Prime Minister approved.

3. The defense minister decided to deploy the reconnaissance system, notification, air defense alarm in the province, the city of gravity.

Chapter IV


What? 22.

1. The state budget is guaranteed for civil defense workers according to the current budget allocation, namely:

a) The central budget ensures the funding of the civil defense work of the ministries, the Central Agency and the Central Committee of the Central Committee, the military district and the Department of the Hanoi Capital Command;

b) The local budget ensures the funding of the civil defense work done by the agencies, units of the local government, and the funding of the People's Defense Command Board, issued by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the district decides to form.

2. Businesses guarantee the funding for the task force carrying out the civil defense mission under the provisions of Clause 2 Article 52 of the self-defense Civil Code and the Voluntary Guidance of the Civil Defense Act.

What? 23. Secure the site

The Ministry of Defence guarantees weapons, technical equipment, and some equipment, specialized equipment for civilian air defense. The agencies, organizations and local authorities secured the facilities, equipment required for the bodies of the non-personnel rooms at the request of the mission.

What? 24. Policy Mode

1. People who do not enjoy salaries from the state budget, during the time of mobiling participation in the Civil Defense business, time of training, non-human defense exercises, enjoy the regime as the current regulation on the cadres, the Civil War. The self-defense does not benefit from the state budget under Article 2 of Article 47 of the self-defense civil defense law.

2. Those directly involved in the civil defense forces that were ill, were injured, wounded, sacrificed in accordance with Clause 1, Clause 2 Article 51 of the Civil Guard.

Chapter V.


What? 25. Defense Department Responsibility

1. Host, in coordination with the ministries, Ban, Central and Local Command, guide for the task of non-human defense. Accountable to the Government on the outcome of the Civil War.

2. Host the direction of the construction of the local Ministry of Defence, the Civil Defence Force and the Reserve Service Reserve under the rule of law.

3. Coordinate with the ministries, the relevant industry, the direction of the military districts, the Provincial People's Committee, the district-building building of the civil defence in the defense sector.

4. Coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment Command of the Provincial People ' s Committee, the research district, which builds economic-social development planning-the society attached to the defense, security and the civil defense world in the defence; inspection, sweep, investigation, and security. It suits the local realities.

5. Directed by, instructs local officials for anti-aircraft combat action in the defence; exercise in the civil room; the defence sector has a civil defense deployment.

6. Every year, presiding over coordination with the ministries, Ban, the Central Sector, the local area inspects the implementation of the civil defense mission; direct the organization of the organized district and examine the implementation of the civil defense mission under the rule of law.

What? 26. The responsibility of the ministries, the peer agency, the government agency

1. Ministry of Planning and Investment: The Chair in coordination with the ministries, the consulting department for the investment spending on the civil defense works according to the current state budget allocation. Research and directing the planning, economic development plan-the society at the request, the safety standard of the room.

2. Ministry of Finance: Chair, in coordination with the Ministry of Defence and ministries, the relevant sector has the authority to provide regular funds for the public office under the current budget allocation.

3. Ministry of Public Security: Directs the forces of the right to prepare the vehicles, the organization to build forces, train to participate in civilian air defense operations, direct the Security Forces on duty when performing the civil defense work of the people. in situations; the conduct of the inspection of the regulations on security guarantees in the execution of the civil defense mission.

4. Ministry of Construction: The direction of construction of the building, the investment project under the requirements, the safety standard of the room. The director of the organization builds room-to-point works.

5. Ministry of Transport: Construction planning, equipment assurance, vehicle, transportation and construction systems, operating search teams, road rescue, waterway, airways, air traffic, air traffic, air traffic, air traffic, air traffic, air traffic, airways to carry out a civil defense mission.

6. Ministry of Health: The direction of the organization of the emergency services, the relief of the injured; training for the militias and the anti-aircraft specialist in emergency engineering, the transfer; and the resupply of the supply lines, ensuring the logistics of health care when there is a situation. You know, the way to go.

7. Ministry of Information and Communications: Coordinated with the Ministry of Defense directing propaganda on the civil defense, the direction of ensuring the priority of using communications services to notice, alarm, command, air defense, and security. the people.

8. Ministry of Commerce: The direction of implementing the regulation of the law on industrial mobilization, expansion of manufacturing capacity serves the need for defense; market management, ensuring the flow of goods to the armed forces and the people in the process of implementation. The Civil War's planning for the war.

9. Ministry of Education and Training: The Chair and Coordination with the Ministry of Defense directed the education of public knowledge of the civil defense, guiding the basis of the implementation of the Defense Education Law and security. The training organization for the management staff, teachers, faculty, and defense education, security of the public room knowledge in the annual training exercise.

10. Ministry, Board, Other Sector: In function, the task of staff for the Central Committee of the Central People ' s Defense Directs, guidance, deployment, and organization to carry out civil defense content; enact directing text, the basis of the base execution of the government. No, no, no, no.

What? 27. People ' s Commission Responsibility

1. Directed and organized the implementation of the legal texts of the local inhuman inhuman room; enacting the directing text, the organization of building forces, construction of the public, the field, the civil defense plan and the implementation of the implementation of the practice. Right.

2. The local budget layout to carry out the civil defense mission according to the current budget allocation.

3. Coordinate with the Military District Command or Department of Defense Planning projects, projects, economic development plans-local societies tied to defense, security, and non-human defense prior to the authorship of approval.

4. Organisitfully, summup and execs, commendation of the Civil Defense mission.

5. The military authority of the ranks is responsible for the staff of the People's Committee on the organization of the construction and guarantee of the civil defense.

What? 28. The responsibility of the National Front of Vietnam and its members

The Vietnam Front and the social political organizations are responsible for propaganda, campaigning for every class of people to participate in local non-human defense operations and oversee the results of civilian air defenses.

What? 29. The responsibility of the agencies, the organization

1. The organization performs the direction of the competent authority under the rule of law on the inhumane chamber.

2. Directed by the construction and implementation of the Civil Defense Plan; training, exercises, and deployment of civil defense missions under the direction of the direction of the local military authority.

3. Make sure the funding, facilities, means for the execution of the civil defense mission.

4. Coordinate with the party-level, local government in organizing, operating, and securing policy-based policies for non-human defense.

Chapter VI


What? 30.

This decree has the enforcement effect since 1 November 2015 and replaces the Protocol No. 1. 65 /2002/ND-CP July 1, 2002 of the Government of the Civil Defense.

What? 31.

1. The Minister of Defense of the Minister of Defence, in coordination with the ministries, Ban, the relevant sector is responsible for the implementation of the provisions, the paragraph in this Decree.

2. The ministers, peer-to-peer authority, Head of the Government of the Government, Chairman of the People ' s Committee, the head of the organizations and individuals responsible for the implementation of this decree ./.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung