The Decree 90/2015/nd-Cp: Modifying, Supplementing A Number Of Articles Of Decree No. 117/2010/nd-Cp On December 15, 2012 Of The Government Regulations On The Management And Organization Of The Human Diet, Dress, In, ...

Original Language Title: Nghị định 90/2015/NĐ-CP: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số điều của Nghị định số 117/2011/NĐ-CP ngày 15 tháng 12 năm 2011 của Chính phủ quy định về tổ chức quản lý phạm nhân và chế độ ăn, mặc, ở, ...

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Numbers: 90 /2015/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, October 13, 2015


Modify, add some of the N Number one. 117/2011/ MD-CP

December 15, 2011 - The government rules the organization of the criminal management.

and diet, wear, stay, live, care for medical care.


Government Law Base December 25, 200 1 ()

The Law School. i The criminal execution of the day 1 June 7, 20 10 ()

The Labor Code base on June 18, 2012;

Follow. Okay. The Minister of Public Security,

The government issued the revised decree, added a s. Stain. The article of the Decree 117 /2011/NĐ-CP December 15, 20 11 of the Government of the Governing Body. Why? They and the regime What? n, wear, stay, live, take care of medical care.

What? 1. Modified, b socket Add a Stain. regulation at paragraph 1 Article 8 is as follows:

The diet, labour break during the holidays, the New Year's New Year's New Year is carried out as stipulated at Clause 1 Article 29, Clause 1 Article 42 Criminal Court Law Enforcement and Clause 1 Article 115 Labor Code of 2012.

What? 2. Fix Yeah. , the addition of Article 15 is as follows:

The prisoner is a foreign person who is administered separately in detention. The diets of food, wear, living, living, medical care to the range of foreigners are made as regulations for the range of Vietnamese, in addition to the 1 day of the National Lunar New Year and 01 Day of the National Day of Nations. The daily diet of Tết, the Day of National Day, is defined by Article 1 of this decree.

What? 3. Terms of th i Action.

1. This decree has been in effect since 27 November 2015. The case where the text is shown in this decree is replaced or modified, supplemated by an alternate text or modified text.

2. Minister of Public Security, Minister of Defense of the Ministry of Defence, in coordination with the ministries, the relevant field of instruction, inspection, and the implementation of this decree.

3. Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, government ministers of the Government, Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee is responsible for the implementation of this decree.


Prime Minister


Dao Dung