Decision 49/2015/qd-Ttg Dated: Some Modes, Policies Toward The People Of The Fire Online Join Resistance Against France, Against The Us War, Defence And International Missions

Original Language Title: Quyết định 49/2015/QĐ-TTg: Về một số chế độ, chính sách đối với dân công hỏa tuyến tham gia kháng chiến chống Pháp, chống Mỹ, chiến tranh bảo vệ Tổ quốc và làm nhiệm vụ quốc tế

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Numbers: 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, October 14, 2015


On some of the regimes, the policy toward the fire population engaged in resistance.

against Pl Ahab. M Come on, let's go. I the country and international duty.


Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

On the recommendation of the Secretary of Defense,

Prime Minister Ch I'm The government decided to go home. Stain. The regime, the policy toward the citizens. Naked. The line is joined. Ah! Fight. Stain. French, ch Stain. America, war. to You protect the Fatherland and do international duty.

What? 1. The adjustment range

This decision stipulated a one-time, medical insurance regime, a funerary allowance, and a "Certificate of Certification" for the arrogmen to engage in anti-French resistance, anti-American warfare, and international duty.

What? 2. Subject and conditions applicable

1. Subject

The fire people engaged in resistance to the anti-French, anti-American resistance, to protect the Fatherland and for international duty.

2. Conditions

The person who is either elected by the Executive Committee or the People ' s Committee, or agency, has the authority to mobilize, manage the focus, be assigned to serve combat duty for Army units or serve the battlefields, in the time and place of the field. as follows:

) The fire civil war militia engaged in anti-French resistance from September 1945 to 20 July 1954; participated in anti-American resistance from 20 July 1954 to 30 April 1975. The site is on duty within the country and in Laos, Cambodia.

b) The fire militia participated in the National Guard War on the Southwest border from May 1975 to January 7, 1979, on the northern border from February 1979 to December 1988, as an international duty in Laos from May 1975 to December 31, 1979. December 1988, Cambodia from January 1979 to 31 August 1989. The site of the mission in the war to protect the Fatherland is the border districts, the districts adjacent to the border district required to serve, secure for combat duty.

c) For a number of special addresses, the participation time of the railway civil service may be charged earlier or later than the time stated above by the Secretary of Defense.

What? 3. Stain. i Do not apply

The specified object at Article 2 This Decision belongs to one of the following cases, which are not subject to the applicable subject:

1. Currently enjoying the retirement, labor loss regime, the patient regime, the anti-war activist regime that is infected with toxic chemicals every month or is working in the state agency, working in the state business of paying wages from the budget. The state has an obligated social insurance.

2. Have since died but no longer a wife or husband; father, birth mother; child, adoption or legal rearing.

3. Being accepting a prison sentence has a deadline, life imprisonment; or the person who is convicted of one of the offences of trespassing to national security.

4. unauthorized appearance, who is settling abroad illegally or was declared missing by the court; or degenerate of duties, surrender, betrayal, feedback.

Fuck! i Four. Regime, policy.

The subject is eligible under the provisions of Article 2 of this Decision to be entitled to the regime, the following policy:

1. Assistant mode once

The first level of allowance is set up by direct time milestones joining the fire people (the case with time to join the fire people in different waves or with interrupts), namely the following:

a) Under the age of 1 years, the level of the subsidy is equal to 2,000,000;

b) Enough 01 years to less than 02 years, the grant level is 2,700,000 bronze;

c) From almost every 2 years or more, the allowance is equal to 3,500,000.

The person who has died, one of the following relatives of the person from the ceiling is entitled to the degree of subsidy according to the corresponding level of consistency above: Wife or husband; father, birth mother; child, adoption or legal rearing.

2. Health Insurance Mode

The person who has not been able to enjoy medical insurance is entitled to the same health insurance regime as the subject of regulation at Point 3 Article 12 Health Insurance Law (revised, added 2014).

2. Burial Allowance Mode

Upon the death of the public, the person who worries about the burial may be awarded to the extent of the law on social insurance.

4. Record the time to join the fire militia

Granted "Certificate of Certificate" to join the fire militia.

What? 5. Oh. You know, the sequence. Ah Decision mode.

1. Records, self-resolution resolution once

a) The profile of the object for the regime's review, including: 01 copies of the object or object of the object (for the object that has been rejected); the main or copy of the certificate of parcet (if available).


-The specified object at Article 2 of this Decision or the object's body (for the object from the ceiling) is responsible for the declaration of the declaration and directly filing 1 of the prescribed records at the Point of Point to the People's Committee to register for permanent residence; According to the Department of Military Command, the General Board reports.

-Military command of the district's sweeping, projector, aggregation, report, report; Ministry of Military Command of the Ministry of Military Command of the Ministry of Military Affairs recommended that the Military District Command decide to enjoy the once-forward regime.

The time of processing the regime for the subject under the responsibility of each level is not too 10 working days, since receiving sufficient provisions; if the case is not eligible for consideration, the resolution then the recipient must have an answer text, stating the reason. And

-After being granted a pension funding, for a 10-day period of work, the Military Command District Board organizes directly to provide one-time allowance for the subjects.

2. Records, health insurance card order

The profile, the health insurance card, was implemented similarly in accordance with the law on health insurance against the person with the revolution.

3. Records, self-resolution decor.

a) The profile of the object's body, including: The decision-to-decision of the object from the ceiling has been enjoyed once; the death certificate.


-The client of the subject directly filed a prescribed filing at the Point of Section for the People's Composition Committee where to register for permanent residence; after five days of employment, the general township, the Chamber of Labor and Social Services;

-The Labor-Trade and Social Service examined, the offer; the Department of Labor-Trade and Social Provincial Affairs, reported the Provincial People ' s Committee to decide on the decision to grant a burial allowance for each of the individual bodies. The regime resolution time for the object of the object follows the assigned responsibility of each level no more than 10 days of work since receiving sufficient provisions; if the case is not eligible for consideration, the settlement must have a written return text. the words, stating the reason;

-After having a pension funding, for a 10-day period of work, the Chamber of Labor-Trade and Social Direct pays the immediate allowance for the body of the subject.

4. The Ministry of Defense issued a unified pattern of "Certificate of Receiving" participation in the public fire; the Military District Command and the Military Command of the Military Command are awarded with the expenditure of one-time allowance.

What? 6. Source k i Real waste. i Yes.

1. The cost of the cost of a single-level allowance on the objects by regulation at this Decision and the funding for the state-paid work is guaranteed by the central budget.

2. The cost of implementing the health insurance regime, the funerary allowance provided by the local budget.

What? 7. Waste Processing

Organizations and individuals whose behavior falmied or forfeituated the case to enjoy the regime, the extent of the breach would be subject to disciplinary action or be prosecuted for criminal responsibility and the return of the money received; if it caused the damage, it was compensated. according to the rule of law.

What? 8. Well, Hi. Don't n

1. Ministry of Defense

a) Minister of Defense, Minister of Labour-Trade and Social Affairs, Minister of Finance for the implementation of the regime, policy on the subject of regulation at this Decision;

b) directing the organization's review, appraisal, decision-making, the one-time allowance for the subjects and the "Certificate of Certification" for the public fire;

c) The chair, the coordination of the resolve of the entanged, arise in the organizational process.

2. The Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs is responsible for directing the Labour-Trade and Social Service to implement the health insurance regime, the reburial allowance for the prescribed subjects.

3. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the annual budget for implementing a one-time grant in terms of the subjects and funds for the government-based cost of the law on the state budget.

4. The Provincial People ' s Committee is responsible for directing local organizations to implement the regime, the policy stipulated at this decision to secure, democracy, public, precise, convenient, not to happen, negative.

5. Recommend the Vietnam Fatherland Front; the Vietnam Veterans Society; the Old Youth Association of Vietnam promoted propaganda, advocacy and oversight of the implementation of the decision.

What? 9. Effect of execution

1. This decision has been in effect since December 1, 2015.

2. The regimes, the policy stipulated at this decision were made from 1 January 2016.

In case, the subject has qualified under regulation at Article 2 of this Decision from the ceiling since 1 January 2016 onwards without a decision to enjoy the once-granted grant, when it is decided to enjoy a one-time grant. People who are worried about burial will be entitled to the regulations at Section 3 of this Decision.

What? 10.

The ministers, the Prime Minister, the Head of the Government, the Chairman of the Government, the Chairman of the People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee, is responsible for the decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung