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Circular 25/2015/tt-Byt: Regulations On The Comment Box At The Medical Facility

Original Language Title: Thông tư 25/2015/TT-BYT: Quy định về hòm thư góp ý tại các cơ sở y tế

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Number: 25 /2015/TT-BYT
Hanoi, October 1, 2015


The regulation of the mailbox is available at the medical facilities What?


Base of Protocol 04 /2015/NĐ-CP January 19, 2015 I'm The government is on the implementation of democracy in the activities of the state administration and the public career unit;

Base of Protocol 60 /2013/ND-CP 9th Ah! 6 in 2013 of the Government Regulation 3 article 63 of the Labor Code on the implementation of the Democratic Regulation in the facility at work;

Base of Decree Stain. 63 /2012/NĐ-CP August 31, 2012 by the Government Regulation Authority, Mission, Power, and Basic Power. All The organization of the Ministry of Health;

On the recommendation of the Chief of the Organisation of Public Affairs-the Ministry of Health;

The Ministry of Health issued a letter of provisions for the mailbox. What? at medical facilities.

What? 1. The adjustment range

This provision rules in principle, location, number of orders, size, color of the mailbox; the process of opening the mailbox; the process of handling the letter of interest is received from the mailbox to the medical facilities throughout the country.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. Health facilities throughout the country.

2. Public Affairs, officials, workers working at medical facilities.

3. The sick, the sick family; the individual, the organization is involved.

What? 3. The principle of using the mailbox that contributes and handles the reflection, the petition of the people

1. comply with the law, guarantee the right to reflect, the petition of the public, the officer, the worker, of the people on the functioning of the medical facilities.

2. Public, transparent, authorship, accountability in the receiving, processing and publication of the outcome of reflection, petition under the rule of law.

3. Unlike the use of the mailbox to denounce the truth, the attack, the offense that affects the credibility, the activity of the individual, the organization is given notice.

4. Information, documents collected from the mailbox are to be one of the bases to review the reward, the trauma of the style, the work and spirit of the civil service of the civil servants, the officer, the worker at the medical facilities.

What? 4. Position, number of mailboxes

1. The letter of note was placed in the visible place, the crowd passed; it was suspended on the wall, the height of the house about 1.5m.

2. For the medical examination facilities, healing, at the department/clinic, each clinical, clinical, functional room, administrative execution of at least 1 mailbox is required.

What? 5. The rules of the mailbox

1. On the Ark of the letter there must be a line of letters in the uppercase "The letter of note" at the top, the main between the mailbox itself and the name of the medical facility above the clear, easy to read, the color of the letter corresponds to the color of the mailbox.

2. The size of the first mailbox must ensure the height, horizontal and the corresponding thickness are: 40 cm, 30cm, 20cm. The letter slot must have a minimum size of 20 cm and width from 0.5 to 01cm. The mailbox prevents the sample from the back.

3. The color of the mailbox is provided by the medical facility and must guarantee a contrast to the background color in the area where the mailbox is intended for the people to be recognizable.

4. The submission of the mailbox is issued at Annex 1 accompanied by this Information.

What? 6. Type of Feedback

1. Every medical facility must be designed, printed in the form of a letter, the name, address of the scribe, the reflection, the proposed petition, the name, or no need to sign the name according to Annex 2.

2. The suggested letter was left in the back compartment of the mailbox, which was higher than the upper hand of the mailbox, which was meant to be about 5cm, convenient for the people to use.

What? 7. The process of opening the mailbox

1. 1:01 times a week, the medical facility opens the mailbox to a certain point, in accordance with the President of the Health Organization.

2. The opening of the mailbox was followed by a letter opening note.

3. The opening of the mailbox has a minimum of 3 people, including: Leader of the Public Service Organization, representative of the People's Inspecship Board and representative of the Company's Trade Union Board.

4. Before opening the mailbox, the participants opened the mailbox to check the mailbox key, if there was a suspicion of the safety of the mailbox, it was reported that the Chief Medical Agency was aware of the solution.

5. When receiving a note, the participant opens the letter of a letter that must be committed in writing not to disclose the contents of the message; the collection of letters that will contribute to the envelope and seal the transfer to the jurisdiction under the jurisdiction.

6. The key and the tracking window for the department to be assigned to manage after opening the mailbox.

What? 8. Process of reception, classification, single processing, letter reception from mailbox to comment

1. The process of receiving, taxing, single processing, mail from the mailbox is made by regulation at Digital Information. 07 /2014/TT-TTCP October 31, 2014 of the Government Ombudship regulations on the process of complaint processing, the application, the petition reflects.

2. The head of medical facilities when receiving a letter of intent must urgently take care of the right process; for those that are related to multiple organizations, individuals must analyze, find the cause and hand over the prescribed disposal department.

What? 9. Information work, report, preliminary organization, total connection.

1. A monthly term, statistical medical facility, aggregate number of applications, letters received from mailbox, classification, number of applications, letters addressed or transferred organ transfer authority.

2. A six-month period, 01 years of medical facilities are responsible for reporting the results of the reception, handling the feedback on the competent management body.

3. The governing body has the authority to organize a preliminary, summing up, assessment of the resulting results, processing of a letter; in timely reward, the collective has an outstanding achievement in the receiving, handling of the letter, and strict handling of the behaviors that do not. Yes, the procedure for the reception, the handling of the letter.

What? 10. The effect of execution

It has been in effect since December 1, 2015.

What? 11. The reference clause

Where the text that is shown in this message is replaced or modified, the plugin applies in an alternate text or text that has been modified, added.

What? 12. The organization performs

1. The Organization of Public Affairs, the Ministry of Health, works in coordination with the units involved in the direction, guidance, inspection, inspection of the deployment of this information at medical facilities throughout the country.

2. Director of the Department of Health of the Provinces, the Central City of China, the Chief Medical Officer of ministries, the industry has the responsibility of direction, guidance, inspection, inspection of the deployment of this information at the medical facilities under the jurisdiction.

3. The head of medical facilities throughout the country is responsible for deploying a letter of letter in order to take on, the handling of the letter in accordance with the regulation; the endocking of internal statute on the use of the basis of letter of the facility and the decision to distribute the duties to the individual, the department. unit in the receiving and handling of the note; examination, evaluation, aggregation, statistics, licensing report by regulation.

In the course of execution, if there is difficulty in the local area, the unit reports on the Ministry of Health (through the Organization of Public Affairs) to review, solve.



Nguyen Thi