Circular No. 148/2015/tt-Btc: Regulation On Content And Project Spending Identified Remains Missing Information Martyrs

Original Language Title: Thông tư 148/2015/TT-BTC: Quy định về nội dung và mức chi thực hiện đề án xác định hài cốt liệt sĩ còn thiếu thông tin

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Number: 148 /2015/TT-BTC
Hanoi, 15 September 2015


The regulation of the content and the degree of detail that determines the remains of the remains are missing. n


Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003 by the Government Regulation and guidelines for the implementation of the State Budget Law;

Base of Protocol 31 /2013/NĐ-CP April 9, 2013 of the Government rules the details, instructs some of the provisions of the French to favor the person with the revolution;

Base of Protocol 215 /2013/ND-CP December 23, 2013 of the Government rules on the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Execute Number Decision 15 0/QE- TTg the date 14 January 2013 of the Prime Minister Review of the Project Determines Remains with a lack of information;

On the recommendation of the Chief Financial Officer of the Career;

The Minister of Finance issued a regulatory policy of content and the degree of implementation of the Request for determining the remains of the cadet.

What? 1. The adjustment range

1. This privacy regulates the content and expenditures from a career capital state funded by the state budget to implement the Request for Verification Of the remains of the missing information at Decision No. 150/QĐ-TTg on 14 January 2013 by Prime Minister It is called the 150th Project.

2. This message is not adjusted to the following funding sources:

a) The support of organizations, individuals in and out of the country for the work to determine the remains of the cadaver remains without information, except where the sponsor or the sponsor of the sponsor and the Treasury Department has no agreement on how much it applies. level of regulation at this level.

b) The funding of the activities of the State Level Committee on the confirmation of the cadet remains lack the information that is placed in the annual cost of the Ministry of Labor and Social and Social Affairs and administered, using the prescribed use of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It ' s the administration of the state administration.

c) Investment capital development: implementation of the state's current regulation of management and use of capital development capital.

What? 2. Subject applies

The subject of this application is the agencies, units, organizations, individuals with regard to the management and use of the funding implementation of the 150 Project.

What? 3. Cost of Food

1. The central budget of the central budget of the state budget is implementing a policy of favours with the annual revolution of the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs.

2. Local budget layout funds for agencies, local units that carry out the activities of the Project 150 in the scope of responsibility delivered by the law of the current law on the allocation of state budgets.

3. Support of organizations, individuals in the country and abroad according to the rule of law.

What? 4. Content and level

The content and the degree of implementation of the activities of the scheme are implemented by the regime, the standard, the state of the state's current financial spending on the administrative body, the public career unit (appendix attached). In addition, this information provides some content and the specific level of details for the identification of the cadet remains missing as follows:

1. Chi support for the operation to retrieve the remains of the missing information, including:

a) hire employees, fonts, tartares and other tenants (if available): The level of the actual rental price in the locality;

b) Buy items, gloves, alcohol, alcohol and other genera (if any): The extent of the actual purchase price in the locality;

c) Rent a person directly for the skeleton of the person in the case of a gene-monitoring basis that does not send participants: The extent to the agreement between the Labor-Trade and Social Agency with the hired person on the basis of the expected reserve basis;

d) The cost of the cost of a member of the crew to the crew member:

-Content and the degree of implementation by regulation at the Digital Information 97 /2010/TT-BTC July 6, 2010 by the Ministry of Finance to rule out the cost of the fee, the regime organizes conferences on state agencies and the public career unit (the following call for Digital). 97 /2010/TT-BTC ). In addition to the cost of funding, during the days of the event, the male-person remains were fostering $100,000 per person/day, but no more than 15 days (except for the person being hired directly to sample the specified list of remains at this point);

-The number, component member of the crew, was decided by the head of the Labour-Trade and Social Authority.

Support for the artist's body is also lacking in information invited to a skeleton crew with a lack of information (if any), a maximum of 02 members/lists missing information:

-Support once 500,000.

-The patient's patient is short of self-control information that is supported by a time of transportation as follows: the distance from where the patient's body is missing, the lack of information to the place of the staff is 500 km away. And every one from 500 km or more.

Example: Nguyen Van A was the relative of the 01-listed resident of the city of Hanoi, who was invited to join the cadaver in the city of Hà Tĩnh. Mr. Nguyen Van A hired himself to accompany the company to the city of Hộc Thĩnh. The distance from the city of Hanoi to the city of Hà Cĩnh is 340 km. Nguyen Van A was backed up to 1,000,000 dollars ($500,000 in support of $500,000).

Example 2: Nguyen Thi B was the relatives of the 01-listed cadaver in the Atlantic City of Oceanyang to be invited to join the group of cadavers in the town of Quảo Thien. Nguyen Thi B and her family hired themselves to join the company. The distance from the city of Ocean to the town of the capital is 658 km. The Nguyen Thi B family was supported by a maximum of 2 people, with a total support of 3,000,000 (a $500,000 support of $1,000,000 in support and $1,000,000).

2. The agency supports the agency, the organization that takes the sample of the patient's personal life without the information: Content and the level of the actual implementation stipulated at point b, c, and point d 1 This Article.

3. The cadrest remains lacked information, the cadrest form of the student body, and the lack of information to perform the analysis of the gene: The extent of the cost of the actual birth. In the case of a member of the body, the patient has a direct shortage of information, a cadet that lacks the information, the cadet, and the lack of information that is supported once and for the vehicle's capital (supporting the 01) according to the exchange rate at the point of a clause. Hey.

4. The employer is listed as a cadrest specimen, the product of the patient's body, and the lack of information in its raw form during the time of gene monitoring in the units of the gene: The maximum cost of 300 copper//day.

5. The patient's genetic remains lacked information, the patient's body lacked information, including:

a) The case of the implementation of gene-monitoring in the field of identifying the remains of a cadrest identity, and the lack of information that has the same information content, the process implemented as in the field of judicial supervision, applies to the degree of regulation at point 6.2. The judiciary in the field of medicine comes with the Digital Information. 34 /2014/TT-BTC March 21, 2014 by the Ministry of Finance set the record, the revenue, filing, management and use of judicial jurisdiction in the field of forensic medicine and the revised text, supplemation (if available);

b) The case of implementation of gene monitoring in the field of identifying of the list of remains of the cadrest remains lacks information that has the work content, the process of carrying out other speciation with the regulation in the judicial field: Economic Level Base-Engineering of the Ministry, the department industry The direct order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice to send the Ministry of Finance to consider, decides the order for the order to sign the order.

6. For the verification of information, including:

a) Cost of a fee: The degree of implementation by regulation at the Digital Information 97 /2010/TT-BTC;

b) Fostering information beyond the prescribed cost mode: $100,000 per person/day.

7. Compensation for the supplier of information: 2,000,000 ng/for a precise verified information on the remains of the missing person, not dependent on the number of remains of the number of remains.

8. Chi for the organization, the individual in determining the remains of the cadet remains uninformed by the method of evidence: The base to the content and level of regulation at this Smart, the Bureau of Public Affairs-Department of Labor-Trade and Society building detailed and detailed accounting. He signed a contract with the organization, personally confirming that the identity of the remains lacked information. The rationing and decision of the contract on the basis of the authority to recognize the results determined the identity of the cadet remains lacking information.

The patient's private case has a need for the regulation of the gene, the contents and the relevant level of the relevant entity on paragraph 5.

9. The burial genus (both beer) after the conclusion of the identification of the cadre remains in the case for the skeleton remains missing in the cemetry cemetry: A maximum support level of 1,750,000 copper/grave (which has included the burial of the tomb after it was completed). It ' s a skeleton-based skeleton.

10. The public offering pays the results of the list of remains of the men of the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs:

a) The organization of the public offering: Content and the degree of implementation according to the Digital Information 97 /2010/TT-BTC;

b) The cost of the vehicle's money to the soldier's body to receive the results of the genetic identification (maximum of 2 persons):

-The case goes by public transport: The level of the cost of the vehicle fares public passengers;

-The case of self-sufficiuation or means of receiving a gene-monitoring results, which supports the vehicle's capital from where the patient resides where the public offering pays off the identity of the listed remains according to the regulation rate at the top of the second line (-) the point. That's one thing.

c) The food aid (including the day goes and the date of) for the master of staff to receive the results of the genetic monitoring (maximum of 2 persons): A maximum amount of 150,000 per person per day.

d) The patient's personal case goes from two gene-monitoring results back to the same place of the public offering, and the level of support is calculated as a result of the regulation of the gene regulation specified at the b point and this paragraph.

What? 5. Set up, allocate, manage, use and decide.

1. The establishment, allocation, acceptance, and accounting of the funding implementation of the project under the provisions of the State Budget Law, Accounting Law and Law-directed texts.

2. Ministry of Labor and Social and Social Affairs Planning Base, the regulatory expenditures at this Smart, the Labor-Trade and Social Administration of pre-process planning, sequencing, time of accounting, accounting allocation, management, use and use of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Budget decision making the project from the funding source of the policy of making preferable people with the revolution in accordance with the regulation of the No. 47 /2009/TTLT-BTC-BLTBXH March 11, 2009, of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Guidance, management and use of the funding implementation of the policy of preferable people with the revolution and the person directly engaged in resistance due to the Labor-Trade and Labor sector. Social management.

3. The provisions of the provisions of the prescribed scheme at this message are accounted for and decided on the type 520, paragraph 527, section 7150, subsection 7199 of the current state budget.

What? 6. Effect of execution

1. This message is effective from 1 November 2015. The regulatory regimes at this Smart Are implemented since the 2015 budget.

2. The case of a law-breaking text quoted in the Act as amended, supplemated or replaced with a different law of law, applies to regulation in the revised, complementary or substitution text.

In the course of execution if there is an entangrium, the offer reflects on the Ministry of Finance for the study of the ./.