Circular No. 147/2015/tt-Btc: The Provisions On The Management And Use Of Funds To Support Remedial Landmine Vietnam

Original Language Title: Thông tư 147/2015/TT-BTC: Quy định việc quản lý và sử dụng quỹ hỗ trợ khắc phục hậu quả bom mìn Việt Nam

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Number: 147 /2015/TT-BTC
Hanoi, 15 September 2015


Provision of the management and use of the recovery fund for the aftermath of the Vietnam mine bomb. Go.


Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP 6th Ah! 3 in 2003 of Ch I'm The government rules. i And guide me. i The law of state budgets;

Root Come on Number Protocol 215 /2013/ND-CP December 23, 2013 by the Government Regulation Authority, Mission, q. U The Ministry of Finance ' s term limits and organizational structure;

Qu y The Prime Minister's number 356/QĐ-TTg on 10 March 2014. I have The immediate recovery of the Vietnam mine bomb (later called the 356/QD-TTg designation);

On the recommendation of the Chief Financial Officer of the Career;

The Minister of Finance issued the Information Administration and used the Rehabilitation Fund in the aftermath of the Vietnam Mine Bomber.

What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. The adjustment range:

a) This message specifies the management and use of the Vietnam Mine Rehabilitation Assistance Fund (later abbreviated as the Fund).

b) This message is not adjusted to the operating funding source of the Fund Executive Board. This funding is located in the annual annual budget spending of the Ministry of Labor and Social and Social Affairs and is administered by the current regulation of the state administration.

2. Subject applies:

a) The Foundation supports the post-bombing of Vietnam mines;

b) Executive Board;

c) Agency, organization, unit, individual use of the funding to carry out a mission to rectify the aftermath of the mine bomb, which explosives survived after the war in Vietnam;

d) The bomb victim was supported by the Fund.

What? 2. Principles of Operations and Financial Management of the Foundation

1. The foundation is a public career unit in the area of social activity, established and operating not for profit purposes, independent accounting, legal status, has its own seal and is open to account at the State Treasury and the bank for trading; the organization has been established. The accounting apparatus under the provisions of the Accounting Law and the Law Guide documents, the balance of funds the previous year passed to the following year to continue to use.

2. The Fund must publicly recognize the mobiles, management, use of the Fund and report the situation in accordance with the regulation at the number decision. 192 /2004/QĐ-TTg The Prime Minister ' s November 16, 2004, by the Prime Minister on the issue of the Financial Financing Statute on state budget levels, budget bill units, government-funded institutions, basic building investment projects have used capital funds. State budgets, state enterprises, funds derived from the state budget, funds derived from the donations of the people and the manual documents of the Ministry of Finance. The mobiling, management and use of the Fund guarantees the right purpose, effective, according to the state of the state's current financial management and regulation.

What? 3. Fund revenues

1. Thu from voluntary contributions, legal grants of money, artifacts, valuable papers, property rights and other property rights of the organization, domestic and foreign individuals in the form of support, donation, for property, donations, people ' s will, and their families. to leave assets or other forms into the Fund in accordance with the rule of law.

2. Thu from the specified sources at Clause 2, 3, 4 and 5 Article 5 Decision No. 356/QĐ-TTg.

What? 4. The Fund ' s Content

1. Propaganda, room education, avoiding a bomb accident for the people:

a) The propaganda, disseminant knowledge of the room, avoiding the accident of a mine bomb on mass media (radio, television, press):

-The production of radio programs, television in the form of contract with the propaganda unit or mass information agency;

-To buy, produce, clout and release the publications.

b) The organization of propaganda activities, room education, avoidance of mines in the community, including: community broadcasting, organizing dedicated talk; new employment, repair of pa, posters, slogans;

c) Chi organizes the examination of the room operation, avoid, rectify the aftermath of the mine bomb;

d) A rally for the month of action in the aftermath of the bomb-bomb remediation;

(In Japanese) The Chi organizes literary shows to cheer, propagate to the defense, avoid, rectify the aftermath of the mine.

2. Support for sweeping operations, bomb disposal, surviving explosives after the war in Vietnam.

3. Learn support for children who are mine bomb victims, surviving explosives after the war in Vietnam, including:

a) Support for book shopping, media and school supplies once a year;

b) Supporting scholarships for students who are victims or children of mine bomb victims, surviving explosives after the war beyond good learning.

4. Cost of primary school education costs and less than 3 months; support for the creation of bomb-bomb victims, surviving explosives after the war in Vietnam.

5. Details for orthopefactors, rehabilitation, orthopeos, utility aids for victims of a mine accident, explosives left behind the war in Vietnam, including:

a) Support of the cost of the examination, orthopetherapeutic surgery, treatment; travel costs and money for the patient during the surgery, fostering the instructor in rehabilitation for the victim;

b) Support for orthopeuse, media help.

6. Emergency support for emergency relief, rescue and assistance to the victims of the poor family, whose plight has been particularly troubled by landmines, surviving explosives after the war in Vietnam, including:

a) Support of the cost of renting the emergency transport (if available);

b) The cost of discovery, healing;

c) First aid (including the military during the mission of a mine accident, the explosives left behind the war in Vietnam).

7. Detail support for residential areas of mine-bomb pollution in heavily polluted provinces, including:

a) Chi supports resettlement, reintegration of the community for the household of the area to be moved to handle landmines, explosives; land, crops affected by the implementation of an explosive bomb-bomb sweep, including:

-Support of trees, breeding tools, production tools, fertilizers, food protection drugs, veterinary medicine, farm-serving stables; and livestock.

-Food support, food, household supplies;

-Housing housing support for households with circumstances is particularly difficult.

b) The livelihood supports to ensure social security for non-migratory households, including: Support tree, breed, manufacturing tools, fertilizers, food protection drugs, veterinary medicine, farm servage, livestock, and livestock.

8. The genus is intended to follow the support contract, the support of the institutions, the individual in accordance with respect, the purpose of the operation of the Fund.

9. Propaganda, advocacy in support of the Fund in and outside the country on popular media (radio, television, press) or by the form of event organization or coordination with interdisciplinary working unions.

10. Cost of hiring and other expenses, others are related:

a) Cost of rent, marina reception, shipping, packing of money, goods, money transfers and costs arise during the operation, reception, transportation, distribution of money, supplies to the victim;

b) Commendation of units, individuals have achievements in overcoming the aftermath of the mine bomb, funding and contribution to the operation of the Foundation;

c) The investigation, the survey to establish a position of mobiling funding in and out of the country;

d) The construction of the database on the object is a bomb victim;

The other is related to the Fund's operation.

What? 5. Level

1. On the basis of the Foundation Executive Board, the Minister of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs issued a specific level of detail for the regulatory content at Article 4 of this Guarantee Consistent in accordance with the existing expenditure regime and the financial capacity of the Fund.

2. For grants that have been agreed upon or have a signed text between the Fund with the sponsor of the content and the extent to which the agreement or text is signed.

What? 6. Public Accounting, Accounting, Accounting, Cost and Fund Management

The establishment, accounting for accounting, accounting accounting, and accounting decisions, the Foundation implemented the provisions of the State Budget Law, Accounting Law, and Law-directed texts. In addition, this Smart Guide is as follows:

1. Accounting: Every year, the base to function, the mandate granted authority to deliver, the fall situation, the financial limb of the previous year adjacent; the Planning Foundation, which sends the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Society to sum up the Ministry of Finance.

2. Accounting.

a) The Open Bookbook Fund is full list of agencies, organizations, contributors, grants and lists, addresses supported subjects. The Head of the Foundation Executive is the account holder and is responsible for financial management, the Fund ' s accounting;

b) For aid sources: follow track, accounting and decision-making in accordance with the state's existing regulations on the receiving, management, use of aid sources;

c) For some support activities of the Foundation for agencies, other organizations implement through the form of a contract signed with the Fund, the certificate is stored at the Foundation, including: Contract execution contract (accompanied by a detailed accounting). The fund's approval, the receipt of job recordings, contract liquoration, product delivery, completed work, completed product, commission, and other relevant documents. The evidence from the specific genus of expenditure, the direct organization that performs the support operation under the current regulation;

d) Accounting accounting, the funding decision of the Foundation implemented by the current career administrative accounting regime. The Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs is responsible for the review of the collection, the annual spending of the Fund and the general general in the payment report of the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs to make a decision with the Ministry of Finance by regulation.

What? 7. Effect of execution

1. This message has been in effect since 1 November 2015.

2. The case of the rule of law that is quoted in the Act as amended, supplemated or replaced by a different law of law enforcement applies regulations in the revised, complementary or substitution text.

3. In the course of execution if there is an entangrium, the unit offer reflects on the Ministry of Finance for research, modification, complement to the ./.