Circular 34/2015/tt-Byt: Modify, Supplement 2 Circular No. 17/2011/tt-Byt On The 24 October 2012 Of The Ministry Of Health Issued Regulations And Use The Birth Certificate

Original Language Title: Thông tư 34/2015/TT-BYT: Sửa đổi, bổ sung Điều 2 Thông tư số 17/2012/TT-BYT ngày 24 tháng 10 năm 2012 của Bộ trưởng Bộ Y tế quy định cấp và sử dụng giấy chứng sinh

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Number: 34 /2015/TT-BYT
Hanoi, October 27, 2015


Modify, add Article 2 News 17 /2012/TT-BYT October 24, 2012

of the Minister of Health Regulation and use of birth certificate


Base Article 94 Marriage and Family Law on June 19, 2014;

Base Article 16 Executive Law November 20, 2014;

Base of Protocol 10 /2015/NĐ-CP 28 January 2015 of the Government of the United States rules on the birth of the child by the treatment of fertilization in vitro and pregnancy conditions for humanitarian purposes;

Base of Protocol 63 /2012/NĐ-CP August 31, 2012 of the Government Regulation, the mandate and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health;

At the suggestion of the Health of the Health of the Child-Children, the Legal Affairs Minister-the Ministry of Health,

Minister of Health for the Department of Health Supplements Article 2 News No. 2 17 /2012/TT-BYT October 24, 2012 of the Minister of Health Regulation and uses the Certificate of birth certificate.

What? 1. Modified, Additional Article 2 Digital News 17 /2012/TT-BYT October 24, 2012 by the Minister of Health Regulation and use of the Student Certificate.

1. Modified A Point 2 Point 2 as follows:

a) Before the infant is home, the basis of the disease, the treatment of regulation at 1 This is responsible for the full record of the contents of the Certificate in Appendix 1 or Appendix 01A issued with this message. The father, mother or loved person of the child is responsible for reading, rechecking the information before signing. The birth certificate is made up of 2 copies of the same legal value, 01 delivered to the parent, mother or loved one of the child to do the birth procedure and 1 circulation at the clinic, healing.

2. Add the point c to paragraph 2 Article 2 as follows:

" Article 2. The procedure of issuing birth certificates

" c) The child ' s case was born due to carrying out the pregnancy technique, and the husband, due to the pregnancy, or the pregnant side, had to submit a confirmation of the birth of the child using the pregnancy technique, according to Annex 05, issued by this message and the evidence. It ' s a true version or a photograph that ' s accompanied by a major version of the child ' s pregnancy agreement, for the humanitarian purpose of pregnancy, and the pregnant side of the clinic, to treat the disease in the birth of children.

Babies born due to carrying out the pregnancy technique will be issued by the prescribed Form in Annex 01A issued by this message. This birth certificate is a document that proves to be pregnant when it is registered for birth.

The granting of the birth certificate is prescribed at Section 2 This Article ".

What? 2. Terms of execution

1. This message has been in effect since December 14, 2015.

2. The birth certificate is posted on the Department of Health ' s Electronic Information Portal. The Department of Health of the Provinces, the central city and the facilities of the disease, can be accessed on the Department of Health's Electronic Information Portal for printing and use.

3. The head of the Health of the Health of the Child; the Chief of the Legal Affairs; the Head of the Department of Health and subordination of the Ministry of Health; the Director of the Department of Health and the Agency, the organization, the individual who is involved in the responsibility of this private practice.

In the course of execution, if there is difficulty in the situation, the organization, the organization, the individual reflects in time for the Health of the Child-Child Health, the Ministry of Health for consideration, settlement.



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