Circular 16/2015/tt-Nhnn: Amendments And Supplements To Some Articles Of The Circular No. 32/2013/tt-Nhnn Dated Jan. 26, 2013 Of The Governor Of The State Bank Of Vietnam Guide Implementing Rules Restricting Use Of Ng ...

Original Language Title: Thông tư 16/2015/TT-NHNN: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số điều của Thông tư số 32/2013/TT-NHNN ngày 26/12/2013 của Thống đốc Ngân hàng Nhà nước Việt Nam hướng dẫn thực hiện quy định hạn chế sử dụng ng...

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Number: 16 /2015/TT-NHNN
Hanoi, October 19, 2015


Modify, add some of the I Number of hips 32 /2013/TT-NHNN

December 26, 2013 I Steelhead N Row N The Netherlands V. All right N Guide

implement the restriction regulation using foreign exchange on the territory. V. All right N -


- What? The Bank of Vietnam Law of the State of Vietnam Stain. 46 /2010/QH12 16th Ah! 6 in 2010;

The Rules of Credit: Stain. 47 /2010/QH12 June 16, 2018 2010;

The foreign exchange commander. 28 /2005/PL-UBTVQH December 13, 2005 and Ordinals Stain. 06 /2013/PLUBTVQH13 March 18, 2013 correction socket i, add a s Stain. It's from the Foreign Office. Stain. i;

Base of Decree Stain. 156 /2013/NĐ-CP 11th Ah! 11 years 2013 of Ch I'm Functional, mission, rule. Okay. Limit and muscle All the organization of the Bank of Vietnam;

On the recommendation of the Chief of Foreign Exchange Management;

Governor of the Bank of the House wish Vietnam issued a revised, supplated, sundown. g One. Stain. It's Digital News. 32 /2013/TT-NHNN December 26, 2013, Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam guidelines for a limited regulation of foreign use. Stain. i on the field. socket Vietnam.

What? 1. Modified, supplement some of the provisions of the Digital 32 /2013/TT-NHNN:

1. Modified, add 17 Articles 4 as follows:

" 17. For cases involving security, defense, oil and gas and other necessary cases, the organization is allowed to use foreign exchange on Vietnamese territory after being reviewed by the State Bank of Vietnam, which approved by the base text to the situation in the country. practical and essential properties of each case according to case, sequence, procedure regulations at Article 4a. "

2. Add Article 4a as follows:

" 4a. Oh. Oh. You know, the procedure, the procedure, the approval of foreign exchange. socket Vi Don't t Nam

1. The principle of setting up and sending records offer approval to use foreign exchange on Vietnam territory:

a) The profile must be established in Vietnamese. In the case of a foreign language translation, the organization is selected to submit documents that have been authenticated by the translator's signature in accordance with the endorsement of the Vietnamese law or verified document by the legal representative of the organization;

b) For the profile component to be a copy, the organization is selected to submit a copy of the authenticated copy or copy from the original book or copy of that organization on the accuracy of the copy compared to the main copy. The organization of the organization filed a direct filing at the State Bank of Vietnam (Foreign Exchange Management) and the copy papers are not a copy of a certificate, a copy from the original book or the organization's confirmed copy of the organization. It's the deal. The profile person must sign the confirmation to the copy and take responsibility for the accuracy of the copy compared to the main one.

2. The organization has the need to use foreign exchange on Vietnamese territory by regulation at paragraph 17 Article 4 of this Smart 1 (a) the filing order filing approved use of foreign exchange on Vietnamese territory sent via post office or directly submit to the State Bank. Vietnam (Foreign Office). The profile consists of:

a) The proposed text approx the use of foreign exchange on the territory of Vietnam, which presents the specific presentation of foreign exchange use;

b) A copy of the paper that proves the organization to be established and legal action: A certificate of corporate registration or certificate of investment registration or other paper equivalent to the rule of law;

c) The records, documents that demonstrate the need for foreign exchange use on the territory of Vietnam.

3. The case case is incomplete, valid, in the 10 (ten) days of work since the date of receiving the file, the State Bank of Vietnam has the text requesting the organization to add the case.

At the time of 45 (forty-five) days from the date of receiving valid records, the State Bank of Vietnam was based on the actual situation and the necessary nature of each case to consider the granting of the approved use of foreign exchange on Vietnamese territory.

In the refusal, the State Bank of Vietnam has a clear message of the reason. "

What? 2. Terms of execution

1. This message has been in effect since 3 December 2015.

2. Chief of Staff, Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs, Head of related units of the State Bank of Vietnam, Director of the Bank of the State Branch of the Provincial Branch, Central City, Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Director General (Director) of credit organizations are allowed to take responsibility for the organization.

Vice Governor.


Nguyen Thi Hong