Circular 32/2015/tt-Bct: Regulations On Project Development And Power Purchase Contract Form Applied To Power Generation Projects That Use Solid Waste

Original Language Title: Thông tư 32/2015/TT-BCT: Quy định về phát triển dự án và hợp đồng mua bán điện mẫu áp dụng cho các dự án phát điện sử dụng chất thải rắn

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Number: 32 /2015/TT-BCT
Hanoi, October 8, 2015


Regulations on project development and contract purchase contract

apply to power emission projects using solid waste.


Power Law Base. Stain. 28 /2004/QH11 December 03, 2004; Law fixes socket i, b socket add some of the provisions of the Power Law on November 20, 2012;

Base of Protocol 95 /2012/NĐ-CP November 12, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Commerce;

Base Decision Base 31 /2014/QĐ-TTg 05 May 2014 by the Prime Minister of the Government What? support Release Oh. n Power projects using solid waste in Vietnam;

Follow. Okay. T socket Chief T socket The Energy Department,

Minister of the Ministry of Industry for the Department of Public Affairs Regulation on Project Development and Contract Oh. Buy b Ah! n m There. U Ah! Use for power projects using ch. All B It's n.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This is the provision of the development of a power-to-grid project that uses a grid of solid waste and issued a contract to purchase the procurement of a model for the use of solid waste to the grid in Vietnam (later known as the Procurement Contract).

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to the following objects:

1. The investment project investment uses solid waste netting.

2. The management unit and the operation of the power grid uses grid-connected solid waste.


4. The development organization uses a solid waste to the electricity business.

5. organizations, other individuals are involved.

Chapter II


What? 3. Additional, adjust the electricity project that uses solid waste to the power source development planning of using a national solid waste.

1. The investment project owner uses a solid waste of a file proposing a bill to use a solid waste under the law of a law on the investment of construction of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of Central City (later known as Provincial General UBND). It ' s a project. On the basis of the project's proposal, the UBND prefated the project to add the project to the development of the power source for the use of a national solid waste (later known as the Planning Addition) in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of this information sent to the Ministry of Commerce.

2. During the period 05 (five) days of work since receiving the record, the Ministry of Commerce (Energy General) must have the additional required text if the additional profile, the incomplete planning adjustment, is valid.

3. The Energy Directorate responsible for organizing the appraisal of the File appraisal offers to add the planning addition in the 30 (thirty) days of work since the date of receiving enough valid records. In the case of necessity, the General Energy Administration is allowed to employ appraisal advisory, countenor of the appraisal of the appraisal of the appraisal. On the basis of the appraisal result, the Energy Directorate reports the Minister of Commerce to review, approve, or the Prime Minister's approval.

What? 4. The profile offers to add the project to the power source development planning of national solid waste.

1. The chairman of the provincial chairman of UBND recommended that the project be added to the development planning of the electricity source for the use of national solid waste.

2. Basic information on the investment holder: documentation of legal status, business registration, key personnel, project execution experience, financial competability, engineering, which needs to manifest a list of already implemented projects (including industrial projects and other projects), and the project. the power project) if there is.

3. Information on the broadcast project using the proposed solid waste:

a) the type of solid waste and the ability to provide;

b) The need to invest construction projects, favorable and difficult conditions, the extraction method and the use of solid source of waste (if any);

c) Project description: location, scale and area building area, project categories of project; industry planning, landfill planning, and local construction planning;

d) Preliminary implementation of the implementation, including: technical, technological and capacity methods; technical infrastructure work; the installation of equipment; progress and project management; the general method of resettlement compensation and the method of support. the construction of the technical infrastructure if there are; plans and cost methods;

Assessment of the environmental impact;

e) The fire prevention solutions, firefighting and security requirements, defense;

g) The total investment level of the project; capital capacity, capital and capital capacity capacity; analysis of economic efficiency assessment-finance, social efficiency of the project.

4. The opinion of the regional power company or the electricity transmission unit (if connected to the transmission power system) on the Profile of Additional Planning.

What? 5. Power investment project using solid waste

1. The investment owner is only planning to use a solid waste that uses a solid waste planning to develop a national solid waste resource. The project content investment project uses solid waste according to the existing regulations on building investment management and by regulation at paragraph 3 This.

2. For the electricity-waste projects using solid waste to be invested in different stages and the total capacity of each stage at the time of the broadcasting operation by different years, the investment holder is responsible for the investment project by each stage. The project. The case at the time of the project ' s operation is expected to deviate too 06 (six) months ahead of the regulatory progress in the power source development planning of a national solid waste, the investor is responsible for reporting provincial UBND and Energy General, the Ministry of Public Works. Love.

3. Content investment project capacitor uses solid waste by law management investment management, adds the following main content:

a) Assessment of the influence of the power generation project to use solid waste to the regional electrical system;

b) The cost and methods of cost, the engineering of the removal and disposal of the power plant equipment use the waste after the end of the project.

What? 6. Request for work safety and environmental protection.

Investment activities that develop power emissions projects using solid waste must comply with regulations, process safety regulations, and environmental protection of the existing environment.

Chapter III


What? 7. Charge the purchase price

Prior to October 30 of the year, the base at the cost and general electricity price of the system, the Energy General Energy Corporation calculated the power to use a solid waste that sent the Electric Regulatory Authority to calculate the electricity price on the electricity generation project using solid waste. for the next year the Minister of Industry reports the Prime Minister to consider, decide.

What? 8. Net sales price on the electricity-based emission project using solid waste netting

1. The purchase of electricity is responsible for purchasing the entire electricity output from the electricity generation projects that use a solid waste that connects the grid to the purchase price at the power exchange point (which has not included a value-added tax) as follows:

a) For direct solid waste combustion projects of 2,114 copper ng/kWh (equivalent to 10.05 UScents/kWh);

b) For gas-fired power emission projects from a solid waste landfill of 1,532 copper/kWh (7.28 UScents/kWh).

2. The generation of electricity generation projects using solid waste that applies the price of electricity by regulation at Clause 1 This is not to apply the price support mechanism for the project ' s electricity output by other existing regulations; the purchase price is adjusted according to volatility of the ratio. Dollar price.

3. The cost of buying electricity from the electricity bills using solid waste is calculated and put in full notice in the input rate in the annual electricity sale price of the Vietnam Electric Corporation granted by the authority to approve.

Chapter IV


What? 9. Apply the Sample Purchase Contract for power-to-power emission projects using a successor.

1. The use of the Procurement Contract for power-to-grid projects using a mesh-based solid waste is mandatory in the purchase of electricity between the power-of-power projects using the grid and the electricity purchase.

2. Power generation projects that use grid-based solid waste products that have an entire electric power produced from solid waste source.

What? 10. The content of the Contract Purchase Contract for the electricity emission projects using solid waste netting.

1. Content-purchase contract content for power-to-power projects that uses a solid waste netting at the Appendix issued by this message.

2. The sale and the purchase addition of the contents of the contract purchase contract to clarify the responsibility, the powers of the parties but are not made to change the basic content of the Procurement Contract issued by this message.

Chapter V.


What? 11. The responsibility of the state governing body

1. Total Energy Resources:

a) Every year, calculating the power source capacity using solid waste sends the Department of Power Regulatory;

b) The purchase of the Purchase and the Power side Resolve in the contract purchase contract at the suggestion of one or the parties;

c) Popular, guide and examination of this Information implementation.

2. The Power Regulatory Bureau is responsible for calculating the price of electricity for the next year on the basis of a source capacity calculation: the electricity uses solid waste of the General Energy Directorate, the Minister of Industry reports the Prime Minister to consider, decide.

3. The provincial level UBND is responsible for monitoring, monitoring, testing of the development of the development of power generation projects using a local solid waste scheme under a power source development use of the approved national solid waste, in accordance with the regulations. at this point.

What? 12. The responsibility of the organizations, the individual involved

1. Vietnam Electric Power Corporation is responsible for calculating the full cost of the electricity purchase of the electricity project using solid waste and put into input parameters in the Vietnam Electric Power Corporation ' s annual sales price method, the authorship of approval of the charge. Check.

2. The sale is responsible

a) Agreement, signing of a contract with the Purchase on the Procurement Contract and in accordance with the purchase price of the electricity applicable to the broadcasting projects using solid waste by regulation at this Article 8;

b) Installation of 3-price motors in accordance with existing regulations to measure the power count used for the payment of the electric currency;

c) Sent 1 (a) the contract for the sale of electricity signed to the General Directorate of Energy is 30 (thirty) days from the date of the signing;

d) Compliance to operate the electrical system, regulation of transmission power systems, the distribution power system issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

3. The buyer is responsible

a) Agreement, signing of a contract with the seller by the Procurement Contract and in accordance with the purchase price of the electricity applicable to the electricity emission projects using solid waste by regulation at this Article 8;

b) Compliance regulation of the electrical system, which regulates the transmission power system, the distribution power system issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

What? 13. The transition clause

For electricity purchase contracts signed prior to this Time of Time valid, the two parties are responsible for the agreement, signing of the revised appendix according to the provisions of this Information.

What? 14. Effect of execution

1. This message has been in effect since December 7, 2015.

2. During the execution, the case was difficult, entanged, the Directorate of Energy in coordination with the agencies, the unit concerned with the Minister of Commerce to review, modify, add this Smart ./.



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